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Santa Ana, California - Sept 25, 2001 - DAT Optic Inc. today announced the availability of the NEW Internal IDE: ATA/ATAPI to FireWire Bridge Adapter (patent pending). As a commitment to provide customers the best technology and cost effective solutions, our engineer team at DAT Optic Inc has designed an adapter to convert the new or existing IDE devices to IEEE-1394 / FireWire internally.

The process of converting can be done within 5 minutes, but the result is far better than most end user would expect. When using the converted IDE device to FireWire device with our Internal FireWire Bridge Adapter, your computer will gain back upto 85% of CPU's power. Computer now can run faster, smoother, and better. In addition, with our Internal FireWire Bridge Adapter computer system is no longer subject to four IDE devices and IRQ limitation. Now you can have up to 63 Internal or External IDE devices with only ONE IRQ.

DAT Optic Inc.'s Internal IDE to FireWire Bridge Adapter offers all necessary hardware, software, and step by step instructions for end-users to implement the up-grade in their computer within 5 minutes. The new Internal IDE to FireWire Bridge Adapter can be use on most of IDE drives, including CDRW, CDROM, DVD-ROM, DVD-R, DVD-RAM, TAPE Backups, Hard Drives, Digital Cam corder, ZIP and Jaz drives...

The DAT Optic Inc. FireWire Bridge Adapters are currently available for shipping. Estimated U.S. retail prices of $65.00 ...DAT Optic profile

AUSTIN, TX, September 25, 2001 – VIEO, Inc., today released the latest version of its Software Developer Kit (SDK), demonstrating ongoing commitment to remain at the forefront of InfiniBand software deployment. This latest SDK contains the same software code that VIEO used at the Intel Developer Forum last month to become the only participating company to successfully discover and manage the industry's first 100+ node fabric on the first day of the conference.

"VIEO is committed to delivering, as early as possible, the most function-rich, compliant InfiniBand software available to its OEM partners," said Steve Harriman, VIEO's vice president of marketing. "The SDK is a great reference platform for partners to test and integrate VIEO's alpha software to accelerate their own product schedules. We continue to develop groundbreaking software and will make frequent updates of our SDK available to the industry." ...VIEO profile

San Jose, Calif.— September 25, 2001— Alacritech® Inc. today announced that both its own test results and its customer, American Lock have shown increased performance in backup servers and backup data throughput using the Alacritech 100 Series Server Accelerator along with Computer Associates' ARCserve backup software. Alacritech server accelerators offload CPU and I/O intensive activities to the network adapter itself, thereby allowing the server CPU to maximize the tape drive's storage speed.

Using CA's ARCserve 2000 and an IBM Ultrium LTO drive, Alacritech tested the speed of backups and data throughput using Intel network adapters and Alacritech's 100 Series server accelerators. In almost every test of large file data sets, Alacritech doubled the speed of the data throughput and backup to the tape drive than what the Intel server adapter allowed. When Alacritech accelerators were used at both ends of the connection, system overhead associated with network I/O was greatly reduced, and Alacritech adapters enabled near wire speed performance.

"As tape drives and tape libraries begin to provide faster backup speeds, the throughput limitation moves from the tape drive to the network connection," said Barry Haaser, vice president of marketing, Alacritech, Inc. "Alacritech's innovative server accelerators effectively offload network processing from the server CPU directly to the network adapter, thus significantly accelerating backup servers and backup data throughput." ...Alacritech profile

BOSTON - September 25, 2001 - According to a new Yankee Group Report, "New Utility Service Models: What Works and What Doesn't", the new utility computing models announced by Hewlett-Packard (HP) and Compaq Computer only offer IT departments part of a solution that they are seeking. Computing and storage solutions available on a monthly, pay-as-you-go basis leave IT departments to grapple with rationalizing platforms and processes that can be outsourced to a service provider. Additionally, to drive costs down, vendors that provide computing on demand typically do so on shared servers.

"Enterprise IT departments are reluctant to outsource applications onto shared servers due to their concern over security," said Larry Buchsbaum, director of the Yankee Group's E-Sourcing Strategies research and consulting practice.

The pay-as-you-go plans are attractive to a limited number of computing customers. Only those with moderate computing needs that spike during a month will find savings from these offerings. HP estimates that customers with more than 50% usage of a calculated average daily maximum would pay more for the utility computing program than under a typical lease.

"The pay-as-you-go model is only beneficial for certain IT users; but more importantly, it leaves the provisioning of platforms, applications, application management, and processes up to IT departments," adds Buchsbaum.

The ideal offering that is currently being developed includes a bundle featuring hardware, platforms, applications and application management, and processes all available on demand either on premises or remotely priced on a monthly usage payment program. ...Compaq profile, ...HP profile, ...Yankee Group profile

Seattle - Sept. 25, 2001 - Singingfish, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Thomson multimedia announced today that it will provide its technology to RealNetworks®, Inc. for integration into the company's new RealOne™ Player. Singingfish, Inc is a leading developer of multimedia search services that deliver fast and easy access to the world's largest index of links to streaming media content. The technologies developed by Singingfish, Inc. allow end users to find digital audio and video files on the Internet. With this technology, Singingfish has indexed millions of links to streaming and downloadable media files. Singingfish launched its first offerings during the past year via Web-based metasearch customer sites including MetaCrawler, Dogpile and SwissSearch.

By simply entering key words that describe the content desired, the service quickly and accurately returns the most relevant listings of digital files and downloads available on the Web in categories like music, news, entertainment, and sports.

Singingfish uses a combination of sophisticated, second-generation search architecture and automated, rule-based classification system to find and classify the largest index of multimedia on the Web. The company has by far the largest streambase of any multimedia search engine, with metadata on over seven million streams. Version 1.5 of the Singingfish service includes new support for Apple® QuickTime™, special filtering for screening and generating Walled Garden content, and among other enhancements, it has the unique ability to automatically group streams by media format, bit rate, length of segment, genre and category. ...Singingfish web site, ...Thomson multimedia profile

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ACTON, Mass., September 25, 2001 - Pirus Networks, a next-generation storage networking company, today announced that it has closed an additional $9.5 million in funding from JAFCO Ventures as part of a Series B round, which brings the total raised by Pirus to-date to more than $55 million. In March 2001, the company announced the first stage of its Series B funding that included investments from storage industry leaders StorageNetworks, Inc. and VERITAS Software, venture investment from BlueStream Ventures, and additional funding from first round investors Bessemer Venture Partners and Charles River Venture Partners.

The new funding is targeted to expand the company's marketing, sales and support efforts as Pirus moves towards distribution of the industry's first Storage Utility Switch (PSX-1000). Additionally, JAFCO will provide an extensive network of contacts and new business development teams in Japan and Southeast Asia, to support the Pirus global initiatives.

The PSX-1000 is a unique intelligent infrastructure device that converges multiple storage environments (SAN/NAS) and technologies (Fibre Channel, iSCSI, IP, etc.) within a switch-based, carrier class platform - greatly reducing storage ownership costs and streamlining data management.

"Pirus is pleased to include JAFCO Ventures as one of our key investment partners," said Pirus President and CEO Rich Napolitano. "Our plans have always included global distribution, and as we begin to increase our marketing and sales initiatives into Asia in 2002, we will welcome the expertise and experience that JAFCO will provide the company."

"Pirus offers a compelling solution for the convergence of IP and storage networking," said Ullas Naik, managing director of JAFCO Ventures. "We specialize in working with emerging players in the IT industry, leveraging our expertise and experience to help those companies meet their growth objectives. We look forward to working with Pirus to help it grow the company's domestic and global presence." ...Pirus Networks profile

Boulder, Colorado, September 25, 2001 - Ecrix Corporation today announced the availability of the VXA AutoRak™ by year's end. The first of its kind, the VXA AutoRak is a rack-mountable tape storage autoloader that stores up to 660 GB of compressed data for companies that need to increase storage capacities while saving cost and valuable floor space. The VXA AutoRak meets the storage needs of the fast growing high-density, rack-mountable server segment. According to Gartner Dataquest, this server segment will reach 37% of the total entry-level server revenue by 2003. Gartner Dataquest also states that demand for rack-optimized solutions is being driven by new server requirements that Internet computing and server consolidation have created in the industry. The VXA AutoRak gives users the ability to quickly add storage power to their rack-mountable systems.

"We continually try to anticipate storage needs and requirements in the small-to-medium sized business market with VXA technology," said Bill Almon, vice president of marketing and sales for Ecrix Corporation. "We believe the VXA AutoRak will be the first in a trend of high-density, rack-mountable storage solutions targeted to organizations and service providers needing to increase storage capacity while minimizing cost and space."

The new VXA AutoRak stores 660 GB of compressed storage capacity, transfers data at 21.6 GB/hour and will cost less than $3,500 retail price to compete effectively against current 4mm/DDS autoloaders. It is available in a unique 2U size that minimizes space used in standard 19-inch racks.

The autoloader features a user-friendly control panel that allows users to configure and monitor their data backup and restore operations. Other features include an entry/exit port that can be locked for security measures and an optional intelligent barcode reader. The VXA AutoRak comes with a three-year warranty and 24-hour advanced replacement service. It will be available to distributors, resellers and consumers by the end of the year. ...Ecrix profile

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Editor's comments:- the recession which has affected most of the computer market in the US has left the rackmount segment untouched. Market research data from IDC has been confirming what we already knew from our advertisers, that this segment has seen double digit year on year revenue growth in every quarter this year.

SANTA CLARA, Calif. and PARIS, France — September 25, 2001 – Quadratec Software, developer of the Time Navigator software platform for high performance backup and restore services, today announced that it has changed its name to Atempo, Inc. to reflect its new market vision and focus on internal and outsourced IT services providers. Atempo's strategy specifically addresses today's changing storage market. Storage customers are now turning to IT service providers, including corporate data centers (internal) or Internet data centers (outsourced), to obtain the quality of service that they require for data storage management. In turn, the IT service providers require a high performance backup and restore platform in order to provide new levels of quality of service and new value-added storage services, that their internal or commercial customers are demanding.

"In today's storage networking age, IT service providers must deliver the quality of data storage management support their customers require," said Bill North, director of research for storage software at IDC. "Backup and restore software, such as Atempo's Time Navigator, can make it possible for both corporate and Internet data centers to offer new value added services and obtain the best return on their current and future infrastructure investment."

"Our vision has always been to pave the way for the technological advancements that will shape the backup and restore software marketplace and provide new capabilities for our customers," said Edouard Efira, chief executive officer and chairman of Atempo. "This name change signals our expanded corporate vision to establish Time Navigator as the de facto standard backup and restore software platform for corporate and Internet data centers." ...Atempo profile
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Re: Stock Buybacks

A lot of storage companies have announced stock buybacks since the markets reopened this week, following the terrorist attacks on September 11th. So why are they doing it? Particularly at a time when the prospects for the market seem so uncertain.

In a normal market, there are many reasons you might want to do this, all related to signalling that you think your company's share price could go higher in the short term.

These reasons could be:- you want to avoid being a takeover target (and losing your job as the CEO), you want to motivate employees who have stock options and are thinking about jumping ship, or you've already spent all the money you want in other areas, and want to use your surplus cash to reward investors.

In today's markets, which are far from normal, it's unlikely that any of the above are major factors in the recently announced buybacks. I think there's another factor at play:- Patriotism.

Many people in the US (and western allies) today feel that their country and way of life has been attacked. If the stock market and the economy slide into even deeper recession as a result of the war against terrorism, then the terrorists will have won. Announcing that your company has allocated money to buy back your shares is a way of saying "we feel confident in the capitalist system and we won't be pushed over the edge". It's one of the many ways that business leaders can try to get confidence back into the free market system.

At most times in the past, stock buybacks have been a cynical ploy, done for the sake of management self-interest or to benefit a very few stakeholders. I've said as much in the past, and would not hesitate to say so again in the future.

But in today's difficult times, I believe that stock buyback announcements can be good for everyone, and should be applauded. The war to preserve the way of life which we all cherish will not just be won by sailors, pilots and marines. (It goes without saying that they have the most difficult jobs to do, and we all wish them every success and a safe return.) But every little action on the home front which shows you are not defeated, strikes another blow for freedom. Opening the markets last week was the first step. Signalling that the economy will not collapse is the next. It may not be business as usual. But the recession is not the most important thing going on right now, and I think it's about time for this recession to end.
SBS Technologies
SBS Technologies, Inc., (NASDAQ SBSE) founded in 1986, designs and builds open architecture embedded computer products that enable original equipment manufacturers to serve the commercial, communication and government markets.
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HOUSTON, September 24, 2001 - Compaq Computer Corporation announced today that it has achieved an IT industry milestone with the construction and showcase demonstration of the world's first global storage network using Internet and Fibre Channel technologies. The global storage network links Fibre Channel SANs in Colorado Springs, Colorado; Sydney, Australia; and Nijmegen in the Netherlands, and clearly demonstrates the capability of a StorageWorks solution to manage and replicate data within a global enterprise.

"By exploiting Fibre Channel over IP (FCIP) technology, Compaq has taken global storage solutions to the next level," said Mark Lewis, vice president and general manager, Compaq Enterprise Storage Group. "The demonstration confirms that we're anticipating our customers' evolving needs, and that we are hard at work developing solutions to help them use their existing IT infrastructures to gain competitive advantage in the years to come."

The demonstration of storage networking between continents using FCIP technology represents in real terms the Global Replication Network defined in the Compaq ENSA-2 vision presented last month. Using a simple text file, the demonstration proved that SANworks storage network management can query SAN-connected devices situated across continents and replicate data using SANworks Data Replication Manager. By validating the complementary nature of Fibre Channel and IP technologies, Compaq extends the ENSA storage utility to global proportions.

Compaq demonstrated the global technology showcase during the opening of its Enterprise Storage Center in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, on September 12, 2001. Compaq partner CNT, a global specialist in storage networking, contributed to the solution with its expertise and UltraNet Edge Storage Router. The router connected Fibre Channel SANs on the three continents together using IP technology.

"The Compaq technology demonstration proves that the UltraNet Edge Storage Router enables storage applications using FCIP. It shows how data can be managed over any distance—in campus, metropolitan and wide-area environments—while retaining data integrity and high network performance," said Nick Ganio, Group VP Sales, Marketing and Services, CNT. Enterprises with a global presence require a data management infrastructure that can span their entire operations, yet can be managed from any location at any time. Global storage networks enable customers to use their information, manage it easily and put it to work wherever they need it. The innovation will allow customers to distribute and update copies of their data for use by employees, customers and e-business partners anywhere, anytime. ...Compaq profile, ...CNT profile

HSINCHU, TAIWAN and SUNNYVALE, CALIFORNIA - September 24, 2001 - UMC and MoSys announced they have extended their cooperation to offer ultra-high density 1T-SRAM memories to UMC's foundry customers, by porting MoSys' 1T-SRAM memory technology to UMC's 0.15- and 0.13-micron standard logic processes. This builds on the earlier successful porting and silicon verification of MoSys' 1T-SRAM memory to UMC's 0.18-micron standard logic process.

"As customers demand increased density for embedded memory, MoSys is committed to ensuring that 1T-SRAM memory is available on the latest processes to facilitate the design of their next generation of products," noted Mark-Eric Jones, vice president and general manager of intellectual property at MoSys. "We are pleased to work with UMC to extend the availability of 1T-SRAM macros to UMC's advanced logic processes."

By using a single transistor bit cell, MoSys' 1T-SRAM memory delivers embedded memory macros with double the density of traditional SRAM, while still delivering the fast random access cycle performance required by today's System-on-Chip (SoC) designs. The use of the standard logic process permits designers to economically embed large quantities of memory in the process that is optimum for the logic circuitry of the SoC design. ...MoSys profile

Bellevue, WA - September 24, 2001 - Bocada Inc., today announced the availability of BackupReport, the storage industry's only cross-vendor backup reporting, analysis and billing solution. BackupReport provides companies with a consolidated, enterprise-wide view of critical data backup activity through a unified, intuitive interface, regardless of the backup application or storage methodology. The BackupReport Reliability & Diagnostics module will help almost any company dramatically reduce its exposure to lost data by identifying backup failures and their causes before data is found to be unrecoverable. The Backup Resource Management (BRM) and Billing modules allow enterprises to easily view and manage the impact, source and growth of backup demand, as well as audit and allocate the costs of the related backup services. The unique, agentless architecture allows IT professionals to install and configure BackupReport and begin running reports in less than one hour.

"For more than two years, we have worked with hundreds of storage consultants, CIO´s, system administrators, risk managers and companies in developing BackupReport, and all agree that it is practically impossible to manage existing backup systems without a consolidating reporting and analysis solution," said Mark Silverman, CEO of Bocada, Inc. "Nearly all of them have their own horror story about lost and unrecoverable data as well as an ever present dread that the next major catastrophe is just around the corner. BackupReport enables a new era of best practices for data backup that will result in increased system reliability and substantially reduced operating costs."

In today's corporate environment, all vital information is not only stored for internal purposes, but must also be available for extended periods of time in order to comply with regulatory and customer requirements. By using BackupReport, organizations can now reduce their significant business and monetary exposure due to lost data from failed backups, and ensure compliance with accounting policies, service level agreements and regulatory requirements of agencies such as the IRS, SEC, FDIC, FAA and FDA.

BackupReport currently supports the following leading storage management products: Computer Associates - ARCserve, Hewlett-Packard - OmniBack, Legato - NetWorker, Microsoft - NT Backup, and Veritas - NetBackup and BackupExec. Each of the Reliability & Diagnostics, BRM and Billing modules operate independent of the underlying backup operating system and storage methodology (e.g., DAS, NAS and SAN).

BackupReport is currently available, contact the company directly to obtain a free 14-day evaluation copy. ...Bocada profile

September 24, 2001 - the Advanced Intelligent Tape (AIT) Forum, has published a new 4 page edition of their quarterly newsletter. Highlights for this quarter's newsletter include the following:
  • AIT Success Story: Data center provider iNNERHOST implements Spectra Logic's 64000 AIT library for cost effective, seamless backup
  • Applications: Digital data recorders, used to test airplanes, submarines, rockets and even marine mammals, rely on AIT for volume-intensive yet compact storage
  • Storage Trends: Sony focuses on automation as users realize the benefits of saved cost and time
The AIT Forum is an industry consortium of hardware and software vendors that was formed in 1999 to advance the adoption of AIT drive and format technology as a premiere industry standard. Founding members include: ADIC, Compaq, Cybernetics, Overland Data, Qualstar, Sony, Spectra Logic and VERITAS. ...AIT Forum profile

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SAN DIEGO, September 24, 2001 - Continuous Computing Corporation (CCPU) today announced that the company has been honored by Deloitte & Touche as the fastest growing technology company in Orange and San Diego counties in the Rising Star category at the 2001 Technology Fast 50 awards ceremony. The Rising Star category includes up-and-coming technology companies that have been in business for between three and four years. The Rising Star award is based on revenue growth from 1998 to 2000.

CCPU's revenues increased from approximately $57,000 in fiscal year 1998 to over $16 million in fiscal year 2000 – an increase of over 28,000 percent. CCPU beat out other Rising Star candidates, including, IPNet and Widcomm. In fact, CCPU recorded faster growth than any of the top place finishers in the Technology Fast 50 category, which includes companies that have been in business at least five years, including JNI, Novatel Wireless and Broadcom.

Continuous Computing Chief Financial Officer, Erez Barnavon, who accepted the award on behalf of the company, said, "This is a tribute to all the employees at CCPU who do a tremendous job day-in and day-out for the company."

Randy Lunn, General Partner of Palomar Ventures and a Director of CCPU who also attended the awards dinner, said, "The #1 Rising Star Award reflects the team's dedication to excellence. Customer relationships have become stronger over this past year, and I look forward to continued growth next year." ...Continuous Computing profile ...Deloitte & Touche Technology Fast 50

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., September 24, 2001 - Xythos Software Inc., a WebDAV pioneer and two year-old provider of enterprise file management software, has announced that the Chubb Group of Insurance Companies has chosen Xythos' WebFile Server 3.0 file management software to enhance and extend its global document management capabilities. Chubb decided on the WFS because it is the first management software to incorporate WebDAV, a vendor-neutral Internet standard protocol for accessing and managing documents that works across all operating systems and existing platforms.

"WebDAV provides a standards-based approach to effectively support Chubb's global workflows," said Gary Gershon, Principal of Solutions@Work, LLC, which consulted Chubb on the project. "It allows underwriting personnel to securely store, access, and update policy documents, spreadsheets, and images from their desktops -- as well as their laptops when they're out of the office. Being global, mobile, and responsive are important to the business."

Installed at the server level, WFS allows anyone with an Internet connection to safely access and collaborate on any file, from any server, across any operating system over the Web.

"We know that document flow is the lifeblood of insurance and financial services," said Kevin Wiggen, Xythos CEO and Co-founder. "That flow has moved from the back office to the Web, and our product enables these documents to be accessed and updated -- wherever and whenever the business requires. Because Xythos' WFS can work with existing legacy systems -- and is standards-based -- it serves as solid investment protection in this era of decreased IT spending." ...Xythos profile

Camarillo, CA - September 24, 2001 - Leveraging its expertise in Fibre Channel based applications, Vitesse Semiconductor Corporation today unveiled the VSC120 Dual-Ported Fibre Channel Enclosure Management Controller. This device controls and monitors the environment within a storage enclosure, such as power, fans, intrusion, and temperature. With its diagnostic capabilities and dual 1Gb/s or 2Gb/s Fibre Channel ports, the VSC120 can monitor the status of each disk drive to provide IT managers a proactive means of finding and diagnosing problems. The VSC120 is ideal for Fibre Channel Disk Array, JBOD, RAID subsystem, switch and server designs where data availability, reliability, hardware redundancy, and autonomous diagnostic support is required.

The VSC120 includes a 32-bit, 53MHz RISC CPU that operates in initiator and/or target modes for diagnostic flexibility, two integrated 1Gb/s and 2Gb/s Fibre Channel serial transceivers for backward compatibility and redundant data paths. Four I2C serial interface bus master controllers and two UARTs assist in firmware development and out-of-band communication via the Intelligent Platform Management Interface. To reduce board space, the VSC120 provides on-chip fan speed monitoring and PWM control, and up to 34-bits of user definable general purpose I/O with eight external interrupts. A VSC120 Software Development Kit (SDK) is available to simplify implementation by providing customers quick development of a complete SCSI-3 Enclosure Services and IPMI solution. The embedded firmware capabilities of the VSC120 not only accelerate time to market, but let storage system architects differentiate their products via firmware and improved diagnostics. A key strength of the VSC120 is the ease in which it interoperates with Fibre Channel port bypass circuits and loop switches, to provide a complete JBOD control chipset.

"Having an embedded controller that monitors and controls all aspects of a high reliability, ultra-performance, storage enclosure gives OEMs the ability to guarantee uptime to their customers," stated Tim Hornback, director of Datacom marketing at Vitesse. "The VSC120, in conjunction with our industry-proven SDK, helps OEMs implement any enclosure management strategy. Since the firmware easily migrates between our complete enclosure management family, the task of developing and debugging firmware is shared across a variety of applications which reduces overall R&D costs and accelerates time-to-market," concluded Hornback. The VSC120 is priced at $55.00 in quantities of 1000. Samples are available now, with production quantities scheduled for November 2001....Vitesse Semiconductor profile

Paris, France and Redmond WA, USA - September 24, 2001. Advanced Digital Information Corporation (ADIC) announced today the appointment of Jeb Seder as Vice President and General Manager of ADIC EMEA, responsible for activities throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. ADIC operations in these regions include sales, marketing, product marketing, service and support, R&D, and manufacturing of enterprise storage systems. Mr. Seder comes to ADIC from a position as Senior Vice President for Carrier Relations at Completel, a multi-national technology startup formed to provide telecommunications services for voice and data in France, Germany and the United Kingdom. At Completel Mr. Seder also served as the first president of that organization's French subsidiary.

"Jeb Seder brings a perfect combination of technology leadership and management experience to the ADIC organization in Europe, the Middle Ease and Africa," said Peter van Oppen, ADIC CEO and Chairman. "He has helped deliver technology infrastructure for mission-critical applications to private and public organizations, and he understands from first-hand experience the broad range of business environments represented among our customers and partners, from large, multi-national organizations to technology-rich startups. His knowledge of international business is exemplary, as is his background in providing complex technical systems through a combination of internal resources, strategic alliances, and distribution partners. As we continue to bring intelligent storage solutions to the enterprise across Europe, his leadership will be critical to our success." ...ADIC profile

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