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Storage news - 2002, September week 1

1.8" drives
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Megabyte's selection of storage news
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India - September 6, 2002 - the SAN group of HCL Technologies has developed a portable iSCSI stack as a reusable component. Incorporating this stack in product development gives SAN product vendors speed-to-market benefit as it is standards-compliant and pre-tested. The iSCSI stack has been developed as Linux kernel modules that are easily portable to any other operating system, including RTOS for a hardware implementation to offload network processing. It has iSCSI initiator and target functionalities and conforms to all mandatory requirements of IETF draft 12. HCLT provides development, testing and sustaining services wrapped around the iSCSI stack to SAN product vendors. Product development, porting to other platfoms, microcode implementation, and stack integration are also offered as part of services. Features of this product include:-
  • Multiple initiators to one target
  • Multiple connections per session
  • State changes that occur during the lifetime of a connection or a session
  • Recovery at connection and session levels
  • Configuration utility for both initiator and target providing an easy interface for entering text parameters
...HCL Technologies profile

MILPITAS, Calif. - Sept. 5, 2002 - Quantum Corp. (NYSE:DSS) today announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Benchmark Storage Innovations, a privately held supplier of DLTtape™ drives, media and autoloaders. Under the terms of the agreement with Benchmark, Quantum will acquire all of Benchmark, including its tape drive and tape media products which will be integrated into Quantum's DLTtape Group. Quantum, which already holds close to a 20 percent interest in Benchmark, will pay Benchmark's other equity holders a total of approximately 13.1 million shares of Quantum stock and $11 million in cash upon closing of the transaction. In addition, Quantum will pay these equity holders up to approximately 1.9 million shares of Quantum stock if the DLTtape Group achieves certain performance milestones with the Benchmark product lines in the first year after the completion of the acquisition. Quantum expects the acquisition to close within the fourth calendar quarter of 2002 and the transaction to be accretive within the first year after closing. ...Quantum profile

IRVINE, Calif. - September 5, 2002 - NewTech Infosystems, Inc. (NTI) today announced NTI Backup NOW!® 3.0 Deluxe, the newest version of its award-winning backup and disaster recovery software. NTI Backup NOW! Deluxe offers complete backup flexibility and is the only software package that provides full-image and file level backups using CD-R/RW discs. Version 3.0 extends the range of backup devices to include DVD, Hard Drives, JAZ, ZIP, MO, USB Pen Drives and more! Users can create a full file backup and then, in future sessions, backup only new or changed files. In case the PC is damaged or the notebook stolen, the bootable disaster recovery discs can easily recreate the entire system on a new computer. Of course, Backup NOW! can also restore individual backed-up files that have been lost or corrupted. NTI Backup NOW! 3.0 Deluxe is compatible with all Windows operating systems - including Windows XP.

"NTI Backup NOW! is the most user-friendly and most complete backup and disaster recovery tool on the market today," says Bill Yao, President and CEO of NewTech Infosystems. "It is also the most economical solution available, offering both drive imaging and full file level protection within a single package. The added support for DVD and Hard Drives in Version 3.0 will further extend the usefulness and value offered by Backup NOW!" ...NewTech Infosystems profile

PRINCETON, NJ - September 5, 2002 - Princeton Softech today announced it has entered into a technology agreement with EMC Corporation to integrate Princeton Softech's Active Archive™ Solutions with the EMC Centera content addressed storage (CAS) platform. Anticipated to be available in Q4 2002, the integrated solution will allow companies across industries to deploy an enterprise active archiving strategy with an intelligent storage solution designed specifically to manage fixed content, such as medical imaging files, critical business documents, digital images, graphic images, video, film and audio assets.

A broad range of industries, from healthcare, insurance, government and financial services to telecommunications, manufacturing and broadcast media face the challenge of managing large volumes of long-lasting, unchanging data called "fixed content." Companies are required to retain this fixed content data for years and may be required to produce the information at a moment's notice to support business requirements for audits and legal reasons or to comply with government regulations. Because of its long-term business value and because effective methods for managing fixed content data are limited, companies are retaining this data in production databases, degrading the performance and availability of critical enterprise applications. As database growth accelerates, companies need more cost-effective ways to store, manage and access critical fixed content information. Princeton Softech's Active Archive Solutions are designed to safely and easily remove infrequently accessed sets of related data from rapidly growing production databases, providing immediate application performance and availability gains, while reducing the rising hardware, support and maintenance costs.

"EMC Centera is the first complete CAS solution and represents a significant advance in EMC's storage technology," notes Tom Heiser, EMC's Vice President and General Manager of Content Addressed Storage. "Centera's integration with Princeton Softech's Active Archive Solutions will allow companies to improve application and database performance and deliver content authenticity, seamless scalability, and fast access for managing fixed content." ...EMC profile, ...Princeton Softech profile

REDMOND, Wash. - September. 5, 2002 - Microsoft Corp. today announced broad industry support for its interoperable Multipath Input/Output (I/O) technology. Leading enterprise storage vendors have committed to developing products that will utilize Microsoft's Multipath I/O to deliver highly dependable enterprise storage solutions to their customers. Customers will experience increased levels of system availability and performance through load-balancing and interoperability of third-party storage products. Microsoft's Multipath I/O will be enabled through third-party storage solutions providers and will be supported by Windows® 2000 Server and the forthcoming Windows .NET Server 2003.

"With the introduction of Microsoft's Multipath I/O, we are building on the dependability of Windows Server. Today's announcement is the latest evidence of Microsoft's commitment to work with the storage industry to make Windows Server the best platform for creating, managing and deploying storage solutions and at the same time improving the experience for our customers," said Bob Muglia, senior vice president of the Enterprise Storage Division at Microsoft. "With this initiative, we're providing a common framework to improve the interoperability of hardware storage solutions while making it faster and less expensive for our partners to deliver high-quality storage solutions on the Windows Server platform."

Multipath I/O is the ability to use more than one physical path to access a storage device, providing improved system reliability and availability via fault tolerance and/or load balancing of the I/O traffic. In the case of storage management, where the preservation of data is vital, multipath I/O provides extra support points that can protect against data loss or system failure. The introduction of Microsoft's Multipath I/O delivers a standard and interoperable path for communication between storage products and Windows Server. ...Microsoft profile

Editor's comments:- this type of capability has been around for a while in the Unix market. But Microsoft's move into this area will be welcome by all users of its server operating systems.

MILPITAS, Calif. - September 5, 2002 – LSI Logic Corporation announced today that its Fibre Channel enabling Device Specific Module (DSM) and driver are now available and ready for storage vendors and OEM system builders who choose to participate in the Microsoft Multipath I/O (MPIO) solution program. Microsoft today introduced the MPIO program to improve system reliability, availability, and interoperability between multiple storage hardware solutions within the enterprise market. The flagship LSI Logic DSM product is the LSI44929 2 gigabit per second Fibre Channel storage adapter.

"LSI Logic's early commitment to Multipath I/O support establishes them as a leading storage vendor for enterprise-storage customers that need to incorporate products from various vendors into a single Multipath solution," said Charles Stevens, Corporate Vice President, Enterprise Storage Division, Microsoft Corp. "By introducing a Multipath I/O set of drivers for the Windows® platform and gaining support from companies such as LSI Logic, we offer an even greater value proposition to our enterprise customer."

DSM is the LSI Logic software enabler that ties together the Fibre Channel infrastructure and contains the information specific to LSI Logic devices necessary to interact with the higher-level MPIO software Microsoft provides. The LSI Logic Fusion-MPT™ architecture makes this possible by allowing a concise view of the hardware so a virtual snapshot can be easily abstracted and the status of the underlying topology viewed.

"Enterprise customers using the Windows platform can now be assured that they will be able to build a heterogeneous network storage system that can reliably interoperate," said Laura Cratin, LSI Logic Storage Standard Products Director of Software Development. "By being among the first to support Microsoft's MPIO program, LSI Logic continues to demonstrate its leadership position within the storage market." standard....LSI Logic profile, ...Microsoft profile

Crawley, UK - September 5, 2002 - Fibrenetix has announced the launch of a new 16 bay RAID system, which - with a capacity of 3.2TB - is claimed to be the market's largest 4U system designed for SAN, Server or DAS applications. The AT-1600U3, is a SCSI to IDE RAID system (with an optional Dual Loop 2Gbit Fibre Channel host) and is the latest addition to the ATLANTIS RAID product range. For enhanced reliability and performance, it has a distinctive and innovative cableless design - so that all components are attached directly to the backplane. It has also been designed for simple maintenance with near to Zero-Downtime.

Jes Nagel, Managing Director of Fibrenetix, said "The new 16 bay product combines high storage capacity with cost effective Ultra DMA technology, which at £4000 ($6,000) per Terabyte confirms its position as the market leader."

Technical Director, Dennis Hicks added "Offering multiple RAID function support for up to four Arrays, which is also fully supported in Multiple LUN and Dual Host configurations, the AT-1600U3 provides unbeatable RAID performance. For example, one fully populated unit can have six drives set to RAID 0+1 for video streaming, nine drives set to RAID 5 for database files and one hot spare drive - enabling a tailor-made RAID set-up for optimum performance." ...Fibrenetix profile

ALISO VIEJO, Calif. - September 5, 2002 - QLogic Corp. announced that its products support Microsoft's Multipath I/O (MPIO) solution launched today. Microsoft MPIO is designed to increase SAN availability by enabling storage solutions to run on alternate paths between servers and storage devices. Microsoft MPIO also improves interoperability and boosts performance through load balancing features.

"The addition of multi-path load-balancing and fail-over into Windows is a major milestone for the SAN industry and QLogic," said Frank Berry, Vice President of Marketing, QLogic Corp. "MPIO is expected to serve as a catalyst for industry growth because sophisticated storage networking capabilities are now "built-in" to the world's most popular operating system. And together with QLogic integration of SAN features into silicon, MPIO integration into Windows makes SANs simpler, faster and more reliable." ...Microsoft profile, ...QLogic profile

Minneapolis, MN - September 4, 2002 - Ciprico Inc. announces a revolutionary solution to address the growing need for shared storage in broadcast and post- production, non-linear editing environments.

Ciprico's DiMeda™ 2400, the world's first Digital Media Appliance™, offers high performance media file sharing over Gigabit Ethernet. Traditionally, editors were faced with using SAN technology because of high throughput requirements. The new DiMeda 2400 provides the high performance of SAN with NAS ease of use for systems running DV25 data rates. DiMeda provides an effective alternative to a SAN, which may still be preferred for applications needing very high performance for large number of clients running DV50 data rates. Ciprico's DiMeda 2400 has been specifically tuned to provide the performance required in a multi-seat edit environment running video editing applications like INCITE editor and Adobe Premiere on multiple workstations equipped with Matrox hardware.

"The performance of DiMeda 2400 in providing real time media sharing between editors and the flexibility and ease of use of the pervasive Gigabit Ethernet as a transport media, makes it the ideal solution for performance starved editors," states Mohan Mysore, Ciprico Market Manager for Entertainment and Media. ...Ciprico profile

LOUISVILLE, Colo. - September 4, 2002 - StorageTek today announced the availability of Quantum's SuperDLT (SDLT) 320 tape drives for StorageTek's L-Series tape libraries. This coupling of the industry's fastest, highest-capacity mid-range tape drive technology with StorageTek's premier L-Series tape libraries ensures unmatched reliability, ease of management and scalability for customers seeking the best overall value and performance from their data storage infrastructures. The new SDLT 320 tape drive is one of the most advanced and powerful tape drives available today, storing up to 160 gigabytes of data with speeds of up to 16 megabytes per second to deliver 60% more capacity than its nearest mid-range competitor. This additional capacity translates to the lowest cost-per-gigabyte storage solution on the market. The SDLT 320 is backward read compatible with many previous generation drives. ...Quantum profile , ...StorageTek profile

Boston, MA - September 4, 2002 - GlassHouse Technologies, Inc. today announced the receipt of $6.4 million in Series B funding from return investor Sigma Partners, and new investors GrandBanks Capital and JAFCO Ventures. Including the recent funds, GlassHouse has received $8 million in capital to date; new funds will be used as operating capital to scale the company's sales efforts. The funding event positions storage services as an element essential to the successful rollout of new storage technologies, as well as a cost-effective method for optimizing and enhancing existing storage environments.

"We've witnessed tremendous growth in GlassHouse's client base since the company's inception," said Christopher Greendale, Venture Partner at GrandBanks Capital and member of GlassHouse's Board of Directors, "both in response to increased industry sophistication and because of IT budget constraints. GlassHouse continues to prove itself as an authority within the storage industry by underscoring the myriad ways in which a truly unbiased and experienced perspective can draw value out of existing storage environments. At the same time, GlassHouse offers vendors a way to enter the marketplace with expert support and accelerated traction because of that support. It's a winning situation for all involved."

GlassHouse recognizes storage as a competence that encompasses networking, business applications, and database expertise. As such, storage best practices are essential not only to business continuance, but to a company's overall business success as well. GlassHouse experts cover the entire range of storage technologies and environments.

"GlassHouse has grown in direct correlation to the success of our clients and the need for independent storage services," said Mark Shirman, President and CEO of GlassHouse. "We provide an unbiased view of best-of-breed storage and backup technologies, which has resulted in clear benefit to our clients. Our recent funding is directly related to the increased complexity and frequency of these client engagements, and our continued traction in the marketplace." ...GlassHouse Technologies profile

Amherst, NY - September 4, 2002 - ATTO Technology, Inc. announced today that it has entered into an OEM agreement with Unisys centered around the 2-Gigabit ATTO Diamond Storage Array and ATTO ExpressPCI FC 3300 host adapters. The addition of these products to Unisys Storage Sentinel provides large-capacity storage and high-performance connectivity from a single-source vendor. Storage virtualization speeds the allocation of storage by creating open network storage allotment for multi-vendor SAN devices. By doing so, extra storage capacity isn't tied to a server. Instead, it is available for speedy allocation wherever necessary. The ATTO Diamond Storage Array, ExpressPCI FC 3300 host adapter and Unisys Storage Sentinel's virtual storage software combine to provide storage consolidation and storage on demand in a complete virtual storage solution.

The Enterprise-class Diamond Storage Array packs an industry-leading multi-Terabytes of storage into a 3U form factor. At the center of ATTO's Diamond Storage Array is its intelligent midplane containing custom ASICs, microprocessors, and proprietary software. This technology minimizes system overhead and maximizes data throughput. ATTO's exclusive Aggregated Data Transfer Technology (ADXT™) aggregates the performance of individual ATA drives to achieve the high data-transfer rates. This enables Unisys to offer the performance of Fibre Channel or SCSI storage arrays with the cost advantages of ATA. ATTO's 2-Gigabit optical FC 3300 host adapter delivers 400 MB/sec. performance in full-duplex-mode and is versatile enough to transfer high-bandwidth data across distances up to 500 meters - an important feature for widely dispersed storage networks.

"Virtual storage is where the industry is heading, and the ATTO/Unisys partnership is poised to help end-users reach that goal today. The Diamond's sophisticated intelligent midplane design provides outstanding value in density, performance, and cost in a small footprint, making it a superior addition to Unisys Storage Sentinel," notes ATTO President and CEO Timothy Klein. "The addition of our ExpressPCI FC 3300 Fibre Channel host adapter with its unparalleled speed will further enhance Storage Sentinel's capabilities." ...ATTO Technology profile, ...Unisys profile

CARY, NC - September 3, 2002 - Arsenal Digital Solutions today announced that it has been named to Deloitte & Touche's prestigious Technology Fast 50 program for North Carolina, a ranking of the 50 fastest growing technology companies in the state. This prominent award, combined with Arsenal's newly secured $5 million in venture funding, is a fitting recognition of Arsenal's achievements in the market. The contributing investors included Covestco, Southeast Interactive Technology Funds, and Task Holdings, LTD. With this additional funding, Arsenal has raised a total of $57 million in invested capital since its inception, and over $12 million in capital lease financing. Arsenal will use the proceeds to expand into new markets, to support both existing and new partners, and to intensify activities in product management, marketing, and operations.

"In today's economy, double-digit percentage revenue growth is an exceptional accomplishment," said Tim Gillam, partner-in-charge of the North Carolina Technology, Media & Telecommunications Group. "Arsenal has proven to be a fast-growth success story and that its leadership has the right stuff for growth, and we at Deloitte & Touche salute their accomplishments."

Arsenal is increasingly acknowledged as the fastest-growing provider of storage management services in North America. With an unmatched combination of service quality, industry expertise, and data under management, Arsenal has earned the trust of some of North America's leading telecommunications and Internet Data Center companies.

"Arsenal is honored to be ranked one of the fastest growing companies in North Carolina and a contender for Deloitte & Touche Technology Fast 500 ranking of the fastest growing technology companies in North America," said Frank Brick, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Arsenal. "Arsenal looks to capitalize on its significant momentum and leverage this new financing and fully funded business plan to accelerate our growth - both through the rapid introduction of innovative solutions and through strategic partnerships that significantly expand our market reach." ...Arsenal Digital Solutions profile

SANTA CLARA, Calif.- September 3, 2002 - The International Disk Drive Equipment and Materials Association, IDEMA, announced that leaders of the Hard Disk Drive industry will meet at DISKCON USA, Sept. 18-19, in San Jose, California to discuss advances to technology and the industry. These meetings represent an important part of IDEMA's new strategy to help the HDD industry meet the needs of a rapidly evolving market for data storage. ...DISKCON USA

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - September 3, 2002 - JMR Electronics today announced that it has partnered with MCE, a leading international distributor of mass storage products, to significantly expand its presence in Europe. German-based MCE will be a value-added distributor for JMR products throughout the continent.

"We are pleased that we have reached an accord to have one of the leading international distributors selling into the channel for JMR throughout Europe," said Moty Ginsburg, vice president of international sales for JMR. "MCE's wealth of knowledge in storage technologies will prove to be a key asset in the delivery of JMR's product line to customers."

"The strength of MCE lies in demanding quality products from our suppliers in order to best serve our customers," said Paul Mehl, sales director worldwide of MCE. "In JMR, we are confident that their storage products meet this demand and will further provide our customers throughout Europe with solutions that will meet their needs." ...JMR Electronics profile, ...MCE profile

Irvine, CA and Blue Bell, PA - September 3, 2002 - StoreAge Networking Technologies and Unisys today announced a partnership whereby Unisys will incorporate StoreAge's volume management and storage management technology into a variety of Unisys strategic storage solutions.

"We realized long ago that virtualization is a must in any enterprise-level storage system. We chose StoreAge 's asymmetric design over other solutions because of its clear scalability and performance advantages," said Bill Jefferis, Director, Unisys Storage Management Solutions. "We are confident that our alliance with StoreAge will allow us to provide our customers with the most reliable and scalable storage systems as part of our cutting edge e-business solutions." ...StoreAge Networking Technologies profile, ...Unisys profile

See also:- article:- Storage Virtualization - by Pegasus Disk Technologies

Baughurst, Hampshire, UK - September 3, 2002 - Megabyte the Mouse, the cartoon character known to more than 0.5 million readers of STORAGEsearch.com is four years old this month. Four years is a long time in the life of a mouse, and also in the life of a fast moving market like enterprise storage. In that time hundreds of storage companies have disappeared from the market, as they went bust, or merged or got acquired, but the total number of storage companies listed in the STORAGEsearch.com web site has kept growing.
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earlier news (archive)
Disk to disk backup
D2D - Disk to disk backup
on STORAGEsearch.com
"I'm impressed by your new hotSTOR disk to disk backup" said Megabyte to Cheaperbyte . "Does it make coffee too?"
Nibble:- Don't put all your eggs in one basket.
A rat, or virus may chew up everything you've carefully stashed away.

few days ago a nasty virus managed to zap my email inbox, even though it had already been detected by my up-to-date virus checker, and was in the process of being deleted when the actual damage occurred. Until then it had been years since I was last seriously affected by such a problem. It was a good reminder about the kinds of data threats which are out there. The incident shook me up a little, because I realised that something nasty had got through my defences. But it also sharpened up my thinking about data protection.

Anyway I restored my inbox from my offsite backup, and didn't lose anything apart from an hour of valuable time. I'd already dealt with all my incoming email when the problem occurred, and the few missing incoming emails were duplicated in my replies which were still safely sitting in my sent folder. But it got me thinking again about whether my backup strategies are really bulletproof enough.

Sometimes we're seduced into thinking that a new technology alone will solve all our problems. Will that new gadget or software make everything easier?

A new data protection solution launched August 21 by CMS Peripherals looks like a great solution for users of Windows notebooks. If your hard drive crashes or gets trashed by a virus you can just reboot off the internal duplicate backup disk. If you use notebooks a lot that sounds like a great idea. But it's almost certain that some people, who run their own business, and buy this product to save time, will find it so convenient compared to other backup methods, that they may be tempted to use it as their primary form of data protection. That'll work fine until the day that their notebook is stolen, along with the backup disk sitting inside.

Even traditional backup methods have their drawbacks. If you use the wrong kind of backup software, which is often supplied free with the backup system, then a single media error in a long string of partial backups can be enough to stop any of your backed up data being usable. You'll hit that problem when you really have no other choice, and it's long after the warranty on the hardware has expired, and the software package is probably no longer being marketed in that particular version. Personally, I never do incremental backups. But I'm lucky in being able to compress all my critical data into a couple of gigabytes. I don't bother with backing up applications, and to save recovery time have complete systems ready to run in several locations.

Write once media appears to be a good form of last resort data archiving. If the viruses get through everywhere else, then reloading from optical media seems like a good insurance policy. So I was a little concerned at what I discovered when reading a recent article on this subject called Think Twice Before you Write-Once - by Pegasus Disk Technologies. Not all optical media offer the same protection, and you need sound archiving software to get the best results out of the best type of media.

It seems there are no perfect solutions to all our data protection problems. On top of that there isn't enough time to investigate all the available new technologies, and there isn't enough budget to buy everything we would like to buy. But of one thing you can be sure. If you don't have more than one type of recovery strategy, then you are vulnerable. Don't put all your eggs in one basket. A rat, or virus may chew up everything you've carefully stashed away. In fact rodents have been known to eat backup media. But ours are carefully trained and don't do that.

We're going to have some more editorial on how to keep vermin out of your data storage in a new directory about data security starting soon.
Imperial Technology
Headquartered in El Segundo, Calif., Imperial Technology has over a decade of experience designing and manufacturing high-performance storage solutions that shatter I/O bottlenecks to supercharge application performance.
Since the slowdown during the US IT recession in 2001, the network storage market has been growing back upto the historic high levels of $24 billion achieved in 2000 according to a recent report by California based market research company Peripheral Concepts. However, an earlier (May 2002) feature on the mouse site, which looked at the fastest growing profitable US storage companies revealed the worrying problem that few if any storage companies are currently making a profit in a fiercely competitive market which makes the recovery look in many ways worse than the recession.

STORAGEsearch.com was the second major publication to come out from privately owned ACSL, whose SPARC Product Directory has been a landmark publication in the Sun Microsystems compatible workstation and server market since 1992.
happy birthday Megabyte
"I wasn't too sure how seriously people within the industry would accept the mouse site" admits publisher and editor Zsolt Kerekes. "But 2002 was our second year partnering with many of the most significant storage conferences and exhibitions in the USA and Europe, so I suppose STORAGEsearch.com has been accepted. At a time when the number of storage related publications on the web has risen to over one hundred, it's nice to see that our readership is still growing."

As newly emerging storage technologies like InfiniBand and Serial ATA start to get into volume production it's hard for analysts to confidentally pick and choose the long term winners in the storage market. But whatever the future may hold in store, mice will definitely be an important part of the enterprise storage landscape. ...ACSL profile

King of Prussia, PA - September 03, 2002 - InfiniCon Systems announced today that it has selected Sanmina-SCI to provide manufacturing, test and order fulfillment of InfiniCon's Shared I/O System. One of the leading electronic manufacturing services companies worldwide with revenues of over $4.8B for the first half of 2002, Sanmina-SCI's capability to provide proven, turnkey manufacturing processes will enable InfiniCon to realize the highest levels of quality and cost control as it initiates mass production of the industry's first InfiniBand-enabled shared I/O system. ...InfiniCon Systems profile

Dortmund, Germany - September 3, 2002 - Tandberg Data GmbH has appointed Avnet Applied Computing Ltd as an authorised distributor. Avnet Applied Computing now distributes Tandberg's range of SLR, DLT and SDLT tape drives and automated storage solutions to UK businesses. Tandberg Data has a long-standing relationship with Avnet Applied Computing in other European regions where the company has a proven track-record.

"Avnet Applied Computing has been a key distributor for Tandberg Data in Germany for more than 15 years. We have the experience and knowledge about Tandberg Data products and business objectives to match that success here in the UK market," said John O'Neill, Business Director at Avnet Applied Computing Ltd.

"We are confident that AAC's newly-structured sales team dedicated to storage will mirror the success of their colleagues in Germany," comments Andrea Rynas, Area Sales Manager UK/Ireland of Tandberg Data. ...Avnet Applied Computing profile, ...Tandberg Data profile

Editor:- September 2, 2002 - every month is a busy month for Storage Expos and Conferences. Coming up in September are:- DMS EXPO Europe, Intel Developer Forum Fall 2002 , Seybold San Francisco 2002, FCIA Plugfest, Storage Decisions 2002, HP World Conference & Expo, SunNetwork Conference and 'Managing and Optimising Enterprise Storage Technologies' conference. If your storage event isn't listed, just send me an email with the web site details. ...Trade shows & events

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