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Customers Choose Dell for Enterprise Computing

IBM Acquires TrelliSoft

M-Systems and Toshiba Collaborate on DiskOnChip Technology

BlueArc Launches Services

Promicro Raises RAID Price/Performance

Dot Hill Announces New Business Continuance Solutions

HP Reports Storage Revenue Declined 15%

WD is Best Hard Drive Supplier Say Resellers

CNT's Storage Router is IBM TotalStorage Proven

Intel Does $500 10-Gigabit GBICs

Rhapsody Networks and StoreAge

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"I'm impressed by your new hotSTOR disk to disk backup" said Megabyte to Cheaperbyte . "Does it make coffee too?"
Can You Trust Your Flash SSD's Specs?
Editor:- Something I've noticed is that the published specs of flash SSDs change a lot -from the time they are first announced, then when they're being sampled, and later again when they are in volume production.

Sometimes the headline numbers get better, sometimes they get worse. There are many good reasons for this.

The product which you carefully qualified may not be identical to the one that's going into your production line for a variety of reasons... the article
MCA Computer
MCA Computer, based in Irvine, California, has been delivering savings on leading brands of memory, RAID and tape drives to corporates, government and universities for more than 10 years.
Austin, Texas - August 30, 2002 - Companies worldwide are increasingly choosing Dell server and storage systems for their enterprise computing needs, especially in the highly competitive U.S. market for Intel servers.

New research from industry analyst firms shows Dell continues to gain market share, while maintaining the industry's highest levels of customer satisfaction for enterprise systems.

According to IDC, Dell maintained its No. 1 position as the leading provider of Standard Intel Architecture Servers in the U.S. for the second quarter of 2002, gaining one point of unit market share over the same quarter in 2001. On a worldwide basis, Dell strengthened its No. 2 position over last year, gaining more than two points of market share while the No. 1 provider lost over 4.5 share points compared to last year.

"Our focus on providing enterprise customers with innovative server and storage products at industry leading value seems more attractive than ever to customers of all sizes," said Michael Dell, the company's chairman and chief executive officer. "Dell will continue to meet these new customer's requirements by delivering system performance and service leadership that exceeds businesses' demanding technology requirements." ...Dell Computer profile

AUSTIN, Texas - August 29, 2002 - IBM today announced it has acquired TrelliSoft, Inc., a privately-held provider of storage resource management software based in Glen Ellyn, Illinois.

The acquisition closed today. Financial details were not disclosed. IBM acquired TrelliSoft to help meet a growing customer need to manage costs associated with the proliferation of data storage and increase storage resource availability. TrelliSoft will be integrated immediately into IBM Software Group and TrelliSoft products are available today from IBM Tivoli Software.

SRM serves as the dashboard for the storage environment by providing a set of automated tools that address multiple aspects of the storage infrastructure including capacity, availability, event, performance and asset management. TrelliSoft specializes in Java and Web-based storage resource management to support multiple platforms including Windows NT, Windows 2000, HP-UX, Solaris, AIX, Red Hat Linux and others. The Trellisoft SRM solution will complement SRM products currently under development at IBM. IBM offers the most comprehensive storage solutions known in the industry including storage hardware, software and services.

"Our customers have asked us to help manage their storage the way we've enabled them to manage their systems," said Robert LeBlanc, general manager, IBM Tivoli Software. "With this acquisition, we will accelerate our ability to deliver a high-quality product that meets our customers' needs for storage management. This enables customers to more effectively and efficiently manage their storage resources, and, as a result, improve their return on investment."

"Customers and partners will see a significant benefit to their businesses with the addition of IBM's development and distribution strength," said Stephen Donovan, CEO of TrelliSoft. "TrelliSoft software can now deliver additional value as it integrates with IBM Tivoli's suite of policy-driven storage management software." ...Tivoli profile, ...TrelliSoft profile

TOKYO - Aug. 29, 2002 - M-Systems and Toshiba Corporation today announced that they have extended their collaboration in the development, marketing and supply of new products based on Toshiba's latest NAND technologies and M-Systems' DiskOnChip technology.

The agreement also provides M-Systems with guaranteed fab capacity. Also today, the two companies unveiled the advance achieved through their collaboration, the DiskOnChip Millennium Plus 16MB. Both M-Systems and Toshiba will market this jointly developed DiskOnChip.

"M-Systems' DiskOnChip technology enables the effective utilization of Toshiba's NAND flash technology and offers an innovative solution for local storage in set-top boxes, PDAs and smart phones," said Kiyoshi Kobayashi, senior manager of Flash Business Strategy Development of Toshiba. "The unique features of DiskOnChip contributed to strengthen our NAND flash memory offering, and will create the new market arena. Toshiba is very excited to offer its customers DiskOnChip as the solution of choice."

The 16MB DiskOnChip Millennium Plus is the latest flash disk jointly developed by M-Systems and Toshiba. It provides the functionality of a hard drive in a small, solid-state chip and is a complete, monolithic, high-performance local storage solution that offers a better cost structure and ease of integration for devices such as set-top boxes and mobile designs that typically use NOR flash. It also offers additional features such as boot capability, a unique ID, customized protected partitions and a one-time programming (OTP) area for license storage. M-Systems' TrueFFS® technology, supported by leading operating systems such as Microsoft Windows and Symbian OS, contributes to exceptional performance and reliability. Mass production is slated for the fourth quarter of 2002. ...M-Systems profile, ...Toshiba profile

Editor's comments:- unlike RAM based solid state disks (SSDs), which are mainly used as performance accelerators, flash based SSDs are mainly used in embedded applications. Flash SSDs can survive in more rugged environments, because they don't need battery backup. But flash SSDs wear out at a rate depending on the distribution of write data cycles. A recent article by M-Systems describes the TrueFFS technology designed to reduce flash ageing.

SAN JOSE, CA, - August 28, 2002 - BlueArc Corporation today announced the introduction of turnkey assessment services aimed at helping customers get the most out of their network storage.

Delivered by highly trained professionals from BlueArc's Global Services organization with experience in the latest storage, networking and application technologies and protocols, BlueArc's assessment services are designed to meet specific customer requirements, optimize network performance, and enhance the value of BlueArc storage solutions.

Today's enterprise environments demand increasingly high performance from the network. Attaining peak performance may require a combination of our high performance storage systems plus the experience of how to tune the storage, the network, the clients -- the entire environment," said Ron Howe, vice president of global services for BlueArc. "BlueArc's expertise in tuning the core IT infrastructure to achieve optimum performance, maximum uptime, and minimal headaches with high performance storage deployments is unique in the industry. Our customers realize a strong return not only from the BlueArc storage solution, but also on their other investments in infrastructure technologies and enterprise applications." ...BlueArc profile

POWAY, CA - August 28, 2002 - Promicro Systems today introduced a low priced, high capacity RAID storage system based on technology from the industry's leading manufacturers.

Positioned as a cost-effective alternative to Fibre Channel or SCSI arrays, the ProStore is ideal for organizations that require abundant storage capacity and solid performance. The ProStore is available immediately in configurations of 1 TB (2U chassis), 2.5 TB (4U chassis), or 5 TB (10U chassis). Prices start at $4,800, $9,500 and $17,000, respectively, based on Intel™ dual Xeon® 2.2 GHz processors.

The ProStore utilizes 160GB Ultra ATA/133 drives from Maxtor. With transfer rates of up to 133MB/second, the system can store and move large amounts of data without interruption. This is especially useful for content-heavy applications that are found in research labs, financial markets, data centers and digital/video production facilities. The ProStore also accommodates up to four Escalade™ 7500 Series ATA/133 IDE RAID controllers from 3ware, Inc. The controllers increase reliability through a patented switched architecture and provide sequential read/write speeds of 41MB/sec and 196 MB/sec, respectively. The ProStore is packaged with 3ware's 3DM™ Disk Management software, a browser-based utility that enables local and remote management and monitoring of arrays.

"The integration of our Escalade controllers and the ProStore enables very high levels of reliability and performance scalability," said Mike Wentz, senior director of product marketing for 3ware. "The ProStore also makes storage management simple with our 3DM software, with features such as immediate e-mail notification of disk array events. We are pleased to be working with Promicro to offer a storage system that addresses IT managers' needs for significant capacity, lowered management costs and greater reliability."

The ProStore supports RAID levels 0, 1, 5 and 10. To ensure reliability and redundancy, the ProStore utilizes hot-swappable hard drives and power supplies. Both Linux and Windows® platforms are supported. ...3ware profile, ...Maxtor profile, ...Promicro Systems profile

CARLSBAD, Calif. - August 28, 2002 - Dot Hill today announced the addition of two new models to its Axis Storage Manager™ family.

The new solutions, Axis DR and Axis SAN, are designed to address specific business needs including disaster recovery and SAN/NAS convergence. The Axis Storage Manager family provides storage routing, extensive virtualization, flexible networking, and centralized management as standard features. The new Axis solutions will be demonstrated in Dot Hill's booth 715 at the upcoming Networld+Interop exhibition in Atlanta at the Georgia World Congress Center, September 10-12.

Optimized for SANs, Axis SAN delivers multi-vendor and multi-standard interoperability, adds powerful storage resource management, enables flexible volume management, establishes complete redundancy, and provides load-balanced paths with automated failover. It also allows access to SAN volumes from a LAN, migrates direct-attached SCSI storage to the SAN, and creates NAS volumes to enhance sharing of information.

The new Axis DR solution is optimized for disaster recovery and protection. This model includes the functionality necessary to implement a complete disaster recovery solution. It provides all the features of Axis SAN and creates non-disruptive point-in-time copies of information, synchronously mirrors information across a SAN, and asynchronously replicates information across any distance using an IP network. ...Dot Hill profile

PALO ALTO, Calif., - August 27, 2002 - HP (NYSE:HPQ) today reported financial results for its third fiscal quarter ended July 31, 2002.

This is the company's first earnings report that includes the merger transaction with Compaq Computer Corp., which was completed May 3, 2002. The company reported third quarter revenue of $16.5 billion, compared to $18.2 billion on a combined company basis in the prior quarter. Sequentially, combined company revenue declined 9%, while pro forma gross margin increased from 25.5% to 25.7%. Pro forma operating expenses were up sequentially from 21.0% to 22.5% of net revenue, reflecting normal seasonality and merger-related sales training and product rollouts. Operating expenses were down 10% year over year, equivalent to $400 million on an absolute dollar basis.

Revenue in storage was down 15% year over year and down 10% sequentially. ...HP profile

Editors comments:- storage was a key part of the rationale in merging the world's largest storage reseller (Compaq) with one of the world's largest storage manufacturers (HP). So this result must come as a disappointment to HP management. But you can't easily beat market trends. The storage market has been fragmenting during the last year. Buyers with tighter budgets have become more confident about mixing and matching their storage and server needs from a variety of sources.

LAKE FOREST, Calif. - August 27, 2002 - Western Digital Corp. is the best hard drive supplier to the distribution channel, according to 5,000 VAR customers surveyed for VARBusiness Magazine's Annual Report Card Awards.

VARBusiness executives presented the award to Western Digital on August 22, 2002, at CMP's Breakaway XChange Conference in San Diego, Calif. VARs overwhelmingly rated Western Digital the desktop storage supplier providing the highest level of satisfaction in all of the four categories of supplier attributes addressed in the survey: product innovation, support, partnership and loyalty. In 15 of 16 subcategories, VARs rated Western Digital No. 1.

Arif Shakeel, president and COO for Western Digital, said, "VARs represent an important business for Western Digital. They are a diverse group, but generally have the same fundamental business needs: a range of products, including the newest technologies and product availability; quality; value; and responsive service. The VAR community has been loyal to Western Digital over the years, and as our business continues to grow, we will continue to focus on their business." ...VARBusiness Magazine, ...Western Digital profile

MINNEAPOLIS, MN - August 27, 2002 - CNT announced today that its UltraNet Edge Storage Router product has successfully completed interoperability testing with IBM's TotalStorage FAStT midrange storage server's Remote Mirror Option and has earned IBM TotalStorage™ Proven status.

The UltraNet Edge Router supports longer-distance applications of the FAStT mirroring solution, and provides a cost-efficient data protection solution for businesses.

The FAStT Remote Mirroring Option can be deployed to automatically replicate data volumes across the Fibre Channel fabric between primary and backup FAStT 500/700 arrays. The UltraNet Edge Router allows customers to extend the mirroring capability over much longer distances, beyond native Fibre Channel limitations. In addition, the UltraNet Edge Router delivers complete data integrity within the CNT network, managing retransmission of IP packets when necessary, and removing that processing burden from the FAStT storage server. For maximum uptime in demanding applications, the UltraNet Edge Router also comes standard with a comprehensive support package that includes 7x24 proactive system monitoring. ...CNT profile, ...IBM profile

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - Aug. 27, 2002 - Intel Corp has introduced the world's first 10-Gbps, small-form-factor optical transceiver for multi-mode fiber networks.

Designed specifically for data center applications, the Intel® TXN17201/9 Multi-Mode XPAK Optical Transceiver delivers 10-Gigabit Ethernet and 10-Gigabit Fibre Channel transport to the enterprise at half of the cost, a third less power consumption and in one-third the size of earlier solutions.

"As Gigabit Ethernet deploys on the desktop, 10-Gigabit solutions are going to become essential in the data center," said Sean Maloney, executive vice president and general manager, Intel Communications Group. "The Intel® TXN17201/9 XPAK Optical Transceiver is proof again of Intel's 20 year leadership in Ethernet technology."

The TXN17201/9 transceiver offers single-side mounting, less than a four-square-inch footprint and only 3.5 Watts of power consumption, enabling high port density in switches and placement on PCI NICs. It is hot-pluggable and includes a digital management interface allowing for field configuration, easy setup and remote troubleshooting. With its industry-standard XAUI 4-bit parallel electrical interface, the TXN17201/9 transceiver connects directly to readily available Ethernet and Fibre Channel ICs. The TXN17201/9 transceiver is currently sampling and will be generally available in Jan., 2003. Production volume pricing is $500. ...Intel profile

Fremont, Calif., and Irvine, Calif. - August 27, 2002 – Rhapsody Networks and StoreAge Networking Technologies today announced that StoreAge 's SVM™ (Storage Virtualization Manager) solution will be available on the Rhapsody family of storage application directors.

The combined solution will provide enterprise customers with a high-performance, scalable, and cost-effective method of centrally managing heterogeneous SAN environments, lowering the total cost of ownership for enterprise storage networks.

According to Rhapsody Networks president and CEO, Mike Klayko, this partnership furthers Rhapsody's strategy of working with key storage software vendors to deliver the best storage management applications to enterprises. "StoreAge 's innovative technology combined with Rhapsody's XPath Architecture provides our customers with a solution that will hit the bottom line for data-intensive enterprises. Now, more than ever, lower costs and ease of storage management are strong value propositions."

StoreAge 's SVM is a network-based volume and storage management solution that provides centrally managed storage pooling and provisioning, snapshot, data migration, and data replication across heterogeneous hosts and storage devices. Working with Rhapsody, the SVM Agent software, a highly compact agent that normally resides on each host server attached to the SAN, will be migrated to run on the Rhapsody platforms. This approach distributes the "point of transformation" in a virtualized SAN environment to each port in the storage application directors, allowing any attached host to utilize SVM functions. In addition, the distributed architecture of this solution provides a flexible foundation that easily scales to meet future connectivity and performance requirements. ...Rhapsody Networks profile, ...StoreAge Networking Technologies profile

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