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Storage news - 2004, September 1 - 7

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upSuite High Availability Ported to Linux

Editor:- September 7, 2004 - Continuous Computing today announced that its popular upSuite High Availability middleware program has been successfully ported to Linux.

upSuite HA is an award-winning middleware product that provides application-transparent high availability for essential telecom central office functions such as billing, operations, administration, maintenance, and provisioning, call processing, and network element management. Employing a simple active/standby architecture, upSuite HA for Linux offers the following three primary capabilities:
  • Provides real-time file replication at the file-system level;
  • Provides sub-second detection of critical hardware, software, or network faults; and
  • Enables sub-second failover from an active to a standby server to ensure continuous service operation.
A typical deployment application for upSuite HA is a "hot standby" backup server for a billing system. Using redundant connectivity over a regular TCP/IP network, upSuite HA enables the backup server to instantly become operational and active in the event of a failure of the primary server. Additionally, when the primary server is restored and brought back online, upSuite HA rapidly and efficiently synchronizes the file systems of the two machines with minimal impact on the performance of the main application.

Sun Introduces StorEdge 9990

Editor:- September 7, 2004 - Sun Microsystems. today introduced the Sun StorEdge 9990 system.

Leveraging technology from Sun's long-standing partnership with Hitachi Data Systems, the Sun StorEdge 9990 system's 3rd generation crossbar switch architecture delivers up to two million IOPs, which Sun claims is 5x greater than the nearest competing platform. StorEdge 9990 provides a single point of control for as much as 332TB of consolidated internal storage and up to 32 petabytes of externally attached storage. It offers as many as 192 physical host interfaces and over 24,000 virtual ports which provide customers with flexibility and system expansion options.

Editor:- September 7, 2004 - XOsoft today announced the release of Enterprise Rewinder, a data center-class version of its successful Data Rewinder suite of continuous data protection solutions.

Enterprise Rewinder provides enterprises with the highest application availability, while minimizing data loss and time to recovery. In case of corruption, it enables administrators to instantaneously rewind affected application servers to the most recent consistent state. XOsoft also announced details of its strategy to integrate Enterprise Rewinder with major industry standard backup and snapshot-based solutions, which will allow its customers to protect and leverage their existing IT investments.

Application-aware Data Rewinder 2.0 clients for Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL, Oracle Database and any other type application servers continuously monitor data center application status and notify administrators once a problem is detected. The centralized Enterprise Rewinder Management GUI then allows networks administrators to instantaneously rewind corrupted application servers to the most recent consistent state. Application server rewind may even be configured to occur automatically, once a fault is detected.

XOsoft's strategy is to complement, rather than replace existing backup solutions. The company plans to integrate Enterprise Rewinder with a number of leading industry standard backup and snapshot-based solutions over the coming months. The first step has been taken, and complete integration with Veritas Backup Exec is available today. Enterprise Rewinder users may monitor Veritas backup processes, cover gaps between periodic backups and achieve seamless protection against data center application corruption. An entry-level package comprised of the Enterprise Rewinder Management GUI and 10 Data Rewinder 2.0 clients is priced at $25,000 and is available immediately. ...XOsoft profile

iSCSI Gets Solid State Disk Targets

Editor:- September 7, 2004 - BiTMICRO Networks today announced that they will be introducing solid state disk-based iSCSI target appliances.

BiTMICRO is responding to the growing market demand for a consolidated, interoperable and manageable flash-based network storage solution that is scalable over long distances, provides easy connectivity to SANs, allows shared access for multiple users and handles existing user applications with ease. Under this initiative, BiTMICRO will introduce a family of iSCSI target appliances that fuses several dominant standards, IP and Ethernet for networking and SCSI for data storage. Integrating this solution into existing storage networks allows business enterprises to reap the benefits of SAN without getting bogged down by distance and cost limitations associated with Fibre Channel solutions.

Editor's comments:-
later (2007) we now know that the iSCSI market crawled along for another 3 years before reaching the magic billion size expected in 2004. So the above product didn't see the light of day.

Spectra Logic Promotes Library Benefits

Editor:- September 7, 2004 - Spectra Logic starts a campaign this week promoting their Spectra T950 library which offers disk to disk backup and tape.

Readers who sign up to get a white paper - "The Future of Enterprise Storage" - written by the Data Mobility Group - are automatically entered in a draw to win a free 4GB Apple iPod mini. The draw takes place at the end of October. Usually I'm skeptical about promotions like this because if you need to know about enterprise storage products you're going to follow up the information you need anyway. But the banner ad (which is also being used in this promotion) makes a clever and valid pitch about why you might need this type of product, and the prize is quite a desirable item too.

Tabernus Launches SAS Development Tools

Editor:- September 7, 2004 - Tabernus today announces the release of NorthstarADT with SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) protocol functionality.

NorthstarADT is the ultimate user interface based software tool for high-end SCSI and Fibre Channel peripheral engineering and field applications.

"Tabernus has been working with storage industry leaders such as LSI Logic, Seagate Technology, and Maxtor to ensure interoperability and compatibility between our peripheral testing software and SAS mass storage devices", said Michael Miller, Tabernus' Chief Technical officer.

In addition to its robust existing functionality, NorthstarADT now enables SAS hardware testing at the Serial SCSI Protocol in addition to displaying physical topology, issuing bus resets and monitoring link information such as rate and error counts. This enables engineers to quickly perform design validation and interoperability testing for SAS products. Tabernus' SAS products will support testing of expander and end devices and SMP (Serial Management Protocol) transport layer. Support is also planned for STP (Serial ATA Tunneled Protocol) layer functions. By leveraging relationships with host bus adapter vendors, Tabernus is able to provide customers with protocol control down to the HBA miniport driver level. This provides a level of testing functionality to Tabernus' customers that no competitor can match.

"Our goal is to build upon our already strong suite of SCSI and FC products to further saturate the mass storage testing industry, specifically those companies with SAS and SATA needs," said Joe Mount, Director of Business Development. Tabernus' products are used by their customers to reach optimization in all areas of their testing efforts: flexibility and responsiveness, effectiveness and efficiency, and overall performance.

Emulex's Entry Level SAN Storage Switch

Editor:- September 7, 2004 - Emulex today announced a new line of SAN Storage Switch products targeted specifically at small and medium businesses and small departmental SAN applications in enterprise environments.

Based on the company's award winning and field-proven InSpeed technology, Emulex SAN Storage Switches are designed to deliver a simple and affordable storage solution for companies that want the advantages SANs provide over direct attached storage, but wish to avoid the complexities that come with enterprise fabric-based services. The Emulex SAN Storage Switch Model 355 is a 1U, half-rack form factor 12-port non-blocking 2 Gb/s Fibre Channel switch. The Emulex SAN Storage Switch Model 375 is a 1U, full-rack form factor 20-port non-blocking switch that, in addition to more ports, adds redundant fans and two hot-swappable, universal power supplies for high availability.

6 Years of STORAGEsearch

Editor:- September 7, 2004 - celebrates its 6th anniversary this month.

In an age when most IT web sites are blurring into sameness, STORAGEsearch has maintained a unique brand identity with its cartoon characters Megabyte the Mouse and family. But reliable information and critical market analysis have also been important factors in growing the readership every year since 1998.

Commenting about this anniversary - Farid Neema, President of market analyst company Peripheral Concepts, Inc. - said " was one of the first online storage portals. I appreciate its breadth of scope and reliability. It has always been an authoritative source for anyone doing serious market research into this market."

What's been the most important trend in storage during the last 6 years? Or what will be the most important changes in the storage market during the next 6 years? the full story

Overland's New Chief Strategy Officer

Editor:- September 7, 2004 - Overland Storage. today announced the appointment of Michael Kerman to its executive team as vice president and chief strategy officer.

Kerman will oversee corporate marketing, product marketing and product management, as well as lead efforts around corporate strategy, new business opportunities and business intelligence. He brings more than 18 years of experience in leading technology organizations and developing customer and market-focused strategies resulting in award-winning solutions for the consumer, mid-market and enterprise markets. Kerman, 40, joins Overland from Computer Associates where he most recently served as vice president of marketing responsible for field marketing, sales enablement and lead generation for North America.

IBM's $3,000 3U iSCSI Storage

Editor:- September 3, 2004 - IBM today unveiled an entry-level disk server with advanced features to help support business continuity, priced under $3,000 for mid-sized businesses.

The new IBM TotalStorage DS300 is designed to give mid-size clients a simple, reliable and affordable option to transport data through standard Internet protocols. Using iSCSI, clients can create a storage area network with existing Gigabit Ethernet networks. iSCSI can help rewrite the economics of storage servers by providing mid-sized businesses a simple, low cost way to use advanced storage management techniques currently used by most large organizations. iSCSI technology can help improve the management of a SAN by allowing IT administrators to leverage existing skills and networks that clients use on the server side. The cost-effective DS300 storage server comes with reliability and performance features that include Ultra320 SCSI drives, battery backup cache, and redundant hot-swappable power supplies in a 3U form factor.

External Disk market Grew 8% Says IDC

Editor:- September 3, 2004 - According to IDC's Worldwide Quarterly Disk Storage Systems Tracker, worldwide external disk storage systems factory revenues grew 8.0% year over year to $3.5 billion in the second quarter of 2004.

The total disk storage systems market also posted positive results, growing at 5.0% and marking the fourth consecutive quarter of year-over-year revenue growth. Storage capacity continued to accelerate, growing 41.2% year over year to 275 petabytes shipped during the quarter.

"Worldwide spending this quarter reflects broadened investment in disk storage systems outside of the U.S., as both the Asia/Pacific region and Japan experienced the first signs of real growth since the market downturn began," said John McArthur, group vice president and general manager of Information Infrastructure Research at IDC. "Even though the U.S. still represents more than 35% of the market, regional spending for disk storage systems is clearly on the rise and this bodes well for future quarters."

The networked disk storage systems market (NAS combined with Open SAN) grew 17.9% year over year and surpassed the $2 billion mark for only the second time ever. Although representing less than 1% of the networked disk storage systems market, the iSCSI SAN market posted more than 30% quarter-over-quarter revenue growth. The top 5 External Disk Storage Systems vendors in Q204 were:-
  • EMC - $719 Million, 19.5% growth
  • HP - $631 Million, 8.3% decline
  • IBM - $471 Million, 4.7% growth
  • Sun - $282 Million, 2.0% decline
  • Hitachi - $281 Million, 4.7% growth
  • Others - $1,092 Million, 18.4% growth

Ideas International Extends Storage Price Data

Editor:- September 1, 2004 - Ideas International announces the immediate availability of street pricing intelligence in the major German and UK markets for server and storage products within its industry leading Competitive Profiles suite of tactical IT research services.

This extended value-add research complements street price tracking already available for the USA in Competitive Profiles CPSystems and CPStorage modules as well as its SAN and PC research modules and allows IDEAS research customers to not only compare the current list prices of workstations, industry standard servers and storage offerings from major industry suppliers, but also to analyze discount practice information and resultant street pricing as researched by IDEAS analysts.

IDEAS EMEA General Manager and EVP, Stephen Williams, said "Ideas International continues to add value to its flagship Competitive Profiles tactical application suite. The extension of street price research to include EMEA research delivers on a promise made earlier this year when we introduced street price research for the USA market. As part of a rolling program our plan is to continue to extend the vendor and product coverage and to additionally introduce street price research for France and Italy during the remainder of calendar 2004."
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RAID systems storage
RAID systems
Megabyte found that tying lots of barrels together to cross the data stream worked well. And if one of them got punctured, the raft didn't sink.
New Excuses for RAID Vendors to Miss their Revenue Forecasts

It was too late for the flooding this August in Florida (USA) and Cornwall (UK) to be blamed on lower than expected disk storage array sales at HP, but sales and marketing people are ingenious at stretching the verité.

To support those in need of better excuses we've invented some more plausible reasons why RAID / NAS / SAN disk storage vendors may find their forecasts for increasing revenue don't actually happen this year even if the economy continues growing and the demand for storage continues growing.

If you're working in sales and looking for a good excuse to miss your target, or if you're managing a storage budget and looking for a good reason to cap it, these ideas might come in useful.

New RAID algorithms mean that less storage is wasted.

In a recent article on RAIDn technology it was shown that "A 9 disk RAIDn system can be configured to offer 50% more disk drive capacity than a RAID 5 and better data survivability - upto 3 drive failures without data loss."

It doesn't have to be RAIDn. There are a lot of new algorithms around. But the bottom line - is that less of the disks in your storage arrays need to be wasted to provide data protection than in the past. As these new RAIDxyz systems get deployed in the real world - that's going to have a big impact on hardware revenue for those selling boxes of disks with a fancy interface.

Software tools reduce the amount of email that is stored.

A recent news story we ran from Orchestria said "Between a third and a half of all electronic communications kept in company storage devices are irrelevant to the business and don't need to be there". They claim their automated tools can help organizations reduce upto half their email storage whilst still sticking to regulatory standards and keeping what they need to run their business. This is different to heirarchical storage management systems which simply remove the problem of infrequently used data to somewhere else.

Better network storage admin means storage is better utilised.

As storage administrators become better educated in the tricks of their trade, and as a bigger proportion of the storage they manage is networked - and as storage virtualisation trickles down to medium sized companies - there are going to be less islands of isolated underused storage hanging around. That means less of a rush to buy new disk storage every time something new happens in the company.

According to a survey of 1,000 major IT sites carried out by Peripheral Concepts and published in August 2004 - "HSM is only used by a small percentage of the population today, but its utilization will more than double within the next two years." That mostly means shifting data off disk storage and onto tape and optical media. But its also means compressing infrequently used data too.

Before you ask - what about disk to disk backup?

Isn't that going to increase demand for RAID systems. Yes - but that's already been built into the overall RAID market growth forecasts along with everything else.

Adding it all up?

I think it's realistic to expect that the combination of these factors could reduce the need for new raw disk storage capacity by 25% or more. It will be a permanent change - and eventually it will be built into everyone's new plans. But we're starting to see the creep of these new paradigms hitting the market this year - at a time when most people's plans are based on more of the same old stuff they had before.

The result could be a dent in revenue across the whole RAID related storage market. Or maybe it will be blamed on not advertising in STORAGEsearch?
the Top 10 Company Profiles - August 2004
The top 10 most popular companies (out of more than 1,000 storage companies listed on STORAGEsearch) visited by our readers last month were as follows... Figures in brackets (n) indicate rank the month before.
  1. Ingrasys Technology (1)
  2. M-Systems (3)
  3. Silicon Image (2)
  4. Promise Technology (54)
  5. Texas Memory Systems (4)
  6. SMART Modular Technologies (9)
  7. Dell Computer (5)
  8. VERITAS Software (6)
  9. LSI Logic (10)
  10. Curtis (8)
The new entry to the top 10 list this month was:- Promise Technology which moved up 50 places.

The company which dropped out of the top 10 list this month was:- DataCore Software.
More than 20 years experience in the storage industry testify to Systex's commitment to customer service and market understanding, which is why the company launched its own brand of ExpreStor network storage products in early 2004.

ExpreStor ES 4300 high performance RAID
2U/3U ExpreStor ES 4300 from Systex

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