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SSD Myths and Legends - "write endurance"
Are MLC SSDs Ever Safe in Enterprise Apps?
RAM SSDs versus Flash SSDs - which is Best?
Can you trust flash SSD specs & SSD benchmarks?
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Sun Dumps IBM's Aperi for SNIA

NeoScale Speeds LTO-3 Encryption

McDATA Standard for Virtual Fabrics Gets Industry Nod

EqualLogic Overtakes EMC in iSCSI Market Share

AmeriVault Selects Asigra for Enhanced Online Backup

XOsoft Provides a Virtual Lab for Testing DR Solutions

Yosemite Announces New Pricing and VTL Capability's New Channel - Storage Reliability

Advanced Media Introduces HD DVD-R Optical Disc

BMC Simplifies Backup and Recovery for Mainframes

New Applications for Wireless Phones with Secure Flash Interviews Seagate's CEO

Tek-Tools Audits VERITAS Backups

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storage reliability
Storage Reliability
Megabyte's 8 year storage epic nearly came
to an abrupt end due to some weak links.

Adtron - click for more info
Founded in 1985, Adtron is a leading designer
and global supplier of disk-based and solid state
embedded data storage solutions for the telecom,
defense/aerospace, industrial automation, medical,
and transportation markets.
State of the storage market review

iSCSI, SAS, SATA and InfiniBand
In June 2006, five years after launched the storage industry's first web directories dedicated to the four new storage interfaces above, we went back to see how successful they'd been in the market compared to their original promise. the article, iSCSI, Serial SCSI, SATA, InfiniBand read the article - State of the market review  iSCSI, SAS, SATA and InfiniBand
the Top 20 Most Popular Storage Search Categories
The top 20 most popular storage categories on in May 2006 were as follows... Figures in brackets (n) indicate rank the month before.
  1. Hard drives (1)
  2. Solid state disks (2)
  3. NAS (3)
  4. Flash memory (5)
  5. USB storage (4)
  6. Backup software (7)
  7. RAID systems (8)
  8. SAN (6)
  9. Serial ATA (SATA) (14)
  10. iSCSI (13)
  11. Market research & analysts (10)
  12. Removable Storage (9)
  13. Disk to disk backup (12)
  14. Serial Attached SCSI (11)
  15. RAM (15)
  16. Online backup & storage (16)
  17. Boxes & enclosures (18)
  18. Data recovery (17)
  19. Tape Libraries (20)
  20. Storage Software (19)
Sun Dumps IBM's Aperi for SNIA
SANTA CLARA, CALIF - June 21, 2006 - Sun Microsystems, Inc. today announced that it has withdrawn from the Aperi open source storage management initiative started by IBM in October 2005.

Sun believes the storage industry requires a concerted and standards-based effort that can only be achieved through a governance model provided by the SNIA. Sun plans to participate in software projects under the auspices of that organization. ...Sun Microsystems profile, ...SNIA profile, SPARC History, more articles about Sun

Editor's comments:-
Sun has always been irked by the idea of working with other people's standards. In its 24 year history it has preferred to create standards which others have adopted (such as SPARC, SBus, NFS, Java) or better still hijack them (Unix). As a born again "open source" evangelist and wannabe storage heavyweight it suits Sun's temperament better working with ORGs rather than competitors.

NeoScale Speeds LTO-3 Encryption

MILPITAS, Calif. - June 21, 2006 - NeoScale Systems Inc. today announced OpenVMS compatibility and a new suite of tape encryption features for LTO-3.

Users of LTO-3 tape now benefit from reduced backup and recovery windows as a result of CryptoStor Tape's increased throughput capabilities. Also part of the new software suite is persistent binding of drives to applications, greatly simplifying usability by ensuring tape drives maintain a consistent presence to the backup server. Serviceability is improved as well, providing users additional diagnostic capabilities.

NeoScale has also successfully verified interoperability of CryptoStor Tape with OpenVMS in HP's OpenVMS Lab. In testing, the CryptoStor Tape appliance was deployed between an OpenVMS server and a tape library. Using CryptoStor appliances in OpenVMS environments is completely transparent to users, as no server CPU cycles are required to encrypt or compress the data prior to transferring to tape. ...NeoScale profile, Storage Security, Tape drives

McDATA Standard for Virtual Fabrics Gets Industry Nod

BROOMFIELD, Colo. - June 21, 2006 - McDATA Corp today announced that the Internet Engineering Task Force has approved an industry standard management information base for Virtual Fabrics authored by McDATA engineers and other industry peers.

McDATA has been an early leader supporting virtual fabrics with the introduction of the Intrepid 10000 and will be delivering major enhancements to this technology later this year.

The IETF standard MIB for Virtual Fabrics permits physical resources within compliant cross-vendor directors to be managed at a finer level to better consolidate resources for more efficient utilization. Virtual Fabrics allow a large director to be separated and managed as multiple virtual switches for isolation and resource sharing. One director chassis may support multiple Virtual Fabrics and Virtual Switches that may be administered by different people and assigned to different departments and functionality. Since this allows fabrics to be smaller, they are easier to operate and manage. ...McDATA profile, SAN switches, Fibre-channel adapters, Storage Industry Trade Associations

EqualLogic Overtakes EMC in iSCSI Market Share

Nashua, N.H. - June 20, 2006 - EqualLogic today announced it has been ranked #2 in worldwide iSCSI SAN terabytes shipped in 2005.

The IDC report, published in May 2006, reveals EqualLogic's growing presence in the iSCSI SAN market and forecasts the growth of the worldwide disk storage system market over the next five years.

EqualLogic ranks second after Network Appliance and ahead of EMC based on iSCSI SAN terabytes shipped in 2005. The ranking marks EqualLogic's advancement from its #3 position in 2004. In worldwide total SAN storage system terabytes, EqualLogic ranks 9th, establishing the company as a significant presence in the storage industry.

"The demand for networked storage is growing every year, with iSCSI SANs forecast to remain the fastest-growing segment of the storage industry through 2010," said Brad Nisbet, program manager at IDC. ...EqualLogic profile

AmeriVault Selects Asigra for Enhanced Online Backup

Toronto, Canada & Waltham, MA - June 20, 2006 - it was announced today that AmeriVault has selected Asigra Televaulting as the software platform for its ServerVault online data backup service.

The agreement brings together two of the pioneers and innovators in remote data protection. ServerVault is AmeriVault's premier brand of online D2D managed backup service which synchronizes data backup and offsite storage by simply installing software and leveraging existing Internet connectivity, ensuring automated offsite backup discipline. The partnership with Asigra enables AmeriVault to extend the capabilities of ServerVault and provide capacity scaling for virtually unlimited data growth. ...AmeriVault profile, ...Asigra profile, online backup

XOsoft Provides a Virtual Lab for Testing DR Solutions

Waltham, MA - June 20, 2006 - XOsoft today announced the success of its Virtual Lab program which allows prospective customers to test and evaluate WANSyncHA for Exchange and SQL in a non-production environment.

Users of XOsoft's Virtual Lab can perform all of the pertinent tasks associated with building their own testing environment. Users can also evaluate XOsoft's Assured Recovery which conducts a comprehensive yet transparent DR test of application recoverability on a replicated system. ...XOsoft profile

Yosemite Announces New Pricing and VTL Capability

SAN JOSE, CALIF. - June 20, 2006 - Yosemite Technologies, Inc. today announced upgrades to its flagship backup product.

New choices for capacity upgrades eliminate growing pains as users can keep up with data increases affordably and budget for future growth. MSRPs for capacity upgrades start at $1,699 (from 8TB to 16TB), $7,229 (from 8TB to unlimited capacity) and $6,799 (from 16TB to unlimited capacity).

Yosemite's D2D2NeT (Disk-to-Disk-to-Any) option has added enhanced Virtual Tape Library capabilities. This 'iVTL' option allows users to create a VTL environment with general-purpose disk storage, not expensive proprietary hardware. By embedding the VTL functionality within the backup software itself, users can realize the advantages of Yosemite's true three-tiered architecture at SMB-appropriate prices, as well as a one-step restore instead of an extra layer of complexity with today's traditional VTL products. The D2D2Ne option costs $699 for both Standard and Advanced users. ...Yosemite profile, Disk to disk backup, article:- Virtual Tape: Can You Afford to Ignore It?'s New Channel - Storage Reliability

Editor:- June 20, 2006 - today launched a new directory dedicated to the subject of "Storage Reliability".

Reliability was named as one of the 3 most important future trends in storage in my state of the storage market article published last year. In that article I also predicted that uncorrectable failures in storage systems (due to embedded design assumptions made in earlier generations) could, if not dealt with by drive and interface designers, pose a more serious threat to enterprise computer systems than the Y2K bug in the late 1990s. storage reliability

Advanced Media Introduces HD DVD-R Optical Disc

Diamond Bar, CA - June 19, 2006 - Advanced Media, Inc. is set to be one of the first optical disc manufacturers to introduce the new HD DVD-R medium in the United States.

The disc supports up to 15GB of capacity on a single-layer. Availability is scheduled for late July. The RIDATA HD DVD-R medium supports Advanced Access Content System cryptography which overcomes the shortcomings of the Content Scrambling System found in DVD video. AACS enables authorized use, prohibits unauthorized copying and distribution, and repairs holes in copy protection. ...Advanced Media profile

BMC Simplifies Backup and Recovery for Mainframes

HOUSTON - June 19, 2006 - BMC Software has integrated its IMS backup and recovery functionality into its Web-based console, enabling database administrators to easily identify and resolve mainframe data-recovery issues more quickly.

"BMC's Backup and Recovery Solution for IMS has had a significant impact in our daily operations, reducing our daily backup times by over 80%" said Steve Stewart, DBA technical analyst, Total System Services. "As a leading outsourcer for payment services, we must have systems available at all times so customers can use their credit and debit cards to make purchases, whether online or in person. We simply can't afford to have our IMS production systems unavailable. BMC's Backup and Recovery solution is unique in its ability to provide us that level of assurance." ...BMC Software profile

New Applications for Wireless Phones with Secure Flash

SUNNYVALE, Calif., - June 19, 2006 - Spansion Inc. today unveiled its plans to bring new levels of security to wireless handsets through security technology implemented within the embedded flash memory subsystem.

Applications enabled by the technology include:-
  • Virus recovery capabilities which preserve the handset operating system, functionality and data in the event that a virus has infected the phone;
  • Contactless payments for making a purchase using a cell phone instead of a credit card by providing secure data storage and secure communication protocols for mobile transactions;
  • Protection of handsets with SIM lock and device management capabilities that render phones useless to thieves if stolen;
  • Secure access control for use of a cell phone instead of a key for activities such as opening a car door, starting a car or opening a house door;
  • Secure transactions for accessing corporate databases through user authentication and protected key storage.
A Software Development Kit to aid the design process will sample in early Q4 2006 and fully integrated Multi Chip Packages will sample in the first half of 2007. ...Spansion profile, Storage Security, storage chips, Flash Interviews Seagate's CEO

Editor:- June 18, 2006 - an interview with Seagate's CEO Bill Watkins - published today in the San Francisco Chronicle - reveals what a dreadful workplace the company used to be.

The article also describes what the company has been doing to improve its culture - which had a "sweatshop" reputation. the article, ...Seagate profile, Storage People

Tek-Tools Audits VERITAS Backups

DALLAS, Texas - June 16, 2006 - Tek-Tools Software announces the release of the first of its backup compliance modules.

The Policy Auditor for VERITAS NetBackup automates the management and tracking of scheduled backup jobs and provides a real means to audit backup policies and schedules. ...Tek-Tools profile, Backup Software, Storage Testers & Analyzers

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