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Storage news - October 1 - 4, 2007

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EMC acquires Mozy

HOPKINTON, Mass. - October 4, 2007 - EMC Corp today announced that it has acquired Berkeley Data Systems, Inc.

BDS provides an online backup service. The transaction will not have a material impact on EMC revenues or EPS for 2007. Among Mozy's numerous service accolades this year, Walt Mossberg of The Wall Street Journal writes that he prefers Mozy; Time Magazine readers ranked as the #1 website in 2007; Consumer Reports recommended Mozy to readers on the strength of its feature set and control capabilities; and Smart Computing gave its "Smart Choice" award to Mozy for its full backup abilities, ease of use, and private key encryption option. ...EMC profile

Editor's comments:-
that makes 444 gone away storage companies. Not as scary as 666 - but 2/3 of the way there.

New FireWire/USB/eSATA Portable RAID

Santa Fe Springs, CA - October 03, 2007 - Enhance Technology, Inc. today releases a new range of 4-disk desktop RAID solutions with multiple interface connectivity (FireWire, USB and eSATA) and user-selectable data protection.

The EnhanceRAID T4H CR series is specifically designed for video surveillance projects working with high resolution digital media recording. It comes with a stylish "H" shaped handle for easy carrying and convenience it has removable disk trays, individual disk key-locks, front secured door, hot-swappable cooling fan, and user selectable RAID settings. ...Enhance Technology profile

Palm Beach County Selects Mimosa for Email Archiving

SANTA CLARA, Calif - October. 3, 2007 - Mimosa Systems today announced that Palm Beach County in the state of Florida has selected Mimosa's NearPoint archiving solution to manage 7,200 email accounts throughout local government offices.

Palm Beach County selected Mimosa NearPoint following a pilot deployment of its archiving solution in competition with 3 other vendors.

"Florida's Sunshine Law requires unlimited data retention, challenging us to implement an email system capable of producing the public records required by these legal regulations," said Santhosh Samuel, Server Manager for Palm Beach County's ISS office, "Mimosa was a clear choice and exceeded our expectations with capabilities, fast deployment, and ease-of-use that impressed our entire information support team." ...Mimosa profile, Backup Software

Top 20 Storage Searches and Articles

Editor:- October 3, 2007 - today updated its monthly list of the top subjects viewed by storage searchers in September.

There was no change in the top 5 subjects which were:-

(1) - Disk to disk backup
(2) - Solid state disks
(3) - Hard drives
(4) - 2.5 inch SSDs
(5) - NAS

Overall site readership was 8% higher than the year ago period. For a complete listing of the top 20 storage searches and top 20 storage articles see market research.

ADrive Offers 50GB Free Online Backup

EMERYVILLE, Calif - October 2, 2007 - ADrive LLC today officially announced and launched its beta online file storage service offering users up to 50GB of free data storage.

ADrive serves as a centralized, online location for all file types including photos, videos, music and more. Following the beta stage, users will continue to receive 50GB of free storage with the option to purchase premium plans. The premium plans will offer increased storage volume and enhanced service features such as additional file-sharing and backup functionalities. ...ADrive, online backup and storage

Editor's comments:-
in the late 1990s there were plenty of free online backup sites. At the peak of the dotcom boom those free sites were sprinkled with online ads - which was the theoretical way they were funded. Then one day the ads and the sites were gone.

ADrive, founded in 2007, seems to offer a useful amount of free backup for most consumers, and yes, its site does have a few ads. But is that enough to make a viable business model if enough users don't use its forthcoming paid for services? I don't think so. But it's a good way for a new company to get noticed.

DDR3-1333 Memory Kits Now Available

Munich, Germany - October 2, 2007 - AENEON, a Qimonda AG brand, announced the availability of its new XTUNE DDR3-1333 CL8 memory modules.

DDR3 is the upcoming memory technology which will be mainly used in high-end desktop platforms. The XTUNE DDR3-1333 memory module is available with a density of 1GByte (AXH760UD00-13G) and the single module is tested to run at 1,333MHz at a latency timing of 8-8-8-15 at the standard DDR3 voltage value of 1.5 V. The 240-pin DIMMs are equipped with gold contacts and a high-quality heat spreader to avoid critical operating temperatures. The XTUNE DDR3-1333 Dual Channel Kit 2x1GB is available now through the authorized AENEON sales representatives and distributors for $400. ...Qimonda profile

the Top 10 SSD OEMs in Q3 2007

Editor:- October 1, 2007 - today published a new edition of - "the Top 10 Solid State Disk OEMs."

Covering the quarter ending September 30, 2007 - there's a new #1, and a newcomer to the list. the article

AMCC Ships New 3ware SAS RAID Controllers

SUNNYVALE, Calif - October 1, 2007 - AMCC today announced the immediate availability of the 3ware 9690SA Serial Attached SCSI RAID controller.

The 3ware 9690SA offers configuration flexibility with 3 PCI Express low profile controller choices: 8 internal ports, 8 external ports, and 4 internal/4 external ports. AMCC now offers a highly scalable 3ware serial storage product portfolio that includes 2- to 24-ports of SATA connectivity and maximized SAS expandability to up to 128 devices per controller. The SAS controllers include AMCC's unified RAID management interface and software suite, assuring users a simplified configuration experience with every 3ware controller, irrespective of its storage interface.

"AMCC is excited to add Serial Attached SCSI RAID controllers to our award-winning line up of 3ware serial storage products," said Scott Cleland, Director of Marketing for AMCC Storage. "We pioneered the way for SATA and we now capitalize on our time-proven serial storage expertise to take users from SCSI to SAS. The 9690SA offers customers superior hardware RAID performance and reliability. Most importantly, whether our customers require SAS, SATA or SAS/SATA connectivity, 3ware will provide the right tool for the job."

Suggested list price for the 9690SA-8I (8 internal ports) is $895; the 9690SA-8E (8 external ports) is $945; and the 9690SA-4I4E (4 internal and 4 external ports) is $925. ...AMCC profile
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RAID systems on
Megabyte found that tying lots of barrels
together to cross the data stream worked
well. And if one of them got punctured,
the raft didn't sink.

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