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Objective Analysis

Objective Analysis is a hand-picked team of highly-seasoned semiconductor industry analysts each committed to providing clients with the most unbiased evaluation possible of industry status, events, and outlook for the future. Our analysts provide our clients scenarios of likely outcomes, suggesting strategies based on an in-depth understanding of the issues, competitive landscape, and prime motivators of market success or failure. We pride ourselves in being first seers: industry observers who pick up on important trends before they fully materialize, helping clients take the lead in important emerging markets.

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  • editor's comments:-September 2014 - Jim Handy, founder of Objective Analysis, is in my opinion, one of just a handful of SSD analysts worldwide who have put years of work into understanding the SSD market and who truly appreciate and understand its varied complexities. If you're going to spend money on an SSD market analyst, opinion or report - you'd be nuts not to include his company in your shortlist.
Objective Analysis mentions from 30 Years of SSD Market History

In September 2007 - Objective Analysis published a 110 page report called - the Solid State Disk Market: A Rigorous Look to their offering. (This was the company's 1st major SSD report - but not the 1st by the author.)

In August 2008 - Objective Analysis published a new report (price $5,000) called - "Solid State Drives in the Enterprise".

In September 2008 - at DISKCON USA Jim Handy founder of Objective Analysis presented a paper called Why and How SSDs are Economical (pdf)

In April 2010 - Objective Analysis published a new 104 page market report - Data Centers Drive Major SSD Growth ( $5,000) which concludes that "the stunning growth of SSDs in enterprise servers and storage systems is only going to get stronger."

Objective Analysis finds that the enterprise SSD market is likely to approach $4 billion in revenues by 2015, nearly 17x times that of 2009, while unit shipments will increase by 50x during that period to over 4 million units.
SSD past, present and future
Editor:- November 16, 2012 - I was curious to see what Greg Schulz, StorageIO and Jim Handy, Objective Analysis might say in their iTunes compatible talk posted today - SSD past, present and future.

In a little over 15 minutes they cover a lot of history, remind you that we're nearly 10 years past the time that Intel once proclaimed that flash would run out of steam, then they discuss what might happen to controller IP designers if new nvm ever replaces flash in SSDs. ...tune in and listen
"1) - Enterprise SSDs will be used in all data centers

2) - There is still a lot of growth in NAND "
the Top 10 Things You Need to Know (pdf) - by Jim Handy, Objective Analysis - (August 2012) - presentation at the Flash Memory Summit
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Jim Handy discusses the paradox of multiple different claims to the same flash array leadership
Editor:- May 29, 2015 - A new blog - Who’s #1 in Flash Arrays? - by Jim Handy - founder Objective Analysis - discusses a "puzzling set of claims" by various competing rackmount SSD companies - who all claim to be #1 in the flash array market. the blog

Editor's comments:- Jim's observations provides fresh examples and confirmation of 2 things I warned you about in earlier articles:-
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Results from SSD IOPS needs survey
Editor:- November 28, 2012 - How Many IOPS Do You Really Need? - is a new 80 page SSD market report ($5,000) by Objective Analysis and Coughlin Associates.

It dissects the results of a months-long on-line survey of IT managers which collected their inputs on the IOPS, capacity, and latency needs for a number of key enterprise applications.
Hi, I work at a financial institution which has started to cover the storage market - and in particular enterprise SSDs. I'm trying to estimate:-
  • how big will the SSD market will be when SSDs replace hard drives?
  • when will it happen?
  • what will be the revenue of the SSD market at that time
meet Ken - and the enterprise SSD software event horizon
When thinking about SSD market boundary conditions the starting point is often... this is what we expect most people to do.

But what if we change some of the assumptions?

Maybe stretch them to breaking point.

Is there a point where the market would behave in a completely different way? And what can we learn from that?"
Boundaries Analysis in SSD Market Forecasting