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Accusys is a worldwide leader in design, manufacturing and marketing of full series of RAID controllers, external RAID system and RAID Boxes, including Fiber Channel, SCSI/SAS, SATA-disk based solutions and PCIe SAN solution. Accusys provides hardware and software customization services for customers to fulfill different kinds of applications and environments. With field-proven technology and Open Storage Application Platform(OSAP), Accusys RAID controllers and storage solutions are recognized as the most cost-effective , value added products in the market. For more information, please visit

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  • editor's comments:- May 2010 - the 1st thing I do nowadays when revisiting a rotating storage company's web site is search for any mention of SSDs. No mentions - means the company still hasn't got the message about the SSD bubble - and might not be around in the long term future unless it decides what its SSD strategy is soon.

    My SSD search revealed the unremarkable observation that you can put 2.5" SSDs in the company's disk trays - instead of hard disks. And that a few years ago - they supported Mtron SSDs in the RAID controller. That's really not much better than nothing when it comes to an SSD plan. Luckily Accusys has captured the imagination of some experts - with its connectivity options - as you can see below.
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Accusys - recent mentions in storage market history

In May 2010 - Accusys announced that its ExaSAN had won the prestigious "Best Choice" of Computex Award in the category of Data Storage Products. - click for more info about Accusys  PCIe SANs
the problem with flash SSD  write IOPS
the Problem with Write IOPS - in flash SSDs
. This article explains why some specs are
exaggerated or predict the wrong results.
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