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Storage news - 2003, February week 2

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Adaptec Products Support Final iSCSI Standard

MILPITAS, Calif. - February 14, 2003 - Adaptec, Inc. today announced full product support for the iSCSI standard ratified this week by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF).

Adaptec's complete line of iSCSI ASICs and host bus adapters, available later this quarter, fully support the IETF standard.

"Adaptec has been working closely with the IETF, OEMs and industry partners to deliver the iSCSI standard and to ensure our full line of IP storage products fully support the IETF standard," said Glen Clowney, director of iSCSI product marketing for Adaptec. "Adaptec looks forward to working with our OEM and channel partners to deliver IP storage solutions to market." ...Adaptec profile

Recover My Files Version 2

NSW, Australia - February 14, 2003 - Recover My Files announces the release of Version 2 of the company's advanced data recovery software that brings back deleted or lost computer files, including documents, graphics, Zip files, video, MP3 and more.

In a new approach to data recovery Recover My Files searches every sector of a computer hard drive to identify deleted files by their remaining file structure. This enables Recover My Files bring back files that traditional data recovery programs could never know exist.

Recover My Files will recover deleted files lost in an accidental or deliberate file deletion, the accidental format of a hard drive, virus or worm infection, unexpected system shutdown or crash, and software failure. It requires no special technical skills to use. File recovery takes 4 easy steps. Recover My Files includes a FREE preview of recovered files in the trial version so that customers know what can be recovered prior to purchase. It recovers more that 30 file types, with uncommon types added upon request. Recover My Files will search temporary files and Windows system files to maximize recovery prospects. It is possible to recover documents that were never actually saved! Can be executed from floppy for no risk recovery. Recover My Files is compatible with all versions of Windows and works with FAT 12, FAT 16, FAT 32 and NTFS files systems. Price is US$69.95, purchase on-line with immediate delivery. ...Recover My Files

Imation Completes LTO Compliance Testing

OAKDALE, Minn.- February 14, 2003 - Imation Corp. today announced it has passed the rigorous compliance verification testing process for the LTO Ultrium Generation 2 format, set forth by the three technology provider companies (TPCs) - IBM, Hewlett Packard and Seagate Removable Storage Solutions.

Imation's Black Watch™ LTO Ultrium Generation 2 tape cartridges will feature an increased storage capacity of up to 400GB compressed (2:1 compression), 200GB native and up to 80MB per second transfer speeds (2:1 compression), 40MB per second native. Completion of the compliance process ensures that Imation's Black Watch Ultrium Generation 2 tape cartridges are compatible with all brands of Ultrium 2 drives and tape automation systems.

"Imation's successful completion of the LTO Ultrium Generation 2 compliance testing combined with the success of our LTO Ultrium Generation 1 tape cartridges confirms Imation's commitment to being a leading supplier of the industry's most robust Ultrium tape cartridges," said Frank Russomanno, president, Imation Data Storage and Information Management. "Based on Imation's more than 50 years of leadership in manufacturing tape, we will continue to deliver a full line of storage solutions for all major midrange server platforms, in addition to our comprehensive offering of data storage products for business and consumer needs." ...Imation profile

BenQ and Philips Form Joint Venture for Optical Storage

City of Industry, CA - February 13, 2003 - BenQ Corporation and Royal Philips Electronics announced the formation of an optical storage joint venture company, Philips BenQ Digital Storage.

The new company will develop, design and market optical disk drives for PC applications. The company, to be headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan and operational in March 2003, will have outstanding shares of 51 percent for Philips and 49 percent for BenQ.

The joint venture will pave the way for both companies to leverage their strengths, creating a resource-integrated company that will offer next-generation storage solutions. Philips BenQ Digital Storage will aim for a midterm market share of 15 percent in a total market of two hundred million units annually. ...BenQ profile

Dell's External Storage Revenue Grows 87%

Round Rock, Texas - February 13, 2003 - Dell ended its fiscal 2003 by posting best-ever quarterly product shipments, revenue and operating profit in the period ended Jan. 31.

Quarterly revenue was $9.7 billion, up 21 percent from last year. Company earnings were 23 cents per share, an increase of 35 percent. Full-year net earnings were $2.12 billion, on record revenue of $35.4 billion. Earnings per share for fiscal 2003 reached 80 cents, up from 65 cents absent a special charge in the prior year.

Revenue from external storage systems increased 87% year-over-year. The company's most rapid fourth-quarter storage growth came from sales of Dell | EMC systems for storage-area networks.

The company ranks No. 1 in the U.S., No. 2 worldwide, in shipments of servers based on both Microsoft Corp.'s Windows operating system and on Linux. ...Dell Computer profile

Sonic Desktop DVD Software Shipments Top 3 Million Units

Marin County, California - February 13, 2003 - Sonic Solutions announced today that the sales of its desktop DVD creation applications, Sonic MyDVD and DVDit!, have topped the three million unit mark.

This 3 million milestone was reached only six months after Sonic announced the two million mark of shipments, and underscores two key trends:
  • DVD-recordable drives are on a rapid growth curve that is expected to continue in 2003 and beyond and
  • with an estimated 85% share of market, Sonic Solutions continues to be the dominant supplier of DVD creation software to PC, peripheral and drive OEMs.
Based on the same technology as Sonic's industry-leading Hollywood DVD production systems, Sonic MyDVD and DVDit! make it fast and easy for home users and video enthusiasts to create DVDs and VCDs of their own videos and photos and add the same sizzle found in Hollywood titles. With the ability to simply drag-and-drop video and audio into a project, design interactive menus and record the final content to DVD+R/+RW, DVD-R/-RW, DVD-RAM or CD-R/RW, Sonic's DVD applications offer the most flexibility and compatibility of any application on the market. With OpenDVD™ technology, Sonic users can also re-edit their DVD and VCD projects later at any time and add and delete content and change menus. ...Sonic Solutions

Tabernus Outlines 2003 Plans for New Test Products

Editor:- February 13, 2003 - in their email newsletter today, Tabernus outlined their plans for Serial ATA and other new test products...

Tabernus' vision is to be the premier test solutions and services provider for SAS and SATA peripherals. Our products are used by most major storage manufacturers, system integrators and OEMs. With unequaled product functionality, customer references, and experienced staff we stand apart from our competition. We are committed to providing the highest quality products and support. We will accomplish our vision in 2003:
  • Being the first in our market space to provide a SATA (Serial ATA) peripheral test solution. This product will be an addition to our current NorthstarADT and GeminiQT products and will add the ability to test and report failure details for SATA devices, both standalone and attached to raid.
  • Our second major product development effort will be a SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) peripheral test solution. This product will share much of our existing SCSI test technologies and will likely need some modification to tailor to the SAS world. It is expected that much of the SATA research and development can be leveraged for this product.
  • The third product to be developed in 2003 will be an addition to our Orion Series SDKs to provide SAS and SATA protocol control testing. Once the SDKs are developed the SAS/SATA protocol control functionality will be added to our standard product base such as GeminiQT.
  • Finally, Tabernus will build SAN / NAS test solutions specifically intended for the hub/switch/bridge/router manufacturers and users.
...Tabernus profile

Email is Driving the Demand for UK Storage

London - February 13, 2003 - A study involving more than 1,000 senior UK IT professionals carried out by Posetiv in conjunction with Computer Weekly and Fujitsu Softek, shows that email continues to drive demand for data storage inside UK business.

96% of respondents reported demand for storage increasing in their organisations. Almost 70% cited email and other messaging applications as the main culprits. The patterns of spend on storage solutions have also changed - with more emphasis now being placed upon storage management software than hardware. This increased emphasis on storage software has also highlighted a skills shortage in businesses getting access to knowledge and expertise to properly implement, run and manage these systems.

Graeme Rowe, Marketing Director of Posetiv, said: "The research shows that UK business is failing to properly understand the importance of utilising storage, to manage the huge increases in the use and demand of electronic commerce and communication it is now facing. Having spent considerable sums on storage hardware in the last few years, businesses are struggling to effectively manage and share the capacity of these systems, so getting the right storage management software in place is critical. Otherwise return on the investment already made will be minimal, which explains why 66% of respondents in the research said that managing storage was their biggest storage-related concern." ...Posetiv profile, ...Fujitsu Softek profile

INRANGE Reports 35% revenue growth for FC/9000

Lumberton, NJ - February 12, 2003 - Inrange Technologies Corporation (Nasdaq: INRG) reported fourth quarter results yesterday, which included record-breaking FC/9000 revenues.

The company reported that in the 4th quarter ports shipped increased by 50% year-over-year, and FC/9000 revenues increased dramatically to $20.3 million which was over 35% year-over-year and 62% growth on a sequential basis. Customers cited investment protection, and industry-leading reliability, availability, and serviceability as key reasons for turning to INRANGE.

INRANGE reaffirms its commitment to developing and delivering advanced features and functionality for the FC/9000. In the first half of 2003, INRANGE will introduce the industry's first metropolitan area optical networking (MAN) blade for a director-class switch. ...INRANGE Technologies profile

Hurricane Electric Host Storage Seminar

Fremont, CA - February 12, 2003 - Hurricane Electric will host a seminar called "Cutting Through the Confusion in Storage Networking" on March 15 - led by Marc Farley, author of the book Building Storage Networks.

Hurricane Electric is sponsoring the seminar to allow attendees to learn how to get the best possible performance from their storage networks. Farley will discuss several topics during the all day seminar including: clarifying SAN, block and file I/O, LUNs and storage systems. Seminar attendees will receive a free month of colocation at Hurricane Electric's Fremont facility for their participation. They will also receive a free copy of the book - Building Storage Networks.

The seminar will be held on Saturday, March 15 between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Lunch will be provided by Hurricane Electric. The cost of the seminar is $199. Guests can register online or by calling 510-580-4132. Existing Hurricane Electric customers will receive a 50% discount on the seminar and group rates are available.

"Hurricane Electric provides the ideal environment for hosting Storage Networks," said Mike Leber, Hurricane Electric president. "This class is for novices or experts trying to figure out how storage networks really work and how to implement them." ...Seminar details, ...Hurricane Electric

Leading UK Research Centre Deploys Atempo's Time Navigator

HEATHROW, UK - February 12, 2003 - Atempo today announced that the British-based Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) deployed Atempo's Time Navigator to protect over 40 terabytes of science data.

With assistance from Atempo the solution was deployed throughout the organisation in record time at 12 different sites across the UK in an 8-week period. Time Navigator is running in a heterogeneous environment which includes P-4000 Series Gigabit attached libraries and P-1000 SCSI attached libraries from Quantum. The solution provides backup up for Network Appliance filers at each site; more than 120 Windows infrastructure and application servers; and more than 100 Unix servers (Tru64 and Solaris).

"The deployment of the Atempo based storage management policy has made an immediate impact on operational costs while ensuring that the BBSRC Institute requirements to secure science data are met" said Doug Maxwell, Head, Technical Services, Bioscience IT Services at BBSRC. ...Atempo profile

TI Introduces LVD SCSI Programmable Terminator for Ultra640

MANCHESTER, N.H. - February 11, 2003 - Supplying system designers with a new level of flexibility and peace of mind, Texas Instruments (TI) announced today the industry´s first 27-line programmable low voltage differential (LVD)- only SCSI terminator to support the Ultra640 standard. T

he UCC5696 allows a termination impedance to adjust to the bus loading using an I2C communication interface, enabling the bus to adjust to the number of disk drives installed in the system. TI's UCC5696 terminator uses nominal settings on power up that are compliant from SPI-2 to SPI-4 standards for impedance and bias, and programmable settings, which are used for SPI-5 and beyond. The new device uses the I2C interface to program the differential impedance 5 ohm increments from 55 ohms to 135 ohms using 4 bits or 16 steps. Using the same process, it also programs the differential bias current in 50 micro-Amps (uA) from 0.7 mA to 1.45 mA.

The UCC5696 terminator is available now from TI and its authorized worldwide distributors in an 80-pin low-profile QFP package. Suggested resale pricing is $8.45 in quantities of 1,000. ...Texas Instruments profile

...Later:- Ultra640 SCSI never became a market. It was rendered obsolete by SAS.

Promise Technology Boosts Performance with New FastTrak Controller

Milpitas, Calif. - February 11, 2003 - Promise Technology, Inc. today announced the FastTrak TX4000, an ATA RAID controller for high-performance desktop PC users with four-drive set-ups.

Using one independent channel for each of the four drives eliminates the master-slave drive configuration used on two-channel controllers, enabling greater cable flexibility, improving data throughput, and providing hot-swap support in a RAID 0+1 set-up when paired with Promise's SuperSwap 1000 hot-swap drive enclosure.

"As the market for ATA RAID continues to grow, storage users are looking for targeted solutions that address their unique requirements. Promise responds with highly-focused customer-specific solutions," said Sam Sirisena, vice president of sales and marketing worldwide, Promise Technology Inc. "With this new controller, Promise provides performance-oriented Ultra ATA users with the optimal cost-effective four-drive RAID solution."

The FastTrak TX4000 employs Promise Technology's single-chip controller ASIC with an integrated BIOS that automatically recognizes which type of drive is in place and optimizes performance, delivering data transfer speeds up to 266MB/sec. The FastTrak TX4000 lists for $139 (MSRP), and is shipping now. ...Promise Technology profile

FirewireDirect Revamps CDRW Line

Austin, Texas - February 11, 2003 - FirewireDirect, Inc., has announced a unique "Choose You Own CD Software" option that allows buyers to order their CDRW with one or more of four leading CD burning solutions.

With so many confusing choices in the CDRW realm, FirewireDirect clarifies it all by consolidating their line into only two powerful write speeds, both at the top of the available speed spectrum, 48x and 52x. For flexibility, each drive is available in either plug and play FireWire, or in a dual USB 2.0/FireWire interface that makes the drive ready for any personal computer. FirewireDirect, is also providing extra flexibility in available software for CD burning. Every FirewireDirect customer can now select from a range of programs with their FirewireDirect CDRW.

"For many computer users, the traditional software bundle is no longer adequate," says Jeff Questad, FirewireDirect's Marketing Director. "With so many applications out there, many already on your Windows or Mac machine, so many multiple computer environments, and with the overlap between CD and DVD drives and software software solutions, being able to pick from several leading applications or receive additional software for additional computers is a better solution than buying off the rack and taking delivery of another throwaway CD with the same old apps you've already seen."

The FirewireDirect CD Series starts at $149.95 for a 52X FireWire external CDRW and the application of your choice. ...FirewireDirect profile

MaXXan Launches Storage Gateway

SAN JOSE, CA - February 11, 2003 - MaXXan Systems, Inc. today announced the MaXXan MXV320™ intelligent switching platform and the MaXXan SG100 Storage Gateway™ products.

The MaXXan MXV320, which has been in beta testing since December 2002 and is currently in end-user field trials, is the first of a new generation of SAN switching products capable of delivering higher-level storage application functions as services of the network. The MaXXan MXV320 combines functional elements of a Fibre Channel director with those of a multi-protocol router and a high-performance server optimized for storage into a scalable, intelligent switching platform that enables higher-level storage applications such as virtualization, data replication, backup/restore, and NAS to be deployed as services of the network itself.

The MaXXan MXV320 is a programmable, highly available, protocol-independent SAN switch that scales from 10 to 320 ports. With its modular, single-stage, non-blocking architecture, the system is capable of sustaining wire speeds across all of its ports. Customers can independently and dynamically re-configure Fibre Channel ports as Gigabit Ethernet ports for FC/IP connections and can trunk any number of ports together to form large virtual connections across long distances. The system incorporates programmable network processor technology at each port, which provides an environment for migrating functionality into the SAN infrastructure itself rather than keeping it in the server, appliance or storage controller. The MaXXan SG100 Storage Gateway is now shipping to selected resellers in the United States and Canada at an MSRP beginning at US$44,600.

In addition to announcing the MXV320 intelligent switching platform, the Company also announced the general availability of its SG100 NAS gateway powered by NAS software from VERITAS Software Corporation. ...MaXXan Systems profile

Editor's notes:-
this year we're going to see if all those billions of VC dollars which went into storage are going to dislodge the encumbants. MaXXan had over $73 million of funding, and today has made a two significant product announcements.

Spinnaker Launches VAR Program

PITTSBURGH, PA - February 11, 2003 - Spinnaker Networks™ today unveiled a comprehensive reseller program, providing VARs with an unprecedented opportunity to capitalize on the breakthrough distributed storage technology embodied in the company's SpinServer™ 3300 line of enterprise storage solutions.

Spinnaker's new SpinPartner™ Authorized Program features a broad spectrum of dedicated reseller resources, ranging from pre-qualified sales leads to a comprehensive sales and technical training program.

"Spinnaker is making a significant commitment to the reseller channel as the ideal method to bring SpinServer technology to enterprise customers," said Deborah Jones, Director of Strategic Alliances and Channels at Spinnaker. "The SpinPartner reseller program is designed to enable premier storage integrators and Value Added Resellers to deliver innovative, high value-added storage networking solutions built around Spinnaker's world-class SpinServer 3300 platform."

Resellers interested in becoming an authorized SpinPartner can contact Deborah Jones at 412-968-SPIN Ext 7100. ...Spinnaker Networks profile

FalconStor has new IPStor

MELVILLE, N.Y. - February 11, 2003 - FalconStor® Software, Inc. today announced a new version of IPStor®, which incorporates advanced functionality designed to deliver the highest availability and the most efficient backup and recovery capabilities available today, while maximizing resources and lowering administrative overhead.

FalconStor fully recognizes the challenges associated with data disruption, and the crippling effect it can have on business operations and administrative personnel. IPStor version 4.0 addresses these issues with the addition of new storage services that enable IT management and supporting personnel to focus their efforts and time on mission-critical operations. New services in IPStor version 4.0 include superior enterprise-class manageability; real time data migration and virus scanning; accelerated backup and recovery; expedited disaster recovery capabilities; and performance optimization. IPStor version 4.0 offers comprehensive, fail-over services designed specifically to deliver rapid recovery from NIC, FC HBA, disk, system failures and disasters to optimize business continuity. In addition, IPStor version 4.0 enables Administrators to leverage costly investments in existing high-end media, transform inexpensive disks into high-speed storage, as well as minimize bandwidth utilization to maximize resources, reduce total cost of ownership and deliver the highest achievable performance. ...FalconStor Software profile

3ware Raises $26 Million

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. - February 11 , 2003 - 3ware., Inc. today announced that it has completed a $26 million round of financing.

U.S. Venture Partners, a leading venture capital firm, headed the follow-on round. Other key investment companies include New Enterprise Associates, VantagePoint Venture Partners, Selby Venture Partners, among others.

"As enterprise storage requirements continue to sky rocket, there is a growing demand for scalable, cost effective, reliable storage. We believe that Serial ATA will have a significant role in satisfying this demand," said Magdalena Yesil of U.S. Venture Partners. "We are very enthusiastic about our investment in 3ware. The company has developed an excellent product line and has recruited a seasoned management team to execute on its growth strategy."

The additional funding will be used to support the continued advancement of 3ware's innovative research and the expansion of its worldwide marketing and sales programs. "We are extremely pleased with the continued support from our investors who believe in StorSwitch™, our switched storage architecture," said Faye Pairman, CEO of 3ware. "The company profits from a strong engineering team, combined with innovative technologies that create tremendous value to our customers. We look forward to providing our solutions to a greater audience of worldwide channel and enterprise partners as our sales, engineering and marketing efforts continue to rapidly expand."

According to research firm Gartner Inc., Serial ATA hard disk drives will grow to over 300 million by 2006, with Serial ATA being the dominant disk drive connection in 2004. 3ware is targeting this as a growth opportunity to extend its highly reliable Serial ATA RAID solutions in the enterprise. ...3ware profile

Apple Introduces Xserve RAID Storage System

CUPERTINO, California - February 10, 2003 - Apple® today introduced Xserve™ RAID, a 3U rack storage system with a massive 2.5TB storage capacity, blazing performance of up to 400 MB/s and an aggressive price point of just over $4 per gigabyte.

A unique architecture delivers the massive storage density and incredible performance of Xserve RAID. Fourteen independent ATA/100 drive channels provide up to 2.5TB of storage. Dual independent RAID controllers with up to 1GB controller cache memory provide fully-redundant storage. And a dual 2Gb Fibre Channel host interface delivers unprecedented performance. Each 180GB Apple Drive Module uses a dedicated drive channel, maximizing the 400 MB/s industry standard Fibre Channel host connection. Xserve RAID scales in capacity and performance by adding more drives, or more Xserve RAID systems for virtually unlimited expansion. And, in an industry first, Xserve RAID provides RAID level 5 throughput that supports affordable real-time HD 1080i video editing.

"Xserve RAID is an industry breakthrough product, offering up to 2.5TB of high-performance redundant storage at just over $4 per gigabyte - a fraction of the cost of storage from Dell, HP, Sun or EMC," said Philip Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing. "Xserve RAID features dual independent RAID controllers for redundant storage, a dual 2Gb Fibre Channel interface for ultra-high performance, and dual power supplies for peace of mind, all starting at just $5,999." ...Apple profile

Sistina Secures $10 Million in Funding

Minneapolis, Minn. - February 10 , 2003 - Sistina Software today announced that it secured a round of financing from top venture capitalist firms for $10 million.

Led by Crescendo Ventures, the series B round includes Validus Partners and series A lead St. Paul Venture Capital, bringing the Company's total funding to more than $20 million. This round of funding enables Sistina to progressively expand the company in order to meet increasing customer demand and fully capitalize on its leadership position. In addition, the funding will allow Sistina to enhance its business operations, plus market new enterprise products, such as the first cluster file system solution for IBM® Linux® mainframes, delivered with its partner Mainline Information Systems.

Sistina's data-sharing software is the central nervous system behind multiple powerful, Linux-based clusters and SANs, including Deutsche Telekom and NASA. The Sistina Global File System™ (GFS) enables organizations to consolidate existing server and storage resources into a single management domain, linking thousands of diverse data storage repositories into a massively scalable, secure and robust SAN. With over 50 paying customers in 2002, Sistina GFS sales continue to accelerate, especially in the financial services and manufacturing sectors.

"Sistina's enterprise-class storage software is truly the cornerstone of the data center, evidenced by dozens of customers that have implemented this solution," said Jeff Hinck, general partner, Crescendo Ventures. "By embracing low-cost, yet extremely powerful Linux-based clustered servers utilizing Sistina's data-sharing solutions, enterprises are saving thousands of dollars on their implementations. As the adoption of blade-based computing solutions continues to accelerate, Sistina's entire product suite of storage infrastructure software will be the critical enablers that tie together hundreds of blades into powerful server clusters for simplified management and reduced TCO." ...Sistina Software profile

Nexsan gives birth to ATABABY

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif. - February 10, 2003 ­ Nexsan Technologies today announced the arrival of its newest family member, the ATAbaby.

This terabyte-capacity storage solution, with a birth weight of only 16 lbs, and standing 1U high, delivers the same advanced, intelligent, cost-correct RAID technology that Nexsan provides for enterprise customers to small and medium businesses. Pricing for a 320GB solution starts at $2595, with a 1TB solution priced at $4295. ATAbaby provides intelligent RAID protection in a compact desktop or rackmount package. Perfect for primary storage or, when bundled with Nexsan¹s InfiniSAN D2D application, an ideal disk-to-disk backup appliance, ATAbaby's high-availability design ensures uninterrupted workflow. The advanced ATAbaby system is designed for easy installation and use and maximizes performance by dedicating an independent ATA channel to each of the four drives.

"Regardless of the size of a company, the same requirements for data protection and data availability exist. By using the same cost dynamics that have made our ATA-based storage arrays so attractive to enterprise customers, we are able to deliver RAID security to small and medium sized businesses," said Diamond Lauffin, Nexsan's Senior Executive Vice President. "We expect the SMB market to embrace the ATAbaby as a more intelligent choice than tape backup since it addresses the universal need for automating data storage and high-capacity to keep pace with exploding storage requirements ­ all at a lower total cost of ownership." ...Nexsan Technologies profile

Sun Microsystems Launches Value SAN and NAS

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. - February 10, 2003 - Sun Microsystems, Inc. announced today the value-priced Sun StorEdge 3510 Fiber Channel (FC) array and 3310 NAS product that more standard ports for increased configurability, NEBS certification, and Mil-Spec compliance.

The Sun StorEdge 3510 FC array provides reliable, affordable fibre channel storage for entry-level SANs. Starting in a 2U, 12 drive form factor, the Sun StorEdge 3510 FC array is capable of scaling to accommodate up to 5.2TB of storage in a 6U form factor. This makes it an ideal solution for mobile applications and high-density environments. Contributing to lower TCO, up to eight standard FC ports of the 3510 FC array, increases available performance and reduces the need for external edge switches. The feature-rich array offers a transparent controller fail-over capability, an industry first, that improves availability without the need for more software on the attached servers. The Sun StorEdge 3510 FC array has a starting price of $22,995 U.S. List for a 5x36GB 1 RAID controller unit and is available at the end of February.

The Sun StorEdge 3310 NAS product is a rack-dense, entry-level storage offering that is optimized for the new Sun Fire Blade Platform. The Sun StorEdge 3310 NAS product has a starting price of $18,995 U.S. List for a 5x36 GB 1 RAID controller unit and is available Q2 CY03. ...Sun Microsystems profile

ADIC Expands Enterprise Service Plan

Redmond, Washington - February 10, 2003 - ADIC announced today the expansion of its comprehensive customer support plan to provide enhanced levels of service for multi-site, enterprise customers.

The company's new Platinum service program is now designed to make it easier for ADIC customers to customize their service agreement to meet their specific data protection needs. The Platinum plan provides 7 x 24 x 365 on-site service with two-hour response time, priority call handling, on-site spares stocking, and a designated ADIC team member, a Key Account Program Manager (KAPM), who serves as a service account manager, technical advisor, and central point of contact for the customer. New options include non-traditional value-add services, including training services, backup capacity planning, change management, and configuration testing in support of new system rollouts. The end result is better data protection, even for organizations with multiple international sites and challenging availability requirements. The enhanced Platinum program, which began on a pilot basis with a few key accounts in the middle of 2002, is now being offered as part the company's standard support package. ...ADIC profile

JMR Introduces Innovative Fortra IDE Storage Line

CHATSWORTH, Calif. – February 10, 2003 – JMR Electronics today announced its new Fortra® IDE line of storage systems.

Based on JMR's successful Fortra storage line, these IDE systems bring performance and scalability at an affordable price to IT professionals in a 3U footprint. Fortra IDE storage systems are available in Ultra 160 SCSI or 2GB Fibre Channel configurations. JMR's Fibre-to-IDE system delivers up to 200MB/second performance in a 3U-high, rackmounted Fibre Channel solution with a maximum capacity of 1.92TB per enclosure. The 3U-high rackmounted Ultra 160 SCSI-to-IDE system brings up to 100MB/s throughput and also scales to 1.92TB capacity. Fortra IDE systems are available now, with MSRP pricing starting at $9950 for SCSI-IDE and $10,950 for Fibre-IDE.

"Fortra IDE storage systems promise users the optimal high-performance RAID solution, with capacities ranging from 960 GB to 1.44 TB for a wide range of applications. With ATA drives providing 400,000 hours MTBF (mean time before failure) they provide a robust and long-lasting storage foundation," said Josef Rabinovitz, president and CEO, JMR Electronics. "Users have been asking for an affordable, yet powerful IDE RAID solution to satisfy daily demands, and our Fortra IDE is an unbeatable answer to these requests, offering a family of products with superior performance and architecture for desktop, server and SAN use." ...JMR Electronics profile

Precise Announces Policy-based SRM

Westwood, Mass.- February 10, 2003 - Precise Software Solutions today announced the release of Precise/StorageCentral® SRM 5.1, an enhanced version of the company's industry-leading, policy-based Storage Resource Management (SRM) solution.

Precise/StorageCentral SRM 5.1 dramatically expands Precise's market reach beyond Windows®-based support to support for Network Appliance storage solutions, which support heterogeneous storage environments for a variety of data-intensive enterprise applications. In 2001, Precise and NetApp formed a strategic alliance to jointly develop this technology, giving Precise early access to NetApp® development tools through the Network Appliance Advantage Developer Program which debuted in October 2002. No other SRM company can offer Precise's patented and award-winning policy-based storage resource management technology for NetApp storage systems running on Data ONTAPTM V. 6.4. Precise/StorageCentral SRM 5.1 will be generally available on March 3, 2003.

"Precise/StorageCentral SRM is a clear leader in this space, offering significant benefits to our customers," said Mark Santora, senior vice president of marketing at Network Appliance, Inc. "Therefore, we are pleased to broaden our enterprise portfolio by introducing our customers to Precise's policy-based SRM software. Having the ability to monitor and enforce storage usage policies and plan and manage capacity through ActiveHTML trending, chargeback, and cleanup reports enables our customers to optimize their storage systems and further lower their overall storage total cost of ownership."

"This is a significant announcement for both vendors," said Nancy Marrone, senior analyst at Enterprise Storage Group, Milford Mass. "NetApp has great NAS solutions, but they didn't address some of the key issues with managing files in the NAS environment, particularly those that can be addressed with SRM solutions. With the StorageCentral SRM solution from Precise, NetApp storage users will be able to better manage and control the content on their storage systems, ensuring effective utilization of the storage resources." ...Network Appliance profile, ...Precise Software Solutions profile

Diligent Technologies to Showcase Virtual Tape Facility

Framingham, Mass - February 10, 2003 - Diligent Technologies Corporation will be participating in the 2003 SHARE Conference and Exposition, taking place February 23-28, 2003 at the Adam's Mark Dallas Hotel in Dallas, TX.

Diligent will be exhibiting at booth #817, showcasing its newly announced tape virtualization software - VTF Mainframe, as well as discussing its plans for a tape virtualization product for the open systems market. ...Diligent Technologies profile, ...SHARE Technology Exchange

Emulex PCI-X HBA gets Windows Server 2003 Qualification

COSTA MESA, Calif. - February 10, 2003 - Emulex Corporation today announced that its LightPulse 2Gb/s LP982 PCI-X HBA is the first Fibre Channel connectivity solution to achieve the "Designed for Windows Server 2003" logo qualification by Microsoft Corp. for use with its Microsoft Windows Server 2003 operating environment, which is expected to be launched in April 2003.

"Emulex's recent Microsoft Windows 2003 qualification proves that the company is committed to the Windows HBA market," said Eric Sheppard, senior research analyst, IDC Corp. "Windows is one of the fastest growing segments of the SAN-attached array market and, by 2006, will account for more than 40 percent of new SAN-attached storage sales. Working closely with Microsoft ensures that Emulex is well positioned to capitalize on this growing portion of the storage area network market." ...Emulex profile

Western Digital ReEnters Enterprise Storage Market

LAKE FOREST, Calif. - February 10, 2003 - Western Digital Corp. announced today that it is entering the enterprise hard drive market with an Enterprise Serial ATA (ESATA) product called WD Raptor.

The new hard drive offers systems builders and storage vendors enterprise-class specifications: 1.2 million hours MTBF, 10,000 RPM, 5.2 ms average seek time and a five-year warranty.

"Over the last 3 years, Western Digital's business has progressed significantly," said Arif Shakeel, president and COO for Western Digital. "Our entrance into the enterprise market marks the next step in our growth. With this announcement, Western Digital extends beyond our consistently profitable desktop market, and brings unique Western Digital know-how to the enterprise market. With exploding growth predicted, Western Digital is poised to continue to be an important player in the core of the rapidly growing storage marketplace."

With its WD Raptor, Western Digital applies its high-volume design and manufacturing principles and economies of scale from its ATA business to an enterprise-class platform. The result is an ESATA hard drive with a significant cost advantage over SCSI devices. In storage systems, hard drives typically represent the greatest cost. The WD Raptor hard drive enables storage vendors and systems builders, from large to small, to minimize their customers' storage hardware costs, while not sacrificing reliability, data integrity or performance.

"Never before have enterprise storage vendors, systems builders and users been able to take advantage of the high-volume, low-cost benefits of ATA technology and the reliability and performance of an enterprise-class platform," said John Donovan, vice president of TrendFocus, an industry analyst firm. "TrendFOCUS estimates that currently ATA storage accounts for more than 10 percent of the enterprise market. SATA will replace a growing percentage of SCSI drives in the enterprise market. Combining SATA, 10,000 RPM and enterprise mechanics, Western Digital's WD Raptor will be a strong enterprise contender."

Expected to be shipping later this month, the WD Raptor hard drive is expected to sell for approximately 30 percent less than competing SCSI hard drives. Initially, the hard drive will be available in a 36 GB capacity. In addition to its 5.2 ms average seek time, 10,000 RPM, 1.2 million hours MTBF and five-year warranty, data throughput is 150 MB/second from the SATA interface. The performance roadmap for SATA extends up to 600 MB/second, ensuring a reliable standard for storage providers and customers in the years ahead. ...Western Digital profile

New Article from CNT on Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery

Editor:- February 10, 2003 - a new article from CNT is published today on STORAGEsearch on the subject of "Using Remote Disk and Tape for Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery"

CNT has often appeared in news stories we've run about wide area internet storage. We asked CNT to tell our readers some of the things they can in real life applications with this new technology. This article is the result. the article, ...CNT profile
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New Article from CNT on Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery
RAM manufacturers
Megabyte found that RAM gave him the fastest access to what he was seeking.
Nibble: How's that relationship between your strategic IT supplier and their bank going?

Are they still talking? Do they still hold hands?

In the simple days of yore, the ideal background for a CIO was something technical. Not any more. I wouldn't be surprised to start seeing job wanted ads phrased like this:

"Wanted new CIO! Must have solid technical track record. Previous experience as a venture capitalist also desirable."

Hold on a minute! You're not buying shares in the IT companies whose products you use, so why do you need to start thinking like a shareholder? As long as the stuff is cheap and works and is well supported - why should you really care?

You are a shareholder buddy. Although you may not know it...

All those days invested when you sent people to train on that stuff from Company X. All the research and testing you do (all the time it seems) to make sure that everything new you buy is compatible. All that effort and cost keeping up with the upgrades. You may not care whether Company X actually starts paying dividends (and how much of that you'll get to keep if Bush gets his tax bill through.) But from where I'm sitting brothers and sisters you look just like shareholders to me.

When Company X has a marital tiff with its banks and investors which turns into a crisis - remember it's the banks who get to keep the keys of the jointly owned home. And there may not always be a forwarding address.

In recent weeks we've seen long established computer companies like Sun Microsystems and Legato Systems report losses which were the same order of magnitude as their revenue. Sun's loss in the quarter ended December 29, 2002 was $2.283 billion on a revenue of $2.915 billion. Meanwhile Legato reported a nett loss of $228.8 million on annual revenue of $261.9 million. Ouch!

These are only accounting tricks, you might scoff, to clean up the balance sheets and make them look good next time. There are plenty of other examples of companies which are doing a lot worse. True.

I'm sure that's what the companies in Japan were saying to their banks back in the 1980s when they were still charging down the "growth at any price" road which led the Japanese economy into stagnation for more than a decade.

But the banks in the west aren't the same as the banks in Japan.

Patience is no longer regarded as a virtue in western banking. OK there was a time when "growth at any price" or "sustaining market share" were arguments which you could use with your investors to keep them sweet when the results were bad. That was before the dot bombs.

The true test of any relationship is what happens when things get a bit stressed. But what if your bank is having an off day? Or just a bad year?

So how's that affair with your IT supplier and their bank going nowadays?

I'm not asking if you think they still sleep together. But do they still hold hands? Chances are that your future peace of mind might depend on it.

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