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POWAY, Calif - November 30, 2004 - InoStor Corporation and nStor Corporation today announced that nStor has licensed InoStor's revolutionary RAIDn data protection technology. nStor is initially incorporating RAIDn in its NexStor 4700S series of storage systems and will sell the solutions through leading OEM partners and a global network of systems integrators.

"My initial look at RAIDn indicates that there are some very novel features that assume even greater importance as drive size continues to grow and tolerance for failures continues to decline," stated Arun Taneja, founder and consulting analyst of The Taneja Group. "I believe implementation of this technology will give nStor an edge in an otherwise commodity market." ...InoStor profile, ...nStor profile

FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla. - November 26, 2004 - DataCore Software today posted new SPC-1 results; the first ever recorded using the iSCSI standard for storage connectivity. While some information for iSCSI performance has been published, most of that information has focused on fairly modest generic claims or raw hardware results. DataCore's announcement marks the first published results for iSCSI against the very challenging transaction and database style workloads of the Storage Performance Council's SPC-1 - the only objective standard for storage performance comparisons. Results indicate that aside from solid state storage systems, DataCore's SANmelody based Disk Server using iSCSI is in second place in best price/performance only to DataCore's Fibre Channel based SANmelody.

In comparison to DataCore's fibre channel mark, the iSCSI results represent about half of the absolute performance (9,298.56 SPC-1 IOPS versus 19,949.73 SPC-1 IOPS) on SPC-1 but the total cost for the iSCSI configuration is also reduced by half so that the price/performance is quite similar ($4.06/SPC-1 IOPS for fibre channel versus $4.86/SPC-1 IOPS for iSCSI). The absolute performance of the resulting iSCSI configuration is comparable to that of many, much more expensive 'name brand' fibre channel arrays at a fraction of the cost. Moreover these results were achieved using standard Ethernet adapters common to 95% of computers rather than the more exotic and expensive TOEs (TCP offload engines) or iSCSI accelerators usually proposed for iSCSI implementations of storage networks.

"We know we could have run even faster using TOEs " commented Ziya Aral, CTO of DataCore, "but we wanted to show what could be done with standard Ethernets that people can buy at any computer store for less than $50 per connection. Not only did we want to show that iSCSI has come of age for these types of demanding benchmarks but also that storage networks for the 'rest of us' are now practical. Take a standard server plus standard disks plus standard Ethernet plus DataCore software and it yields anything but standard performance." ...DataCore Software profile

BURBANK, CA - November 24, 2004 - Undelete 4.0 from Executive Software adds a layer of real time data protection and simplifies retrieval of lost or deleted data, making it a vital tool. Undelete allows a recovery of accidentally deleted data, such as files deleted over the network that bypass the recycle bin. Undelete replaces the recycle bin with a more robust recovery bin giving system administrators and users a safety net.

Kevin M. Rogers, Network Administrator, of U.S. Manufacturing Corp. said, "I had three DLT tape drives fail within weeks of each other and Undelete was there to catch deleted files that couldn't be backed up. The first day I installed it here at USM, it hadn't even been an hour when someone stepped into my office telling me they deleted several CAD drawings while testing a new batch plot script. Besides having a quick comeback for a batch plot script that deletes files instead of plotting, I had the files restored within just a couple of minutes! I don't care how good a backup scheme is, when someone walks into my office and says they just deleted a file or folder they shouldn't have. Undelete becomes invaluable and an enormous time-saver."

Undelete 4.0 runs on Microsoft Windows XP, NT, 2000, and Server 2003. ...Executive Software profile

Editor:- November 24, 2004 - Marketers in storage vendor companies are reminded that the deadline for submission for the annual Network Storage Conference Award Program is in 3 weeks time (Dec 15th). The awards program includes four categories: 1) complete storage systems; 2) management software; 3) interconnect products (switches, hubs, adapters, routers, etc., and 4) innovative products.

Any company, whether exhibiting at Network Storage Conference 2005 or not, with a product that is in general availability with at least two users (available for interview), and is related to storage networking, may submit for consideration. Companies are to include a one or two-page description of the features, a comparison with similar existing products and the specific reasons why the product deserves recognition.

In a market that's crowded with news, articles and ads, getting an award for your company and product is a good promotion technique. Especially, as in this case, you don't have to be an exhibitor at the event to qualify. ...award submission form, Storage Events

Editor:- November 24, 2004 - at this holiday time of year it can be hard explaining to any young children that you may have around the house exactly why you're wasting time surfing the web looking for storage news and other serious stuff on STORAGEsearch.

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Serial Attached SCSI - Delivering Flexibility to the Data Center - article by LSI Logic and Maxtor

If you think you already know SAS because you know SATA and traditional SCSI then think again. Sometimes disruptive technologies wear an unassuming disguise. In fiction, Clark Kent, Frodo Baggins and Buffy Summers at first seem harmless, but we see them change into Superman, the Ring Bearer and the Slayer.

SAS too comes cloaked in plain garb - with a physical layer which looks a lot like SATA. But like the Incredible Hulk there are muscles rippling under that shirt - and you would be wrong to dismiss SAS so lightly. There's a lot more inside this interface than it says on the box as this informative article reveals.

...read the article, ...LSI Logic profile, ...Maxtor profile, Serial Attached SCSI

Lockstep Systems is the developer of Backup for Workgroups
Lockstep Systems is a leading manufacturer of disk-based backup and disaster recovery software designed especially for small and midsize businesses.

Backup for Workgroups from Lockstep Systems
Backup for Workgroups from
Lockstep Systems is a disk-
based backup and disaster
recovery software utility designed
for networked Windows servers
and desktops.
Nibble:- How Big is the Storage Market?

In 2004 STORAGEsearch estimates worldwide storage market revenue to be over $70 billion. That's bigger than the worldwide server market - which is about $45 billion but smaller than the PC market which is $250 billion.

... from the article:- Is the Storage Market Getting Too Complicated?
Remember Xenix? - No Not the Warrior Princess

Surviving the Solaris x86 Wars

Editor:- November 16, 2004 - the first in a 3 part series of articles is published today in the SPARC Product Directory - called - Surviving the Solaris x86 Wars.

Sun's recent commitment to making Solaris open source means the phoney marketing war for Solaris x86 is over. It lasted 18 years and Sun retreated 3 times. The real marketing war will take place in 2005.

Part 1 - published today reviews the history of marketing failures by Sun and others to establish long term viable operating systems within the Intel Architecture market. ..read the article,
article by Engenio
SATA Raids the Datacenter - article by Engenio

"The debate on duty cycles and MTBF does not mean that SATA hard drives are more prone to crash than other technologies. Engenio's experience appears to suggest that SATA media must first endure an intensive burn-in process. Once accomplished, failure rates are equivalent to those of Fibre Channel and SCSI. This makes it the duty of the storage system manufacturer to ensure a long life for the medium by way of intensive tests and certification." ...read the article, ...Engenio profile, RAID systems, SATA
Nibble: the Number of Storage Publications and Storage dot-ORGs is Shrinking as the Shake Up Begins in the Online Storage Info Market

During the difficult time in the IT market (2001 to 2003) it seemed that every IT publisher spawned new "Storage Portals" and related online publications. New ones were being announced weekly, then daily.

I stopped counting them when I realised that the likely number was heading into 3 digits. In most cases these shallow titles were little more than a single homepage with the word "Storage" on it, a few news headlines and a back end which was the same old PC publication, Business Wire newsfeed, or in some cases, nothing behind at all.

This caused tremendous confusion to marketers in vendor companies, who with the business recovery in the storage market have experimented with many of these new sites and been disappointed with the results - because most of them didn't have many readers. New storage dot-ORGs sprang up too - to standardise differences in technology which were too small for most oems and users to care about.

Readers experimented with the new portals, but finding little depth didn't stay long. Our own readership continued growing year on year although stickiness dropped about 30% as readers were now hopping back and forth between multiple sites.

I'm pleased to say we're now seeing some consolidation in the number of storage publications and storage dot-ORGs. Six of them, which we previously listed have disappeared in the last month or so. Their websites have been acquired by vendors or their domains are up for sale.

Although the storage market is now a $70 billion / year market - my belief is that the contraction in the number of storage portals will continue and, as a publisher we look forward to it dropping back down to maybe 3 or 4 high quality titles - each with their unique flavor and special intellectual property, insights and interests.

If Google, Yahoo and MSN can navigate users through billions of general web pages than you don't need more than a handful of focused portals to provide content within the storage space.

STORAGEsearch was the first online storage portal, launched back in 1998. Looking ahead as technologies change - we'll continue our long term mission of "remapping the storage frontier".

See also:- Storage Portals, Industry trade associations, Storage History
If they see the Byte Family pictures on your screen they may not be satisfied with your explanation that this is a serious storage portal which you use at work, and which is also used by hundreds of thousands of other like minded readers who aren't scared of mice. Some people might even say that the Megabyte pictures are wasted on adults. click to see the alternative adventures of Megabyte the Mouse
It was with this in mind that I created a short cartoon strip called - the Alternative Adventures of Megabyte the Mouse. You can print it out in landscape mode and it may distract young children (aged 4 to 7) for about 30 seconds. Some of the more substantial stories on my goblinsearch.com site may send them to sleep for a couple of hours and this can free you up for some quiet holiday relaxation. ...read the cartoon strip

Tübingen, Germany - November 24, 2004 - Overland Storage has selected Transtec AG for the 2nd time running as Reseller of the Year for the Europe, the Middle East and Africa region. The award honours the Overland dealer with the highest sales of Overland products in the EMEA region. ...Overland profile, ...Transtec profile, Tape libraries, UK storage VARS

TOKYO - November 23, 2004 - FalconStor Software, Inc. today announced that Sharp Corporation has implemented FalconStor's VirtualTape Library solution to simplify and accelerate its backup operations. FalconStor's unique VTL solution, powered by the company's award-winning IPStor Enterprise Edition software, consolidates the management of backup resources while enhancing the reliability of backup operations and accelerating the speed of recovery. VTL leverages industry standard high speed disk to provision virtual tape drives and libraries to backup servers attached to an iSCSI/IP or Fibre Channel storage area network to maximize performance and return on investment.

Sharp was already using large-scale tape libraries for its backup operations. However, the increasing amount of data coupled with a limited backup window created an urgent need for a high-performance backup system. Sharp considered the possibility of adding more tape libraries, but was looking for a cost-effective solution. Factoring in the rapidly decreasing cost of disk and the recommendation of Nippon Steel Solutions, a systems integrator, Sharp decided to test FalconStor's VTL Appliance in their storage environment.

The VTL Appliance did not require any changes to Sharp's existing storage environment, so the solution was rapidly put to the test. Compared with the former tape library system, the actual test results with the VTL Appliance indicated that backup speed doubled, and restoration speed of data tripled. Based on these conclusions, Sharp decided to adopt FalconStor's VTL product. ...FalconStor profile, iSCSI, Disk to disk backup

Sunnyvale, Calif. - November 22, 2004 - Network Appliance's CEO Dan Warmenhoven was honored with the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year 2004 Award in the technology category for his outstanding leadership. The Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year Awards gala event, which celebrates the nation's most outstanding leaders, was held in Palm Desert, California, on November 20. The Ernst & Young award comes on the heels of Warmenhoven's 10-year anniversary as CEO of NetApp and caps a decade of company successes and prestigious awards for the veteran CEO. More than 360 area winners from 35 regions across the U.S. vied for this year's national awards, which were chosen by an independent panel of judges in several general and industry categories. ...Network Appliance profile, NAS

Dallas, TX - November 22, 2004 - The 1394 Trade Association announced today that it will merge with the 1394Automation Group, a European organization dedicated to the advancement of the IEEE 1394/FireWire standard in instrumentation and industrial applications. Effective by the end of the fourth quarter, the 1394Automation Group will coordinate its 1394 standards development, marketing and application development with the 1394 Trade Association. All group members will become 1394 TA members if they choose to do so. Firewire (IEEE 1394) Storage, Industry trade associations

Editor's comments:- this is part of a consolidation trend which I wrote about earlier (see sidebar). There are far too many storage standards ORGs and publications which overlap in function and content.

CARLSBAD, Calif. - November 22, 2004 - Dot Hill Systems Corp. today announced it has released high capacity 400GB SATA drives for use in all SANnet II SATA storage systems. These new drives further reduce storage costs and provide storage capacity up to 4.8TB from just one compact 2U array without optional expansion units. ...Dot Hill profile

Editor:- November 22, 2004 - a new article by Engenio is published today on STORAGEsearch called - SATA Raids the Datacenter. The author Steve Gardner, blows away the myths about SATA disk reliability and explains why the MTBF you get has a lot more to do with the RAID company you buy from than just the intrinsic technology. He also explains why some types of applications are better suited to SATA arrays than to native SCSI or fibre-channel disk systems. ...read the article, ...Engenio profile, RAID systems, SATA

Editor:- November 22, 2004 - a new article by VERITAS published today called - Disaster Recovery Testing Doesn't Have to be a Disaster - takes a realistic look at this often neglected subject. On the subject of testing disaster recovery plans here's what the article says:- "There has been no way to avoid at least some level of disruption to the production environment - you don't want to create an IT disaster while you're trying to avoid another one. If the only way to overcome the obstacles is to schedule the tests between midnight and 6 a.m. on a holiday weekend, it's no surprise that 70% of data center managers haven't rushed to test their disaster recovery plans - even if it is the right thing to do." ...read the article, ...VERITAS profile, 20 more Articles about Backup & Recovery, Data Recovery Services

BROOMFIELD, Colo. & ALISO VIEJO, Calif. - November 22, 2004 - QLogic Corp. and McDATA Corporation today announced they would co-develop an embedded Fibre Channel switch for blade servers as part of an exclusive multi-year alliance. The first embedded blade server switch co-developed by the two companies will incorporate QLogic switch hardware plus firmware that enables interoperability in McDATA fabrics. The embedded blade server switch features a suite of advanced features for the enterprise including McDATA-mode interoperability from core-to-edge, open exchange of management data, zoning, security and partitioning.

"A large cross section of Global 2000 corporations, SAN VARs and storage OEMs are already integrating McDATA directors and QLogic bladed server switches," said Tony Asaro, Enterprise Strategy Group. "A seamless interoperable McDATA core-to-bladed server offering will simplify SAN connectivity for customers, as well as expand market opportunities for McDATA and QLogic in the hot bladed server market." ...McDATA profile, ...QLogic profile , Fibre channel switches

Reading, UK - November 22, 2004 - BakBone Software is expanding its operations in Europe, Middle East and Africa with the opening of its new EMEA headquarters and sales office in the the M3/M4 "Silicon Valley" corridor of the UK in Theale near Reading. The office will handle all sales, marketing, production, licensing and accounts departments. BakBone's previous headquarters based in Poole, Dorset, will continue as a regional office and will house technical staff that develop, test and support the NetVault core product.

BakBone also announced today that Paul Jassies has joined BakBone as a channel manager for the UK and Ireland. Jassies joins BakBone after a distinguished career working in the backup automation business throughout Europe. Having spent nearly 4 years with Exabyte as the district sales manager in Benelux, Jassies joined ADIC as sales manager in the same territory. Most recently, Jassies worked at Plasmon based out of the UK, as Plasmon's business development manager for EMEA for its tape products division,. Jassies replaces Chris Barnes, who has been promoted to the position of BakBone's regional sales director for the UK and Ireland. ...BakBone profile

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