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K-PAR Offers Archimedia for Windows XP

Bristol, UK - November 28, 2002 - K-PAR Archiving Software is launching Archimedia 4.2 - its flagship archival software solution.

Archimedia 4.2 supports the Windows XP operating system, bringing the benefits of data archiving to a wider market. Archimedia 4.2 features a number of additional enhancements. For example, by supporting hyper slots on jukeboxes from manufacturers such as Disk, Pioneer and Plasmon, Archimedia can import up to 20 disks at a time into the jukebox, as opposed to importing disks one by one.

Archimedia 4.2 also offers burn proof recording which reduces recording failure on disks, should the flow of data become interrupted. As well as enhancing efficiency, burn proof recording minimises the number of disks that may become obsolete if there is a recording lapse, thus helping to reduce cost. Previously, if CDs or DVDs were added to a jukebox, every file on each disk would have to be indexed which was time consuming, especially if many small files were held on it. Now, Archimedia 4.2 offers fast indexing of CD-ROMs and DVD-ROMs, which is especially beneficial when configuring large jukeboxes as the time can be reduced from days to hours. Operational efficiency is further enhanced through quicker file verification.

Recording verification is crucial to guaranteeing the quality of your data and this quicker file verification (17 times faster on average) enables more comprehensive checks to be performed. Another new feature of Archimedia 4.2 is the ability to read barcodes. This is particularly beneficial to K-PAR's API users who will be able to locate specific disks without having to physically load them into the drive.

Commenting on Archimedia 4.2, K-PAR technical director, Colin Marks says: "K-PAR is committed to driving the archival storage market forward. As such, it is important to understand and respond to the changing requirements of our customers. This is reflected in the development of Archimedia 4.2 which brings enhanced functionality and greater flexibility to data archiving." ...K-PAR Systems profile
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Is it Time for Sun Users to Unplug their SPARC Servers?
Tape libraries
Megabyte's cousin, Terrorbyte, had a huge tape library. It was a bit scary.

Managing Data in Complex SAN Environments

Case study - by ADIC

"We're essentially taking the twinkle out of stars, using adaptive optical technology that may be the most important advance in astronomy since the invention of the telescope," explains Terry Duncan, Engineering Director of the Starfire Optical Range (SOR), the world's preeminent adaptive optics research facility.

At the Air Force Research Laboratory, Directed Energy Directorate's Starfire Optical Range, where researchers are working on the world's fastest and most accurate adaptive optics, the team had to solve the problem of storing, protecting, and accessing their research data. Due to recent advances in sensors and processing hardware, the scale of the task grew significantly. The SOR system samples data from more than 20 different sensors at more than a gigabyte per second, and makes adjustments to a 577-actuator mirror 8,000 times per second. The team collects up to 500 gigabytes per day and expects to collect between 200 and 250 terabytes of data during 2001 and 2002. Data analysis is expected to continue for several more years.

Demanding Data Management Challenges

"We had to solve two major problems simultaneously," Mr. Duncan explains. "First, up to 50 workstations needed to have shared access to analytical data mounted on our primary, 40 terabytes disk array—with multiple users having access to the same files at the same time. And then, we had to have a way of moving data between the disk and a high capacity tape storage system to give us dynamic access to the entire 250 terabytes data set. On top of these demands, we needed to have ironclad data protection. We solved the problem using ADIC's StorNext® Management Suite software and Scalar® 10K tape library, both designed for handling data in a Fibre Channel SAN."

Shared Data Access and Automated Data Placement

For data sharing, the StorNext File System allows many users to simultaneously access the same data down to the block level at Fibre Channel speeds. To effectively manage hundreds of terabytes of data, the policy-based StorNext Storage Manager transparently and automatically moves and replicates data between the different available storage systems.

"StorNext Management Suite gives us fast shared access for highly parallel processing, and its integrated data management software automatically moves data between our Scalar 10K library and our disk. Any time researchers need data to analyze, the system writes it from the library to the disk, and it's available almost immediately." "StorNext Management Suite also provides data protection," said Mr. Duncan. "We set the system to replicate data as soon as it is written to tape—for us that happens as soon as data is initially staged, so we never have more than an hour of single data set exposure. We then move the replicated data to a vault for offsite protection, while the primary data remains available in the library."

End-to-End Data Management and Storage Solution

The Starfire Optical Range's ADIC Scalar 10K library provides the highly scalable resource for high capacity storage, mixing AIT and LTO tape technology in the same chassis, holding 16 drives and 2,100 pieces of media in one, high-performance library. The library's storage networking technology provides direct FC connections, redundant path capability, and integrated management utilities, for high availability operation.

"The value of our StorNext Management Suite/Scalar 10K system is not just in the parts, as strong as they are. It was the only system we found that integrated the hardware and software elements of our storage task - file sharing, FC data access speeds, data migration, data backup and archival, and end-to-end data management - into a single unified solution. And it works beautifully."

About AFRL Starfire Optical Range

The Starfire Optical Range (SOR) develops and demonstrates optical wavefront control technologies, and is one the world's leading adaptive optics research centers. The Starfire Optical Range houses a 3.5 meter telescope, a 1.5 meter telescope, and a 1.5 meter celeostat. In addition to its primary USAF research charter, the SOR also supports field experiments by others within the astronomical and scientific research community. In adaptive optics, the blurring created when light passes through Earth's atmosphere is corrected by changing the shape of a telescope's mirror. Getting accurate results is extremely complex, requiring a system that can make corrections thousands of times a second for hundreds of actuators. ...ADIC profile

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What's Hot? And What's Not.

Editor:- November 28, 2002 - in the lead up to Thanksgiving the flow of product announcements from storage companies first slows down to a trickle, and then dries up completely. That gives me a chance to reflect on what's actually been happening recently. So I've taken a look at our web log files to see what are the most popular product categories that readers have been visiting. There are 3 newcomers to the top 10 list compared to the last time we looked at this a few months ago.
  • DVD drives - no surprise there. Even for households which bought their first DVD player, and DVD compatible PC a few years ago, a new DVD with write capabilities is a high priority for your Christmas list. The ability to burn a new DVD in 15 minutes just means that your kids are going to want one too.
  • USB storage has got a new lease of life this year with news about the faster 480 Mbps interface standard. That means you'll be able to download digital video from your camera even if you don't have a firewire interface.
  • GBICs & SFPs - Gigabit Ethernet has become more widely established as the network speed for IP networks. But whether you're running a NAS or SAN, you need these converters every place your optical cable meets an interface adapter card or switch. There's a huge variation in the price that different companies charge for these things, and as with the RAM market, users can make substantial savings by buying them from specialist companies.
Top 10 Products on
October 2002

(number in brackets) shows the rank 12 months ago
1 Serial ATA
2 Backup software (1)
3 DVD drives (11)
4 Solid state disks (3)
5 NAS (2)
6 iSCSI (4)
7 Hard drives (7)
8 RAID systems (5)
9 USB storage (24)
10 GBICs & SFPs (18)
What about the least popular storage products? Well, even the least popular subject categories on a high volume web site like this are loved by thousands of readers, and not just by the vendors selling those products. I wasn't surprised to find Floppy drives sunk right down at the bottom of the list, even lower than newly emerging subjects on the way up, like Serial Attached SCSI. Happy Holiday to you all.

OnStream Data Launches 1U Rackmount Backup

Eindhoven, the Netherlands - November 27, 2002 - OnStream Data BV presents its new 19" rackmount backup solution: ADR2.240Sr which integrates two OnStream ADR2.120Si tape drives with an overall capacity of up to 240 gigabytes for the reliable backup of enterprise critical data in the entry-level server range

The hardware makes use of the advantages of the second generation of OnStream's patented Advanced Digital Recording (ADR) technology and has a data transmission rate up to 16 megabytes per second.
Only 1U high, the new rack device fits problem-free into all standard server shelves. The 19" rack with SCSI connection serves the always rising demand for data protection in smaller, professional networks.
news image OnStream
The robust technology of OnStream digital tape drives is proven with an MTBF of 400,000 hours. The use of data cartridges with Mid Load Point (MLP) cuts the average access times in half.

"The ADR2.240Sr shows very clearly the potential and benefits of the ADR technology. With the redundancy of two drives we extend the reliability and capacity of the tape storage", according to Bianka Müller, OnStream Data's newly appointed International Channel Marketing Manager. "With SCSI, which serves the largest part of the entry level server market, we offer extremely good opportunities for our resellers and partners selling OnStream products."

Pricing and Availability The ADR2.240Sr is available as a complete kit, with TapeWare XE server backup software, including Disaster Recovery and two ADR 120GB cartridges included, at an estimated street price of € 1799 (excl. VAT). OnStream products are sold throughout the United States and Europe through leading distribution, retail and catalog companies. ...OnStream profile

IBM Ships Overland's NEO

SAN DIEGO - November 26, 2002 - Overland Storage, Inc. today announced that IBM has begun shipments of Overland's Neo Series™ tape automation for use with IBM's eServer xSeries brand storage product offerings.

"IBM's selection of the industry-leading, award-winning Neo Series underscores our product's viability and strength and builds on our already strong 15-year partnership," said Robert Scroop, vice president and general manager of Overland's storage resource business unit. "Working with IBM to deliver our mid-range tape storage solutions broadens both Overland's industry reach and our customer portfolio." ...Overland Storage profile

Sistina Announces Support for IBM eServer BladeCenter

Minneapolis, Minn. - November 25, 2002 - Sistina today announced its support for IBM's industry standard blade server, IBM eServer BladeCenter.

Sistina Global File System (GFS), the most scalable enterprise-class cluster file system on Linux, helps companies rapidly embrace SAN solutions and a new generation of blade-based computing architectures. IBM BladeCenter's architecture provides a modular infrastructure that is designed to help maximize productivity, minimize IT administration, and lower customers' total cost of management.

According to research analyst firm IDC, the blade server market is expected to reach $2.9 billion by 2005. Utilizing this technology, customers will use thin, plug-in blade servers to consolidate IT infrastructures in areas such as e-mail and collaboration, file/print serving, e-commerce applications, data mart applications, terminal serving, and Linux clusters. The need for a high degree of reliability is magnified in blade systems where potentially hundreds of servers are stacked in a single small space, like books on a shelf.

"Sistina Global File System scalability and data-sharing capabilities mesh nicely with BladeCenter's scalable architecture," said Jeff Benck, Director, IBM eServer xSeries. "For enterprises that foresee rapid growth and need robust, manageable and simplified systems, deploying Sistina Global File System running on IBM eServer BladeCenter systems is a good solution." ...Sistina Software profile

See also:- SPARCblades

Les Echos Interviews's Editor

Editor:- November 25, 2002 - an article today Les Echos, the French sister-newspaper of The Financial Times and France's #1 business daily looks at the turbulent state of investments in the storage market, and quotes an interview with yours truly at the mouse site.

It's a good article, written by Laetitia Mailhes their San Francisco based IT Correspondent. ...Les Echos

Micron Samples DDR SDRAM 32-Bit DIMMS

BOISE, Idaho - November 25, 2002 - Micron Technology announces the availability of DDR SDRAM 32-bit DIMM modules.

The 32-bit DDR DIMM opens the door to higher performance levels and greater bandwidth without sacrificing board real estate occupied by the memory sub-system. The 32-bit data bus width is common in electronic devices such as printers and set top boxes devices, whereas the standard desktop PC-based DIMM uses a 64-bit data bus.

"This product is an excellent example of our continuous efforts in providing leading-edge memory solutions," said Terry Lee, Executive Director of Advanced Technology and Strategic Marketing for Micron's Computing and Consumer Group. "It demonstrates Micron's commitment to the embedded systems market and our objectives to bring the benefits of high-performance DDR technology to applications beyond the traditional PC market. Micron's DDR SDRAM 32-bit DIMM keeps system costs low by using the same motherboard socket as the single data rate SDRAM version."

Micron is working with JEDEC to standardize the 32-bit DDR DIMM. The DDR SDRAM 32-bit DIMMs range in size from 32MB to 512MB and include speed grades of DDR266 and DDR333. This translates to system bus bandwidth of 1.05GB/s and 1.35GB/s. Samples of 256MB DDR SDRAM 32-bit DIMMs are available now. ...Micron Technology profile

BakBone Announces Tape Certifications

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA - November 25, 2002 - BakBone Software announced today they have certified HP's Ultrium Generation 2 tape drive with Overland's Neo Series tape library.

"Overland Storage is focused on delivering the best storage solutions to our customers," said Robert Scroop, vice president and general manager of Overland's storage resource business unit. "The Neo Series provides non-stop operation, solid investment protection, and the latest in tape technology. BakBone's NetVault complements the Neo Series to offer customers a complete high performance storage solution."

"BakBone is very pleased to be the first partner to announce compatibility with Overland's Neo Series tape library using HP Ultrium Generation 2 tape drives. We can offer Overland customers a certified backup and recovery solution utilizing this latest technology, reinforcing our commitment to provide customers with high performance data protection and recovery solutions that maximizes their return on investment," said Randy Batterson, vice president of strategic alliances, BakBone Software. ...BakBone profile, ...Overland Storage profile

TAG's $1.5 Million Navy Deal

DULLES, VA - November 25, 2002 - TAG has been selected by Raytheon Company to provide tactical servers and RAID systems for the U.S. Navy's newest class of amphibious ships, the San Antonio class LPD (Landing Platform Dock). TAG's systems will be deployed initially on the USS San Antonio (LPD-17) and the USS New Orleans (LPD-18), the first two of 12 amphibious transport docks. TAG's rugged COTS shipboard computer systems will support mission-critical applications, such as the Shipboard Wide Area Network (SWAN) that provides key network services for intra-ship communications, intersystem communications, and ship integration. Raytheon's Integrated Defense Systems (IDS) business is responsible for the electronics integration aboard the LPD-17 lead ship and three follow-on ships (the LPD-18, LPD-19, and LPD-20.) ...Raytheon profile, ...TAG profile

"Which tape devices work with Linux?"

Scottsdale, Arizona - November 25, 2002 - The Linux Tape Device Certification Program, a TOLIS Group community service, has been completely revised and updated to answer the increasingly common question:- "Which tape devices work with Linux?"

The results of the tape device testing for Linux compatibility are posted at Under this program, tape device manufacturers such as HP, Seagate, Exabyte and others submit current and unannounced drives for Linux compatibility testing. Manufacturers whose drives pass the suite of tests are then awarded use of the "Linux Compatible for Backup" logo - trademarked by Linus Torvalds - for use on their product materials. There is no charge for this service.

"Linux International welcomes the type of inter-company cooperation that is embraced by the Linux Tape Device Certification Program provided by the TOLIS Group," said Jon "maddog" Hall, Executive Director. "Just as members of Linux International were instrumental in forming the Linux Standards Base, so the TOLIS Group delivers leadership by performing this hardware testing service for the Linux community." also contains a wealth of pertinent, time-saving technical information about the nuances of configuring select drives for performance and compatibility under Linux. Compatibility testing is done at the Linux kernel level, and does not involve TOLIS' data protection solutions., ...TOLIS profile

See also:- Linux portals, Tape drives

GlassHouse Technologies Uses Imation's Storage Lab

Framingham, MA and Oakdale, MN - November 25, 2002 - GlassHouse Technologies, Inc. and Imation today announced an agreement to work together to provide vendor-neutral storage networking guidance.

Under terms of the agreement, GlassHouse will utilize Imation's Storage Networking Lab for proof-of-concept and validation services for GlassHouse clients. In addition, GlassHouse will utilize the lab for training and special projects.

The Imation Storage Networking Lab, which Imation launched in April 2000, is located at Imation headquarters in Oakdale, Minnesota. The lab is a world-class facility that offers vendor-independent testing and services to help companies and equipment manufacturers develop and evaluate data-storage solutions in an objective environment. The Imation Storage Networking Lab has over 150 pieces of equipment from over 60 manufacturers in 6,000+ square feet of dedicated lab space.

"Our clients have expressed a need for independent testing services," said Mark Shirman, CEO and President of GlassHouse. "This agreement will allow GlassHouse to draw on Imation's Storage Networking Lab, one of the leading testing facilities in the market today. We can now better ensure that our clients will be able to get the unbiased, vendor-neutral guidance and testing they need to help them formulate and implement storage strategies for their businesses."

"Imation's Storage Networking Lab fully supports the need in the market for independent storage networking testing," said Bill Monahan, Chairman and CEO of Imation. "We will continue to support and utilize this state-of-the-art facility, and anticipate that GlassHouse Technologies and its clients will benefit by being able to test and validate real-world storage networking architectures. The fact that GlassHouse provides top-tier, vendor-neutral consulting services makes them an ideal long-term client for Imation's lab." ...GlassHouse Technologies profile, ...Imation profile

Diligent Delivers Enterprise-Class Storage

Framingham, Mass. - November 25, 2002 - Diligent Technologies Corporation today announced its entry into the storage software market with a new product which leverages R&D assets, resources and several significant storage software technologies acquired from EMC Corporation.

Tape Virtualization - Mainframe Systems is a software product which transparently and automatically directs sequential data to disk in a Multiple Virtual Storage (MVS) environment, enabling organizations to enhance their tape-based application performance, manage tape data as disk data and provide the capability for unparalleled disaster recovery. Tape Virtualization - Mainframe Systems is immediately available and is already deployed in over 30 customer locations spanning various vertical market segments.

Led by former EMC executive and storage industry veteran Doron Kempel, Diligent is an independent and private company delivering solutions and services to customers requiring continuous availability, ease-of-management and protection of mission-critical data. With storage capacity demands quadrupling every year, Diligent's initial focus is on customers currently challenged by shrinking backup and recovery windows, enhanced disaster recovery solutions, and a more economical total cost of ownership model. Diligent has acquired several technologies from EMC that span different storage software categories and apply to both open systems and mainframe environments. The first of these technologies is known as Tape Virtualization - Mainframe Systems, which is known by EMC's customers as CopyCross. Diligent will continue to develop and sell its Tape Virtualization - Mainframe Systems solution and through a non-exclusive reseller agreement, EMC will continue offering this solution under the brand CopyCross. Additional enterprise-class storage solutions acquired from EMC will be announced and brought to market at a later date.

Diligent also obtained one of the storage industry's premier research and development teams based in Israel. The team of more than 65 engineers will provide continued advancements to the existing product line and drive the development of new enterprise-class storage software solutions to meet the growing market demand. ...Diligent Technologies profile, ...EMC profile

Tony Marzulli to Lead EMC's Open Software Initiative

HOPKINTON, Mass. - November 25, 2002 - EMC Corporation today announced that Tony Marzulli, an executive with two decades of IT marketing and engineering experience, has joined the information storage leader as Vice President, Open Software Marketing.

Marzulli, who was most recently Senior Vice President of Marketing for Lawson Software and a member of the company's Executive Committee, is the third software-focused and eighth industry executive to join EMC in the past twelve months. He reports to David Goulden, Executive Vice President of Global Marketing and Business Development.

Marzulli spent five years at Lawson Software, the Minnesota-based provider of mission-critical enterprise software, where he oversaw the company's product marketing, communications, and alliances initiatives. Prior to Lawson, he spent 14 years at Hewlett-Packard in a number of marketing and engineering roles. Marzulli holds an MBA from Boston University and a BS from West Chester University. ...EMC profile


DALLAS, Texas - November 22, 2002 - Interphase Corporation today announced the 4526T PMC Fibre Channel adapter, a new addition to the Interphase PowerSAN® Fibre Channel HBA product line designed for business-critical Enterprise storage and high-bandwidth applications.

The 4526T is a full-featured, single-port Fibre Channel adapter for PMC-based systems, designed to deliver Gigabit performance to servers and workstations. The 4526T offers a cost-effective mass storage solution for SANs, NAS, server clusters, electronic prepress, video editing, medical imaging, online transaction processing and military applications. The 4526T is available now with a starting list price of $1,395.

Interphase recognizes the need for flexible networking solutions in the market," said Randall McComas, Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing for Interphase Corporation. "The modular PMC form factor of the 4526T was developed in response to our customers' needs for connectivity in CompactPCI®, VME and proprietary system environments." ...Interphase profile

Is it Time for Sun Users to Unplug their SPARC Servers?

November 22, 2002 - a leader article today in the SPARC Product Directory looks at the long term survival prospects for the SPARC server architecture and Solaris.

Everyone's bashing Sun Microsystems nowadays, and the new edition of Business Week has joined the pack with a cover article which castigates Sun's management. So, should SPARC users unplug their systems? The SPARC Product Directory has been reporting on the Sun market for over 10 years, and looks at the worst case scenarios for Sun users. ...SPARC Product Directory

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