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2000, November week 3

storage history / storage software / storage market research
ONSTREAM Partners With Computer Associates to Bring Leading Server Backup Software to Small Businesses

LONGMONT, Colo and ISLANDIA, N.Y., Nov. 21, 2000 — Beginning today and effective through Jan. 31, 2001, OnStream, Inc. is offering Computer Associates ARCserve Standard Edition server backup software with all registered purchases of the OnStream ADR50 digital tape drive.

ARCserve Standard Edition is a special single-server edition of CA's industry-leading data protection solution.

"OnStream is the first company we selected to offer ARCserve Standard Edition software. The high quality and reliability of the OnStream ADR50 drive makes it an ideal companion to our award-winning software, bringing small business customers the best overall solution," said George Janetakis, CA divisional vice president OEM Storage Division. "In addition to supplying the most reliable server backup software in the industry, we work closely with our hardware manufacturer partners to ensure users are getting the highest performance backup devices on the market."

CA's new ARCserve Standard Edition is designed for growing small and medium size companies that require enterprise-class functionality at a price point sensitive to their IT budgets. ARCserve Standard Edition meets this substantial market need by delivering scalability, high performance and the easy administration required to protect increasingly critical business data resources. ARCserve Standard Edition delivers powerful features such as automated scheduling, built-in virus detection and comprehensive alert for Windows NT, 2000 and NetWare Server data.

"This promotional offer combines the immensely popular capabilities of ARCserve with the reliability of Onstream ADR drives to deliver a backup solution for small businesses for less than most competing hardware devices alone," said Jim Jonez, vice president of worldwide marketing, OnStream. "We are delighted that CA recognizes OnStream as a leader in the tape storage market and chose us to be the first to offer their new ARCserve Standard Edition software."
...Computer Associates profile, ...OnStream profile Chooses Network Appliance™ Solutions

Sunnyvale, CA - November 20, 2000 - Network Appliance, Inc. today announced that, the leading photo-related Web site, has selected Network Appliance network storage solutions as its data management standard.

NetApp® storage appliances, also known as filers, will be used by to ensure it customers have continuous access and availability to the site and will allow users to retrieve their photos at a rapid rate. provides users with an easy way to share memories and send prints directly to family and friends via the Internet. stores multiple copies of each image their customers submit, in different sizes and resolutions, so it can serve images best suited to the user's browser and Internet connection speed. Due to the amount of images receives, they are becoming one of the fastest growing online photo-sharing Web sites—within two years the company received a 1000% growth in registered users.

To meet the demands of their continued rapid growth, has deployed multiple-terabyte clustered NetApp F760 filers, the most feature-rich mid-range file server available. The filers are connected in a clustered failover configuration to provide continuous data availability and access to for its vast user base and SQL server databases. has also deployed Network Appliance's SnapMirror™ software, which eliminates downtime and increases availability of its Web site during data center consolidations by replicating data volumes at high speeds. profile, ...Network Appliance profile

Overland's LTO Ultrium Loaderxpress and MinilibraryXpress Set New Standard for Capacity And Performance

November 21, 2000 - SAN DIEGO, Calif - Overland Data, Inc. today introduced the LTO (Linear Tape Open) Ultrium LoaderXpress® and MinilibraryXpress, Overland's first products to incorporate Seagate Technology Inc.'s high-reliability Viper 200 drives.

These drives, based on the LTO technology Ultrium format, boast the highest announced data transfer rate in their class, and in combination with Overland's field-proven robotics, enable the LTO Ultrium LoaderXpress and MinilibraryXpress to set new standards for capacity, performance and reliability.

The LTO Ultrium LoaderXpress provides up to 2.2 TB of unattended storage capacity and 1.1 TB native capacity. With native throughput of up to 16 MB/sec, the LTO Ultrium LoaderXpress dramatically reduces the backup window and increases backup data volume. The LTO Ultrium LoaderXpress is also exceptionally reliable and provides safe, secure backup and on-line access with streaming Ultrium tape technology that greatly extends media life. Overland's field-proven Mainframe-Class robotics enhance reliability as well, making LTO Ultrium LoaderXpress ideal for automated unattended backup and restore. The LTO Ultrium LoaderXpress is engineered for ease of use with a removable 11-cartridge magazine designed for easy loading and unloading of tapes. It features built-in, web-based remote library monitoring and control capability. Its easy-to-use interface provides direct access to magazines, cartridge, and drive status information. It is compatible with all leading software packages including Sun Solaris, Novell NetWare, Windows NT/2000, IBM AIX, SCO UNIX, HP-UX, Mac OS, Tru64 UNIX and Linux for optimal configuration.

The LTO Ultrium MinilibraryXpress now offers up to 115.2 GB/hour native throughput, and 1.6 TB of native capacity in an affordable dual-drive-ready solution. It is well suited for price-conscious customers who need performance beyond single-drive loaders, but who do not require the scalabilty of a more expensive tape library. The LTO Ultrium MinilibraryXpress is also an ideal solution for unattended backup and restore operations. Its proven Mainframe-Class robotics ensure reliability and confidence for critical data storage management. It is available in desktop or rackmount models, with 1 or 2 tape drives, and a removable 16-cartridge tape magazine. ...Overland Data profile


Hoboken, NJ – November 20, 2000 – NSI Software announced today that is has become an associate member of the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA), signaling the company's intent to move its award-winning line of data protection products into a broader market.

"Participating in this process is the next logical step for NSI, given our wide-ranging expertise in data availability solutions that prevent downtime and data loss through replication," said Don Beeler, CEO of NSI Software. "Our award-winning products are designed to enhance the reliability and eliminate single points of failure that are common to the inherent complexity of multivendor storage networks." ...NSI Software profile

Storage Service Providers are a Viable Solution - says report

BOSTON, MA—November 20, 2000— Summit Strategies, Inc. today announced the availability of a new Market Strategy Report, entitled Storage Service Providers Compete to Meet Exploding Data Needs.

Industry analyst John Madden's research indicates that, as data storage needs continue to surge beyond capacity, storage service providers (SSPs)—vendors that manage data storage and/or hosted storage for business—are emerging as the next big contenders in the storage solutions market.

"The Internet economy has caused an explosion of data that is inundating the enterprise, and companies just don't know how to deal with it," said Madden. "SSPs can relieve the storage-management headache in a cost-effective and reliable way."

In his report, Madden examines the SSP alternatives to traditional storage solutions, and addresses the challenges SSPs face in gaining widespread acceptance. The report indicates that SSPs offer an attractive alternative for businesses deploying traditional, labor-intensive storage solutions, such as costly, complex storage area networks (SANs). And, while SSPs could threaten to extinguish existing models, companies may find the affordable, scalable, "headache-free" outsourcing option attractive. Madden's analysis also covers the partnership opportunities that SSPs offer to capacity service providers (i.e., data-center providers), Internet service providers, application service providers, infrastructure companies (e.g., Ensim, PLESK and Xevo); and eventually, perhaps, storage management vendors (e.g., VERITAS Software and Legato Systems). Additionally, Madden provides a brief overview of the primary players in the SSP market in this report, including StorageNetworks, StorageWay, CreekPath Systems, Storage Provider, Storability, Compaq Computer, IBM, EMC, Hewlett-Packard, Sun Microsystems and Storage Technology. ...Summit Strategies profile

Dell Adds PowerVault Storage to Navy Marine Corps Intranet Program Win

Round Rock, Texas, November 16, 2000 - Dell today announced that it has been selected to supply as much as two thousand terabytes (or two petabytes) of storage to the Navy and Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI) Program.

This win comes on the heels of Dell being selected as the supplier of servers, workstations, desktops and notebooks for the more than 350,000 seats and associated networks that will ultimately come under management as part of the program. The NMCI program is reportedly the largest federal information technology contract in history and is valued at more than $4.1 billion over the next five years. With an additional three-year option, the contract is valued at more than $6.9 billion. Dell is a member of the EDS-led Information Strike Force team, which was awarded the contract on Oct. 6, 2000.

The NMCI program represents a major shift in federal procurement and a move toward e-business. The goal of the NMCI program is to deliver comprehensive, end-to-end information services enterprise-wide to the Department of the Navy through a common computing and communications environment. The NMCI program will ultimately offer the Navy and Marine Corps higher quality voice, video and data services at a lower cost than they have today.

Dell's products will compose the primary network infrastructure for eight Navy Operations Centers throughout the continental United States. Over the next five years, Dell will supply desktops, notebooks, thin clients and servers for up to 66 server farms. The 66 server farms will each be composed of an estimated 2,500 PowerEdge™ 2450 and PowerEdge 6450 servers as well as PowerVault™ storage systems. ...Dell Computer profile

Network Appliance partners with Portal Software on CDNs

Sunnyvale and Cupertino, CA - November 16, 2000 - Network Appliance, Inc. and Portal Software, Inc. today announced an agreement to enable content management, distribution, and billing for emerging content delivery networks (CDNs).

The two companies will collaborate to develop a seamless integration between Network Appliance™ solutions and Portal's Infranet® customer management and billing platform. The integration enables CDNs and service providers to catalogue server usage, create flexible business models and develop new revenue streams from their networks.

Network Appliance solutions address the expanding requirements of today's content delivery network infrastructure—from content staging, deployment, and delivery to distribution management and reporting. Portal Software provides real-time customer management and billing that enables the monetization of distributed content and services.

CDN platforms based on the Network Appliance suite of content management and delivery products coupled with Portal's Infranet billing software provide tools for revenue generation from value-added services such as video on demand and localized ad insertion. This solution allows service providers to distribute rich media to their networks using Network Appliance filers, content delivery appliances and ContentDirector software; and manage and track content usage via ContentReporter software. Portal's Infranet will enable management of subscriber accounts and will facilitate the development and billing of a wide range of pricing models including pre-paid, subscription-based, usage-based or quality-of-service-based models designed to maximize revenue generating opportunities. ...Network Appliance profile, ...Portal Software profile

Inline Corp Among 500 Fastest Growing Tech Companies

CHANTILLY, Virginia — November 16, 2000 — INLINE Corporation announced today that it ranked 462 on the Deloitte & Touche Technology Fast 500, a ranking of the 500 fastest-growing technology companies in North America.

Rankings are based on five-year percentage revenue growth from 1995-1999. INLINE grew 660 percent during this period. INLINE's CEO, John Tibbitts, credits the company's early entries into the NAS and SAN markets for the impressive revenue growth. He said,

"INLINE realized early on that the demand for fast, reliable, high capacity network storage was only going to grow. Initially, we started out serving very specific niche markets, but, as the popularity of the Internet and other data intensive applications grew so did our customer base."

INLINE, a manufacturer of network storage solutions, is one of only 26 computer and peripheral companies to make the Fast 500. The list is compiled by Deloitte & Touche based on the recipients of their 22 regional North American Fast 50 awards, nominations submitted directly to the Fast 500, and public company database research. To be eligible, companies must be a publicly or privately held "technology company" with 1995 revenues of at least $50,000 USD or $75,000 CD and headquarters in the United States or Canada. ...INLINE profile

Kentron Technologies Becomes a Member of Advanced Memory International, Inc (AMI2)

Wilmington, MA, November 15, 2000 - Kentron Technologies announced today that it has become a member of Advanced Memory International, Inc (AMI2).

AMI2 is an open, non-profit corporation with the objectives of coordinating and accelerating market adoption of new JEDEC-standard memory technology. AMI2's focus is to bring new DRAM systems into the marketplace by cooperating in the acceleration of market adoption of open, cost-effective and complete DRAM technologies. By joining AMI2, Kentron will be participating with other industry leaders in this DRAM implementation coalition such as IBM, Infineon Technologies, Samsung, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Hyundai, Micron, Elpida (formerly NEC & Hitachi) and Fujitsu among other associated memory technology partners.

"The advent of new memory technology, such as DDR, offers the industry the opportunity to greatly improve performance," said Robert Goodman, CEO of Kentron Technologies. "We are very excited about our involvement in AMI2 and the potential for performance improvement that our suite of high density, high-speed memory platforms delivers to the industry".

"We welcome Kentron as a new member to AMI2. Kentron is a leader in advanced memory platforms," said Desi Rhoden President & CEO of AMI2. "Their potential for helping the industry meet the needs for improved density and speed is quite exciting". ...AMI2 profile, ...Kentron Technologies profile

INRANGE Smashes SAN Distance Limitation

MOUNT LAUREL, NJ, NOVEMBER 15, 2000 - INRANGE Smashes SAN Distance Limitation. Today's enterprise storage area networks (SANs) must provide instant, global access to data distributed across multiple sites and over significant distances. Traditionally, 10 kilometers has been the distance limitation between devices in a SAN. To overcome this limitation, INRANGE Technologies announced today that its enterprise-class IN-VSN FC/9000 Fibre Channel Director has been upgraded with new technology (XCAF) to allow any port in a SAN to communicate over 100 kilometers, without performance degradation.

With the explosive growth in SANs, a key imperative is to implement solutions that work not only today, but also in coming years. Business dynamics and today's growth in enterprises indicate that users and systems will not always remain in the same location within the campus/metro environment.

"Our new distance-shattering technology will make the most efficient use of SANs as businesses grow," said INRANGE Executive Vice President of Marketing Charles Foley.

The XCAF 100-kilometer technology for the FC/9000 is scheduled for December, 2000 availability. It will be available through the company's direct sales force, as well as through its alternate channels of resellers and OEMs. ...INRANGE profile

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