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August 21, 2001 - Reston, Virginia - W. Quinn Associates, Inc. announced a partnership with Realtimepublishers to provide a free eBook: "The Definitive Guide to Windows 2000 Storage Resource Management." The eBook is being written by IT expert Evan Morris of Compaq Computer and Sean Daily, contributing editor of Windows 2000 Magazine. The Foreword is provided by Steve Duplessie, Founder/Sr. Analyst, The Enterprise Storage Group, Inc. WQuinn will be the exclusive online host of the eBook, which will be available free to download for a limited number of readers. ...W. Quinn Associates profile

SAN JOSE, Calif. - August, 21, 2001 - Gadzoox Networks today announced the Slingshot 4210, the newest member of the Slingshot 2Gb open fabric switch family. With 10 ports in a half-rack-wide, 1U-high form factor, the Slingshot 4210 2Gb open fabric switch provides the highest port density in the smallest form factor available.

Targeted at the growing Windows server cluster market, the Slingshot 4210 easily handles the high availability and serviceability requirements of server clusters being deployed today. For example, the half-rack width enables customers to place two Slingshot 4210 switches side-by-side in 1U to meet the high availability cluster requirement of "alternate path failover" with separate, redundant paths between storage and servers that are easy to manage and service. Additionally, the Slingshot 4210 provides investment protection for customers with the ability to scale up to 8 servers, which is two more than current cluster switches, and the capability to auto-negotiate between 1Gb and 2Gb speeds on every port.

The Slingshot 4210 will be demonstrated for the first time at HP World in Chicago and IBM Storage Symposium in Las Vegas, August 20 - 24, 2001. The Slingshot 4218 is available now and the Slingshot 4210 is currently being evaluated by OEMs, with general availability expected in early fall. At less then $1000 per port the Slingshot Family leads the industry in value....Gadzoox Networks profile

Munich, Germany – August 21, 2001 - Munich, Germany - Infineon Technologies today announced that it received the 2000 Supplier Partnership Award from Compaq Computer. The award recognizes outstanding performance in meeting Compaq's corporate objectives for materials procurement and Infineon's demonstrated commitment to continuous improvement.

Dick Conrad, Compaq's Vice President of Corporate Procurement presented the award to Infineon at a ceremony in Houston, Texas.

"This award is recognition of all the great work that Infineon has done for Compaq over the past year," said Conrad. "As a supplier of a diverse product portfolio to Compaq, and particularly one of our crucial DRAM partners, Infineon set out to differentiate itself in worldwide service and support, and excellent logistic performance. They delivered everything they promised, on time and in first-class quality."

Recipients of the Supplier Partnership Award must meet demanding criteria set by Compaq's corporate procurement office and measured by each of the company's manufacturing sites. Each calendar quarter Compaq rates all of its suppliers on quality, cost, supply, technology and responsiveness. Infineon's Memory Products Group, a principal supplier of DRAM products to Compaq, has been rated in the top position for six consecutive quarters. This performance has been a significant contributor to the receipt of the Supplier Partnership Award 2000. Harald Eggers, President of Infineon's Memory Product Group, and Jan du Preez, President of Infineon Technologies North America Corp., accepted the award for Infineon. ...Infineon Technologies, profile

Sunnyvale, CA - August 20, 2001 -- Network Appliance, Inc. and the Progress Company, an operating unit of Progress Software Corporation today announced Network Appliance™ storage solutions have passed the reliability tests for use in Progress RDBMS Version 9.1C environments. Network Appliance storage appliances are currently the only NAS solutions to be officially tested by Progress Software for use with its RDBMS products. Progress testing enables Network Appliance to expand its presence into more database management solutions, further enhancing the Network Appliance enterprise portfolio and for the first time opening up new market segments for NetApp Center-to-Edge™ solutions with Progress database customers.

"Progress provides a unique software framework and Network Appliance provides a unique storage infrastructure for advanced application environments. We are pleased to satisfy the many customer requests we have received to integrate our advanced technologies," said Rich Clifton, vice president of Commercial Solutions at Network Appliance. "Progress applications, with their outstanding portability, can now leverage the power of Network Appliance's industry-leading storage technologies such as Snapshots™, data sharing, multiprotocol support, automated disk layouts, and enhanced content delivery. This synergy will enable rapid deployment, expansion, advanced ASP functionality, lower costs, and a new level of investment protection in mission-critical environments."

According to market research published by Gartner Dataquest and International Data Corporation (IDC) the Progress RDBMS is the leading embedded database in the world. Progress RDBMS products are high-performance relational databases that can scale from a single-user system to massive symmetric multiprocessing systems, supporting thousands of concurrent users. In addition to offering the lowest cost of ownership and unparalleled scalability, the Progress RDBMS products provide high availability, absolute reliability, unmatched performance, and excellent platform portability. With full support for ANSI SQL-92 Entry Level specification, Progress RDBMS products integrate with enterprise applications, tools, and numerous third-party data management systems. ...Network Appliance profile

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif., Aug. 20 - Seagate Technology announced today it has shipped over 1.5 million new U Series hard drives since volume production began in June. The new U Series, the first hard drive to ship with up to 80 Gbytes on just two platters, shipped more units in its first month of production than any drive in Seagate's history. It has already been qualified for integration by 11 major PC makers. In June, Seagate was also the first hard drive maker to ship high-performance, 7200-rpm hard drives with 40 Gbytes per disc with its Barracuda ATA IV.

Seagate also announced it is again the number one hard drive maker in revenue for fiscal year 2001, both worldwide and in every major geographic region. Seagate shipped more PC hard drives in 2001 than ever before. This year, Seagate's drives were the choice of all of the top ten PC makers, all of the top ten Consumer Electronics makers, and all of the top ten Enterprise server and storage system manufacturers worldwide.

"Seagate has shipped more than 60 million U Series drives, making it the most popular drive program within the industry, and Seagate has more than doubled its market share in the 5,400-rpm hard drive market since the first quarter of 1999," said Dave Reinsel, research manager at IDC. ...Seagate Technology profile

MINNEAPOLIS, August 20, 2001 - CNT® (Nasdaq: CMNT) today announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to sell substantially all of the assets and liabilities of Propelis Software, Inc., to Jacada Ltd. for $6 million in cash, plus a warrant to purchase 350,000 ordinary shares of Jacada Ltd. stock. The final purchase price is subject to adjustment based on the closing balance sheet of Propelis. The transaction is expected to close by August 31, 2001.

Propelis develops and sells enterprise application integration (EAI) and business process management (BPM) software. CNT previously announced its intention to divest Propelis and focus on its core storage networking solutions business. The company previously accounted for Propelis as a discontinued operation. The transaction will result in an unspecified gain for CNT.

"The sale of Propelis completes our evolution from a channel extension and legacy software integration company to a storage networking solutions company," said Tom Hudson, chairman, president and chief executive officer of CNT. "As we move ahead, this will be our primary focus. We remain optimistic about the storage management solutions opportunity and its long-term prospects, despite today's challenging economic conditions." ...CNT profile

Las Vegas - August 20, 2001 - TeraCloud Corporation today announced its latest storage resource management product, Remote TapeCopy (RTC), at the IBM Storage and Storage Networking Symposium in Las Vegas. RTC is a flexible and cost-effective solution for remote copy and recovery of critical tape data in the event of a disaster, ensuring business continuity and access to information. RTC intelligently automates the process of OS/390 tape backup and recovery by tracking critical (user-defined) and recently altered tape data sets and mirroring them to a remote facility. As a result, when disaster occurs, organizations can quickly recover their tape data and update all catalog entries by switching to a secondary site and accessing previously mirrored data. This automated tape recovery software eliminates the need to physically acquire tape from a remote location or vault facility.

TeraCloud's Remote TapeCopy is hardware independent and automates many of the previously time-consuming manual tasks associated with managing tape backup and recovery. It provides disaster recovery for production tape subsystems and creates a backup of updated and newly created tapes or data sets. Additionally, RTC interfaces with a production scheduler to dynamically manage remote copy functions, restarting the copy process and notifying the administrator if the copy attempt was unsuccessful. To ensure the accuracy of the backup history, RTC maintains an audit trail of the history and tasks completed.

"In the event of a disaster, businesses can lose days trying to recover all of their tape data," says Douglass Ebstyne, CEO of TeraCloud Corporation. "Given the current business environment, lost time can quickly translate into lost revenue. Remote TapeCopy reduces the time to recovery and can be used with existing tape infrastructures, providing one of the most cost-effective solutions on the market today." ...TeraCloud profile

Hoboken, N.J., August 20, 2001 - NSI Software today announced that Bill Norberg, formerly Vice President of Sales Operations for StorageNetworks, Inc., has joined as Vice President of Worldwide Sales. The strategic appointment of Norberg to the NSI Software management team adds a storage industry veteran to accelerate the worldwide market growth and deployment of NSI Software's products, including its Double-Take' and GeoCluster' solutions.

With more than 20 years of technology experience, Norberg is charged with extending NSI Software's market leadership and delivering on the company's commitment to provide business continuity solutions to customers looking to keep mission-critical data safe and continuously available. Immediately, Norberg will focus on further developing NSI Software's direct and indirect sales channels, expand its international profile, focus technical resources and develop sales initiatives to penetrate the enterprise market. Norberg will report directly to NSI Software President and CEO Don Beeler.

"The market for cost-effective business continuity software solutions that leverage replication technologies is extremely large and NSI Software is well positioned to capitalize on this opportunity," said Norberg. "Leveraging the market demand and my experience deploying worldwide sales initiatives will ensure NSI Software's continued success in attracting enterprise customers." ...NSI Software profile

POOLE, DORSET 16th August 2001 - BakBone Software today announced the immediate availability of MagnaVault 2.2.6, the latest version of the industry-leading software for UNIX-based optical storage management. With over a decade of proven performance at Fortune 2000 organisations worldwide, MagnaVault now offers enhancements designed to improve companies' abilities to rapidly archive and access documents and other images on optical disks, including CDs, DVDs and magneto-optical (MO) media.

"MagnaVault's increased power means increased throughput on our optical libraries," said Bob Riland, Vice President of Marketing and Sales at DISC, Inc. which offers the largest product line of near-line storage devices available on the market today. "Our customers depend on our hardware, such as our Orion series, to save and access information in high-performance archival storage environments. MagnaVault is the software that meets Orion's stringent requirements, delivering a higher level of performance." Among the enhancements featured in MagnaVault 2.2.6: is a 500% improvement in UDF write performance. ...BakBone Software profile

Houston, TX . - August 16, 2001 - Government Micro Resources, (GMR) has been awarded the Storage portion of NASA's Scientific / Engineering Workstation Procurement III, (SEWPIII) contract. In addressing the demanding needs of file caching, NASA required each participating vendor to offer a Solid State Disk solution. After extensive analysis, GMR selected Texas Memory Systems and its RAM-SAN product line to meet the requirements for solid state disk submissions.

"GMR selected Texas Memory Systems because of its incredible speeds and low cost per GB, compared to other slower and more expensive products," said Bob Keigley, GMR's Vice President of Marketing. "The RAM-SAN line of products will allow our Federal customers an opportunity to increase the speed of their Storage Area Networks, especially where databases and mail servers are found."

The RAM-SAN product line includes the RamSan-520 and the RamSan-210. The RamSan-520, the "World's Fastest Storage", provides up to 64GB of SDRAM storage, 3,000 MB/second of bandwidth and 750,000 random I/O's per second. In addition to being the technology leader for solid state disks, Texas Memory Systems offers great value by pricing their solid state disks for around $3,750 per GB.

"We view the RAM-SAN product as a key ingredient to the logical front end in the storage hierarchy for the majority of our new Storage Area Network installations", says Steve Thomason, Business Development Manager of Enterprise Storage at GMR. "The combination of price and performance show one of the greatest values that we can offer our customers." ...Government Micro Resources web site, ...Texas Memory Systems profile

IRVINE, CA.- Aug. 15, 2001 - Quantum|ATL today announced availability of its Pegasus Data Protection Solution for Network Appliance's NetApp Filers. Available through select resellers, the solution allows multiple NetApp filers from Network Appliance to be seamlessly connected to any Quantum|ATL P-Series library using a Brocade SilkWorm fabric switch with full-fabric support. More than 20 Brocade, NetApp and Quantum|ATL resellers have been selected to make this complete network solution available to enterprise customers seeking to protect the growing mission-critical data stored in their NAS devices.

As part of the Quantum|ATL Constellation Series, the Pegasus Solution is ideal for environments that have already invested in a Fibre Channel infrastructure or for environments that need a common Fibre Channel backbone for both NetApp filers and application servers. The Pegasus Data Protection Solution for NetApp Filers allows numerous filers and servers to share a single library, significantly reducing hardware and management costs while making better use of tape library resources.

The Pegasus Data Protection Solution for NetApp Filers is one of the first Fibre Channel solutions to be certified under the Network Appliance Full Fabric Tape SAN Initiative, and was verified interoperable with Brocade SAN infrastructure through the Brocade Fabric Aware(TM) Program. Both programs are designed to enable end-to-end SAN interoperability in multi-vendor storage networks. ...Quantum|ATL profile

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