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Storage news - 2001, August - week 4

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Seagate Drives Ricoh's Digital Photocopiers

TOKYO - August 30, 2001 - Seagate Technology today announced that it is providing hard disc drives for the emerging digital photocopying industry.

Joel Stead, Seagate senior vice president of Worldwide Sales and Marketing said "This... illustrates how storage is moving beyond the traditional PC market into non-PC applications." ...Seagate Technology profile

LSI Logic manager joins Fibre Industry board

MILPITAS, Calif., August 30, 2001 - LSI Logic Corporation today announced that David Allen, senior Fibre Channel product manager for LSI Logic, has been elected to Fibre Channel Industry Association (FCIA) Board of Directors.

Allen becomes the first LSI Logic employee elected to the FCIA board and will assist the membership in guiding the future of Fibre Channel technology and standards. FCIA is an international organization whose goal is the development and advancement of Fibre Channel technology solutions and interoperability standards.

LSI Logic was among the very first to introduce Fibre Channel technologies in 1991 and has continued to lead the industry in evolving standards, interoperability and product performance. ...LSI Logic profile, Industry trade associations

Bell Micro's new GM for European Sales

UK - August 30th 2001 - Bell Microproducts Europe is pleased to announce the appointment of David Spate as general manager for European sales.

David joins Bell Microproducts Europe with a wealth of expertise gained in his previous position as vice president for international sales at OnStream. Previously to this, David spent 11 years at IBM where, for some of his employment, he held the position of European HDD sales director responsible for IBM's hard drive channel business in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. During his time at IBM, David was particularly instrumental in the expansion of IBM's business with pan-European distributors. ...Bell Microproducts profile, people

FalconStor enters Latin American Market

COMDEX BRAZIL, August 29, 2001 - FalconStor Software, Inc. announced its entrance into the Latin American market by adding Smart Development Ltd., a Brazil-based solution provider, to its list of business partners worldwide.

"We wanted to establish a presence in Brazil because of its hotbed of technology and corporate interest in virtualization. Smart Development is an ideal partner because of its strong business ties and expertise in the storage arena," said Wendy Petty, vice president of sales for FalconStor. ...FalconStor Software profile, ...Smart Development web site

MTI Unveils Vivant V80

ANAHEIM, Calif., August 29, 2001 ­ MTI Technology Corp. today unveiled its Vivant V80, the company's most powerful and feature-rich enterprise SAN solution.

The V80 is the first Vivant solution incorporating MTI's new I/O architecture, which features a point-to-point back plane capable of bus speeds of 800MBs/sec. The Vivant V80 has over 14TBs of useable capacity, a 100GB file cache, DataShield" virtualization software, and the Data Sentry 2.0 replication engine. Additionally the V80's Connection Services support simultaneous Gigabit Ethernet and switched fabric-fibre channel connections. MTI has enhanced the existing File Services option with higher performing NFS and CIFS. ...MTI Technology profile

Funding Secured By Merlin

Burnaby, BC - August 29, 2001- Merlin Software Technologies International, Inc announced that SDS Merchant Fund, LP continues to fund its ongoing operations.

SDS Merchant Fund is a private equity fund based in Connecticut that specializes in providing financing to growing small to mid-capitalization companies. SDS Merchant Fund has provided Merlin with funds totaling more than $758,000 to date including $298,000 received in connection with the convertible debenture, which closed August 18, 2000.

IDC estimates the appliance server market will grow at a compounded annual rate of more than 56%, reaching $31.4 billion in revenue by 2005. Of this figure, it is estimated that network attached storage will account for approximately 55%, or $17.27 billion. ...Merlin Software profile

NewTech Infosystems Signs Major OEMs

TUSTIN, CA - August 29, 2001 - NewTech Infosystems, Inc. (NTI) today announced agreements with several major OEMs to bundle its award-winning NTI CD-Maker software.

"NTI has a reputation for developing software that offers both powerful capabilities and superb user-friendliness. NTI CD-Maker is already widely recognized as the most user-friendly CD burning software. As a result, some of the world's most prominent corporations and institutions have signed on with us," said David Yao, NTI executive vice president and COO. "We know that some of our OEM agreements will result in a high volume for us. Memorex will bundle our software with every Memorex-branded CD-RW media package, and Intel will bundle it with many desktop motherboards. Our volume-license agreements vary in number and application. For example, Anheuser- Busch has 550 licenses for their mobile sales force." ...NewTech Infosystems profile
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Re: Exabyte's merger with Ecrix

I suspect that the reaction of many storage resellers to the August 23, 2001 news - that the tape drive companies:- Exabyte Corporation and Ecrix Corporation have agreed to merge later this year, was one of relief.

Most of them must have been thinking they have been selling the wrong product, with the slow moving Mammoth product (from Exabyte) which despite makeovers and saturation PR during the early part of 2000 failed to excite enough new customers. The merger enables thousands of storage VARs worldwide to maintain their current supplier relationships, while offering the benefit of switching to a more attractive forward looking product line.

The last few years have seen the venerable Exabyte, a star of the 1990's, struggling to do the best it can with a product range which is rooted in old technology and losing market share even while the overall tape backup business has been accelerating.

Meanwhile Ecrix, founded in 1996 by Juan Rodriguez and Kelly Beavers (who both founded Exabyte in 1985) got past the early stage of impressing analysts with their robust new VXA technology, and one by one they were working through their tick list of supporting niche market segments:- starting with SCSI support for Sun, Linux and other types of Unix and Apple, then native FireWire support for Apple, then finally ending with native IDE support for PC's.

It was a clever strategy which enabled Ecrix to prove its products in small but profitable niche markets, while the company was growing, so that by the time they were ready for very high volume, predicted by their OEM agreement with the world's largest storage distributor:- Compaq, announced on August 13, 2001, the VXA product could be ramped up in volume without any of the risks which might have occurred if the PC market had been targeted first.

It wasn't only technology that differentiated Ecrix from other stodgy tape technology companies. Their web site was one of the best in the industry (informative, up to date and easy to navigate) and they took a different approach to marketing, being one of the first advertisers on this publication, STORAGEsearch, and, by the way, still the only tape technology advertiser.

I believe that the combination of the winning VXA technology and Exabyte's extensive distribution channels will create one of the world's most formidable tape backup companies. Owners of Mammoth drives can breathe a sigh of relief that the company who made their drives now has a solid future. The only people who are going to be disappointed by this news are their competitors. ...Ecrix profile, ...Exabyte profile

See also:- Acquired, dead, renamed, merged & gone away storage companies

...Later:- Exabyte's strategy didn't work. It clung exclusively onto tape technology with no exit route via disk to disk backup for too long. In August 2006 - Exabyte itself was acquired by Tandberg Data
Data Storage Depot
Data Storage Depot is a leading supplier of new Disk, Memory, RAID, NAS and Tape products for SUN workstations and servers.
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Adaptec gets design wins for Zero Channel RAID

MILPITAS, Calif. - August 28, 2001 - Adaptec, Inc. announced today that it has landed a significant number of OEM design wins for its new zero channel RAID (ZCR) controllers.

The Adaptec 2005S "RAID Blade," introduced in May, and a new low-profile PCI RAID controller announced today, are being designed into more than 20 high-density and pedestal servers from companies such as Acer, Advantech, Arima, ASUSTeK, Gigabyte, Iwill, MSI, Supermicro, Tyan, and Quanta. The first products featuring Adaptec's new ZCR technology are expected to be announced next quarter.

"Our customers are increasingly turning to high-density, rack-mount servers, due to their small form factor, scalability and lower cost," said Charles Liang, president and CEO of Supermicro Computer, Inc. "Adaptec's innovative zero channel RAID solutions provide a simple and cost-effective way to meet our customers' data protection requirements in these smaller form factor servers."

Adaptec's newest ZCR controller is the industry's smallest zero channel PCI RAID card, and has been sampling with OEMs since earlier this month. In addition to its small, 2.5" x 6.6" form factor, the new 64-bit/66MHz controller uses one-fourth the power of comparable one- and two-channel RAID cards, and is priced as low as one-third the cost. ...Adaptec profile

Intel Demonstrates InfiniBand

SAN JOSE, Calif., Aug. 28, 2001 - Wide industry support and momentum behind the InfiniBand architecture and product development will be illustrated this week with four live demonstrations at Intel Developer Forum, Fall 2001 in San Jose.

"This is an exciting and pivotal time for InfiniBand technology development," said Tom Macdonald, general manager of the Advanced Components Division of Intel's Enterprise Platform Group. "These demonstrations highlight the tremendous advancement that Intel and the industry have made toward delivery of InfiniBand products, as well as the progress software vendors have made in optimizing their applications for InfiniBand fabrics."

100 Node Interoperability Demonstration - First staged at Intel's Interoperability Lab, the world's largest InfiniBand fabric to date features twenty-four vendors and over 100 InfiniBand devices. Shown at the IDF technology showcase, the devices are connected together in a distributed fabric and featuring video on demand, Web hosting, and a database cluster running real enterprise workloads. ...Intel profile

LSI Logic provides ASICs for SATA

INTEL DEVELOPER FORUM, SAN JOSE, Calif., Aug. 28, 2001 - LSI Logic Corporation announced its support for the 1.0 Serial ATA standard unveiled at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) today.

LSI Logic will provide ASIC CoreWare to enable flexible storage production solutions using SATA technology.

Serial ATA is positioned as an evolutionary replacement for the parallel ATA physical storage interface. It offers scaleable performance, compatibility with today's software, uses smaller and thinner cables and is designed to address shortcomings common to parallel ATA. ...LSI Logic profile

M-Systems Expands European Availability of the DiskOnKey

FREMONT, Calif., Aug. 28, 2001 - M-Systems today announced that Unitronic AG, a privately held company headquartered in Dusseldorf, Germany, will offer 8, 16 and 32MB capacities of the DiskOnKey throughout Germany.

The deal with Unitronic marks the 4th distribution deal for DiskOnKey throughout Europe, making the DiskOnKey currently available in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

"This latest deal with Unitronic marks yet another major milestone in that we are continuing to penetrate the European market at a remarkable pace," said Dan Harkabi, vice president of M-Systems. "The DiskOnKey is an ideal personal storage device which our global partners are eager to promote."

Smaller than the size of your palm and offering an onboard CPU for driverless operation connecting to a computer's USB port, DiskOnKey is a compact, self-contained portable solution for reliable and personal read/write data. Ideal as a floppy disk replacement, the DiskOnKey is available in 8, 16 and 32MB capacities. ...M-Systems profile, ...Unitronic web site

Imperial Technology Announces Trade in Program for SSDs

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. – August 28, 2001 – Imperial Technology today announced its MegaTrade Program, which provides existing MegaRam™ customers a simple, cost-saving upgrade path to current models.

The program offers an incredible cost-saving and investment protection opportunity, allowing MegaRam systems as old as 10 years to be rejuvenated to state-of-the-art interface connections and higher storage capabilities, often with savings of 60-90% over the cost of a new system.

The MegaTrade program enables customers to reuse their existing memory modules and components, while providing upgrades to faster interfaces such as 1 or 2Gbs Fibre Channel or high-speed Ultra160 SCSI. The resulting savings and performance gains can be substantial.

"With IT budgets being reduced, the ability to inexpensively upgrade existing equipment is more important than ever," said Craig Harries, VP of Product Marketing at Imperial Technology. "Imagine taking a 10-year old piece of computer hardware, investing 15% of the cost of a new system and giving it another decade of life. By protecting the customer's investment, we've dramatically lowered the total cost of ownership." ...Imperial Technology profile

Editor's comments:- these kinds of upgrade programs are a clever marketing concept which do work. In the past Sun used to offer similar upgrades in which customers were invited to replace their older systems with newer ones at a discount. But I've not seen this type of offer before applied to storage products. It's a good idea.

See also:- SPARC CPU upgrades

Dot Hill and Sistina aim at Linux Users

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. - August 28, 2001 - Dot Hill Systems Corp. and Sistina Software today announced a partnership at LinuxWorld Expo.

According to a 2001 IDC research study, the cost-efficient Linux OS environment is the most vigorously growing disk storage segment. Data intensive applications such as genomic mapping, astronomical physics and financial modeling are increasingly being performed on Linux operating systems.

To serve this growing Linux community, Dot Hill and Sistina pioneered the development of Device Memory Export Protocol (DMEP), which works in conjunction with Sistina's GFS (Global File System) to allow multiple servers on a SAN to access a single file system on the shared SAN devices in a manner that preserves data integrity. Dot Hill has embedded the DMEP technology into its SANnet controller firmware. The objective of the partnership is to ensure that the performance of GFS supports a more redundant and fault tolerant storage system.

Engineers at Dot Hill and Sistina Software have co-authored a proposed amendment to the SCSI standard to support DMEP. The amendment was presented to the T10 SCSI committee and is under review.

Demonstrations of the Global File System and Dot Hill's SANnet system will be shown in Sistina's booth No. 544 August 28th through August 30th at the LinuxWorld Conference & Expo in San Francisco. ...Dot Hill Systems profile, ...Sistina Software profile

Nexsan introduces affordable Enterprise Disk-to-Disk Backup

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif., August 28, 2001 ­ Nexsan Technologies today introduced its InfiniSAN D2D disk-to-disk backup storage solutions, providing enterprise-class performance at a fraction of the cost of other high-powered disk and tape systems.

InfiniSAN D2D provides, for the first time, a lower cost-per-megabyte alternative to tape for data backup. Nexsan is able to provide the complete D2D solution through the combination of correct-cost hard disk-based, high-availability RAID implemented hardware and a full-feature backup application.

"The introduction of our high-performance, affordable D2D backup solution allows IT managers a high-powered alternative to tape," says Diamond Lauffin, Nexsan's Senior Executive Vice President. "Through the use of advanced ATA hard disk drives, along with embedded Nexsan developed firmware and code, we are now able to provide a lower cost-per-megabyte disk-to-disk backup solution with true hot-swappability and the complete redundancy associated with disk-based products. We have incorporated these enterprise-class features with performance previously unavailable in this price range, making the InfiniSAN D2D solution an extremely attractive storage addition and the only sensible D2D backup solution on the market today."

InfiniSAN D2D backup systems scale from 160 GB to multi-petabytes for environments ranging from entry-level to the most demanding mid-range and enterprise-class applications. The Nexsan-designed GUI interface, NexScan, provides the latest in web-based, centralized management and monitoring. Tele-Guard, Nexsan's phone home manager, configures operator-selectable parameters, enabling pre-emptive degradation monitoring for all system conditions. The full-featured D2D backup system provides high reliability and exceptional data availability for as low as 1.7 cents per megabyte.

"We estimate that more than 70% of enterprise-class companies currently perform selective backup in order to compact the backup and recovery windows," says Nancy Marrone, Senior Analyst with The Enterprise Storage Group. "Disk-to-disk backup is a solution that addresses that issue, providing faster backups and instant on-line recovery. Nexsan's InfiniSAN D2D systems offer high-performance, flexible D2D backup solutions at an affordable price. These systems are an attractive alternative to any company interested in fast-backup and on-line data recovery."

Nexsan's D2D backup solutions protect data through event-based, 24x7, incremental real-time backup to either a local on-site, on-line primary and/or off-site secondary on-line disaster recovery system. This event-based model eliminates the problems associated with a backup window, and the danger of losing a full business day's data. The on-line, random access backup provides maximum availability, eliminating the immediate need for file or server restoration. Nexsan's D2D provides immediate on-line file access and/or allows data retrieval via a LAN, WAN, Fibre, copper or Internet connection. Designed for small to enterprise-class environments, the solutions are low profile, and available in rackmount, desktop or Infini-Stack stackable systems.

All of Nexsan's versatile InfiniSAN products are system-independent, supporting SAN, DAS or NAS configurations, and Full Fabric, Fibre, SCSI or ATA. They provide support for TCP/IP, Ethernet, Data and SCSI or IP, and for Serial, LAN, WAN or web connections. The systems are also designed to be completely host- and operating system-independent, providing that the host can support external SCSI or Fibre Channel disk drives.

Nexsan products are ideal for most operating systems, including Windows NT/95/98/2000, Novell NetWare, SCO, Linux, MacOS, Solaris, AIX and Unix. They support clustering such as Microsoft's Windows 2000 Datacenter (Cluster) Server, and the NexScan Internet-enabled management processor is compatible with all major web browsers, including Netscape and Internet Explorer. ...Nexsan Technologies profile

Editor's comment:- D2D network backup has become a realistic alternative to tape backup because internet connections enable you to back up to another site, which satisifes the need for physical diversity in case your office gets broken into and the server gets stolen, or you get flooded etc. Depending on how much data you own, these kinds of systems can match the price points of tape libraries, if you take into account total cost of ownership.

Storage World Conference 2001 Attendance Booming

LOS ANGELES, August 27, 2001 - Storage World Conference announced today that they are seeing large pre-registration figures come in from the storage networking community for the first Storage World Conference 2001.

The conference convenes on September 14, in San Jose at the Fairmont Hotel. Large attendance numbers indicate that while certain economic forecasts are uncertain, the storage networking industry is sustaining positive momentum.

"The storage networking community is unlike any other in IT," stated Daniel Delshad, conference chairman. "Realizing that storage will continue to be a hot topic in technology, storage networking leaders will gather here on September 14 to direct how the industry is shaped and where it is headed. The large numbers posted for attendance further supports the message that recent technological breakthroughs and trends impacting the storage community are at the top of the priority list for these industry leaders."

"SAN Valley Systems is proud to be a sponsor of the Storage World Conference," commented SAN Valley's Vice President of Marketing Rick Walsworth. "This conference presents an excellent forum for discussing issues and solutions that address current storage networking concerns around standards, interoperability, SAN extension and new technologies. By bringing together best-of-breed storage networking vendors, Storage World Conference plays an important role in providing customers with information and access to industry leaders and technology."

Conference topics include:
  • The Future of SAN/NAS
  • Storage Virtualization
  • Storage on the Edge - Companies to Watch
  • The Future of Storage Services
  • The Future of Storage Connectivity
  • The Role of Software in the Storage World
  • Disk/RAID Outlook
  • Tape/Automation Outlook
  • Case Studies: "End User Perspectives on the Exploding Storage Networking Industry"
"The Storage World Conference provides us with the ideal forum to showcase our technology and present our ideas," said Beau Vrolyk, president and CEO of 3ware.

"This conference features the leaders in the IT industry that shape and move technology forward. We are excited to be participating." Randy Fardal, vice president of Nishan Systems concurred, "Storage World Conference is the ideal platform for discussing cutting-edge technologies and presenting new ideas. We are excited to be participating in storage panel discussions with other industry leaders and look forward to addressing the paramount issues facing the future of IP Storage."

For registration and exhibitor information please call 310-491-0822 or click on the banner below.
Storage World Conference

Infineon ships low profile DRAM Modules

Munich, Germany – August 27, 2001 – Infineon Technologies today announced sample availability of its registered SDRAM and DDR Low Profile Modules, with a reduced height specification of 1.2 inches.

Designed specifically for use in rack-mountable 1U Internet servers, the new "Low Profile DIMMs" product families are offered in a variety of densities, speed versions and operating modes.

With the rapid adoption of 1U thin server rack applications, market requirements for low-profile registered DIMMs are growing rapidly. In 1U servers, the reduced height of the system casing does not allow for the usual vertical mounting of DRAM modules in their sockets. This forces designers to use full-height (1.7- or 1.75-inch) registered DIMMs using special slanted sockets, which greatly increase board space consumption and reduce air flow options for critical system cooling. By reducing the module height to 1.2 inches, standard vertical DIMM sockets can be used. This frees up board space resulting in improved cooling, higher reliability and the potential for more available DIMM sockets.

All of Infineon's 1.2-inch Low Profile DIMMs are 100 percent compatible with the company's existing 1.7-inch height Registered DIMMs. This enables customers to populate all types of Server Chassis with a single height specification DIMM, thereby reducing inventory costs.

Recognizing the importance of the new DIMM form factor to the server industry, JEDEC has issued an industry standard for low-profile registered PC133 SDRAM DIMMs with ECC. Infineon's PC133 Low Profile DIMMs are fully compliant with this new standard.

"With the new Low Profile DIMM family, Infineon completes its module portfolio for the server market," said Axel Hahn, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Infineon's Memory Product Division. "We can offer server manufacturers one-stop shopping for the complete range of system memory requirements, from server appliances to very high end mainframe-class systems."

Infineon's portfolio of PC133 SDRAM Low Profile DIMMs, ranging from 128 Mbytes to 1Gbyte, are sampling now, with production scheduled for Q4 of 2001. ...Infineon Technologies, profile

Imperial announced 2Gbps Fibre Channel SSDs

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. – August 27, 2001 – Imperial Technology announced today that its MegaRam™ storage accelerators will support 2-Gigabit Fibre Channel and Ultra160 SCSI and connectivity – two industry firsts for solid state storage products.

The relatively low-cost options will significantly increase performance and will be available for use with both new and existing MegaRam systems. 2Gbps MegaRam products have gone through extensive interoperability and co-existence testing with many leading switch and HBA manufacturers and are backwards-compatible with previous 1Gbps Fibre Channel architectures.

"We've designed the MegaRam systems with extensive investment protection capabilities so existing users of the MegaRam 1000, 2000, and 5000 can simply plug in the new I/O cards for a quick on-site upgrade," said Emanuel Allen, President of Imperial Technology. "For just a fraction of the cost of a whole new system, users can double their transaction rates to 160MBps SCSI or 2Gbps Fibre."

The Ultra160 SCSI interface has the ability to move 160 megabytes of data per second, twice the speed of Ultra2 SCSI and up to four times the speed of competing solid state systems. The Ultra160 SCSI connectivity was designed to leverage the power of newer 160MBps SCSI Host Bus Adapters and provides Imperial's large installed base of SCSI users a cost-saving method of increasing performance without upgrading other system hardware to Fibre.

"Solid state technology, which lacks the mechanical constraints of conventional disk-based storage, is only limited in some instances by the HBAs that connect solid state systems to network architectures," said Craig Harries, Vice President of Product Marketing with Imperial. "With Imperial's new 2Gbps Fibre and Ultra160 SCSI connectivity, the HBA bottleneck can now be largely eliminated, resulting in a staggering aggregate performance capability."

Imperial Technology's solid state accelerators with Ultra160 SCSI interfaces are available for ordering today and 2Gbps Fibre will be available in November 2001....Imperial Technology profile

See also:- Solid state disks

INRANGE Announces Next-Generation Optical Networking

LUMBERTON, NJ, AUGUST 27, 2001 - INRANGE Technologies announced today the general availability of the IN-VSN Spectrum 1000, 2000, and 3000 family of optical networking platforms, bringing users greater flexibility in leveraging fiber optic bandwidth to extend storage networks across campus, enterprise, and metropolitan area networks.

The combination of optical networking and storage networking technologies is key in delivering true 'virtual storage networks' that are not limited by traditional geographic boundaries. Optical networking has been an integral component of INRANGE's IN-VSN storage networking offerings since 1995. This leadership position has led to a base of more than 20,000 storage-over-optical channels deployed by INRANGE worldwide, supporting storage applications such as remote data mirroring and distributed SANs. With its IN-VSN family, INRANGE is the first and only vendor to offer truly integrated storage networking solutions - anchored by its FC/9000 Fibre Channel Director - that let users extend storage from the network core, to the edge, to anywhere-any distance, over metro and wide area connections.

"Our total IN-VSN strategy to build virtual storage networks is radically different than 'point technology' approaches," said Charles Foley, EVP and CTO of INRANGE. "Rather than piecing together marketing alliances, we've invested in an architecture to bring true optical storage networking solutions for the enterprise in a seamless manner, leveraging multiple technologies and consulting competencies to deliver real ROI."

The new Spectrum platforms can be used to route as many as 256 channels over a single fiber pair, connect locations 300 kilometers apart in the metro area, provide greater granularity in designing optical ring configurations, and support migration to higher-performance standards such as 10-Gigabit implementations of Fibre Channel and Ethernet. Optical Expertise in Supporting Storage Applications

The new Spectrum platforms are the result of INRANGE's partnership with ADVA Optical Networking and will be co-branded with ADVA. INRANGE has been selling optical solutions based on ADVA technology since 1995, and is contracted to provide field service and support for ADVA products deployed in North America by all channels through its direct sales and services organization, which has 625 field-based professionals worldwide. ...INRANGE Technologies profile

SAN Backup for Windows NT/2000

San Diego, CA, Simi Valley, CA and Bothell, WA, August 27, 2001 - BakBone Software, Inc., Qualstar Corporation and Vixel Corporation today announced a partnership to deliver a certified Fibre Channel-based backup and restore solution for Windows NT/2000 environments.

Building on the success of the previously released Solaris-based offering in May 2001, the respective companies have extended their solution to address the increasing growth of SANs in the Windows NT/2000 market. The solution, available immediately, employs BakBone's NetVault(tm) backup/restore software, Qualstar's TLS-8466 LTO and TLS-4222 AIT tape libraries, Vixel's 7000 Series Fibre Channel Switches and Emulex's LP8000 Host Bus Adapters (HBAs), providing Windows NT/2000 customers with powerful backup/restore capability.

The Windows NT/2000-based solution is designed for small-to-midsize companies with workgroup to datacenter level IT environments that require a reliable and high performance means to safeguard their data. To ensure compatibility, each component has been pre-tested by the partners, delivering a faster and more scalable backup/restore solution. The bundled solution can be purchased directly through the Partners' worldwide network of resellers, providing a one-stop-shop for Windows NT/2000 end-users.

"The acceptance of the initial SAN backup solution for the Solaris environment by our resellers and end-users was very gratifying," said Barry Mattingly, senior director of OEM sales, BakBone Software. "But our resellers were also quick to point out that the demand was just as strong for a proven, turn-key SAN backup solution in Windows NT/2000-centric datacenter and workgroup environments. This bundled solution addresses the requirements of this important class of user, providing all of the benefits of storage area networks in a cost-effective, easy to install and manage solution."

"Extending this partnership to provide a fully-certified SAN backup solution to Windows NT/2000 users continues the commitment that we have made to provide simple, reliable solutions to IT professionals," said Bob Covey, vice president of marketing at Qualstar. "Combining our Simply Reliable SANSmart(tm) libraries with other best-of-breed components from our partners, lets us offer a backup solution that is fast, scalable, and easy to install and configure."

"By assembling a certified suite of storage products, we are able to provide Windows NT/2000 end-users with cost-effective solutions that are easy to configure and able to address individual needs for backing up and restoring corporate critical data," said Claude Lorenson, director, product marketing, Vixel Corporation. "As a leading provider of storage technology, we are excited to work with these three companies again to provide small-to-mid-sized organizations with reduced backup times and increased reliability."

The solution is available for immediate distribution through Qualstar's network of distributors and solution providers. The list price of the bundled solution with the Vixel 7100 Fibre Channel Switch and Qualstar's TLS-4222 AIT library is $49,260. The list price of the bundled solution containing the Vixel 7200 Fibre Channel Switch and Qualstar's TLS-8466 LTO library is $78,690. ...BakBone profile Software, ...Qualstar profile, ...Vixel profile

Exabyte and Ecrix agree to merge

Boulder, Colorado, August 23, 2001 - Exabyte Corporation (NASDAQ: EXBT) and Ecrix Corporation announced today the completion of a definitive agreement to combine the two companies.

The merger is motivated by the complementary nature of Exabyte's high performance MammothTape™ and Ecrix's high value VXA™ drive technologies and numerous synergies to be realized from the combination of the two businesses.

Under the terms of the merger agreement, Exabyte will issue 10 million shares of common stock in exchange for all of the outstanding equity of Ecrix. Additionally, certain Ecrix investors and persons related to them will invest $9.4 million in new Exabyte Series H preferred stock at $1.00 per share at the time of closing. The preferred stock will be convertible into common stock on a share-for-share basis. The transaction has been approved by both boards of directors and is subject only to the approval of both companies' shareholders and other closing conditions. The merger is expected to close by the end of 2001.

William L. Marriner, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Exabyte, stated, "I am extremely excited about the benefits to our two companies from this merger and the prospects for our combined enterprise. Ecrix's VXA tape drive technology has the price, capacity, performance and reliability to satisfy the very large installed base of DDS users that are searching for a migration path forward. Ecrix announced last week that Compaq has selected both the SCSI and IDE versions of VXA-1 for their commercial desktop and workstation product lines, with initial shipments anticipated to begin within 30 days. I expect this pivotal win to lead to other OEM opportunities as well as expansion of business through our reseller channels. Leveraging Exabyte's name recognition, sales channels, and sales and support infrastructure, we see an excellent opportunity to capture significant share in this market with VXA-1 and VXA-2, an 80 gigabyte drive which is expected to ship to OEMs in late fourth quarter of this year."

Mr. Marriner further commented, "Ecrix's balance sheet and the infusion of $9.4 million of new equity capital will significantly improve our cash position. We also expect to negotiate with our senior lender the restructuring of our revolving credit agreement at the time of closing. I am particularly pleased with the quality of our new investors. Meritage Private Equity Fund, Centennial Ventures, and Valley Ventures have considerable knowledge and impressive track records in the data storage area and I am looking forward to working closely with them."

"It will be a pleasure to be reunited with Juan Rodriguez, who will be joining the board of directors and serving as the company's chief technologist. Juan is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the tape industry, having successfully co-founded StorageTek, Exabyte and Ecrix. This will be our third opportunity to work together and I know our individual strengths will complement each other nicely. Juan will play an instrumental role in working with me to keep Exabyte at the forefront of technology," said Mr. Marriner.

Mr. Rodriguez commented, "This merger represents an opportunity to further accelerate the acceptance of VXA technology by leveraging Exabyte's supply chain partnerships, distribution channels, and brand awareness. In my mind the primary benefit of this merger is how complementary our two companies are. We share some common partners with very little overlap in our combined product offerings. The result is we can leverage each other's strengths and benefit from a more efficient organization."

"Additionally, a great synergy is available when our drive technologies are merged," continued Mr. Rodriguez " the combination of VXA's packet technology and non-tracking format with Mammoth 2's high performance read and write technology enable a foundation for some very exciting products. I have nothing but fond memories of my earlier years with Exabyte," added Mr. Rodriguez, "and I'm thrilled to participate in this next phase of the company and ensure it sustains the entrepreneurial spirit required to take advantage of a rapidly changing storage market."

Upon closing of the merger later this year, the company will operate as Exabyte Corporation and will continue to utilize both the MammothTape and VXA brands. Additionally, the new equity investment will allow the company to capitalize on its strengths in tape automation and to further broaden its portfolio of tape libraries utilizing MammothTape™, VXA™, LTO™ Ultrium™, SDLT™ and Advanced Intelligent Tape™ drive technologies and media. ...Ecrix profile, ...Exabyte profile

Auspex Teams with EDUCOM

Santa Clara, CA, August 23, 2001 - Auspex Systems, Inc. today announced a strategic partnership with EDUCOM TS Inc. designed to help enterprises and organizations efficiently manage the growth of their Microsoft Exchange mail stores.

The agreement designates Auspex's enterprise information servers as the recommended storage system for EDUCOM's Exchange Archive Solution (EAS), intelligent storage management software that permits rules-based archiving and self-serve user retrieval of archived Exchange 2000 and 5.5 e-mail. The alliance addresses the space management and performance problems caused by the heavy use of Microsoft Exchange in organizations today.

The combined solution frees up space, improves performance and consolidates messages from multiple Exchange servers by allowing older or less critical mail to be centrally archived on an Auspex storage system, utilizing scripting language in EDUCOM's EAS software that enables archive rules to be customized down to the user level. EDUCOM's intelligent archiving capability eliminates the need for organizations to set limits on the size of users' inboxes, force users to delete messages that may be needed in the future for information or legal purposes, or take other extreme measures to control the rampant growth of Exchange information stores.

The use of Auspex information servers to house messages archived through EDUCOM's EAS gives enterprises a fast, reliable and highly available storage solution capable of accommodating up to 68 TB of data on a single system - by far the highest scalability in the industry - and serving Windows, UNIX, Linux and Mac OS X clients from the same device. Duplicate data sets are not needed because Auspex systems provide multilingual support.

The partnership also gives Auspex customers a means of archiving both Exchange 2000 and Exchange 5.5 messages without the need to make registry changes or relocate the information store databases in Exchange Server. Auspex thus becomes the first network storage provider to offer a non-intrusive Exchange archiving strategy that leaves the Exchange registry intact.

"Many organizations generate hundreds of thousands or even millions of e-mail messages monthly, and they need to be able to quickly and efficiently store and access this data from a central repository," said Andrew Moffat, CEO of EDUCOM. "We conducted an exhaustive search of all the storage options available, and we selected Auspex network servers as our storage medium of choice because of their high performance, industry-leading scalability, multilingual capabilities, advanced backup and high availability features, and suitability for large enterprise environments." ...Auspex Systems profile, ... EDUCOM profile

OTG Certifies Plasmon Librarie

ROCKVILLE, MD - August 23, 2001 - OTG Software, Inc. today announced the availability of support for Plasmon's latest range of removable data storage libraries. OTG certification of Plasmon's libraries allows customers the flexibility to choose a variety of storage automation products to address their specific storage requirements for critical business applications.

"Certifying our products on Plasmon's industry leading tape and optical libraries allows us to offer OTG solutions in new markets," said Peter Smails, Vice President of Product Management at OTG Software. "Our storage and archival solutions are a perfect complement to removable storage automation and offer virtually immediate access to mission-critical data."

Plasmon's D-Series DVD-R/DVD-RAM libraries address the growing need for an automated, reliable storage technology for rich media (audio and video) content, while providing a solid, cost-effective alternative to other storage technologies in more traditional document and data archival applications.

OTG's DiskXtender 2000 and VideoXtender storage solutions complement the Plasmon D-Series libraries by providing users with fast, efficient and transparent access to mission critical data and rich media content stored on these libraries. In addition, OTG's ArchiveXtender solution can aggregate multiple Plasmon libraries so they appear to users and applications as a single drive letter, minimizing complexity.

Plasmon's G-Series Magneto-Optical line - certified with OTG's DiskXtender 2000 and ArchiveXtender - helps to ensure business continuity and regulatory compliance for electronic content.

Plasmon's LTO Ultrium product family incorporates its latest generation automation technology with IBM's Ultrium tape drives providing high-performance SAN and NAS connectivity.

Certification of these Plasmon libraries by OTG brings the total number of devices supported by OTG's storage solutions to 775. ...OTG Software profile, ...Plasmon profile

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