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London - August 31, 2005 - Verity Systems today released the latest in their range of ondemand disc duplicating system with the new CopyStack 100. The CopyStack 100 is a desktop system which fits into any workstation environment and as no PC connection is required, it will happily copy up to one hundred DVDs or CDs unattended whilst the user continues to work.

"With the CopyStack 100, making 100 discs is as easy as making a single disc", says Audrey Crawford, head of marketing with Verity Systems. "Users do not need to change discs every 10 minutes. A few clicks on the easy to use LCD control panel are all that is required. Simply insert the master disc and blank discs into the input bin, select the number of copies you require, then press enter, it's as easy as that!".

The robotic mechanism automatically drops discs from the input bin one by one into the waiting burner drive. Once duplication is complete, the robotic arm will lift the burnt disc from the drive and place it onto the output spindle. If for any reason a disc does not copy accurately, perhaps due to a faulty disc, the CopyStack 100 will automatically drop it to the reject bin so users are assured of quality duplicates time after time.

The CopyStack 100 is fitted with a 16x DVD±R drive and will copy both DVDs and CDs. The unit features many functions such as: emulate, compare, erase and most even batch mode capability. It also comes with a built-in HDD as standard, which means that information can be stored for fast retrieval and duplication. ...Verity Systems profile

MILPITAS, CA - August 31, 2005 - Maxtor announced today that it is simplifying the process of sharing and backing up files for small business owners with the launch of its new Maxtor Shared Storage Plus drive which includes storage management software. The Maxtor Shared Storage Plus drive includes two USB ports to connect and share two USB printers or two additional external storage drives, or one of each. When connected to a home network, the Maxtor Shared Storage Plus drive acts as a centralized digital entertainment media server. One of the drive's software features provides the ability to stream media content on compatible UPnP AV digital media adapters for viewing on entertainment devices throughout the network. A family, for instance, could simultaneously listen to a music collection via a networked sound system upstairs, play movies on a networked theatre system in the living room, and view a slide show of recent vacation photos on a laptop in the kitchen. Based on Mediabolic's Media Server software, which is designed to DLNA guidelines, the Maxtor Shared Storage Plus drive requires no active PC on the network to share and stream digital files.

Setting up the Maxtor Shared Storage Plus drive on a home or SOHO network is simple. The drive plugs into a network router via a 10/100 Ethernet port, and installs quickly with the help of the drive's automatic network configuration. Once the drive is on the network, users simply run a quick start CD on each networked PC to automatically receive a desktop icon that gives them easy access to a shared public folder and a set of personal password-protected private network folders.

Maxtor Shared Storage Plus drives will be available in October. The MSRP is $299.95 for the 200GB drive, $399.95 for the 300GB drive, and $499.95 for the 500GB drive. ...Maxtor profile, Backup Software, USB storage, Hard disk drives

ROCHESTER, N.Y. - August 31, 2005 - Texas Memory Systems has chosen Eastman Kodak Company's worldwide service organization to provide on-site warranty and post-warranty service for its solid state disk storage systems. Kodak's worldwide service organization, which numbers nearly 3,300 professionals reaching more than 120 countries, is now recognized by Texas Memory Systems as an authorized service provider for its SSD devices.

"Stored data is typically mission critical, and when a company can't access it, that can greatly impact a company's productivity," said Woody Hutsell, executive vice president, Texas Memory Systems. "We chose Kodak as our service partner over an existing provider because its team of highly skilled engineers and global reach ensure minimal downtime for our customers." ...Texas Memory Systems profile, ...Kodak profile, Storage Services

LOUISVILLE, Colo.- August 30, 2005 - StorageTek stockholders today voted to approve the acquisition agreement between StorageTek and Sun Microsystems. Under the terms of the agreement, StorageTek will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Sun Microsystems upon the closing of the proposed transaction. StorageTek announced that preliminary results showed that 99.2% of the shares voted approved the Sun acquisition of StorageTek. StorageTek and Sun Microsystems expect to complete the acquisition at 4:01 p.m. EDT on Wednesday, Aug. 31, 2005, at which time trading in StorageTek common stock will be suspended. ...Sun profile, ...StorageTek profile, Acquired companies, SPARC history

...Later:- a story in CRN suggested that Sun may change all its storage products over to the better regarded StorageTek brand.

TOKYO - August 30, 2005 - M-Systems today announced that the Company has added Hakuto Co., Ltd. as a distributor in Japan for DiskOnChip products. "We believe that Hakuto, with their product portfolio and mobile phone and amusement customer base, will open additional market opportunities for M-Systems," said Yuzo Tsukui, president of M Systems Japan. "Their appointment as a distributor will enhance our penetration into mobile phone, multimedia and amusement markets for applications like mobile phones, IP telephones and gaming machines. Hakuto is an excellent addition to our distribution network." ...M-Systems profile, Storage Resellers in Japan

Milpitas, CA - August 30, 2005 - LSI Logic Corp today announced it has appointed ASI Corp as an authorized distributor in the Americas for MegaRAID and Host Bus Adapter solutions, including Ultra320 SCSI, Fibre Channel, SATA, and SAS. The addition of ASI as a distributor comes as LSI Logic continues to grow its channel market share and expand its storage adapter product families. ...LSI Logic profile, ...ASI profile, RAID controllers, Storage VARs

SAN FRANCISCO - August 30, 2005 - QLogic Corp today announced a definitive agreement to sell its hard disk drive controller and tape drive controller business to Marvell Technology Group Ltd. Pursuant to the terms of the definitive agreement, the Company will receive $225 million, comprised of $180 million in cash and $45 million in Marvell common stock. The sale is expected to close within sixty days following the satisfaction of regulatory requirements and other customary closing conditions. In addition, QLogic's board of directors has authorised a new program to repurchase up to $350 million of the Company's outstanding common stock over the next two years.

"The sale of our hard disk drive controller and tape drive controller business will provide long-term career opportunities for our engineers and a long-term roadmap for our customers," said H. K. Desai, the Company's chairman, chief executive officer and president. "Most importantly, this sale will benefit our shareholders as it will enable us to focus on the higher growth SAN infrastructure component market." ...QLogic profile, ...Marvell profile

Geneva - August 29, 2005 - STMicroelectronics today announced that production of its 128-Mbit NAND Flash device has been transferred to 90nm process technology. The shrink to 90nm reduces both the cost and the power consumption of the memory chip, which is widely used in cost-sensitive consumer equipment such as Digital Still Cameras, Audio Recorders, PDAs, Set-Top Boxes, Printers, and bundled Flash Cards. The NAND128 is currently the only 128-Mbit Flash memory on the market to be produced in 90nm technology. ...STMicroelectronics profile

SAN JOSE, Calif. - August 29, 2005 - Kashya announced today the appointment of storage and networking industry veteran Richard (Rick) Walsworth as Vice President of Marketing. Walsworth will be responsible for technical and strategic marketing of the company's award-winning Kashya Data Protection Appliance solutions. Rick reports to Amar Rao, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Business Development.

Walsworth has more than 20 years of strategic planning, marketing and technical experience in the enterprise and service provider markets. Immediately prior to joining Kashya, he was Vice President of Marketing at Maranti Networks where he lead the company's inbound and outbound marketing activities. Prior to Maranti, he was Vice President of Marketing at SAN Valley Systems.

"I am very pleased to welcome Rick to Kashya," said Rao. "His proven success in the industry, combined with his background in storage and networking, provides Kashya with tremendous momentum as we continue to expand our strategic initiatives around the benefits of cost-effective, easy-to-manage data protection, disaster recovery and CDP solutions." ...Kashya profile, Storage People, storage routers

SEOUL, Korea - August 29, 2005 - Samsung today announced that it is sampling Gigabyte MultiMediaCards with customers: 1GB and 2GB MMCplus cards, and the industry's first 1GB MMCmobile card. The higher densities and faster speeds of Samsung's Version 4.1 memory cards will allow consumers to gain higher performance from advanced mobile consumer devices, such as mobile phones, digital still cameras, PDAs, MP3 music players and portable multimedia players. The new cards are capable of transmitting data at 52MBytes per second, up to 20 times faster than previous MMC versions, by supporting wider (x4 and x8) bus widths and faster clock speeds. ...Samsung profile

BOULDER, Colo.- August 29, 2005 - Spectra Logic announced that D&H Distributing Co. will distribute its products in North America. D&H now offers its resellers the new Spectra S50 LTO library, the Spectra 2K AIT library, DAStape and NAStape stand-alone tape drives and certified media products targeted to mid-range business customers. This major company initiative extends Spectra Logic's reach to more than 20,000 additional commercial, state, local and federal resellers in North America. ...Spectra Logic profile, ...D&H Distributing, Tape Libraries

Editor:- August 29, 2005 - pity the poor residents of New Orleans having to flee their homes in advance of expected flooding from Hurricane Katrina. It makes you wonder what kind of data backup strategies the businesses based there can use that will survive their computers being immersed under several feet of water. There's only sure fire way - which is internet based backup. But that only works if the vaulting company is based in a different geographic area not affected by the self same disaster - an important consideration when selecting a supplier (for all of us). If your systems and backup media have been affected by floodwater - and you don't have a working offsite backup - then there are many data recovery companies which have dealt with this sort of problem before.

Cambridge, UK - August 29, 2005 - Plasmon today announced the launch of Compliant Ultra Density Optical Write Once media. Designed for archive applications subject to regulatory compliance and for ILM environments that have very specific data retention and disposition requirements, Compliant Write Once media contains a new feature that combines Write Once authenticity with the ability to physically destroy records, thereby enabling organisations to be in compliance with data retention and disposition regulations. The release of Compliant Write Once media adds a third UDO media type to the existing Rewritable and True Write Once formats. The new media is a hybrid that offers the data longevity and authenticity provided by True Write Once media, but with the ability to destroy designated records.

Using a special "shred" operation, targeted data sectors on Compliant Write Once media can be physically destroyed. Unlike the erase pass on magnetic disks, the shred operation on Phase Change media leaves no residual traces of previously written data. As a result, shredding data on Compliant Write Once media provides the highest possible standard for absolute data destruction. ...Plasmon profile, Optical Libraries, Disk Sanitizers

PALO ALTO, Calif. - August 26, 2005 - HP demonstrated strong server revenue growth and was the #1 vendor in worldwide server shipments for the 13th consecutive quarter, according to second quarter 2005 figures released today by IDC. In total server revenue, HP grew twice as fast as the market and took market share from IBM and Sun. HP was #1 in total worldwide revenue for the three major operating environments of Windows, Linux and UNIX combined, which comprise more than 95% of all servers shipped worldwide.
  • HP was #1 in total Linux revenue and held the top spot in x86 Linux server revenue.
  • In Windows x86 servers, HP maintained its #1 position in units and revenue and outpaced the market year-over-year in revenue.
  • HP was #1 in total worldwide revenue and maintained its #1 server unit position for UNIX mid-range servers between $25,000 and $500,000 - the largest segment of the UNIX marketplace.
  • In x86-64 servers, HP holds nearly double the unit and revenue share of the next largest vendor of Opteron-based servers.
...HP profile, ...Sun profile, ...IDC profile, Market research, Sun, SPARC, Solaris news

Editor's comments:- This report suggests that HP is thrashing Sun Microsystems soundly in what used to be Sun's core market - Unix servers. But when Sun issues its own version of this market report it will say something positive and upbeat but hedged around with a narrow qualifying statement - such as - "Sun outgrew IBM and HP in the mid range Solaris market". Sun has always managed to come up with an upbeat assessment - even in the darkest days when its server revenue halved. But Sun is transitioning to be a top 10 storage company so its battle in servers may be lost to HP but there's a new war brewing for the (bigger) storage market.

SUNNYVALE, CA - August 24, 2005 - SanDisk Corp today announced it has been named to FORTUNE Magazine's annual list of America's Fastest Growing Companies, ranking 8 out of the 100 companies listed. The list can be found in the September 5, 2005 issue of FORTUNE Magazine. SanDisk posted record revenues for 2004, with total revenue at $1.8 billion, up 65% from $1.1 billion in 2003. Net income was $267 million, up 58% from net income of $169 million in 2003 and fully diluted earnings per share for fiscal 2004 were $1.44, compared to $1.02 in 2003. ...SanDisk profile

Editor's comments:- FORTUNE's list is hopelessly out of date and excludes many storage companies because of size or where they're based. Our own annual Fastest Growing Storage Companies list is updated in real-time.

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO - August 23, 2005 - Ramtron International Corp today announced the availability of the FM25256, a 256Kb nonvolatile ferroelectric random access memory product, with a serial peripheral interface that is designed for wide voltage operation. Ramtron's newest 256Kb serial FRAM is the highest-performance SPI memory available with 20MHz writes and offers an unlimited number of read/write cycles. The product offers drop-in compatibility with industry-standard serial EEPROMs. The FM25256 is the fastest data collection and storage solution available to the automotive market. The FM25256 is ideally suited to data collection applications in which power levels vary or can be lost suddenly. The entire memory contents can be written in just over 13 mS. While the FM25256 is suitable for a wide variety of data collection systems, one of its more important applications is the event data recorder (black box) for passenger cars. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that 65% to 90% of U.S. automobiles will provide some form of crash recording. ...Ramtron profile

SAN JOSE, Calif. - August 23, 2005 - Hitachi Global Storage Technologies today announced that system component testing at Intel has revealed PCMark04 scores in excess of 11,000 for Hitachi's Deskstar 7K500 hard drive. The Deskstar 7K500 was the industry's first half terabyte SATA drive and has been shipping in volume since April. Numerous independent tests using the PCMark04 benchmark have shown 7,200 RPM SATA hard drives failing to break the 10,000 barrier. The Deskstar 7K500's design features, such as 3 Gb/s data transfer rates and Native Command Queuing, contributed to the exceptional results. PCMark04 uses four different tests to assess disk drive performance, including application loading, file copying, general hard drive usage and Windows XP start up. ...Hitachi profile, Hard disk drives

Entertainment Media Expo Booth 302 - August 23, 2005 - Advanced Media, Inc, is pleased to announce brisk sales of its 8cm mini-DVD discs. The discs have been a strong addition to the popular RIDATA brand lineup of high quality recordable media and will be featured in the Advanced Media booth at the EMX tradeshow next week in Hollywood, CA. The single-sided, single-layer 4X mini- DVD-R disc has a capacity of 1.46 GB or up to 30 minutes of audio or video recording time. Many of the top camcorder manufacturers already have DVD camcorder models on the market. Others are slated to launch DVD camcorder models to the US market soon.

"Global demand for 8cm DVD-R discs will increase from 1.2 million discs in 2004 to 2.5 million this year and further to 4.0 million in 2006", according to Japan-based consulting firm Fujiwara-Rothchild. The write-once media features high compatibility with all popular DVD-R recording hardware that utilizes mini-DVD trays and can be used at recording speeds up to 4X. Mini DVD's also feature 30 years safe storage functionality through its excellent heat resistance and UV features. ...Advanced Media profile, Storage Events, DVD drives & systems

IDF, San Francisco - August 23, 2005 - Silicon Image, Inc. today unveiled the SiI 4723. The SiI 4723 is a SATA to two-port SATA SteelVine Storage Processor operating at 3Gb/s, the first storage processor to offer 3 Gb/s port speeds with hardware RAID. SteelVine is a next generation SATA based storage architecture that delivers simplicity, reliability, scalability and performance at commodity prices. Silicon Image will be showcasing the SiI 4723 during the Intel Developer Forum this week in San Francisco. The SiI 4723 enables OEMs and system integrators to offer next generation plug-and-play, high-performance storage expansion solutions for price-sensitive, mass-market applications.

"The exploding volume of digital content is creating unprecedented storage requirements. Disk drives will fail over time and most users don't protect the valuable content on these drives because existing back-up solutions aren't user friendly or widely adopted," noted Jimmy Garcia-Meza, vice president, storage products business. "Silicon Image is a market leader in high-performance SATA, and the SiI 4723's easy RAID implementation addresses the needs for data protection through automatic mirroring, and/or high performance capacity expansion in a simple, plug-and-play device that is six times faster than USB and two times faster than 1394b." ...Silicon Image profile, ICs, Storage Events

SAN FRANCISCO - August 23, 2005 - QLogic Corp. today announced the industry's first Fibre Channel adapter based on the PCIe ExpressModule specification. Featuring tool-less installation, tool-less removal, hot-plug capability and 4Gb performance, the SANblade QEM2462 Adapter is the latest addition to the QLogic SAN Pro line of high reliability, high performance host bus adapters, switches and software. The SANblade QEM2462 adapter will be on display in the QLogic booth at the Intel Developer Forum today through August 25.

PCIe ExpressModule is a new form factor for PCI Express I/O adapters. Formerly referred to as "Server I/O Module" within the PCI-SIG, the Special Interest Group responsible for PCI Express industry-standard I/O technology, this new specification defines hot-pluggable I/O modular form factors that greatly improve reliability and design flexibility for enterprise-class server and workstation platforms. ...QLogic profile, Fibre-channel adapters

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif. - August 23, 2005 - Seagate Technology today announced that it has garnered an industry-leading 37% market share worldwide for SATA disc drives in the second calendar quarter of 2005. At the Intel Developer Forum this week Seagate is demonstrating its latest SATA 3Gbit/second NCQ hard drives with a Silicon Image port multiplier and enclosure. Powering Seagate's market leadership are its Barracuda 7200-RPM SATA disc drive family with Native Command Queuing (NCQ), a technology that increases performance and disc drive reliability by optimizing the way the drive processes data. Seagate was the first company to introduce NCQ on SATA hard drives.

Seagate recently began shipping its Momentus 5400-RPM and 7200-RPM notebook drives with the SATA interface and soon will introduce the company's first eSATA drive. eSATA is up to six times faster than existing external storage solutions with USB 2.0 and IEEE 1394 interfaces, providing external data backup and protection at internal speeds up to 3 Gbit/second. Combined with an external RAID array, eSATA provides scalable fast external data storage for desktop PCs. For enterprise applications, Seagate will begin shipping the NL35 Series SATA disc drive, a high-capacity enterprise-ready drive for cost-effective nearline storage. And later this year, the company will further expand its SATA offerings with the introduction of the Barracuda 7200.9 3 Gbit/second SATA hard drive. ...Seagate profile, Hard disk drives

Ashtead, UK - August 23, 2005 - The process of archiving is being abandoned in the face of mountains of data and pressure to deliver business continuity capabilities according to a survey by BridgeHead Software published today. Over 300 IT managers and directors in the UK took part in the survey which was conducted in July 2005. Some users may even be confusing archiving with backup, figures suggest.

Archiving is by no means done universally: 28% do not archive data. Of those that do archive, 67% use manual processes, with only 25% having some kind of automated approach and the remainder a hybrid technique. Despite the fact that 72% of people claim to archive, 54% of respondents still declare that at least 20% of their server-based storage comprises unstructured user data, with 15% of the respondents suggesting a figure in excess of 50%.

66% of respondents report that on average at least 20% of their primary storage is email - including pre-archived material such as Microsoft Outlook's .pst archive files.

"Given these figures, you have to question the effectiveness of the archiving techniques in use, where they are in use," said Tony Cotterill, CEO of BridgeHead Software, which commissioned the survey. "It's inconceivable that such a volume of email and other one-off files need to stay on primary storage to the extent that it occupies such a high proportion of space."

The extent to which archiving is failing or is not being done at all is underlined by the fact that 15% of respondents don't know how long it would take them to retrieve a lost file. "This suggests that some people are confusing backup and archiving," continued Tony Cotterill.

2% of respondents admit that they didn't think they'd ever be able to retrieve a lost file.

Tape remains – for the time being – king of archive media. 73% of respondents employ tape-based media although, at 48%, disk must be closing the gap rapidly. WORM media is reported by 22% of respondents. 33% of respondents report more than 1 TB of archived data, with 4% claiming more than 15 TB. ...BridgeHead Software profile

WOODLAND HILLS , Calif. - August 22, 2005 - Nexsan Technologies today announced Assureon, an integrated Secure Storage Appliance.

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the biggest storage companies in 2008?
Spellerbyte's ScryWare utility
downloaded data from his crystal ball
directly into Microsoft Excel.

Texas Memory Systems
Since 1978, Texas Memory Systems
has designed, manufactured, and marketed
the fastest storage subsystems available.

How Asigra Helped DS3 DataVaulting Automatically Heal 100+ Terabytes of Online Backup Storage - (Case study)

As Stacy Hayes walked past the 100-plus terabytes of backup data in DS3 DataVaulting's facility, Asigra's Autonomic Healing was working efficiently to guarantee that client data was fully protected and available for immediate online restoration.

Hayes, one of the core executives of DS3, had searched for technology that would solve the hidden corruption and data integrity issues that plague tape backup. What he found brought the company a world-class solution for enhanced data protection.

Backup service provider DS3 Datavaulting selected Asigra's Autonomic Healing functionality to deliver what no tape backup can provide: guaranteed data integrity with zero corruption.

Choosing Asigra, the technology leader in agentless multi-site backup and recovery software for network computing, DS3 gained an automated method to verify the validity of all backup data, correct any problems encountered with data corruption or logical inconsistencies caused by third-party products and ensure readiness for data recovery.

"The Asigra Televaulting software's Autonomic Healing allows us to fully guarantee the integrity of our client data, and that's something that simply cannot be said of tape," said Hayes, vice president of operations and business development of DS3 DataVaulting. "With tape, you never know if your backup is corrupted, and you won't know until you try to restore data. At that point, you have a real problem on your hands. Asigra's Autonomic Healing provides us with an automated way to identify and correct problematic files in our backups, bringing enhanced capabilities that are a quantum leap forward over what tape can deliver."

Running transparently in the background, DS3 uses Autonomic Healing to serve as a network immune system, constantly scanning all backup data for corrupted or otherwise problematic files. This can include files with data corruption or logical inconsistencies caused by third-party technologies (such as faulty RAID controllers, file systems, operating systems, disk subsystems, network packet loss, etc.). As Autonomic Healing checks backup files, it automatically corrects file and directory ID duplications, without the need of human intervention. When Autonomic Healing finds a problematic file that it can't fix at the off-site location, it automatically triggers the system's software at the primary site to re-synchronize and resend any corrupted files during the next scheduled backup – again, without human intervention.

"Autonomic Healing looks at data headers and tags to continually verify that everything is in place, and if not, there are many options to repair the files," continued Hayes. "As an automated process, Autonomic Healing can easily acquire a new copy of an affected file by going back to the source data and simply grabbing a newer version. Autonomic Healing runs in the background, analyzing, repairing and replacing files as required – and if there are any additional needs that it can't handle, the software quickly notifies our administrators to take manual action."

"Autonomic Healing provides backup administrators and backup service providers with an automated method to constantly monitor and repair backup files before data corruption becomes a serious issue," said Eran Farajun, executive vice president of Asigra. "With Asigra's Televaulting, and its Autonomic Healing capabilities, companies protect critical information on a 24x7 basis, automatically keeping data in a valid state and ensuring top readiness for any restore operation. When you are delivering backup as a utility service, whether internally or externally, it's all about the recovery SLA. Asigra's known that for more than 19 years."

According to Brad O'Neill, senior analyst at Taneja Group, "Pre-empting third party data corruption in the backup process is a great differentiator for Asigra and its multi-site service provider partners. For IT teams using Asigra, they should realize that this capability means the elimination of manual interventions for integrity checks. That's a big win."

A Comprehensive Approach for Protection of Distributed Data

Asigra Televaulting for Service Providers is a WAN platform solution that delivers backup/restore service as a utility. Using Asigra, DS3 DataVaulting installs agentless client software on only one node at each remote customer site, regardless of whether they have one or hundreds of servers within a heterogeneous LAN environment. This approach enables DS3 to provide centralized and automated backups of PCs, file servers and application/database servers to secure off-site storage with the ability for immediate recovery, if needed.

Asigra Televaulting for Service Providers incorporates everything needed to deploy, provision and start selling storage services, including business features not typically available from off-the-shelf backup software packages. Its built-in multi-tiered storage billing system saves the time and expense of developing or modifying an existing billing system. Televaulting's agentless architecture ensures that installation and maintenance is fast and easy. Advanced security features, including authentication, strong encryption of data "in-flight" and "at-rest" and non-escrowed keys, provide the peace of mind customers expect. Televaulting's self-healing and autonomous architecture ensures that managed backup/restore service is always available. ...Asigra profile, ...DS3 Datavaulting profile, online backup, Backup Software, Tape backup, Disk to disk backup
Tera-RamSan - terabyte solid state SAN storage
Tera-RamSan Enterprise SSD Array
1 Terabyte of Non-Volatile DDR RAM
from Texas Memory Systems

article by
War of the Disks: Hard Disk Drives vs. Flash Solid State Disks - article by BiTMICRO

BiTMICRO is the #1 best recognised brand of SSDs (source SSD Survey) and they have published a lot of articles to help customers understand the benefits of their products. When I first saw the submission for this article I was pleased to see that it quoted extracts from and linked to several other articles that I myself had written or edited - so that gave me a warm glow.

After years of analyzing this market SSD vendors and analysts are starting to see some clear patterns emerging. Although opinions still differ on some subjects, and vendors are prone to pitch their own solutions as best, this article is a useful synthesis of current industry thinking by one of the leading flash SSD module manufacturers. the article, ...BiTMICRO Networks profile, Solid State Disks, Hard disk drives
TapeMaster - tape duplicator
TapeMaster backup tape duplicator
from StorageHeaven
Testing Storage Solutions - article by Extreme Protocol
Testing Storage Solutions - article by Extreme Protocol Solutions

In the data storage industry, testing is generally considered a neccessary evil in bringing a product to market and as a result often companies will do the bare minimum neccessary in order to cross the item off its checklist. This article by Roger Gagnon President / CEO Extreme Protocol Solutions attempts to explain why testing is so important to product validation and also to provide a concise methodology to testing. the article, ...Extreme Protocol Solutions profile, Storage Testers
article - the Dangers of Removable Storage Media by Pointsec
the Dangers of Removable Storage Media - article by Pointsec

In the early James Bond films of the 1960s, viewers were introduced to an array of implausible (at the time) portable high tech spy gadgets. Nowadays we know from our own everyday experience that something the size of a cigarette lighter can actually be a video camera with its own wireless internet access.

The proliferation of miniature high capacity storage devices creates a serious problem for commercial and national security. This article provides an up to date picture of the intrinsic dangers posed by current removable storage technologies. the article, ...Pointsec profile, Security, Removable Storage
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Squeak! - the 10 biggest storage companies in 2008?
Assureon provides data security through encryption, authentication and data protection technologies, combined with lifecycle management, RAID hardware and content addressed storage technology, along with seamless support for tape and optical in a single, fully integrated networked storage system.

"We believe that eventually all information will be securely stored. We don't leave our homes, cars or valuables unlocked - why would we leave our valuable data unlocked? We all need to secure our information on all types of media; disk, tape and optical - all that's been missing is the right technology" said Philip Black, CEO of Nexsan.
news image - Nexsan
Assureon's data security measures include:- 256-bit AES encryption; authentication, tamper-proof time stamping, serialization and self auditing; data protection systems that ensure information is not tampered with, corrupted, changed or erased until the end of its retention period; and crypto shredding of individual encryption keys to assure that the destroyed information cannot be read, including that which resides on offline media such as tape and optical. Assureon's advanced, automated encryption key management system provides support for multiple offsite repositories of keys, which are themselves encrypted, as well as active deposits of file manifest information with a neutral third party.

Assureon offers significant TCO savings to organizations through the automation of operational steps, self-management and self-healing capabilities, and its CAS single instance store technology, which identifies duplicate data files and stores only one version. This results in less storage needed, reduced network bandwidth and overall cost. The cost is approximately $4,500 per terabyte. ...Nexsan Technologies profile, Storage Security, Storage News in Pictures, Disk Sanitizers

Simi Valley, CA - August 22, 2005 - Denver - based iPremise is deploying NovaStor's NovaNet-WEB solution to provide online backup services for customers remotely. iPremise has revolutionized the VAR model by providing a complete subscription-based network platform - hardware, software, support, security and now backup - for one low monthly fee.

iPremise is including NovaNet-WEB with every server shipped to provide 24x7 proactive, preventive monitoring, security and backup with data automatically stored offsite at iPremise facilities. In the face of unforeseen events, ranging from hackers to hurricanes to employees accidentally deleting the contents of a server, iPremise servers running NovaNet-WEB can immediately recover critical information such as customer databases, accounting records, payroll and benefits information or any other information paramount to continued operations.

"We're not simply using NovaNet-WEB to back up individual PCs, we're using it to back up entire small business infrastructures," says Chris Winfield, VP Sales and Marketing at iPremise. "Because the services we provide to customers are so diverse and comprehensive, we're using the NovaStor software in a widely distributed server environment to back up servers running SQL Server, Exchange, etc., and a tremendous variety of applications and file types."

"Resources such as NovaNet-WEB play a role in allowing leading-edge resellers to offer customers the utmost security and data continuity at predictable set prices," states Peter Means, president of NovaStor. "Progressive resellers such as iPremise can fully leverage the Web offer value added services that improve customer loyalty and can represent new ongoing revenue streams while saving customers valuable time and money."

iPremise's online backup service saves its customers capital costs on external hard drives, tape drives, autoloaders and software and configuration-an attractive proposition when investing in major infrastructure build-outs or renovations. Ongoing savings include avoiding dedicated resources to warehousing space, backup tapes or dedicated man-hours to running and monitoring back up at regular intervals. ...NovaStor profile, ...iPremise profile, Storage Services, online backup

Manchester, UK - August 22, 2005 - Tandberg Data today announced the re-pricing of two of its most popular products. Tandberg Data is now offering up to 20% off the MSRP for the Tandberg 1U StorageLoader LTO2 and the Tandberg 1U StorageLoader DLT VS160 in Europe. Both products have received an extremely positive response across all regions and the price cut comes as a result of Tandberg Data's commitment to maintaining price leadership and value for money.

"The StorageLoader product family has proven highly successful since the initial launch in November 2004, so it's important to listen to our channel partners' feedback regarding pricing," said Andrew Brown, regional sales manager for UK, Eire and South Africa at Tandberg Data. ...Tandberg Data profile, Tape Libraries, Rackmount Storage

Waltham, MA - August 22, 2005 - XOsoft today announced that it has signed a strategic OEM agreement with StoneFly Networks, Inc. StoneFly Networks will re-license XOsoft's WANSync and WANSyncHA software under the StoneFly Replicator CDP brand. StoneFly Replicator CDP will be coupled with StoneFly IP SANs and aimed at enterprises with escalating demands for the highest levels of data integrity. StoneFly Replicator CDP will also augment the capabilities of the StoneFly Backup Advantage disk-to-disk backup system. ...XOsoft profile, ...StoneFly Networks profile, Disk to disk backup

LOS GATOS, CA. - August 22, 2005 - ONStor Inc. today announced that its Bobcat NAS Gateway was selected by the University of California, Merced, as the cornerstone of its storage infrastructure. As the first research university built in the United States in the 21st Century, UC Merced is also one of the first academic institutions to fully integrate information technology into the academic experience. Upon entering the university, all students are assigned home directory storage space where all class work and administrative information is retained, providing a complete record of the students' progress for their entire academic career. The first students will arrive to take advantage of this system in September of 2005.

"Our storage requirements will grow to hundreds of terabytes or even petabytes over the coming years. We needed a storage solution that would grow easily as our needs change, without adding management complexity," said Enrique Flores, UC Merced's Lead UNIX Systems Administrator. "We looked at several NAS solutions. Other providers offered solutions that would not have been sufficiently cost-effective in our environment. Not only would we have spent more with another provider, we would have lost the flexibility to deploy the disk arrays of our choice. ONStor proposed the only solution that met all of our scalability, cost, and open storage objectives." ...ONStor profile

New York - August 22, 2005 - Exanet will demonstrate the ultimate performance NAS with play-out of uncompressed HDTV at the International Broadcasting Conference next month in Amsterdam. The showcase will be using the ExaStore software-based storage system. The company says this new solution affirms Exanet's performance lead in the broadcasting space.

With broadcasting networks planning to significantly expand digital TV coverage by the end of 2006, the need for uncompressed HDTV is now becoming a mainstream requirement. This trend drastically increases the need for high-bandwidth/high-capacity data storage options for the film, broadcast and video postproduction industry. Compared with other storage technologies, NAS is the natural choice to manage the film industry and broadcasters data. It allows data sharing of very high volumes while substantially simplifies systems integration while lowering the overall costs. Exanet NAS solution does not require any special hardware or software in the workstation or host computer, as it is based on off-the-shelf commodity hardware. Now, ExaStore adds superior performance for the most bandwidth demanding applications.

A suitable platform for HDTV must offer sustained performance fast enough to deliver or accept multiple uncompressed or compressed video streams. To date this has only been possible using other, more costly and complicated technologies. Now, ExaStore, Exanet's software-based storage system offers a substantially simpler and low-cost NAS solution specially maximized for rich media application environments. ...Exanet profile, Storage Events & trade shows

ARMY DOIM, FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla - August 22, 2005 - Spectra Logic's T-series tape libraries have been certified as compatible with IBM High Performance Storage System. The IBM software solution helps supercomputing customers better handle large capacity requirements, improve transfer rates across multiple servers, and classify data to be stored. Supercomputing organizations with petabytes of data seek ways to aggregate enormous amounts of information. A petabyte of data will fill tens of thousands of high speed disks or thousands of tapes. Over its life cycle, data may need to be moved multiple times between disk arrays and automated tape libraries, and often multiple copies are needed for the most mission-critical data. Spectra Logic's supercomputing clients include NASA Langley, Fermi National Laboratories, Los Alamos and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories. HPSS software, offered commercially by IBM Global services, supports Linux, IBM AIX, Sun Solaris, and SGI Irix. ...Spectra Logic profile, Tape Libraries

Santa Clara, California - August 22, 2005 - Roxio today announced Toast 7, the most significant upgrade ever to its industry-leading Mac CD & DVD burning suite. Toast 7 complements and extends the functionality of the Mac OS and iLife applications with innovative new features and ground-breaking capabilities that empower users to copy, save, hear and see their entire digital life on CD and DVD. Toast 7 will be publicly available direct from Roxio starting August 31 and in stores in early September at suggested retail price of US$99.95. Headlining the latest version is a number of features that make previously impossible tasks a reality for Mac users. These features include multi-image High Definition slideshows with pan and zoom effects, transitions and background soundtracks, audio DVDs with over 50 hours of rich Dolby quality music and advanced navigation, and data spanning, which allows users to backup large files, folders and applications across multiple CDs and DVDs. ...Roxio, CD-RW & DVD-RW, CD & DVD duplicators

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