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Storage news - July 2009, week 3

Megabyte's selection of storage news
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Intel Delivers 1st 34nm MLC SSDs

Editor:- July 21, 2009 - Intel announced a process shrink for its X25-M - SATA 2.5" MLC flash SSD.

The new 34nm devices deliver upto 8,800 (4KB) write IOPS and up to 35,000 read IOPS. R/W speeds are 250MB/s and 70MB/s respectively. R/W latenciy is 65µS and 85µS. The 160GB model is priced at $440 (1,000 unit price point).

...Later:- within a few days, shipments of the new Intel SSDs were suspended due to an internal bug.

Seagate Gasping for Air in HDD Buying Vacuum?

Editor:- July 21, 2009 - Seagate said its annual revenue declined 23% in the year ending July 3 to $9.8 billion compared to the previous year.

The company also reported a net loss of $3.1 billion.

Editor's comments:- Seagate is a single product company which makes nearly all its money from products and services related to hard drives.

In addition to the recession - the company has been impacted by faster than anticipated take up of SSDs - a technology in which Seagate's biggest investments to date have been:- an unsuccessful legal attack on STEC's patent IP - and numerous articles and blogs in which Seagate's spokespeople pontificate about why SSD technology isn't good enough yet.

That's in stark contrast to hard disk maker Western Digital - which instead of spouting off about SSDs - acquired and integrated an SSD company earlier this year. (Most other HDD makers are parts of big storage companies which already had their own SSD product lines years ago.)

Although the effect of the SSD market in the past year represents a low single digit part of Seagate's 23% revenue decline - the impact of SSDs is a high double digit factor affecting its morale, thinking and outlook for the year ahead.

The company must be well aware of the many design wins in new server and notebook products - which hard disks have already lost to SSDs. In the enterprise server market, in which Seagate was the biggest supplier - the switchover to SSDs will impact some of Seagate's most profitable products.

It must be especially galling for business managers inside Seagate to learn that many of its biggest customers are choosing SSDs instead of HDDs in many product applications - even when the cost per GB of the SSDs is higher. explained why this would happen 6 years ago in our SSD market adoption model . It's not a surprise. Unlike the hard disk market wars of the past - with now extinct competitors - which Seagate won through lower costs - the SSD war is one it can't win.

The best hope for the company is either - that bad things happen in the SSD market - creating a user backlash - or that new applications enabled by SSDs also create a surge in demand for low performance, high capacity, cost sensitive, hard drives.

EMC Secures Data Domain for $2 billion

Editor:- July 20, 2009 - EMC , today announced that it has acquired majority ownership of Data Domain.

Once EMC completes the acquisition of Data Domain, which is expected by the end of July, Data Domain will become the foundation of a new product division within EMC's storage business focused on the development and delivery of next-generation disk-based backup, recovery and archive solutions.

EMC's successful offer price of $33.50 per share effectively values Data Domain at $2.1 billion. EMC said it expects expects this new division to continue growing revenue at significant double-digit rates achieving $1 billion in revenue in 2010.

Editor's comments:- the Data Domain bidding saga surfaced in the newswires 2 months ago - when Network Appliance made an offer for about $1.5 billion.

Looking for Cheaper Flash?

Editor:- July 17, 2009 - "Future NAND price reductions will be much less than what we have experienced" - according the analysis in a new article by Lane Mason, Memory Market Analyst at Denali Software.

Lane Mason analyzes the market assumptions, and historic cost base for SLC and MLC flash (including x4) for various geometries and suppliers - and discusses the likely cost per GB upto 2013.

In the past 4 - 5 years the price per GB for flash memory shrank by approximately x100 - but the author warns that in the next 4 years the price shrink may be in low single digits. the article , Analysts - SSD market

STEC Announces Nearly $150 million of SSD Orders

Editor:- July 16, 2009 - STEC announced it has received $120 million order for its ZeusIOPS SSDs from a single enterprise storage customer for delivery in the 2nd 1/2 of 2009.

This followed an earlier announcement that the company has partnered with a leading defense systems contractor to supply its MACH8 industrial SSDs for integration into a platform designed on behalf of the U.S. Military as part of a 12 month, $28 million supply contract.

SaberTooth SSD Bites into Eee PC Upgrade Market

Editor:- July 15, 2009 - Active Media launched its SaberTooth brand of SATA Mini PCIe MLC flash SSD cards as upgrades for Asus Eee PCs. R/W speeds are upto 155MB/s and 100MB/s respectively. The 64GB model costs $219.95.

The company's marketing VP - Jerry Thomson says "SaberTooth SSDs deliver read and write speeds that are up to 5x faster than stock storage devices in the Eee PC. Upgrading gives users a huge performance boost..."

Verbatim's 500GB USB HDD

Editor:- July 15, 2009 - Verbatim launched the SureFire range of palm sized Firewire / USB compatible hard drives.

The top of the range, 500GB model, costs about $179.99.

That's about 44% less than a similar 500GB USB drive cost 12 months ago.

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