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Scanimetrics, Inc., headquartered in Edmonton, Canada, has pioneered next-generation semiconductor technology which makes chips. Smaller. More room for more chips, thus more product features. Faster. Chip-to-chip communication is much faster. Greener. Less power is required, so systems run cooler and longer.

  • editor's comments:- February 2010 - Scanimetrics designs building blocks- in the form of HyperLink compatible multi chip modules - which simplify the process of interfacing high density NAND flash memory into fast SSD designs - such as products aimed at the PCIe SSD market.
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  • RAM Cache Ratios in flash SSDs - it's important to know the underlying RAM cache architecture - even if you're happy with the R/W and IOPS performance.
  • 2010 - 1st Fizz in the SSD Bubble? - even the dogs in the street know this is going to be a multibillion dollar market. Greed will play as big a part as technology in shaping the SSD year ahead.
  • the pros and cons of using SSD ASAPs - auto tuning SSD appliances are a new category of SSD which entered the market in the 2nd half of 2009 to accelerate servers without needing human tune-ups. How can you tell if they are right for you? And how well do they work?
  • the Problem with Write IOPS - in flash SSDs - long established as a useful performance modeling metric - this article explains why some specs are exaggerated when applied to flash SSDs - or predict the wrong results for many common applications.

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