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Below you can see details of the Violin 1010 SSD
as it looked here on in Q1 2009.

It was launched in August 2007.

Violin's advertising for this SSD system here on began in September 2007.
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Violin 1010 - world's densest  DRAM  array -  for  HPC and data center server acceleration
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Violin Memory Violin 1010 Memory Appliance......................

DRAM version (launched August 2007)

SLC Flash SSD version (launched November 2008)

The Violin 1010 is the industry's first Memory Appliance, based on the patent-pending Violin Switched Memory (VXM) technology. It's capable of supporting both Scalable Memory (DRAM) or High Performance Storage (NAND Flash) or a mixture of the two.

The Violin 1010 has been designed to provide cost-effective memory redundancy and protect against data loss. Its RAID algorithms store data redundantly across multiple VIMMs. The fully loaded system contains up to 4 hot spare VIMMs and supports non-disruptive replacement of VIMMs. Multiple VIMMs in the system can fail without the application losing any data.

The Violin 1010 provides significant benefits to applications with requirements for low latency or small file sizes. Video server applications benefit from the ability to have the same video simultaneously read by thousands of clients, without disk thrashing.

Interface options include:- PCIe, Fibre Channel and Ethernet.

DRAM version

Designed for HPC and data center applications, the aggressively priced Violin 1010 connects via PCIe and supports 504GB of DRAM in a 2U chassis. Capacity can scale to 10 terabytes. Read write throughput is upto 1,700MB/s and 1,000MB/s respectively with 3 microseconds latency. A single 2U Violin 1010 can deliver over 3 million random IOPS.

SLC Flash SSD version

This provides 4TB SLC flash SSD capacity in 2U.

Its patent pending non blocking architecture delivers very fast performance - 200K random or sequential sustained write IOPS. 300K random or sequential read IOPS.

Due to its superior garbage collection - this performance does not degrade significantly with use (unlike the case with most other flash SSDs). Latency: is 70-300 microseconds

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