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The E-Disk Altima below (launched in November 2007)
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3.5 inch fibre-channel flash SSDs from  BiTMICRO Networks
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BiTMICRO Networks E-Disk Altima E-Disk® Altima™ 4Gb Fibre Channel 3.5" Flash Solid State Disk

Solid state storage pioneer BiTMICRO Networks' E-Disk® Altima™ 4Gb Fibre Channel flash solid state hard disk offers optimum solution to address ever growing storage capacity requirements and performance demands of today's computing applications. It is designed without device driver requisites, making it easy to install and operate. Armed with patented FlashBus™ technology, the E-Disk® Altima™ 4Gb Fibre Channel solid state disk offers full duplex burst rates of up to 800 MB/sec, sustained rates of up to 230 MB/sec, and storage capacities of up to 640 GB at 1 inch height.
  • 3.5-inch form factor
  • 4Gb Fibre channel dual port interface
  • capacity: - 640GB at 1 inch, Up to 1.6 TB
  • Access Time:- From 30-100 usec
  • Up to 230 MB/sec Sustained Rates 800 MB/sec Full Duplex Burst Rate

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