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Editor:- Below you can see details of some industrial SSDs which were advertised on during 2011 and 2012.

One of the unusual things about RunCore was that the company had strong product offerings in both the industrial and enterprise markets.

In later years it became clear to external observers that an important aspect of RunCore's business was its willingness and ability to design custom products. Therefore in some respects the COTS products could be regarded as showcasing some of the characteristics which the company could apply to specific customer needs rather than only being "take it or leave it" standard products.
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Editor:- May 1, 2012 - RunCore recently made its SATA SSD on a chip - the rSSD - available on 3 different plug-in MiniDOMs. RunCore  SATA mini DOMs
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RunCore Industrial Series RunCore's Industrial Series SSD family includes many form factors and interfaces for designers of high reliability, and high performance embedded systems.

Options across these product ranges include:- SLC or MLC flash, 2 million hrs MTBF, 48 bits ECC every 512 bytes of data, and extended operating temperature range from -45°C~+85°C
  • 2.5"SATA SSD - the Elite range has capacity from 8GB to 128GB, and R/W speeds of 150/130 MB/s.
  • 2.5"PATA SSD - the Elite range has capacity from 8GB to 128GB, and R/W speeds of 75/35 MB/s.
  • SATA DOM - 26mm×46.3mm×1 mm - Elite has 2GB to 16GB capacity, R/W speeds 85/ 45 MB/s.
  • PATA DOM - 20.5mm×47.5mm×1 mm - Elite has 2GB to 16GB capacity, R/W speeds 50/ 30 MB/s.
  • CF Card - 32GB to 256GB capacity, R/W speeds 50 / 30 MB/s

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