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Another product from SSD market History

the BladeDrive E28 from CoreRise

as it looked here (below) in 2014



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review of Comay BladeDrive E28 PCIe SSD - on
the Comay BladeDrive E28 PCIe SSD - from CoreRise
The BladeDrive E28 is a high performance Gen. 2 X8 enterprise PCIe SSD in a full height, 3/4 length form factor designed for enterprise acceleration applications.

  • capacity options:- 1,024GB raw / 800GB usable
    2,048GB raw / 1,600GB usable
    4096GB raw / 3,200GB usable
  • max R/W throughput:- upto 3.4GB/s, and 3.2GB/s respectively
  • performance:- 512B Sequential IOPS - upto 1.3 million

    4KB - 520K / 440K R/W IOPS
  • write endurance:- over 3.4 DWPD for 3 years
  • Onboard backup power supply & failure handling circuits
  • data retention:- 10 years at 25ºC
  • OS support:- Windows Server 2012/2008/2003; Linux (major distributions)
  • max power:- 35 Watts

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"The BladeDrive E28 performed well and had no compatibility issues on our platforms. In our testing it was surprisingly resilient in heavy write workloads."
Paul Alcorn, Enterprise Storage Editor, in his review - reviews 1.6TB BladeDrive E28 (April 15, 2014)
image of PCIe SSD from  CoreRise
fast enterprise PCIe SSDs
Comay BladeDrive E28
from CoreRise
Change your SSD supplier - not your wish list.

High end enterprise PCIe SSD performance

doesn't have to mean high end costs.

by Zsolt Kerekes, editor -
When I first saw the preliminary datasheet for the BladeDrive E28 - it brought a smile to my face - because it reminded me about the good old days of the early PCIe SSD market - when products were designed to pack as much raw acceleration performance as possible into a single module.

In the case of the E28 I was curious to see - where did that performance come from?

When I looked at the details - I saw that the card has 8x LSI SF-2581controllers onboard. So a conservatively cautious design - and not one which requires great investment of time for the evaluator - such as when looking under the hood of a proprietary controller design.

And some of the benchmark comparison graphs of the E28 versus well known industry leading products - seemed to support the view that performance was a prime consideration in this product.

So I asked Bailey Cypress, International Manager at CoreRise if that was going to be the company's positioning - as one of the fastest products?

He told me - it's not just about raw performance.

Compatibility with leading applications is one of the things which CoreRise has invested in. And the company is aiming at customers who are looking at value for money too.

The enterprise PCIe SSD market is a very competitive market - and users need a reason to look at new suppliers other than simply performance and compatibility.

As a China based SSD manufacturer with a product line which includes enterprise, industrial and consumer markets - CoreRise has very competitive production costs and efficiencies. And that's why the company believes it can offer substantial cost savings to sophisticated enterprise designers - who are looking for high end performance - but don't see why they should also have to pay high end prices for products in a segment which is benefiting from widescale adoption and emerging industry standards in memory and controller design.

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