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CoreRise Electronics Co., Ltd, founded in 2010, has grown to become the biggest SSD company in Eastern China (based on 2012 market data).
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image of PCIe SSD from  CoreRise
fast enterprise PCIe SSDs
Comay BladeDrive E28
from CoreRise
CoreRise - addresses and links
corporate HQ

CoreRise Electronics Co., Ltd
Room 208, No.166 Ren'ai RD,
Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou,
P.R.C. 215123

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Who's who in SSD? - by Zsolt Kerekes, editor - December 2013

CoreRise - has been shipping SSDs since May 2011. CoreRise also markets SSDs under the Comay brand name.

Most of CoreRise's earlier SSD product lines were named after planets (or heavenly bodies) - for example - Venus, Mars, Ceres, Jupiter and Pluto. Although - as these planets were themselves originally named after mythical gods from ancient Europe -they have a duality of metaphoric suggestion - which is a clever idea. See also:- Branding Strategies in the SSD Market

CoreRise is a member of PCI-SIG and its recent enterprise PCIe SSD - Comay BladeDrive E28 Series - used an array of 3rd generation SandForce SSD controllers.

CoreRise is active in these markets:-
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"The BladeDrive E28 performed well and had no compatibility issues on our platforms. In our testing it was surprisingly resilient in heavy write workloads."
Paul Alcorn, Enterprise Storage Editor, in his review - reviews 1.6TB BladeDrive E28 (April15, 2014)
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no magic bullet to shorten how long it takes to verify design and build processes in Bullet Train SSDs
Editor:- April 26, 2018 - Aspects of the journey to get TB industrial SSDs approved for use in China's bullet trains were announced today by CoreRise which beat 7 other competitors and has been supplying batches of its SSDs for onboard use in these world's fastest running (200 mph) passenger trains since 2016.

CoreRise's Product Manager said - "Before mass production, there are more than 500 items of the tests in 57 categories to be passed. Moreover, the test standard is very strict. It need not only to conform to the customer requests or nominal standards, but also enough safety redundancy, and guarantee the reliability and consistency of technical performance."

Editor's comments:- The interesting thing in this story is how the customer qualification processes and verification tests for reliable operation in harsh environments for electronics take longer than the original design of the SSD. That’s one of the distinguishing characteristics of the industrial SSD business and sets it apart from consumer and enterprise markets.
SuperCloud rebuilds RAID 20x faster with CoreRise
Editor:- July 3, 2015 - CoreRise today noted some record breaking performance results from one of its customers - SuperCloud (a well known Chinese cloud server manufacture) based on a configuration with CoreRise's PCIe SSDs in a 4U server with 2x 56Gbs InfiniBand ports.

Among other things SuperCloud said its lab results showed that RAID rebuilding was 20x faster than without the SSD - using a RAID5 configuration of 6D+1P. While RAID throughput was 10 to 14GB/s and 1 to 1.5 million 4KB IOPS.

CoreRise said that its enterprise grade PCIe SSDs have been widely deployed in the area of cloud computing, internet infrastructure, education, government and communications.
CoreRise ships new HHHL BladeDrive PCIe SSD
Corerise E24 PCIe SSDEditor:- April 20, 2015 - CoreRise today announced customer shipments of a new version of its BladeDrive family of gen 2 x8 PCIe SSDs - the E24 - which has a smaller form factor than the earlier E28.

Its ASIC based implementation supports upto 1.6TB capacity, 275K IOPS (4KB) and 2GB/s throughput in half-height half-length.

Software support includes Windows Server, Linux and virtualization such as Xen, Hyper-v, as well as TRIM.
CoreRise discloses thinking re SSD controllers
Editor:- September 24, 2014 - I've noticed some news updates recently from CoreRise.

Viewed singly the content appears lightweight and more like tweets than the usual kind of news I would write about on the SSD news page - but when viewed as a total set they give a useful picture of technology directions at CoreRise.

In the space of single week CoreRise reported visits from Seagate (re SF3700 controllers), Micron (re flash memory), SMI (re controllers) and also JMicron (re controllers).

CoreRise also made a refreshingly candid comment about its own attitude to the kind of reference designs which SSD controller makers typically offer SSD oems as a quick to market route to market (in which the SSD maker simply takes the design from the controller maker as a ready made IP solution and simply just adds their own memory.

CoreRise said that due to quality considerations - and its own expertise - "as a rule, CoreRise never uses the reference design due to potential defects. In the past CoreRise has found critical bugs in almost every such solution."
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