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Dane-Elec Memory

Founded in France in 1985 by David Haccoun and Nessim Bodokh, Dane-Elec is a global leader in memory-based consumer electronic devices. The company assembles and distributes products through its own distribution network in Europe (France, United-Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Scandinavia, Holland, Italy and Spain), in the U.S.A., Asia and recently Israel. More information about the company can be found at:

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  • editor's note:- in May 2007 Dane-Elec launched a range of external hard drives. The company said this was in aniticipation of a new solid state disk product range which would follow.

    "By moving into the external hard disk drive market today, Dane-Elec Memory is laying the groundwork for the launch, over the coming months, of the next generation internal hard disk drive, the SSD (Solid State Disk): a Flash memory based hard disk drive whose market potential will be very strong in the years ahead."

    In October 2009 - Dane-Elec Memory announced it will start shipping a range of USB 3 compatible external SSDs with 250MB/s throughput in December. These new products leverage Intel's flash SSDs.

    However - when I looked at their website in January 2011 - I couldn't find any SSDs - just flash memory cards and modules.
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