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MILPITAS, Calif. - August 7, 2001 - DISC Inc. today announced that it has purchased all of the outstanding shares of NSM Storage GmbH, a CD and DVD library systems company located in Bingen, Germany, pursuant to which NSM has become a wholly-owned subsidiary of DISC. The merger allows DISC and NSM to provide their combined customers with a variety of NearLine storage products based on DVD-RAM and Magneto-Optical technologies. NSM Storage GmbH will change its name to DISC GmbH and continue to develop products focused on the mid-range storage market from existing facilities in Bingen, Germany. DISC Inc. will continue to concentrate its development efforts on products targeted at the enterprise-level and systems markets. With manufacturing, sales and customer service in both the United States and the European Community, the combined company can readily serve geographic markets that account for 85% of all IT purchases worldwide. The Company will also build upon existing relationships in the international marketplace outside Europe and North America. ...DISC profile

Redmond, Washington - August 7, 2001 - Advanced Digital Information Corporation announced today that it has signed a lease on a new 148,000 square-foot building that will nearly double the size of its Denver, Colorado facilities in a move designed to help the Company keep pace with the increasing demand for its storage products. The new facilities will provide added space for manufacturing, research and development, test and systems engineering labs, customer service and support, and training activities. Occupancy of the new building is expected to take place by the end of December, 2001. Announcement of this move comes less than one year after ADIC occupied new space that nearly doubled its facilities in Redmond, Washington, where the Company is headquartered.

"We are expanding facilities because we need more room to keep growing," explained Jon Gacek, ADIC CFO. "Through the second quarter of fiscal 2001, we had sustained 50% compounded annual growth over the previous 22 quarters. This included dramatic increases in both our branded and our OEM business and the addition of new mid-range and large library systems. Although the slowdown in IT spending has reduced our growth rate for our third fiscal quarter, without the effects of our recent acquisition of Pathlight Technology, revenue is still expected to grow 20-30 percent over the same period last year, and we expect it to continue at double-digit levels. We are investing now so that we can continue to be the preferred data management choice for our customers and to be prepared for accelerated growth as IT spending picks up." ...ADIC profile

KING OF PRUSSIA, PA – Aug. 7, 2001 – InfiniCon Systems., a premier developer of InfiniBand-enabled, multi-protocol intelligent system area network and I/O infrastructure products, continues to examine the top considerations of data center managers and CIOs responsible for the growth and maintenance of high-bandwidth environments. In a new article released today, which appears as a nibble in the right hand column of this news page, the benefits of applying InfiniBand to create a centralized server I/O infrastructure, along with the implications of disaggregating the I/O subsystem from the processor complex, are examined. ...InfiniCon Systems profile

MILPITAS, Calif., August 7, 2001 - LSI Logic Corporation is supplying high performance PCI-X I/O chips to Compaq Computer Corporation for its market-leading ProLiant™ DL760 and ProLiant ML750 servers. This is the first PCI-X controller ASIC to be used in high-volume servers, providing enterprise customers with ultra high performance and scalability for the most demanding applications.

The I/O chip functions as a host-to-PCI-X bridge, supporting multiple PCI-X and PCI cards in the Compaq ProLiant servers. The PCI-X technology doubles the throughput of the PCI bus, significantly increasing the bandwidth available for many high-performance applications such as Gigabit Ethernet, Fibre Channel, Ultra320 SCSI and cluster interconnects.

"LSI Logic's goal is to continue to engage with market leaders like Compaq to provide emerging I/O solutions that enable greater server bandwidth," said Ron Kroesen, vice president of LSI Logic's Internet Computing Division. "The PCI-X controller allows Compaq to support high-speed, 64-bit bus architecture for faster server and storage applications." ...LSI Logic profile

LIGHTWATER, UK ­ 7 August 2001 ­ MaxOptix Corporation have signed a distribution agreement with Sedicom Europe BV to distribute the full range of MaxOptix Tape Libraries and Appliances to resellers across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Commenting on the reason for the relationship with MaxOptix Corporation, Willco Van der Wel, Managing Director of Sedicom Europe said,

"MaxOptix offer more than just tape storage solutions ­ because they can integrate any of the popular tape drive technologies in their Libraries, Autoloaders and Raid Appliances, we can offer our customers storage solutions which meet their capacity, performance, feature and cost requirements. Besides the superior technology offered by MaxOptix, its flexibility and appliance products fit our strategy to offer complementary products to our Select Resellers with the opportunity to make more complete Server Based Computing solutions."

"Storage is an essential part of the solution today and we believe Sedicom will be able to share in the MaxOptix success by selling our tape Appliance, library and Autoloader products for backup applications in the thin-client/server markets," said Brian Blanchard, Vice President of EMEA for MaxOptix.

Sedicom will distribute the complete range of products including the new MaxOptix LTO libraries and the RAID tape appliance, StreamIT, which meet the performance and reliability demands of SAN-based serverless backup applications. ...Maxoptix profile, ...Sedicom Europe

ANAHEIM, Calif. - August 6, 2001 - MTI Technology Corp. today announced the introduction of MTI V-Cache™, a shared file caching technology that dramatically accelerates the performance of leading business applications. MTI V-Cache offers virtually instantaneous file access to heterogeneous UNIX and Windows NT/2000-based applications at speeds up to 100 times faster than traditional hard disk drive technology.

Leveraging switched Fibre Channel fabric technology to enable multiple application servers to concurrently access data, V-Cache also incorporates MTI's patented DataShield volume mapping technology, which allows V-Cache storage to be securely allocated among multiple servers simultaneously. The combination of switched Fibre Channel connectivity and DataShield allows new applications and data to be easily added to V-Cache in a safe, secure and economical manner.

"As information storage needs continue to skyrocket, companies must quickly put in place a storage infrastructure to help them keep pace, while reducing the cost of managing and administering this data," said Jay Kidd, vice president of Product Marketing, Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. "SANs are one of the most strategic information technology investments businesses can make. By enabling customers to share centralized V-Cache resources across multiple applications in a SAN environment, MTI helps our mutual customers realize a high return on their SAN investments."

MTI V-Cache preserves the investment in current IT infrastructures by seamlessly attaching to existing servers, regardless of the existing storage that is attached to those servers. V-Cache can be scaled independently of both servers and storage devices, allowing V-Cache processing and capacity resources to be increased separately from changes to disk capacity or servers. In addition, by accelerating application performance without changing current system configurations, MTI V-Cache can eliminate or significantly delay the need for upgrading both servers and storage to handle increased processing loads. Consistent with the high availability architecture of all MTI storage solutions, V-Cache incorporates features such as redundant hot-swappable components, sophisticated data protection capabilities, and built-in management toolset for centralized administration.

Popular SAN applications that can benefit from MTI V-Cache include databases, e-mail, ERP, MRP, authentication servers, CAD, process control and any other application that requires intensive disk I/O.

MTI V-Cache is available in a wide variety of configurations, ranging in capacity from 4 GB to hundreds of GBs, and is compatible with popular open systems platforms including UNIX and Windows NT/2000. MTI V-Cache products are available now. ...MTI Technology profile

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WOODLAND HILLS, Calif. - August 6, 2001 ­ Nexsan Technologies today announced that it has moved its worldwide headquarters to the U.S. Founded in the U.K. in 1998, Nexsan has already shipped over 4,000 storage systems throughout Europe and will soon announce a full line of innovative RAID systems whose exceptional price/performance enable organizations, large and small, to make more effective use of this critical storage technology. ...Nexsan Technologies profile

SANTA CLARA, Ca., and BOULDER, Colo., August 6, 2001 - InterTrust Technologies Corporation, provider of the leading trusted Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology, and DataPlay, Inc., developer of the universal media format for all things digital, today announced a strategic relationship to create a portable media distribution platform for protected content such as music.

Universal Music Group, EMI Recorded Music and BMG Entertainment are all planning to release pre-recorded music on DataPlay digital media for use in multiple consumer electronic devices. InterTrust and DataPlay will create a format for DRM-based content storage on DataPlay digital media. Consumer electronics manufacturers, including Samsung, Toshiba and SONICblue (makers of the Diamond Rio), which are developing DataPlay-enabled devices, will also be able to license the format. InterTrust's recently announced Rights|System provides a secure environment for music with a transparent user experience. Users can play their InterTrust-protected content in any DataPlay-enabled device. Users will also have the ability to move the content to their desktop computers and portable devices. For content providers and consumers, this seamlessly integrates content purchased online and content bought on DataPlay digital media.

"A standard for protected portable media is essential to create the CD's successor," said Talal Shamoon, EVP business development, InterTrust. "InterTrust believes that DataPlay's position with 3 of the 5 major labels and its cutting edge format delivers a compelling consumer entertainment experience. A ubiquitous protected format beyond the CD is the only way to conclusively halt music piracy, while giving consumers the rich experience they want." ...DataPlay profile

Chantilly, VA - August 6, 2001 - Network Storage Solutions (NSS) announced major upgrades and price reductions for its award-winning NASengine. The upgraded NASengine, which is shipping today, includes an Intel Pentium III processor operating at 1 GHz, doubles the ECC SDRAM supported to 4GB, and quadruples PCI bus bandwidth. The new model also features externally accessible, redundant, hot-swap fans in a slim 1U package. The company also announced a price reduction of nearly 50% for the product. NSS's NAS products run the optimized SPANStor appliance kernel, developed specifically for high-performance network data access.

"Our customers continue to demand the highest performing, most cost-effective network attached storage appliances on the market," said Brad Clemmons, President and CEO of Network Storage Solutions. "This new offering demonstrates our commitment to delivering the best in departmental and enterprise-class NAS devices."

The company's NASengine is an integral part of the NSS Thunderbolt storage solution, providing as much as 1.8TB of storage in only 4U of rack space and up to 5.4TB of storage in a standard configuration. A one terabyte Thunderbolt NAS system configured with an active/active Ultra-160 RAID storage module and two NASengines in a failover configuration sells for under $50,000 dollars, making it the best network storage value available today. ...Network Storage Solutions profile

SAN FRANCISCO, August 6, 2001 - Scale Eight, Inc. announced today that it has secured $23 million in third-round funding from a group of leading venture capital firms. The funding will be used to advance the company's operations, marketing and sales efforts in support of the Scale Eight Global Storage Service.

The round was led by Oak Investment Partners. STAR Ventures participated as a new investor, joining existing backers InterWest Partners, CenterPoint Ventures, and Crown Advisors.

"Even in today's difficult economic climate, investors and customers continue to see the value of our patent-pending storage solutions," said Dick Watts, president and CEO of Scale Eight. "This third funding round should allow us to become cash flow positive." ...Scale Eight profile

Editor's note:- in total Scale Eight has raised 54.5 million to date. Since January 2000, over 40 storage companies have raised over $1.6 Billion in venture funds.

LOUISVILLE, Colo., Aug. 2, 2001 – StorageTek® this weekend launches a new advertising campaign that uses clever wordplay and visual humor to defy stereotypes, and to convince high-tech and business professionals to join the company's team. The campaign highlights StorageTek's, employee-focused work environment, its technology leadership and its customer-first culture. The campaign will debut this weekend in The Denver Post. The campaign will continue in East and West Coast publications as well as in storage industry trade publications.

"They say working in storage technology isn't exactly brain surgery. Actually, it's more like rocket science," reads one ad, which features an astronaut on the moon.

"This is a fun campaign. It uses humor and it defies stereotypes. This campaign offers a fresh and impactful message from what you have come to expect from StorageTek," said Roger Gaston, StorageTek corporate vice president of Human Resources. "This campaign speaks directly to our target audience, grabs attention and delivers strong messages about StorageTek, and our career possibilities."

The campaign, developed by StorageTek's recruitment advertising firm, the Denver office of TMP Worldwide, is based on focus groups involving both current employees and potential candidates. These groups probed attitudes, perceptions and misperceptions held by employees and potential candidates. ...StorageTek profile

Editor's comment:- people who know StorageTek well do have a perception of a stodgy company which has maybe lost its grip on a market which now sees shinier, better offerings from many other sources. And StorageTek's recent lawsuits against its ex employees, who left to work at rival ADIC, don't send a positive message either. But the IT recession has displaced vast numbers of talented people with mortgages to pay, and who knows? Maybe they can change the company from within and make it better. If you're looking, here's the link for the StorageTek job search page.

Longmont, Colo. - Aug. 2, 2001 - Case Logic announces the acquisition of Rancho Cucamonga, Calif.-based H & L Products, a rapidly expanding developer and marketer of wireless accessories. H & L Products Chief Executive Officer Ken Margulis remains at the company's helm and retains a significant equity stake in the combined enterprise.

The acquisition marks a significant step for Case Logic in the continued expansion of its offering of accessory products at the intersection of lifestyle and technology. The combination of the two businesses will allow both companies to intensify their focus on servicing their customers and driving further product innovation. ...Case Logic profile

Boston, MA – Aug 2, 2001 - FileFlow, Inc. has announced that the International Center for Entrepreneurial Development (ICED) has chosen FastSend as the file transfer engine for their 900 printing and copying franchise locations worldwide. ICED is the parent organization of the well-known Kwik Kopy, Ink Well, Copy Club, and Franklin's Printing franchises.

FastSend is an Internet-enabled service that greatly reduces the amount of time it takes to send large graphic files from a client to a printer. Regardless of the client's Internet connection speed or file size, FastSend can transmit files up to 25 times faster than regular FTP or email.

"The interface for sending files is already in place on each franchise web site," said Jim Hadfield, ICED Vice Chairman. "By enabling FastSend as the turbocharged engine behind that interface, our clients won't have to waste hours transmitting files, or spend valuable time and money delivering them on removable media."

As graphic files get larger, fewer options for transmitting them to printers are available. E-mail programs and ISP's tend to limit the amount of data that can be attached to an e-mail message, making it difficult for large jobs to be sent electronically. FTP solutions help sidestep that issue, but slow Internet connections often make it a frustrating chore for customers. FastSend avoids both these issues, often transmitting as much as 25-megabytes in less than 3 minutes over a dial-up connection. Without FastSend, transmitting that amount of data takes hours. According to Richard DiStasi, FileFlow's Vice President of Sales, other file transfer systems offer similar levels of sophistication, but rely on increased bandwidth and proprietary networks to increase transfer speeds. Without the sender and recipient moving to higher bandwidth, transfer speeds are too slow and it simply takes too long to send large files. That's not the case with FastSend.

"After extensive testing, ICED has discovered that FastSend is the only product that addresses automation and speed without relying on additional hardware or bandwidth to be effective," DiStasi said. "We're very excited to be integrating our technology with such recognizable names as Kwik Kopy, Ink Well, and Franklin's Printing. We're also looking forward to helping their clients discover the fastest, most economical way of delivering their jobs to their printer." ...FileFlow profile

Santa Clara, CA, August 2, 2001 - Auspex Systems, Inc. today announced the availability of a leasing option for its enterprise file servers that enables customers to apply for lease financing directly from the Auspex web site. Customers who utilize the lease financing option will reduce the application process to 10 minutes, have access to a diverse funding source network, and receive instant credit decisions.

The new service, provided by the Capital Acceleration Platform™ from Ampent™, eliminates the paperwork and typical 30-day lag time between filing a lease financing application and receiving financing. It also enables Auspex customers to instantly calculate monthly payments, customize payment plans, generate finance documentation, and view their account status online at any time. There is no application fee.

Ampent, a member of the Equipment Leasing Association of America and the United Association of Equipment Leasing, draws on a nationwide network of wholesale funding sources that increases the likelihood of lease financing approval for companies regardless of their credit rating.

"Leasing our file servers can offer significant advantages, ranging from lower-cost financing to conservation of working capital, better cash flow management and tax benefits involving accelerated depreciation," said Peter Simpson, Chief Financial Officer of Auspex Systems. "Our new online application and loan processing service simplifies the process of securing lease financing and thereby gives customers an attractive option for bringing the storage management and file serving power of Network Attached Storage into their business environment." ...Auspex Systems profile

Boston, Mass.- August 2, 2001 - EMC Corporation today will outline the next major evolution for its second decade of technology and market leadership — automated information storage. At an annual gathering of more than 400 equity and industry analysts and journalists here, company executives will map out EMC's vision for delivering open, networked information storage solutions with increasingly automated management software that will create unprecedented simplicity and cost savings for organizations coping with massive volumes of data.

Mike Ruettgers, EMC Executive Chairman, said, "The most dramatic customer benefits from information storage lie just ahead, and EMC is paving the way. For the past decade EMC has brought continuous innovation and advancement to the storage, protection, sharing and management of information. Information storage is still very early in its evolution as an independent technology. We are expanding the role of information storage from a networked information repository to an active enabler of business. The next major step is automated information storage, which will enable organizations to set high-level IT policy and have all the needed changes to their information infrastructures happen almost automatically. EMC's goal is to help our customers do more with less, driving their costs down while driving their revenues up." ...EMC profile

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO - August 1, 2001 - LSI Logic Corporation today announced the termination of a definitive agreement calling for X-FAB Semiconductor Foundries AG to purchase LSI Logic's Colorado Springs semiconductor manufacturing facility. LSI Logic stated that X-FAB did not secure the required funding to close the proposed $120 million transaction. Last April, LSI Logic announced its planned closure of the 1635 Aeroplaza Drive facility in direct response to the adverse economic climate and the widespread inventory correction in global communications and storage markets.

LSI Logic is planning to close the Colorado Springs facility in September or October. The company will resume its efforts to identify a buyer for the facility. ...LSI Logic profile

Burnaby, BC, August 01, 2001 - Merlin Software Technologies International, Inc. - today announced a new line of network attached appliances.

"The Essential Server NAS+ is the first product in our line of network attached appliances," announced Robert Heller, CEO of Merlin. "We have been working closely with our VARs to design and develop a line of products that provide real solutions for small to medium-sized enterprises. The response to our products has been extremely encouraging and we will be rolling out additional models in the near future."

"Every VAR that has had a demonstration of the Essential Server to date, is certain that they can sell this product," confirmed Cheryl McReynolds, VP Sales at Merlin. "It is an affordable solution that fits a current business need and is easy to install and manage."

The Essential Server products are a line of network attached appliances that meet the needs of small to medium-sized enterprises, with 1-100 employees. Essential Server NAS+ addresses two of the biggest challenges in managing a company's information: scaling data storage capacity as digital files grow, and protecting a business from the financial and legal disaster that arises from the loss of important information. Essential Server NAS+ eliminates the frustration of piecing together components by offering a fully integrated storage and backup solution so companies can focus on their top priority - their business. Complete with hard drive storage, tape drive, CD-RW, and backup software, these products bring, to the customer, confidence that their data is stored safely and regularly backed up.

At an entry-level price of $995.00 USD, these products are a perfect fit for a small to medium-sized business, regional office, or corporate department. ...Merlin Software Technologies profile

ANAHEIM, Calif., August 1, 2001 ­ MTI Technology Corp. today announced that it has joined the FCIA's SANmark Qualified Program. The SANmark Qualified Program is a product branding program sponsored, operated, and promoted as an open industry conformance suite by the FCIA. As a member, MTI will obtain a license to use the SANmark trademarked logo on products that meet the program standards.

"Becoming a member of the SANmark program, like our membership in the FCIA itself, allows us to continue to assure customers of our adherence to standards of interoperability and product quality," said John Hamrick, product marketing manager at MTI. "We have supported the mission of the FCIA since joining as a principal member, and we'll continue to promote MTI Fibre Channel-based families of products as highly manageable, highly evolved storage solutions," Hamrick added. ...FCIA profile, ...MTI Technology profile

UK - August 01 2001 - Ideal Hardware today announces it has been officially appointed as a Compaq SAN System Integrator (SSI) following a comprehensive audit undertaken by Compaq. This prestigious accreditation will only be held by a small number of Compaq channel partners in the United Kingdom.

"In fulfilling our criteria for Compaq SSI accreditation, Ideal Hardware has demonstrated that it is able to successfully manage its customers' SAN requirements," says David Sedgwick, Compaq storage business manager. "The SAN market is growing rapidly, and it is important for customers to have confidence tht they are dealing with companies that can manage their requirements effectively. Compaq audits SSI accredited companies stringently to ensure they remain capable of building and implementing appropriate SAN solutions." ...Compaq profile, ...Ideal Hardware profile

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.- August 1, 2001 - VERITAS Software Corporation today announced the expansion of its management team with key executives hired to lead the company's execution on targeted initiatives and support VERITAS Software's continued revenue growth.

Today, VERITAS also announced the departure of Peter Levine, executive vice president, Worldwide Strategic Operations, who is leaving VERITAS Software to pursue personal interests.

The new vice presidents include: Doug Roseborough, senior vice president of Marketing, Camberly Bates, vice president of Field, Channel, and Alliances Marketing; John Belz, vice president of Cross Division Services; John Brigden, vice president and general counsel; Pat Lambs, vice president of Global Business and Service Delivery; Pradip Patiath, vice president of OEM and Strategic Alliances; Dino Petrakis, vice president of Global Strategies.

"We have continued to build our management team with experienced professionals who will help us deliver on our charter for software interoperability, expand offerings in key storage software growth areas and further international expansion." said Gary Bloom, president and chief executive officer, VERITAS Software Corp. "At the same time, I would like to acknowledge Peter's 11 years of service to the company and wish him well in his new endeavors. Peter helped the company through the early years and the new executives being announced today will help align VERITAS for the next phase of the company's development."

With the departure of Levine, Kris Hagerman, senior vice president, will take over the Strategic Operations role reporting to Bloom. The marketing organization currently reporting to Levine will be consolidated under Doug Roseborough, senior vice president of Marketing and will also report to Bloom. ...VERITAS Software profile
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Centralizing Server I/O Infrastructure with InfiniBand

by InfiniCon Systems

In this article, the benefits of applying InfiniBand to create a centralized server I/O infrastructure, along with the implications of disaggregating the I/O subsystem from the processor complex, are examined.

To achieve optimal performance in current-generation servers, a dedicated I/O subsystem, typically based on the PCI local bus, must be tightly bound to each processing complex. The InfiniBand architecture, which provides an industry-standard framework for connecting devices via a very low latency, high bandwidth link, enables the creation of a sharable, centralized I/O infrastructure. Multiple next-generation servers can be connected to this I/O infrastructure via InfiniBand links, resulting in many potential benefits, including data center space savings, bandwidth migration, decreased deployment cost, simplified systems management, and improved cable management.

Due to the high cost associated with providing a truly secure and reliable environment for housing computer equipment, maximizing the utilization of data center space is becoming increasingly important. Server density has improved dramatically, and this trend will continue with the introduction of server-blade technology. Applying InfiniBand to create a sharable, centralized I/O subsystem will accelerate this trend by allowing designers to replace the dedicated I/O subsystem associated with each server with InfiniBand connections scaled to meet the bandwidth and reliability requirements of the server. This will enable further reductions in the size of each server, resulting in significantly improved data center space utilization.

In many application environments, the I/O activity generated by a specific server tends to be somewhat uneven. Periods requiring high I/O throughput are generally followed by periods of lower demand. Servers are often configured with sufficient dedicated capacity to handle the peak bandwidth requirements, but this can result in low average link utilization. An important benefit of the shared I/O subsystem approach is that it allows the bandwidth provided by the shared links to migrate to the servers with the highest demand, providing those servers with significantly higher instantaneous bandwidth than would be feasible with dedicated resources, while simultaneously improving link utilization.

In addition to increasing the bandwidth that can be made available to any given server, the shared I/O model can also significantly reduce the total cost of deployment with respect to a server cluster. In high-availability environments, servers often support redundant connections to multiple infrastructures, including the storage area network, the local area network, and sometimes a separate inter-process communication network. While effective in eliminating single points of failure, this can be a costly approach that requires additional dedicated server ports as well as additional infrastructure ports. The centralized I/O model allows the I/O bandwidth to be matched to the requirements of the entire cluster, reducing port count and complexity, with cost savings of approximately 50 percent.

The reduction in port connections results in significant business and technical benefits for CIOs and data center managers as well. Maintaining and growing high-bandwidth data centers has become increasingly complex and expensive. By deploying a sharable I/O infrastructure, data center topologies can be simplified, reducing the amount of equipment to be managed by system administrators. The growing complexity of the data center cabling matrix can also be substantially reduced.

"Companies have spent thousands of man-hours and millions of dollars deploying their existing data center networks. Therefore, solutions involving InfiniBand must be non-disruptive to the current infrastructure, as well as provide compelling benefits with respect to incumbent technologies," explained Philip Murphy, president and co-founder, InfiniCon Systems. "InfiniCon Systems is focusing its development efforts on these types of solutions."

"Our studies show that a great deal of mindshare has been generated about InfiniBand. However, system administrators are wary of 'yet another fabric in the data center,'" notes John Lawler, directing analyst for E-Business Infrastructure at Infonetics Research. "By positioning its first generation of products as an extended system backplane and not a new LAN technology, InfiniCon Systems avoids these potential barriers to adoption."

InfiniCon Systems will continue to address topics regarding InfiniBand in the data center in future articles as part of its ongoing education campaign.

See also:- article:- What is the InfiniBand Ecosystem? - by InfiniCon Systems
Selectronix is a specialist supplier of Fibre Channel cables, GBICs, MIAs and other related Gigabit products.
Squeak! - Animal Brands and Metaphors in the Storage Market
Squeak! - Animal Brands and Metaphors in the Storage Market
Animal marketing metaphors are popular in service industries, but you'd be surprised how many companies have used animals in their marketing of data storage products and services.

The storage market was worth over $150 billion in 2005, and as it gets bigger - more companies will turn to animal brands to help differentiate their otherwise bland products and lend them artificial (or deserving) characters and virtues.

The idea behind this type of marketing is to suggest positive connotations so it's unlikely that anyone will choose to associate their products with gremlins. But you may be surprised by the population of the storage ark.

This reference articles lists all known companies who have furry marketing brands, and also includes some which are slimy, scaly and scary too. ...read the article, Mice in storage
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