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WALTHAM, MA - March 26, 2002 - XML is proliferating throughout the enterprise, and the need to persist XML content beyond just a single transaction or interaction is resulting in the growth of the market for XML storage technologies, according to a report released today by ZapThink, LLC, an XML-focused industry analyst group. The market for XML data storage technologies was only $75 million in 2000, but will grow to over $4.1 Billion by 2005.

The primary methods in use today for storing XML documents include XML-enabled (or extended) relational databases, Native XML Data Stores (NXDs), Content Management solutions, and file systems. The recently released report by ZapThink highlights these developments and identifies the key technologies, trends, and markets for XML data storage technologies in its "XML Data Storage Technologies and Trends" report.

"Developers are taking advantage of XML's flexibility and extensibility in order to allow content to be shared, redistributed, and recombined easily," said Ronald Schmelzer, senior analyst at ZapThink. "However, these attributes present challenges to current storage architectures. The way that XML is used will dictate the characteristics of the storage technology chosen." Other key findings of the report include:
  • XML-enabled RDBMS vendors consumed only 15% of that market in 2000, but will consume over 65% of the total expenditure by 2005.
  • Native XML Data Store (NXD) vendors will realize around $1.6 Billion in revenue by 2005 NXDs will increasingly become a solution of choice for storage of document-oriented XML content as well as Web Services, B2B messaging, and other transactional formats.
  • RDBMS vendors will continue to add XML support to their systems to provide users a way to leverage their existing storage assets.
This ZapThink report, "XML Data Storage Technologies and Trends" covers the various options focused on meeting the requirements for XML storage and retrieval, and identifies benefits, disadvantages, key market drivers, and sizing and growth of the market for these products. This report covers the requirements for XML storage, drivers for XML storage and adoption, options for XML document storage, XML-enabled RDBMS, "Native" XML Data stores (NXDs), Content Management, and other storage options. ...ZapThink profile

SAN CLEMENTE, Calif. - March 26, 2002 - FIA Storage Systems today announced that Aberdeen LLC, a leading direct marketer of network solutions, computers and computer hardware, will now offer the POPnetserver family of NAS systems to its customer base. With this agreement, POPnetserver becomes the first entry- and mid-level NAS storage product sold by Aberdeen to offer hot swappable drives, a critical reliability feature that allows administrators to replace defective components without taking the system offline. POPnetserver NAS appliances will be available through the Aberdeen LCC e-commerce site, and through the company's staff of technically-trained outbound sales account managers and telesales representatives. The company distributes to over 130,000 SMB solution providers, enterprise IT managers, Internet ISP/IPP/ASP, government, school contractors, and the Telecommunications industries.

"A tremendous opportunity exists in the storage market, and FIA's POPnetserver is a very competitive product offering that will help us grow our business in that arena," said Jack Tateel, vice president of sales, Aberdeen LLC. "We believe the POPnetserver NAS is a natural complement to the Aberdeen computer and server products. Additionally, we conducted our own test of the POPnetserver 4000 and were extremely impressed with its performance. The 4000 is the best product in its category and a worthy competitor to Quantum's SNAP products."

The entry-level POPnetserver 2000 and midrange POPnetserver 4000 provide up to 240GB and 320GB of storage capacity in a 1U enclosure, respectively. Both units offer RAID levels 0, 1 and 5 (POP4000 offers 5+ hot spare), and heterogeneous platform support for Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, Linux, Unix, Apple, and Netware. ...Aberdeen profile, ...FIA Storage Systems profile

PRINCETON, NJ - March 26, 2002 – Princeton Softech today announced it has closed a $21 million deal with Apax Partners, Inc. and co-investor LLR Partners, Inc. The funding enables Princeton Softech to spin out from its parent company, Computer Horizons Corp., and fortify its leadership position in the active archiving market.

"Through a combination of our technology expertise and buyout experience, we successfully identified Princeton Softech as a divestiture candidate," said Greg Case, General Partner at Apax Partners, Inc. "We believe there is great value in helping a subsidiary of a large firm to set out on its own, particularly when - as in this case - the company has a strong value proposition, proven technology, large base of satisfied clients, and has taken the lead position in its market."

According to Lisa Cash, Princeton Softech's CEO, "This transaction is a powerful endorsement of our business and of the active archiving category as a whole, especially given today's economic climate and highly selective venture community. Now we have the financial power to accelerate our marketing and business development plans, and solidify our position as the global market leader in active archiving."

Princeton Softech's Active Archive™ Solutions help companies improve application and database performance and availability by storing data 'smarter.' As a result, database response times are faster and service levels are maintained, without the expense of costly capacity upgrades. Industry analysts are confident of active archiving and Princeton Softech's leadership position in this burgeoning niche in the storage software market. ...Princeton Softech profile

Mountain View, CA - March 25, 2002 - Legato Systems, Inc. today announced that Legato NetWorker® has been successfully interoperability tested with the IBM TotalStorage IP Storage 200i in an iSCSI storage network.

"The completion of testing of Legato NetWorker with the IBM IP Storage 200i further strengthens the portfolio of tested products between Legato and IBM, and further diversifies Legato's information protection and availability solutions for enterprise environments," said Roland Hagan, Vice President of Marketing, Storage Networking Division, at IBM.

The IBM IP Storage 200i, which supports heterogeneous Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Linux clients, is designed to deliver high-performance, reliable, pooled storage using the emerging iSCSI protocol. iSCSI is based on a networking infrastructure that is designed to make it possible for enterprises to migrate quickly and efficiently to iSCSI storage networks and SANs. In addition, the iSCSI protocol supports customer's ability to leverage their investments in Ethernet-based infrastructures such as hubs, switches and routers by facilitating block-level backup and recovery operations using SCSI protocol over IP-based network fabric.

"We're excited to offer this solution because iSCSI technology delivers significant value to enterprises seeking to leverage their existing Ethernet network for high performance information protection operations," said Victoria Grey, Vice President, Information Protection, Legato. "Legato's qualification of NetWorker with the IBM 200i provides end users with information protection alternatives that are on the cutting edge of technology and deliver significant advantages in total cost of ownership and performance." ...IBM profile, ...Legato Systems profile

SAN FRANCISCO - March 25, 2002 -Scale Eight, Inc. announced its strategy for providing breakthrough capabilities in NAS. The company introduced its Distributed Storage Software (DSS) technology at George Gilder's Storewidth conference. Based on patent-pending technology, DSS enables NAS to be distributed locally or globally while retaining a single system image. DSS will serve as the high-performance, highly scalable foundation for a range of Scale Eight products, including a pre-integrated NAS system available later this year.

"Current NAS systems are fundamentally bottlenecked behind a single head," said Josh Coates, founder and CTO, Scale Eight. "DSS enables the creation of scalable, single-image NAS pools, eliminating the performance and manageability issues associated with conventional NAS."

DSS utilizes industry-standard hardware platforms to create NAS pools. Customers can take advantage of reduced equipment costs and advances in processor, hardware, and software to increase their storage ROI. DSS is powered by two patent-pending software components: A distributed file system (8FS) that enables vast numbers of NAS heads to be pooled in a single data center or between multiple geographic locations. 8FS is a patent-pending, full-featured production file system with completely dynamic, distributed management capabilities. This modular approach scales in terms of both capacity and performance. A Distributed Logical Volume Manager (DLVM) that consolidates direct- or SAN-attached block storage devices into one or more logical volumes. ...Scale Eight profile

Dallas, TX - March 25, 2002 – The director of the 1394 Trade Association predicted today that most new notebook computers will incorporate the IEEE 1394 standard by the end of this year.

"The number and quality of new consumer and computer peripheral products designed with 1394/FireWire/i.LINK made a major step forward at the end of 2001," said James Snider, the 1394 Trade Association's executive director. "It continued during the first quarter of 2002. The list is lengthy and impressive."

Snider said design activity is picking up in Europe now, and continues to be strong in China and south Asia, where he will lead a delegation in April. He cited the arrival of the new 'b' version of the standard, which provides a minimum of 800 Megabit/second bandwidth and extended connectivity for FireWire and i.LINK products. ...1394 Trade Association

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SILICON VALLEY, CALIF. - March 25, 2002 - Hewlett-Packard Company, IBM Corporation and Seagate Removable Storage Solutions LLC, the three technology provider companies for the Linear Tape-Open (LTO) Program, today announced that as of February 2002, two million Ultrium format tape data cartridges have shipped worldwide since September 2000, when products based on the format first became commercially available. LTO Ultrium format data cartridges reached the one million-cartridge shipment milestone within 12 months of product availability. In just the past six months, Ultrium tape cartridge shipments have doubled, reaching the two million-shipment-mark in recent weeks.

"This announcement is significant because it demonstrates what the LTO Program believed all along that there is pent up demand for an open-standard, high capacity and high speed super tape drive," said Frank Elliott, Vice President, Storage Systems OEM, Storage Products Division, IBM. "The good news for the enterprise IT community is that today they have multiple manufacturer choices. As the only open standard tape technology in the 'super drive' category, the Ultrium format provides storage managers with reliability, scalability, and flexibility due to the multiple vendor option."

One key driver in the demand for tape data storage has been the need to protect corporate information:- backup and archiving to protect data in the event of disasters, human error or computer viruses. Another key driver is the rising deployment of data-intensive rich media including video, Web content, images, audio and business applications. ...HP profile, ...IBM profile, ...Seagate profile

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BOULDER, Colo. – March 25, 2002 – Spectra Logic today announced an agreement with Northrop Grumman IT, one of the largest providers of Internet and infrastructure solutions to the federal market. Spectra Logic's sharable, high density tape libraries will enhance Northrop Grumman IT's storage offerings, giving government organizations the data protection needed for mission critical information.

"Spectra Logic tape libraries complement our Enterprise Storage and Server, and Storage-On-Demand offerings," said Richard Garifo, vice president of Enterprise Technologies for Northrop Grumman IT. "Spectra Logic's reliable storage technology is suited for the federal government's increasing need for large capacity requirements and data resiliency in areas such as server consolidation."

Spectra Logic's entire line of tape libraries serves as a backup and restore component of Northrop Grumman IT's solutions approach to data storage and will be bundled with storage software, server platforms and Northrop Grumman IT's uniquely engineered technology platforms. Spectra Logic will be an essential part of Northrop Grumman IT's OnSourcing™ Storage, a service methodology that charges customers by capacity usage and is backed by service level agreements. ...Northrop Grumman IT profile, ...Spectra Logic profile

MELVILLE, N.Y., and NEWARK, DE - March 25, 2002 - FalconStor Software, Inc. today announced an OEM partnership to integrate FalconStor's IPStor™ software with Zerowait's high performance storage systems to deliver a unified SAN and NAS solution for enterprise clients. Zerowait's ZHA2200i NAS Plus SAN storage architecture integrates FalconStor's IPStor with Zerowait's standards-based hardware platform, aggregating and provisioning storage resources as NAS or SAN, while providing high availability through a full suite of storage management capabilities, including IPStor's Snapshot Agents, Zero-Impact Backup Enabler, TimeMark/TimeView, and Fast Remote Data Synchronization to give organizations 24x7 access to vital corporate data.

"Our customers have been asking us for years why they can't have the best of both storage worlds. They want the simplicity of implementing NAS and the block-level performance and scalability of SANs," said Zerowait President, Michael Linett. "What's more, they want fast ROI and the ability to reuse legacy equipment. Zerowait considers FalconStor's IPStor as a key component of our storage solution strategy."

The combined solution allows data storage customers to deploy one storage platform for all their data, including database and file-level access, rather than buying proprietary storage systems to handle each type of data separately. Additionally, customers will be able to continue using their legacy disks and storage shelves to maximize their current investments in infrastructure.

"Zerowait is recognized as a leader in the integration of high availability solutions, and has been aggressively developing and pursuing advanced network storage technology to construct a SAN/NAS platform that will store, accumulate and safely protect critical customer data," said Wayne Lam, FalconStor vice president of marketing. "Integrating IPStor with Zerowait's leading-edge storage appliance will provide a comprehensive solution for enterprise customers, with added services such as mirroring, replication, snapshot and zero-impact backup and restore facilitators."

The ZHA2200i NAS Plus SAN storage architecture is an enterprise-ready storage appliance capable of using a customer's existing storage devices and will be accessible via both direct Fibre Channel connection for block-based storage, and via the network file system or common Internet file system for file-based storage. The ZHA2200i provides both NAS for applications that are not access-intensive, and for general purpose, shareable, storage for corporate users and groups, and SANs, for block-level I/O intensive applications. The solution has also passed the certification tests of both FalconStor and Zerowait, and is available immediately. ...FalconStor Software profile, ...Zerowait profile

Munich, Germany – March 25, 2002 – Infineon Technologies today announced the release of engineering samples of 1 Gigabyte (GB) unbuffered DDR SDRAM Dual Inline Memory Modules (DIMMs) and the demonstration of fully functional 2 GB registered DDR SDRAM DIMMs. The 1GB DIMMs are for high-end PC's and workstations, the 2GB DIMMs are for main memory applications in the workstation and server market. The new modules are the industry's first commercial high-density modules based on monolithic (single-chip) 512Mb memory components, providing system OEMs with performance advantages in signal loading, speed, quality and reliability.
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Infineon Announces Engineering Sample Release of One Gigabyte and Demonstration of Two Gigabyte DDR SDRAM Modules

3ware Escalade™ 7000 Controllers Now Enable Over a Terabyte of Storage on a Single ATA RAID Card!

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Guest Nibble:-

by Bob Abraham, President
Freeman Reports

Tape Library Market Snubs Economic Slump

LTO Libraries Steal Spotlight with Runaway Growth in 2001, 2002

OJAI, California - March 27, 2002 - Despite the sluggish global economy of 2001, the tape library industry achieved unit growth of 3% and revenue decline of only 4% compared to 2000 according to the newly completed Freeman Report, Tape Library Outlook 2002. Total demand for tape libraries rose to 63,500 units in 2001 and is projected to climb to 134,800 units in 2007, a compound annual growth rate of 13%. Revenue fell slightly to $2.15 billion in 2001, but will recover quickly and rise steadily to $3.6 billion in 2007, a growth rate of 9%. Total unit shipments and industry revenue will both see strong growth this year vs. 2001.

"LTO libraries took market share from every competing technology in virtually every market segment. LTO libraries were the only category to show growth in 2001, more than offsetting the combined declining shipments of all other categories," says Robert C. Abraham, author of the report. "The increasing adoption of SAN and NAS network storage solutions continues to be the dominant driving force in the growth of automated tape libraries."

LTO Libraries Delight Users, Stun Competition

"The magnitude of the growth of LTO libraries in 2001 was impressive, especially in a slumping economic environment," observes Abraham. Library manufacturers quickly adopted these leading edge compact drives and demand for the libraries leaped from less than 700 units in 2000 to 13,200 units in 2001 as many performance-oriented users choose not to wait for Super DLT or AIT-3. Shipments will grow another 53% in 2002 to 20,100 units and to 55,000 in 2007, a compound growth of 27%. Factors underscoring this strong growth projection include an early market entry, multiple sources for the key library components, a well defined technology migration path, a wide range of library offerings, and competitive pricing.

Despite a significant decline in shipments, DLT libraries retained top volume position in the tape library market in 2001, and will the lead through 2007. DLT libraries commanded a 57% share of 2001 unit shipments, down 12% from the previous year. This percentage will erode to 41% by 2007 due primarily to the continued intrusion of LTO libraries. LTO libraries comprised 21% of unit shipments in 2001 and will match DLT's 41% share of units in 2007. Eight-millimeter libraries accounted for 16% of the 2001 units and will essentially hold that portion of the market through 2007.

Libraries incorporating half-inch cartridge drives, Magstar MP drives, and high performance helical scan drives account for the remaining 6% of unit shipments in 2001. These combined units will comprise 2% of the 2007 total. Shipments of tape libraries using DAT drives ceased in 1999. The market for QIC/SLR libraries has failed to develop and comprise a negligible part of the tape library market.

Revenue Rankings Quite Different

The much higher prices commanded by half-inch cartridge tape libraries allowed them to continue their historic lead in industry revenues in 2001. These models accounted for 42% of library revenue in 2001, down from 52% in 2000. That share will drop to 19% in 2007 as LTO library revenue, which accounted for 20% of 2001 revenue, surges to 40% of 2007 revenue.

"The market for half-inch cartridge libraries is being impacted by the emergence of LTO libraries. Erosion of this segment is also driven by the effects of volume stacking, a feature found in mainframe computers which allows greater utilization of media cartridges, thus requiring smaller or fewer libraries", observes Abraham. DLT libraries comprised 30% of the industry's 2001 revenue. Modest growth will enable DLT's revenue share to grow to 32% by 2007. Together, DLT and LTO technologies will account for 82% of library units and 72% of library revenue by 2007. "Large capacities, high transfer rates, fully standardized media and formats, and a wide spectrum of product offerings will account for the popularity of these two technologies," states Abraham. ...Freeman Reports

Rave Computer
Rave Computer Association, Inc., based in Sterling Heights, Michigan, is an elite global OEM specializing in custom hardware and software integrated solutions including fit, form, function alternatives, private labeling, multi-vendorintegration and legacy product management.
Squeak! - Animal Brands and Metaphors in the Storage Market
Squeak! - Animal Brands and Metaphors in the Storage Market
Animal marketing metaphors are popular in service industries, but you'd be surprised how many companies have used animals in their marketing of data storage products and services.

The storage market was worth over $150 billion in 2005, and as it gets bigger - more companies will turn to animal brands to help differentiate their otherwise bland products and lend them artificial (or deserving) characters and virtues.

The idea behind this type of marketing is to suggest positive connotations so it's unlikely that anyone will choose to associate their products with gremlins. But you may be surprised by the population of the storage ark.

This reference articles lists all known companies who have furry marketing brands, and also includes some which are slimy, scaly and scary too. the article, Mice in storage
Because the 512Mb components used in the new modules use only one silicon chip in a TSOP II package, the Infineon DIMMs achieve superior signal integrity, lower power consumption and higher reliability ratings compared to currently available modules, which use two silicon die in a package. The 1GB unbuffered DIMM uses 18 pieces of 512Mb components configured as 64M x 8. The 2GB registered DIMM uses 36 pieces of stacked 512Mb components organized 256M x 4 which means it can support chip-kill, a feature now found on advanced memory controller systems. Both of the new DIMMs are 184 pin, 2.5V devices, available in speed grades for PC1600 and PC2100.

Currently the highest density modules available in an industry-standard DIMMs, the Infineon modules leverage the memory handling capability of advanced workstation and server chipsets, enabling system suppliers to double on-board memory compared to systems integrating modules based on 256Mb components.
news image - Infineon
Sample quantities of 1GB currently available priced at US $1,900. Samples of the 2GB registered DIMMs will be available to qualified customers during the April time frame at a price of US$ 3,900. Volume pricing is available on request....Infineon Technologies profile

Mountain View, Calif. - March 22, 2002 - 3ware, Inc. will next week release the second generation of its popular Escalade 7000 ATA RAID cards. The new 7.4 firmware features includes support for the Maxtor® Big Drive™ interface standard that breaks the 137 GB barrier allowing more than a terabyte capacity on a single controller - setting a new standard for scalable, high capacity ATA RAID storage.

By combining eight Maxtor DiamondMax® D540X 160 GB drives with the 3ware Escalade 7850, storage-hungry workstations and servers can now achieve 1.2 terabytes of storage served by a single ATA RAID card. With 3ware's enhanced firmware technology, RAID-5 writing speeds can exceed 75 Mbytes per second, which is 500% faster than any other ATA RAID card available today.

"We feel 3ware has adopted a customer-driven product roadmap that addresses RAID storage requirements for both today and tomorrow," said Mike Dooley, senior director of Desktop Product Marketing at Maxtor. "By implementing Maxtor's Big Drive technology, 3ware's data center and enterprise customers can now combine multiple drives to achieve up to 1.2 terabytes for PC servers."

In addition to high capacity drive support, the 7.4 firmware upgrade offers new features such as Maxtor Fast Drive™ ATA/133 support, enhanced background verify and consistency checking, dynamic sector repair and improved rebuild pacing and scheduling features. New drivers add O/S support for Red Hat 7.2, SuSE 7.2 & 7.3, and Windows XP. ...3ware profile

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