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2006, April week 2

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AUSTIN, Texas - April 12, 2006 - Crossroads Systems, Inc. today announced the acquisition of Tape Laboratories, Inc. TapeLabs' history of successful implementations throughout top-tier financial services, healthcare and telecommunications organizations provides Crossroads with the opportunity to expand its Business Information Assurance family of solutions into new markets - benefiting from TapeLabs' established customer base, which includes recognized leaders such as Hewlett-Packard, Sun/StorageTek and Quantum. TapeLabs' employees, solutions and brand will be integrated as Tape Laboratories, Inc., a Crossroads Company. ...Crossroads profile, ...TapeLabs profile, Acquired companies

Stockholm, SWEDEN - April 12, 2006 - Pointsec and Hitachi Software Engineering Co., Ltd. today announced the formation of a new partnership. As the first step in their collaboration, HitachiSoft has obtained OEM rights from Pointsec for its flagship product, Pointsec for PC, which protects against information leakage from lost, stolen or discarded notebooks and PCs through full-disk encryption. HitachiSoft will distribute Pointsec for PC under the name "Hibun AE Full Disk Encryption" as part of its Hibun series of products. ...Pointsec profile, ...Hitachi profile , Storage Security

El Segundo, Calif. - April 12, 2006 - The global Hard Disk Drive industry set an all-time record for growth in 2005 according to iSuppli Corp. Global HDD shipments increased to 376 million units in 2005, up 23% from 2004. iSuppli's ranking of the top 7 HDD suppliers in 2005 based on factory unit shipments is as follows:-
  1. Seagate 28.7%
  2. Western Digital 17.7%
  3. Hitachi 15.5%
  4. Maxtor 14.1%
  5. Toshiba 8.5%
  6. Samsung 7.2%
  7. Fujitsu 6.7%
  8. Others 1.6%
On the negative side, the HDD supply chain was slow to react to the explosion in demand, leading to shortages of disk media. Furthermore, the anxiety level of the HDD market was raised by Apple's move to switch from hard drives to NAND flash memory for its iPod music players, a development that hurt demand for 1-inch drives. However, Apple later introduced its HDD-based iPod video, which led to a resurgence in sales of 1.8-inch drives. Flash memory in 2005 served as a bogeyman for the HDD industry, with much speculation that hard drives would be displaced by solid-state memory in consumer-electronics products and other devices. ...iSuppli profile

MILAN, Italy - April 11, 2006 - Seagate Technology is providing StorCase Technologies Inc. with hard drives for its InfoStation Enclosure Solutions. StorCase has selected a wide range of Seagate's 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch hard drives to be included in its reliable and modular backplane multi-bay storage chassis. ...Seagate profile, ...StorCase profile

BOISE, Idaho - April 10, 2006 - Micron Technology, Inc. today announced the production availability of its DDR2 fully buffered dual in-line memory module (FBDIMM) solutions. Validated in coordination with Intel, Micron's FBDIMMs provide new advanced channel features that vastly improve performance in high-speed, high-density applications such as servers, workstations and networking equipment. Micron's FBDIMMs are available in densities from 512MB to 4GB and speed grades extending to PC2-5300. ...Micron profile, RAM

TAIPEI, TAIWAN - April 10, 2006 - Lite-On IT and BenQ today announced that they have formed a strategic alliance. Lite-On IT will acquire BenQ's storage-related assets, including BenQ's ODM customer portfolio and the rights to use BenQ's technology portfolio. Lite-On IT will also receive order commitments on BenQ-branded storage products. The transaction is expected to increase Lite-On IT's global market share to 27%, making it the world's No. 2 optical disk drive manufacturer. ...BenQ profile, ...Lite-On IT profile

SUNNYVALE, Calif. - April 10, 2006 - Omneon Video Networks will unveil its new MirrorTool later this month at NAB2006. In broadcast environments in which one Spectrum server system is used as the primary machine and a second Spectrum system is used as a backup, MirrorTool automatically copies ingested and edited media files to the backup system, duplicating the folder hierarchy as needed to make it an exact match. When the secondary server is located in an off-site location, MirrorTool supports disaster-recovery configurations by enabling a complete rebuild of the primary server contents. ...Omneon profile, NAB2006

San Jose, CA - April 10, 2006 - The Network Storage Conference next month in Las Vegas, NV is pleased to announce a keynote talk by Dave Barth from Amazon Web Services describing their simple storage service for software developers. Barth's keynote is scheduled for 1:30 PM on Wednesday, May 3. Amazon opened up its data storage infrastructure in early March for virtually any developer or business to use for their own data. Dave Barth, who managed the development and deployment of Amazon S3 from start to finish, will describe how they created a state-of-the-art storage environment using important design principles such as decentralization, asynchrony, autonomy, concurrency, fault tolerance, controlled parallelism, and symmetry.

"The Network Storage Conference attracts some of the most forward-thinking and informed professionals in data storage. We look forward to talking with this group about how Amazon created such a storage service infrastructure and how it can help businesses and clients focus on innovation rather than managing storage," said Dave Barth, Amazon S3 Product Manager, Amazon Web Services. ...Amazon profile, online backup and storage, Storage Events

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