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storage news - 2008, December weeks 3 to 4

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A-DATA Announces 3.5" SSD RAID Enclosure
Taipei, Taiwan - December 30, 2008 - A-DATA Technology Co., Ltd siad it will ship a 3.5" SSD RAID enclosure in Q1 2009.

The A-DATA XPG Dual SSD 3.5" RAID Enclosure is a complete RAID solution through the use of 2x 2.5" SATA SSDs mounted on one standard 3.5" form factor drive cage. This multifunctional RAID enclosure can be used as 2 separate drives, as a redundant drive to protect against drive failure, combined to become one high-performance drive or combined to become one large drive. All these different RAID configurations and more can be set by using a hardware DIP switch on the back of the unit or software. Connection via SATA or USB enables easy direct access. ...A-DATA profile

RunCore Announces Notebook Upgrade SSDs

Editor:- December 29 , 2008 - RunCore announced 1.8" PATA SSDs aimed at the notebook upgrade market.

Available with capacity upto 128GB (retail price $389.99 ) an inbuilt slave USB port enables users to easily clone their internal hard drive using Acronis True Image (or similar) software. The SSD can then be installed in the notebook typically giving a 4x speedup.

Moser Baer Announces Certification for 6x Blu-ray Media

New Delhi, India - December 23, 2008 - Moser Baer today announced that it has received product verification from the Blu-ray Disc Association for its next generation blu-ray 1x-6x discs.

With this certification, Moser Baer has become the first company outside Japan to develop and ship BDR 1x-6x media. The next generation BD formats have a capacity ranging from 25GB to 50GB and offer more than 5 to 10x the data storage capacity of standard DVD media. This latest innovation from Moser Baer has come in close partnership with OM&T, its Netherlands-based subsidiary. ...Moser Baer profile, Storage ORGs, optical storage drives

Analyzing the Storage Market to Get Better Results in 2009?

Editor:- December 19, 2008 - at this time of year many readers pause and make their plans for the new year. The better you understand the storage market the better your business results will be - whether you are an end-user, vendor, analyst, investor or educator. Here are some links which can help you.
  • History of data storage - lists the most important storage news stories (in my opinion) for every week in the past year(s). It's a good way of seeing who are the movers and shakers in the industry and significant technology milestones.
  • SSD buyers guide - if your main interest is the SSD market - this guide lists all the important market developments in the past year.
  • Market research - lists all storage analyst companies which have ever been mentioned by any of the top 1,000 storage vendors. This is a useful source of more data whatever type of storage medium or service you're interested in.
  • SSD market research - lists analysts which have produced focused market reports related to the SSD market.
  • Finally, our home page - helps you track down vendors, news, articles and analysis by technology or market segment.

Toshiba Announces New High Capacity 1.8" flash SSDs

IRVINE, Calif. - December 18, 2008 - Toshiba Corp. today announced a new family of MLC flash SSDs with 256GB capacity in 2.5" and 128GB capacity in 1.8" form factors.

Sampling in Q1 2009, the new SSDs will have R/W speeds upto 240MB/s and 200MB/s respectively. ...Toshiba profile

See also:- 1.8" SSDs

STEC Expects SSD Revenue in 2008 to be 5x that in 2007

SANTA ANA, Calif. - December 15, 2008 - STEC, Inc. today announced that due to the cancellation of previously-anticipated orders, it is revising its revenue guidance for the fourth quarter of 2008 to approximately $55 million to $59 million from its earlier guidance ranging from $69 million to $72 million.

This will negatively affect the Company's operating results including its previous Non-GAAP diluted Earnings Per Share guidance issued on November 10, 2008. The revenue revision is comprised of approximately $20 million of previously-forecasted orders for its legacy DRAM and CompactFlash card products by various customers. The Company expects that the cancelled orders will be partially offset by increased orders for its SSD products used in Ultra-Mobile Personal Computer applications.

In contrast to the Company's legacy DRAM and CompactFlash markets where multiple competitors exist who are experiencing similar setbacks, its emerging high-performance SSD business - tailored to OEM customers in the Enterprise-Storage and Enterprise-Server markets - continues to ramp up. Qualifications for its ZeusIOPS products have continued at an aggressive pace despite the economic slowdown and the Company expects to surpass the $50 million revenue goal that it had previously set for the ZeusIOPS product line for the full-year 2008. The Company expects revenue from sales of all of its SSD product lines to exceed $70 million for the full-year 2008. This will be an increase from $13 million in SSD revenue for the full-year 2007. ...STEC profile

Editor's comments:- shareholders own whole companies and not just business units. What STEC is saying here is that it's downgraded its revenue guidance for the 4th quarter by 20% - which is not unremarkable given the current state of the economy. Notwithstanding that - STEC's SSD business is expected to have revenues in 2008 which are 5x the level in 2007. That is remarkable - given the strong competition in the overall flash SSD market.

US National Archives Selects Front Porch Digitization

LOUISVILLE, Colo. - December 15, 2008 - Front Porch Digital announced that the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration has selected its SAMMA Robot to digitize thousands of hours of videotape records accumulated by the federal government.

The pilot project will rely on a SAMMA 4-stream U-Matic Robot to migrate the records to digital files, thus preserving them and facilitating future access to them.

"This is the initial phase of what we anticipate will be a huge project - bringing the video collection of the National Archives into the 21st century," said Mark Gray, executive V.P. and general manager of Front Porch Digital Americas. "...As it grows and expands over time, this project will become an outstanding example of how our SAMMA solutions can migrate the world's largest videotape archives."

The NARA audio/video preservation laboratory stores videotape made by almost every agency of the federal government. Front Porch Digital is also engaged in migrating the audio/visual archive at the U.S. Library of Congress. ...Front Porch Digital profile, Storage Services

SiliconSystems Proposes New Methodology for Realistically Predicting Flash SSD Reliability

Editor:- December 15, 2008 - Gary Drossel, VP Product Planning at SiliconSystems has written a new article - "NAND Evolution and its Effects on SSD Useable Life."

This is probably one of the 3 most significant articles on the subject of flash SSD reliability which have been published in recent years. Starting with a tour of the state of the art in the flash SSD market and technology the paper introduces several new concepts to help systems designers understand why current wear usage models don't give a complete picture.

The paper discusses the theoretical expected lifetimes and write amplification factors for several applications and concludes that measurement of wear-out in real applications is the best way to understand what is happening. It suggests that systems designers can use the company's SiliconDrive (which includes real-time on-chip endurance monitoring) as an endurance analysis design tool. By simply plugging in SiliconDrive(s) to a new application for a day, week or month - the percentage of wear-out can be measured - and corrective steps taken (in software design or overprovisioning) to correct reliability problems.

What isn't stated in the article - but is a logical inference - is that even if your product design goal is to buy SSDs from other oems - the SiliconDrives can be used in your design process to capture information in a non invasive manner which is difficult or impossible to collect using other instrumentation. the article (pdf), ...SiliconSystems profile, storage reliability

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Forward Insights Unveils SSD Market Reports Planned for 2009

Editor:- December 15, 2008 - Forward Insights has published a new list of planned market reports in 2009.
  • How 3D Memory Stacks Up
  • NAND Quarterly Insights
  • 3-bit per cell/4-bit per cell NAND Flash Memory Report
  • NAND Flash Memory IP Landscape
  • Sensing Schemes for 3-bit and 4-bit per cell NAND Flash Memories
  • Solid State Drive Report
  • Emerging Memories Topical Report
The company also publishes a frequently updated blog about developments in the flash SSD market. ...Forward Insights profile, SSD analysts

HDS Joins the SSD Waggon Train

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - December 15, 2008 - Hitachi Data Systems today announced general availability of flash-based SSDs for its Universal Storage Platform V and VM.

HDS plans to offer flash-based SSDs in 73GB and 146GB capacities for the Hitachi USP V and USP VM storage systems in Q1 2009. ...Hitachi Data Systems profile, rackmount SSDs

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