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Storage news - 2008, May week 1

Megabyte's selection of storage news
Megabyte loves reading storage news.
the Fastest SSDs
the Top 10 SSD OEMs
Is the SSD Market Recession-Proof?
Are MLC SSDs Safe in Enterprise Apps?
RAM versus Flash SSDs - which is Best?
Calling for an End to Unrealistic SSD vs HDD IOPS Comparisons
Tek-Tools Expands Profiler Installations

DALLAS, Texas - May 7, 2008 - Tek-Tools Software today announced that its growth continues with 40 new customers and several existing customers expanding installations of Profiler Suite in the first quarter of 2008.

Ken Barth, President and CEO of Tek-Tools said "The efficiency benefits of virtualization are tremendous, but it does not render physical assets obsolete and without a clear and comprehensive view of the virtual and physical IT infrastructure the benefits are immediately outweighed by the loss of control. We will continue to innovate to support our customers and help them to avoid this trap." ...Tek-Tools profile, Storage ISVs

New SSD is a Zillion Times Faster than a Hard Drive

Editor:- May 7, 2008 - in a new article published today on STORAGEsearch.com called - "How Much Hay Has Your Car Been Eating Lately?" - I bemoan the tired old comparisons of server SSD IOPS to HDDs.

SSDs have been around for long enough now to drop those worn out old comparisons from which we never learned anything very useful in the first place. ...read the article

Leading UK Storage VAD Turns 20

London - May 7, 2008 - CMS Peripherals today officially celebrates 20 years in business.

Founded in 1988, CMS Peripherals is the largest independent value-added distributor of information storage products and solutions in the UK with anual revenue of approx $250 million. Storage History

8 Months Later 2.5" Flash SSD Price 6x Lower

San Jose, Calif - May 6, 2008 - Super Talent Technology today launched a new line of MasterDrive 2.5" SATA MLC flash SSDs.

The 120GB model has R/W speeds upto 120/40 MB/sec and a price tag of $699. Proprietary wear-leveling algorithms extend the life of these SSDs to over 65 years @ 50GB write-erase/day. ...Super Talent Technology profile

Editor's comments:-
in less than 8 months the price of a 120GB SSD from Super Talent has reduced by a factor of more than 6x - down to $699 for the new models compared to $4,499 in September 2007.

See also:- Clarifying SSD Pricing

SiliconSystems Opens Office in People's Republic of China

ALISO VIEJO, Calif - May 6, 2008 - SiliconSystems, Inc. today announced that it has expanded its Asia-Pacific operations by establishing an office in Shanghai, the company's first in the People's Republic of China.

The new office will play a critical role in supporting the burgeoning demand for SiliconSystems' industry-leading SiliconDrive technology in China and Taiwan. Yu Yuan Tang, a 21-year industry veteran, will head the new office.

"OEMs throughout the Asia-Pacific region have embraced the use of SiliconSystems' SiliconDrive technology, resulting in tremendous year-on-year revenue growth for the company throughout the entire region," said Michael Hajeck, CEO at SiliconSystems. "Opening an office in China will allow SiliconSystems to closely collaborate with its globally distributed, netcom, embedded system, industrial, military and medical, OEM customers throughout their entire product development and deployment cycle." ...SiliconSystems profile

New Models from Solid Access Technologies

Newburyport, Mass - May 6, 2008 - Solid Access Technologies today announced higher capacity models in its 2U rackmount line of RAM SSDs.

The 128GB model (price $75,000) is shipping now. The 256GB models will ship next month. Both models are part of the USSD 200 product line - which dramatically increases server efficiency by recovering CPU cycles formally lost in I/O wait cycles. They deliver random read/write performance of 95,000 IOPS using a single Fibre Channel link and over 70,000 IOPS using SAS. Access time is under 10 microseconds

"For applications facing critical performance demands that can't be serviced by decades old spindle-based storage, ultra-fast SSD is emerging as a weapon of choice to improve lagging storage speed," said Solid Access Managing Partner, Tomas Havrda. ...Solid Access Technologies profile, rackmount SSDs

Arkeia EdgeFort Gains Ground in Higher Education

Carlsbad, Calif - May 6, 2008 - Arkeia Software today announced that Virginia Tech Bookstores has selected Arkeia EdgeFort, an all-in-one, appliance-based backup and recovery solution.

EdgeFort appliances have been deployed throughout Virginia Tech's main campus bookstores to deliver reliable, rapid data protection of critical information. Virginia Tech Bookstores joins a long list of more than 125 prestigious higher educational institutions that are also using Arkeia data protection solutions.

One of the key factors contributing to this selection was EdgeFort's ability to backup, restore, and archive critical data across multiple physical locations, with no local IT resource needed. In addition to the need for a plug-and-play appliance, Virginia Tech Bookstores also required a solution that fit within budget constraints. ...Arkeia profile, Backup Software

STORAGEsearch.com Pageviews Up 20%

Editor:- May 6, 2008 - STORAGEsearch.com today updated its monthly list of the top subjects viewed by storage searchers in April.

The top 5 subjects were:-

(1) - Disk to disk backup - no change
(2) - Solid state disks - no change
(3) - 2.5 inch SSDs - up 2 places
(4) - Hard drives - no change
(5) - NAS - down 2 places

Overall pageviews grew 20% compared to the year ago period. More info about the top 20 subjects and articles can be viewed on the market research page

Chip Leaders Plan Move to 450mm Wafers

May 5, 2008 - Intel, Samsung Electronics and TSMC today announced they have reached agreement on the need for industry-wide collaboration to target a transition to larger, 450mm-sized wafers starting in 2012.

Historically, manufacturing with larger wafers eventually produces semiconductors at a lower cost. The total silicon surface area of a 450mm wafer and the number of printed die (individual computer chips, for example) is more than twice that of a 300mm wafer.

HDD & SSD Reliability Event

Editor:- May 2, 2008 - Here's news about an upcoming IDEMA event - "Hard Disk and SSD Reliability - The Pursuit of Excellence" - May 15 in Sunnyvale, CA.

This IDEMA Symposium will address HDD reliability; the physics, mathematics, and statistics of its assessment, HDD design for reliability, field performance experience of storage users and finally the HDD production environment and supporting metrology to maximize yields and minimize reliability detractors. Also included will be a similar discussion relative to SSD product reliability. Price is $455 for non members. ...IDEMA profile, Storage Reliability, Storage Industry Trade Associations
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The Fastest Solid State Disks

Speed isn't everything, and it comes at a price.
But if you do need the speediest SSD then wading through the web sites of over 75 current SSD oems to find a suitable candidate slows you down.

And the SSD search problem will get even worse.
the Fastest Solid State Disks
I predict there will be over 100 SSD oems in 2008.

I've done the research for you to save you time. And this page is updated daily from storage news and direct inputs from oems. ...read the article,
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Surviving SSD sudden power loss
Why should you care what happens in an SSD when the power goes down?

This important design feature - which barely rates a mention in most SSD datasheets and press releases - has a strong impact on SSD data integrity and operational reliability.

This article will help you understand why some SSDs which (work perfectly well in one type of application) might fail in others... even when the changes in the operational environment appear to be negligible.
image shows Megabyte's hot air balloon - click to read the article SSD power down architectures and acharacteristics If you thought endurance was the end of the SSD reliability story - think again. ...read the article
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