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SSD news - March 15-31, 2012

Fusion-io discusses storage vs memory - article on

Editor:- March 30, 2012 - "We get 2x the performance at 2x less price" - says David Flynn, CEO Fusion-io interviewed in a new article on explaining the company's thinking re memory and storage.

""We are different from everyone else," said David Flynn "They see NAND as a disk drive substitute whereas we see it as memory." the article

Later:- within a handful of years after this the idea of using flash in memory centric systems as an alternative to DRAM had become one of the established tenets of computing. But Fusion-io was the first to bring this idea into the public domain and mainstream markets. For related articles see:-

the top 10 microcontroller companies - Databeans report

Editor:- March 29, 2012 -Databeans this month published a report on the microntroller market ($3,600 132 pages).

They also published a free giveaway in their newsletter which ranks the top 10 microcontroller companies by revenue. Although these reports are cumulative across all markets and not just SSD - I thought you might be interested to see how some of these companies intersect. See also:- SSD controllers, storage market research

Avere's FlashMove and FlashMirror

Editor:- March 28, 2012 - You can see some pretty pictures in this blog - introducing FlashMove and FlashMirror - by Avere Systems which has got something to do with their SSD software.

I'd like to tell you more - but the detailed pdf datasheets linked from the blog just load and hang before revealing any information. I guess if Adobe is still so dreadful after all these years - we shouldn't have very high hopes for SSD software either (although we still do).

Nimbus fills 3 new VP slots with former NetAppers

Editor:- March 28, 2012 - Nimbus Data Systems today announced it has filled 3 key executive posts with people who formerly worked at NetApp.

Jim Choumas is VP US Sales.
John Harechmak is VP Systems Engineering.
And Michel Schipperijn is VP Central Europe.

Editor's comments:- What I like to do in these stories is insert useful links for each name so you can read more if you care. But although I've seen Jim Choumas's profile page when logged in to linkedin - due to some system peculiarity I couldn't find a public link.

Violin recruits Narayan Venkat as VP of product management

Editor:- March 28, 2012 - Violin Memory today anounced that Narayan Venkat, former VP of cloud infrastructure at VMware, has joined Violin as VP of product management.

"Flash is the single most disruptive technology in storage since the advent of virtualization," said Venkat. "Violin Memory is on the leading edge of the trend with its scalable, flash-based storage system for the modern, virtualized data center. I look forward to playing a central role in fulfilling the company's vision to build an all-silicon primary storage powerhouse." See also:- Storage People

7 SSD types will satisfy all future enterprise needs

Editor:- March 27, 2012 - published a new article today - an introduction to enterprise SSD silos - or 7 ways to classify where all SSDs will fit in the pure SSD datacenter.

"SSDs aren't islands - their data always comes from and goes on to other SSDs. Enterprise SSDs which have been designed without any reference to how they will segment and interact with other types of SSDs - in the mind's eye of the customer architecture - will eventually fail in the market..."

The enterprise SSD market is complicated enough already. Only 7 distinct types of SSD classes are needed to sustainably satisfy all the architecture needs in the pure solid state storage data center. the article

"world's fastest storage" maker introduces "fast-enough" PCIe SSD in ASAP bundle

Editor:- March 27, 2012 - Texas Memory Systems has introduced a new fast-enough MLC PCIe SSD into its product line as part of an SSD ASAP / caching bundle which includes software from NEVEX

The new RamSan-80 eMLC PCIe SSD provides 450GB usable capacity, 700 MB/s throughput and 80K / 170K R/W IOPS.

Editor's comments:- this new product from TMS is aimed at a different market to those which the company traditionally focused on with its "world's fastest storage". The company's new eMLC PCIe SSD - which is only available as part of this new SSD ASAP bundle - enables TMS to reach down to price points which are significantly lower than anything it has ever done before - with a product that's easy for users to deploy to get apps speedups in Windows SAN and NAS environments.

TDK ships new BGA SSD

Editor:- March 21, 2012 - TDK today announced imminent shipments of a new SATA SLC SSD on chip.

The company's eSSD series provides 1 to 4GB encrypted capacity in a 17mm x 17mm 208-ball BGA package.
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"A good way to think about SSDs is like vitamin supplements or medicine for computers... You have to be careful about swallowing any new pills just because you found they got a good write-up on the internet. And it's the same with SSDs too.."
...from:- SSDs and tonic medicine
how fast can your SSD run backwards?
SSDs are complex devices and there's a lot of mysterious behavior which isn't fully revealed by benchmarks and vendor's product datasheets and whitepapers. Underlying all the important aspects of SSD behavior are asymmetries which arise from the intrinsic technologies and architecture inside the SSD.

Which symmetries are most important in an SSD?

That depends on your application. But knowing that these symmetries exist, what they are, and judging how your selected SSD compares will give you new insights into SSD performance, cost and reliability.

There's no such thing as - the perfect SSD - existing in the market today - but the SSD symmetry list helps you to understand where any SSD in any memory technology stands relative to the ideal.
SSD symmetries article And it explains why deviations from the ideal can matter. to read the article

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