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San Ramon, Calif. - December 5, 2003 - Pegasus announced today that its InveStore, Microsoft Windows 2000 and XP based Storage Management Software will be among the first software managers to support Sony's 23 GB per disc Professional Disc for DATA drives and libraries. Pegasus supplies InveStore to major OEMs, ISV developers and integrators; who incorporate it into document imaging, information lifecycle management and back-up system solutions for users in the medical, financial, insurance, law enforcement, e-mail storage and web-based mass storage markets. InveStore provides transparent drive letter access and a developer API for archive solutions operating in Windows NT, XP and 2000 Professional, Server, Advanced Server, and Datacenter Server environments. ...Pegasus Disk Technologies profile

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. - December 5, 2003 - Worldwide disk storage systems factory revenues were $4.8 billion in the third quarter of 2003 down 0.3% compared with the third quarter of 2002, according to IDC's Worldwide Disk Storage Systems Quarterly Tracker. Demand continued to be relatively soft and well below historical levels, growing a modest 36% year-over-year to 197 petabytes shipped in the third quarter.

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Nibble: Tape Backup Trends

Tape backup is one of the oldest product segments in the storage market so it's interesting to see how this market changed. The tape drive market had shrunk 8% in revenue in 2002 according to Freeman Reports, and there was little sign in company reports during 2003 that the tape market was going to recover.

STORAGEsearch believes that there is a new barrier to revenue growth in the tape backup market. Disk to disk backup which started out as a niche technology evangelized by Nexsan Technologies just a couple of years before gained a lot of new converts in 2003 - including many tape library companies. The writing was on the wall. The declining cost of hard drives, the massive expansion in corporate data, and the growth of internet backup and offsite replication technologies like iSCSI together meant that the traditional advantage of tape - that you could walk out of the building carrying the backup - was no longer true for most companies.

So if tape backup no longer offered convenient off-site data security for most users - it would have to find a new role. I believe that new role is at the entry level, in very small installations - and at the other end of the scale in systems on a Petabyte scale - where tape libraries have been proven, and cautious users will resist the unknown risks and management factors in disk to disk backup.

The fate of StoneFly Networks, the pioneer in very large capacity disk to disk systems, will be scrutinized carefully by many to see if this technology really is a viable alternative to tape libraries.

...from the article Chewing over 2003

TechnoMages designs and builds computer storage routers and multiple-interface disk arrays for Parallel SCSI, iSCSI and Fibre Channel connectivity.
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10 Ten Tips for a Successful RAID Implementation - article by Infortrend

Editor:- In the 20 years since I first worked on RAID I've read and published countless articles about this subject.

So what can a new RAID article tell you?

Plenty of practical stuff - from a modern perspective. the article , ...Infortrend profile
SAS disk duplicators for  server oems from ICS
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What is Data Recovery? - article by  Disklabs
What is Data Recovery? - article by Disklabs

The first time you try any new technology service it can be a bit daunting. Who do you choose? What if it goes wrong? The pressure really turns up when you are in the situation of having lost your data due to a backup failure, hardware fault, operator error or physical disaster. That's usually the first time you look at the data recovery market. and it's when you're in a high state of anxiety and can't take the risk of anything else going wrong. This article is a simple guide to how the data recovery industry works and how it can help you in this frightening situation. the article,...Disklabs profile, Data Recovery, backup software, Hard disk drives
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"While the rate of capacity growth has declined in each of the last four quarters, price declines have also moderated and remained below 30% year-over-year for the last two quarters," said John McArthur, group vice president of Storage Hardware Research at IDC. "Rather than waging price wars, suppliers are increasingly turning to higher-value software, services, and application integration to gain competitive advantage." news image - disk storage market from IDC
In the third quarter, HP continued to lead the total disk storage system market, with 26.4% revenue share, followed by IBM and EMC with 21.1% and 12.9% revenue share, respectively. Among the top 5 suppliers, Dell and EMC posted the strongest year-over-year factory revenue growth during 3Q03, with 22.9% and 20.5% gain respectively. EMC's strong year-over-year performance was due in part to an easy comparison, with an unusually weak third quarter in 2002. EMC also had the largest year-over-year market share gain of 2.2 points. Dell moved into the number 4 position on strong sales of products OEM'ed from EMC, as Sun fell to a statistical tie with Hitachi for the number 5 position.

In the total external disk storage system market, revenue increased 1.5% year-over-year in 3Q03 to $3.2 billion. HP maintained its number 1 position with 21.8% revenue share. EMC was number 2 with 19.2% revenue share. Regardless of who designs and manufactures the disk storage system, server suppliers remain an important route to market. The top four server vendors (HP, IBM, Dell, and Sun) captured almost 48% of the external storage market, up slightly from the third quarter of 2002, leveraging OEM relationships with storage companies such as Hitachi (HP and Sun), EMC (Dell), LSI Logic Storage Systems (IBM), and DotHill (Sun). ...IDC profile

Hopkinton, MA - December 4, 2003 - EMC Corporation announced today that more than 300 partners and resellers have enrolled in the EMC Centera partner program since its inception, with more than 30 joining since October 2003. As an outgrowth of this momentum, more than 85 applications have been integrated with Centera and are generally available. An additional 140 partners are currently engaged in the integration process, taking advantage of the free and open Centera API. Centera's rapid adoption highlights its position as the fastest-growing storage platform in EMC history and underscores its role as a critical component of EMC's ILM strategy. More than 400 customers have implemented the Centera platform for its unique data protection, self-healing and long-term archiving capabilities. EMC also announced plans to double its investment in the Centera Partner Support Program, in 2004. ...EMC profile

MELVILLE, N.Y. - December 4, 2003 - FalconStor Software, Inc. today announced qualification of its IPStor iSCSI appliance under the Designed for Windows Logo Program. FalconStor has been working with Microsoft, and in the past year, has put its IPStor technology through rigorous testing to help ensure interoperability with the Windows platform. In addition to achieving qualification by supporting the Microsoft iSCSI software initiator and Microsoft Windows Server 2003, IPStor technology also supports the Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 platform. ...FalconStor Software profile

Havant, UK - December 4, 2003 - Xyratex today announces the release of the Xyratex 4200 Fibre Channel to Serial ATA RAID subsystem. This 3U Dual integrated controller SATA RAID solution is the newest member of Xyratex's existing family of enterprise class Fibre Channel, SATA and SCSI storage offerings and continues Xyratex's commitment to offering turnkey storage solutions to the OEM market.

"The demand for storage is growing everyday. SATA is the first technology to offer a disk based solution for archived or non-mission critical information storage at a reasonable price and offers end-users a new standard for dollars-per-MB and ROI." said Tim Piper, Director of Product Marketing at Xyratex "This coupled with a Fibre Channel based front-end allows for easy integration into the customers already existing fabric solution." ...Xyratex profile

Maynard, Mass - December 4, 2003 - SANBlaze Technology, Inc. today introduced a complete family of PMC Fibre Channel adapters. The SANBlaze SB-PMC-FC PMC Fibre Channel products support all major operating systems, and are available immediately.

The SB-PMC-FC family of adapters provides 1 and 2 Gbps Fibre Channel connectivity solutions for VME or CompactPCI based systems. The SB-PMC-FC is available with single or dual independent Fibre Channel Ports supporting multimode optics or copper. The product line supports auto-negotiation and switch and loop topologies. The SB-PMC-FC family is available in five options. The dual channel version is available with 2 front panel ports, 2 rear I/O ports (via J/P 4) or 1 front panel and 1 rear I/O port (via J/P 4). The single channel version of the card is available with either a single front panel port or a single rear I/O port. These options allow for maximum design flexibility, while delivering the high performance SAN connectivity of Fibre Channel in a PMC form factor. ...SANBlaze Technology profile

SUNNYVALE, CA - December 3, 2003 - Finisar Corporation announced today the introduction of four new major products aimed at enhancing the performance of Enterprise SANs and LANs. The products include NetWisdom Version 1.1, the Industry's First Detailed Performance Monitoring Application for both Fibre Channel SANs & Ethernet LANs, Surveyor Version 5.5 for Enterprise LAN Network Analysis & Management, Xgig Tap for 10Gigabit Networks, and Distributed Tap Manager (DTM) Software for Remote Roving of Taps in the Network. The detail gathered from these products is crucial for maintaining network uptime, staving off unexpected delays, reducing costs and avoiding loss of revenue on mission critical applications.

Finisar's NetWisdom is unique in the Enterprise SAN because it monitors "storage I/O centric" SCSI transactions at the individual Initiator/target level, enabling full monitoring and analysis of end-device health and performance. It provides a single correlated view of overall network traffic for easier SAN management & monitoring, and minimizes down-time through early detection of recovered errors. NetWisdom provides drastically different detail from SAN statistics coming from a switch. Switch data is aggregated statistical data, whereas NetWisdom measures true end-to-end conversations to accurately measure latency. Adding to NetWisdom's uniqueness is its hardware vendor independence, therefore giving a completely objective view of network throughput. With NetWisdom, SAN Managers are now able to accurately measure their entire SAN utilization & track service levels in real time. ...Finisar profile

LAKE FOREST, Calif. - December 3, 2003 - WD Raptor hard drives by Western Digital Corp. perform much higher than any other SATA drive, according to Maximum PC magazine. The publication recently honored the 36 GB WD Raptor with its Gear of the Year 2003 award, saying that it "...kicks the gazpacho out of every other ATA drive," and that it is among "the very best hardware of 2003, the hardware no PC power user could possibly live without." Maximum PC magazine, which published the news in its December 2003 issue' is a leading resource for enthusiasts of high-performance PC products. In addition to deeming WD Raptor drives a "must-have" PC component, the magazine also recommended Western Digital's 250 GB WD Caviar SE model for people who want more capacity.

"The WD Raptor represents the dawning of a new generation of hard drive technology," said Jon Phillips, editorial director for Maximum PC magazine. "In Maximum PC tests, we found the WD Raptor drive to be as fast as 10,000 RPM SCSI drives, but without all the SCSI headaches. For the upper echelon of PC enthusiasts, WD Raptor beats all comparable SCSI drives as a total package of performance, price and ease of use." ...Western Digital profile

LOUISVILLE, Colo. - December 3, 2003 - StorageTek and IBM are offering customers another weapon in the battle to manage backup and recovery. In an effort to bring customers a wider choice of backup and recovery software, StorageTek is offering IBM's Tivoli Storage Manager, IBM Tivoli Software's flagship data protection storage management software.

"Including IBM's Tivoli storage software with our offerings reaffirms our commitment to broadening our ability to respond to the backup and recovery needs of our customers," said Angel Garcia, StorageTek Corporate Vice President, Global Services and International Operations. "Our customers can now get one of the most compelling storage management solutions on the market today, directly from StorageTek."

The IBM Tivoli Storage Manager solution provides extensive protection for more than 35 platforms of workstations and LAN file servers, spanning from mainframes to laptops. This storage management solution enables users to restore on-line data from an off-line data copy in the case of hardware failure, disasters or human error. Using a centralized control model with automatic scheduled data backup and archive capabilities, IBM Tivoli Storage Manager scales to handle many of the largest and most distributed networked organizations in the world. Optimised to reduce data transfer sizes for fast backups and restores, IBM Tivoli Storage Manager can use SANs, LANs, internet or dial-up connections to backup and archive data from computers running any of 17 different operating systems. ...IBM Tivoli Software profile, ...StorageTek profile

MILPITAS, Calif. - December 3, 2003 - LSI Logic Storage Systems today announced that the company's Reston, VA Experience Center will open December 4, 2003. Another U.S. Experience Center will open in Los Angeles on December 9, 2003. Fifteen such centers, where business partners and their customers can observe and participate in LSI Logic Storage Systems technology demonstrations, will be established worldwide. Each Experience Center houses a complete suite of storage hardware and software - from entry to enterprise level - allowing LSI Logic Storage Systems' partners and their customers to fully experience the features and benefits of the company's technology combined with partner solutions. LSI Logic Storage Systems and its partners are showing a wide range of applications such as disk-to-disk backup, high availability and disaster recovery. The centers also provide a venue for customer briefings, seminars and special events organized by LSI Logic Storage Systems and its partners. ...LSI Logic Storage Systems profile

IRVINE, Calif. - December 3, 2003 - Xiran today announced an entry-level extension to its line of streaming media acceleration products. Xiran is publicly debuting the new DirectPath Standard Streaming Media Kit at the Government Technology Expo this week in Washington, D.C. The DPA-1200HS is a turnkey digital media streaming solution that distributes digital content across public or private IP networks for bandwidths of up to 100 Mbps. The DPA-1200 accelerator allows customers to reduce the cost of deploying streaming media solutions by enabling high-throughput streaming content to run on lower-cost hardware platforms. When installed on a low cost server, the DPA-1200 accelerator optimizes server performance and frees up the host processor by completely offloading streaming media protocols.

The DPA-1200HS streaming kit is ideal for government, healthcare, entertainment, service providers, and other corporate enterprise environments. The DPA-1200HS combines Xiran's DPA-1200 accelerator and Helix streaming media application server to deliver best-in-class streaming media performance, delivering up to 1,500 unique, concurrent streams or media files. MSRP for the DPA-1200HS kit starts at $9,990. ...Xiran profile

Editor:- December 3, 2003 - a new article is published today on STORAGEsearch called - Chewing over 2003. Summing up the whole year for a market as large and complicated as storage in one easy to digest gulp is difficult - but as usual - I give it a try. For example the top 5 most important storage companies in 2003 (based on reader pageviews) are listed. Three out of the top five companies have changed since last year. The article also lists the top 5 product categories and discusses some important trends. Part 1 of the article is published now. Part 2 - which will include more analysis and the top news stories of the year will be published next week. the article

COSTA MESA, Calif. - December 3, 2003 - Emulex Corporation announced today that additional Emulex HBAs have been qualified by Cisco Systems for use with its Cisco MDS 9000 Family of Mulitlayer Intelligent directors and fabric switches. This qualification includes Emulex's new LP10000 HBA running Windows, and completes qualification of the LP9802 and LP9002 HBA families for Windows, Solaris and Linux environments. Rigorous testing was conducted on Emulex HBAs at Cisco's state-of-the-art interoperability lab to ensure complete compatibility with the Cisco MDS 9000 family of products. ...Cisco Systems profile, ...Vixel profile

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif. - December 2, 2003 - Developing the visual effects and animation for the big screen adaptation of Dr. Seuss' beloved story The Cat in the Hat was no simple task, but it was made easier with the use of BlueArc SiliconServers and Seagate Cheetah drives. The animation and special effects team required a NAS solution with the performance and reliability that could flawlessly create, render and edit characters such as The Fish, or create the madcap scenes of The Cat juggling and the vortex opening for Thing 1 and Thing 2. To convincingly bring Seuss' zany characters and scenes to life, the filmmakers combined the talents of one of the best animation and special effects teams in the business, Rhythm and Hues, with some of the world's most powerful storage equipment.

"BlueArc SiliconServers, powered by Seagate Cheetah drives, provided all the performance required for us to convincingly animate The Fish, as well as create a number of other special effects for The Cat in the Hat," said Mark A. Brown, vice president of technology for Rhythm & Hues. "System reliability was never a question, because the Seagate Cheetah drives worked seamlessly with the BlueArc solution to ensure constant uptime and data availability." ...BlueArc profile, ...Seagate profile

SUNNYVALE, Calif. - December 1, 2003 - Silicon Storage Technology, Inc. today announced that it and Powerchip Semiconductor Corporation have teamed up to develop its third-generation SuperFlash memory technology. The new self-aligned, third-generation SuperFlash cell currently under development at PSC is based on a leading edge 0.11µ process technology. Once established, the parties plan to scale it down to 90 and 65 nanometer nodes. SST's new generation SuperFlash is capable of delivering very high density memory products based on its well-established NOR architecture, making it ideal for data storage applications that traditionally have been addressed by flash memories with NAND architectures. The first product under development is a 2Gbit flash media which will go into volume production in 2005. ...Silicon Storage Technology profile

MILPITAS, Calif. - December 1, 2003 - LSI Logic Corporation today announced that Lite-On IT Corporation is using its proven DiMeNsion 8600 DVD recorder processor as the basis for Lite-On's newest DVD recorder product, LVW-5001. With LSI Logic's DMN-8600, Lite-On IT was able to quickly and effectively develop a feature-rich DVD+RW recorder. The Lite-On LVW-5001 is available now to consumers at, and other retail outlets for a suggested retail price of $299 for the holiday season. ...LSI Logic profile

MARLBOROUGH, MASS. - December 1, 2003 - LiveVault Corporation today announced that BT, one of Europe's leading providers of telecoms services, is extending its data protection services for SMBs with the LiveVault Online Backup and Recovery Service. Through this partnership, BT customers will be able to completely protect their data from disaster by continuously backing up business server data and making it available for immediate recovery. BT will market the LiveVault service under the brand BT Datasure Online Server Backup.

BT Datasure, powered by LiveVault, is designed for customers whose servers reside outside of major data centers, such small and mid-sized businesses, and who have primarily relied on in-house tape backups to keep their data safe. According to ImperaData, LiveVault's European channel partner working closely with BT, 60% of these businesses in Europe have no formal technical staff on their premises, and find traditional tape backup to be complex and often expensive. Analysts estimate nearly 50% of tape-based backups for servers fail to restore properly, seriously compromising the operations and potentially the viability, of affected companies. BT Datasure eliminates this business risk and removes the need to rely on staff to perform backup procedures or maintain costly equipment that often fails. ...LiveVault profile

BURLINGTON, Mass. - December 1, 2003 - AppIQ, Inc. will share its experience and best practices for productizing Storage Management Initiative Specification (SMI-S) interfaces at the SNIA's Storage Management Summit 2003 December 10 in San Diego, CA. In a session titled "Packaging and Distribution Plans for SMI-S Interface Code" AppIQ Vice President of Business Development Doug Cahill will discuss considerations such as entitlement, licensing and pre-requisites in the context of the different types of consumers of SMI-S interfaces, including ISVs, end-users and internal development teams. The talk will benefit independent hardware and software vendors who are seeking to comply with SMI-S. ...AppIQ profile

RSNA, CHICAGO - December 1, 2003 - Sony Electronics is shipping its first generation of Professional Disc for DATA optical storage drives, automated devices and media to OEMs and system integrators. Based on blue laser technology, the new Professional Disc for DATA media stores up to 23 GB of native capacity per rewritable or WORM disc, while the new drive sustains a maximum native transfer rate of 11 MB/sec, delivering an advanced optical storage and archiving solution for professional data-intensive applications. For high capacity and high performance disc handling, the new automated Sony Autochanger offers up to 1.6TB of native capacity in a compact 19-inch rack-mount design that may be configured with one, two or four drives for the desired balance between storage capacity and speed. Sony-branded Professional Disc for Data solutions, including application software and accessories will be available in the first calendar quarter of 2004. ...Sony profile

CHICAGO - December 1, 2003 - Verbatim Corporation announced today it is shipping its new MediDisc 52X CD-R and 4X DVD-R media. Specifically developed for the healthcare industry, Verbatim DICOM-compliant MediDisc media offers a unique combination of consistent high quality, data reliability, longevity and a printable surface for listing content information. The new media will be featured at the Objective Data Storage Booth #2579 during RSNA 2003 this week in Chicago.

MediDisc media incorporates a specially developed proprietary Metal Azo recording dye that provides superior performance and reliable data recording at all writing speeds. Metal Azo technology also provides the long archival life required for healthcare image and records retention by protecting critical patient data from heat, humidity, UV light, and other environmental elements. All MediDisc media is produced with a scuff-resistant top coating that protects data from scratches and rough handling in busy hospital and physician office environments. For easy identification of disc contents, MediDisc media are produced with printable surfaces that can be used to list patient, study and hospital information. MediDisc media are compatible with a wide range of CD/DVD disc printers All Verbatim MediDisc CD-R and DVD-R media are DICOM compliant.

With the ability to deliver an estimated archival life of 100 years and the broadest compatibility possible with current and future DVD drives and players, Verbatim MediDisc CD-R and DVD-R media are ideal for DICOM-standard medical image storage/distribution, video training support and all HIPPA records systems. ...Verbatim profile

SAN JOSE, Calif. - December 1, 2003 - Kashya announced today the appointment of industry veteran Ken Epstein as Vice President of Sales. Epstein will be responsible for overseeing Kashya's expanding sales team and rapidly expanding the list of customers adopting the innovative Kashya Data Protection Appliance into their corporate infrastructures.

Epstein has more than two decades of global information technology sales and sales management experience in the storage industry. Prior to joining Kashya, he was Vice President of Sales at TrueSAN. Before that, Epstein worked at SiteSmith, where he built the sales organization from inception to over 50 salespeople and contributed substantially to the company's $1.3 billion acquisition by MetroMedia Fiber Networks. Prior to SiteSmith, he served as Vice President of Sales for virtual tape mainframe provider, Sutmyn Storage. ...Kashya profile

COTScon West, SAN DIEGO, Calif. - December 1, 2003 - BiTMICRO Networks announced today a new member of the rugged family of its flash solid-state storage solutions which is being shown this week at Military & Aerospace Electronics COTScon West 2003. BiTMICRO's High Cycle receivers and drive modules bring frequent insertion & removal capabilities to your system with the patented SCSI Disconnect technology, providing true "hot swap" removal for your secure and rugged needs. In-line patented SCSI Disconnect modules provide SCSI bus isolation in shared devices and host environments where devices can be physically or logically removed from the bus while guaranteeing uninterrupted operation of the remaining connected devices.

For mission critical security requirements, BiTMICRO's patented secureErase software utility kicks into action upon receipt of a SCSI erase command from the host or while in transport--upon user intervention with a press of a button on the carrier in the module. Moreover, its U.S. Government compliant data security feature guarantees that device sanitization of your sensitive data is performed quickly beyond retrieval. Ungraceful power shutdowns or loss will not prevent the erase procedure from completing or automatically reactivating to complete the erase process. The user may even choose to delay the securErase process by up to a maximum of 6 hours of losing power to the disk during transport.

E-Disk Transit products come in SCSI Narrow, SCSI Wide and Fibre Channel interfaces in a rugged industry standard 5.25-inch half-height or low profile module. The removable drive modules also come with an optional write protect switch. E-Disk Transit does not require device drivers for installation and operation, with capacities ranging from 512MB to 122.9GB on the half-height modules and 512MB to 53.4GB on the low profile series. E-Disk Transit OEM pricing starts at under $2K a unit. ...BiTMICRO Networks profile

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