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Megabyte thought it's that time of year when they make me wear that silly hat again.
SAN JOSE, Calif. - December 12, 2003 - Peripheral Concepts, Inc. today announced that the schedule and topics for the 10th Network Storage Conference and Trade Show have been set. The two-day single-track conference sessions will be:-
  • Session 1A: "Storage, Systems, and Networks - Architectural Trends"
  • Session 1B: "Where will the Storage Intelligence Reside?"
  • Session 2A: "The IT Manager's View - Managing and Planning the IT Operation"
  • Session 2B: Executive Roundtable: "Assessing the Storage Industry" and a Panel discussion of venture capitalists, "Investing in Storage"
  • Session 3A: "Is there a Unified Networked Storage?"
  • Session 3B: "When will Automated Management Become a Reality?"
  • Session 4A: "Are Disks and Tapes Partnering or Competing?"
  • Session 4B: "Improving Data Retention and Recovery"
NSC 2004 will be held March 8 & 9, 2004 at the DoubleTree Hotel in downtown Monterey, CA. ...NSC 2004, ...Peripheral Concepts profile

Los Altos,CA - December 12, 2003 - Rambus Inc. today announced it has entered into an agreement with Velio Communications, Inc. to acquire certain Velio high-speed signaling assets. Rambus plans to integrate these assets into its RaSer product line. As part of this agreement Rambus also acquires the related Velio patent portfolio, the existing Velio licensing business, and has extended offers of employment to a number of Velio personnel in its Chapel Hill, North Carolina and Milpitas, California locations. The purchase price will not exceed $13 million, with the actual amount subject to certain closing conditions. It will be paid in cash and the transaction is expected to close before the end of this year.

"Rambus is committed to offering our customers the widest possible range of serial interface solutions to aid in their development of new, more dynamic and more powerful end-user products," said Kevin Donnelly, vice president of the Logic Interface Division at Rambus. "By adding Velio's high-speed signaling technologies to our serial interface offerings, Rambus is accelerating its ability to deliver advanced chip-to-chip interface solutions to our customers." ...Rambus profile

SAN JOSE, Calif. - December 11, 2003 - Data Transit Corporation announces the availability of the 3Gb/s SAS Protocol Analyzer. The new Analyzer operates on SAS data traffic at line rates of 1.5 Gb/s and 3.0 Gb/s and also supports SATA. Data Transit's 3 Gb/s SAS Analyzer has unique analysis features for engineering, manufacturing, and quality assurance testing of SAS/SATA products such as drives and host bus adapters. Over 2 GBs of SAS traffic can be captured and analyzed with the uniquely large memory buffer available on the Analyzer, the most generous in the industry. An intuitive user interface permits captured trace data to be viewed in different formats including command, state and data block listings.

The Analyzer's powerful trigger capabilities allow for triggering on SAS Frame types, commands, primitives, and out-of-band signals and SATA LBA, command, status, feature and FIS types. Triggers may also be setup for a variety of hardware and software errors. The SAS Analyzer also provides powerful pre-capture and post-capture filters for events and sequences.

"The combination of 3 Gb/s signaling, multiple protocols, OOB signaling and spread spectrum clocking makes SAS a difficult bus to analyze", said Dale Smith, Founder and CTO of Data Transit, "Our engineers have met the challenge with a rock-solid product. Our new 3.0 Gb/s SAS Analyzer provides a complete single-source solution for engineers working with 3.0 Gb/s SAS/SATA products."

Data Transit is accepting orders for the 3.0 Gb/s SAS analyzer and will begin shipping on December 17, 2003. ...Data Transit profile

REDMOND, WASHINGTON - December 11, 2003 - ADIC today announced sales for its fourth quarter and fiscal year ended October 31, 2003 reached all-time records of $118 million and $424 million, up approximately 40% and 26% from the previous fourth quarter and last fiscal year, respectively. Quarterly sales grew 9% sequentially from the previous quarterly record of $108 million reported for the third quarter. It is the fourth consecutive quarter of record sales at ADIC. Net income was $12.5 million for the fiscal year.

"We are delighted to report robust quarterly and annual growth in both revenue and earnings," said Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Peter van Oppen. "We invested in growth during fiscal 2002 and we began to realize the fruits of that investment in 2003 as virtually all categories of business improved. Acceptance of our hardware and software products by end user and OEM customers continues to validate our business strategy and we are optimistic that fiscal 2004 will bring continued revenue growth, improving gross margins and increasing levels of profitability." ...ADIC profile

PALO ALTO, Calif. - December 11, 2003 - HP today announced that its partner, PlanetGov, has been awarded a single-award blanket purchase agreement by the IRS to implement an industry-standard server and network storage solution for IT consolidation. The contract, a blanket purchase agreement with an estimated value of $50 million, will enable the IRS to simplify, integrate and remotely manage its information systems. Under the terms of the contract, the IRS expects PlanetGov and HP to replace a percentage of the 4,400 IBM and Dell servers and approximately 30 SANs currently in use at the IRS during each of the next four years. HP will provide approximately 3,000 HP ProLiant servers, including blade servers, 30 HP StorageWorks SANs and professional consulting services. The contract is in addition to a three-year, $100 million purchase agreement HP and PlanetGov secured in 2002 to supply the IRS with Compaq Evo desktop and notebook PCs ...HP profile

Tokyo - December 11, 2003 - Hitachi, Ltd. and Renesas Technology Corp. today announced the development of a basic flash memory cell technology that achieves the world's smallest cell area of 0.016 m2 (on a 1-bit basis) and fastest programming speed of 10 Mbytes/sec. Renesas Technology plans commercial production of 4Gb AG-AND flash memory based on this technology in the third quarter of 2004, and will offer compact, high-density, high-speed recording media for the "ubiquitous computing society."

High-density flash memory is beginning to permeate our lives as a bridge medium, especially in mobile applications, including use as image storage memory for digital cameras and mobile phones, and USB storage as replacements for floppy disk drives. Next-generation flash memory cards offering portability of large-volume, high-quality moving picture data such as movies will require significantly high density and higher programming speeds to handle fast data downloads. ...Renesas Technology profile

Carlsbad, Calif. - December 11, 2003 - Arkeia Corporation announced today that the just-released version 5.2 of its flagship enterprise software program has passed certification processes for the most widely used commercial Linux distributions. The certifications further strengthen Arkeia's position as the international leader in offerings for Linux network solutions. The new Arkeia v5.2 is certified for SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server. Arkeia is also fully compatible and certified with the RedHat Enterprise Server ready program and the Mandrake Linux 9.2 distribution.

Arkeia continues to maintain its position as the first professional network backup solution fully capable of protecting Linux environments of all configurations. It offers the widest coverage in terms of architecture, including x86, Itanium, PowerPC, SPARC and appliances such as Sun Cobalt servers. Arkeia supports a broad range of other operating systems, including Windows, Unix, Mac OS X, NetWare and xBSD.

"Certified solutions are essential for companies working in Linux environments," said Arkeia CEO Phil Roussel. "Through certification Arkeia guarantees smooth integration into enterprise networks that rely on our backup solutions. We are committed to staying a step ahead of the competition by offering the widest Linux coverage in terms of distribution and hardware architecture support."

Among the strengths of Arkeia's powerful solution is a Linux Disaster Recovery module that provides the ultimate in security. A fully automated disaster recovery process can restore a Linux server from scratch, as well as the backup server itself, if machines are stolen or totally destroyed. ...Arkeia profile

Livermore, CA - December 10, 2003 - Memtech announced today implementation of caching technology within the AT2550 Wolverine that established 26MB/sec Cached Read and 20MB/sec Cached Write performance. Memtech claims that the Wolverine, with impressive endurance, 8 year warranty, military temperature range, greater performance, and 27 Gigabyte capacity is the most cost effective high end solid state flash drive product in the market today.

The AT2550 is used as an integral part of systems installed in submarines, space vehicles, aircraft carriers, high altitude balloons, high-speed locomotives, oil and gas pipelines, drilling rigs, weapons systems, mining equipment, combat aircraft, manufacturing and smelting plants, digital switching, routing and networking systems.

"Memtech, a women owned small business, is proud to be an active supporter of the US Military in Afghanistan and Iraq with products that continue to set the standard for reliability, high performance, quality and capacity in rugged solid state flash drives" said Larry Schuster, V P Sales & Marketing of Memtech. "As the need for reliable storage increases, we continue to deliver low power consumption solutions that optimize capacity, and are cost efficient." ...Memtech profile

San Ramon, Calif. - December 10, 2003 - Pegasus Disk Technologies announced today that its InveStore software has been selected as the archive engine for CaminoSoft's Information Lifecycle Management solution. Pegasus InveStore makes compliance easy and affordable. InveStore creates a virtualized data pool that expands secondary storage onto any number of archive devices while simplifying management of those resources. CaminoSoft's Managed Server HSM software provides an ILM model that is a cost-effective solution for managing the complexities of data storage management. By combining Managed Server HSM with InveStore, the result is a finely tuned data storage resource that enables virtually infinite storage growth, while meeting strictly regulated compliance requirements and increased data availability with a minimal amount of effort and expense.

Richard Krueger, VP of Channel Sales and Marketing at CaminoSoft, stated, "We are very pleased to establish this important business relationship with Pegasus. Their comprehensive InveStore media management portfolio provides IT professionals with access to a broad and versatile range of archival storage alternatives, including M-O, CD-R, DVD-RAM/ROM, and planned tape peripherals. Pegasus' support of WORM devices and media is especially important due to the established and emerging regulatory procedures that govern data retention in several industries, most notably banking, finance, and healthcare. The seamless integration of Pegasus' modular InveStore software and CaminoSoft's ILM solution results in scalable, affordable offerings for NetWare & Windows 2000 environments." ...CaminoSoft profile, ...Pegasus profile

PARK RIDGE, N.J. - December 10, 2003 - Sony Electronics is catering to the storage needs of small businesses with its new DAT 72 media cartridges, which will begin shipping this month for a suggested retail price of $34.95. With 36GB of native storage capacity and an 11GB per hour native data transfer rate, Sony DAT 72 media aptly suits the backup needs of small and medium-sized businesses.

"This introduction offers a secure growth path to current DDS users who may not be ready to migrate to a midrange format," said Tom Evans, senior vice president of Sony Electronics' Media and Applications Solutions Division. "With Sony DAT 72 media, we're underscoring our promise to offer the end-user the broadest range and highest quality of data media possible."

Sony co-developed the DDS standard - the basis for DAT 72 technology - with Hewlett-Packard in 1987. Sony is already a leading supplier of DDS-1 through DDS-4 data media, which are all backward read and write compatible with previous-generation drives. Special anti-static resin on the new DAT 72 cartridge lid protects the tape from dust particles and keeps the interior clean and the High Heat Proof cartridge shell adds reliability. DAT 72 uses superior-grade tape with an estimated archival life of more than 30 years. ...Sony profile

San Diego, CA - December 10, 2003 - In a move that further cements a two-year partnership between the companies, BakBone Software and Certance LLC today announced an extension to their OEM agreement to integrate BakBone's NetVault with the full line of Certance LTO Ultrium 2 family of data protection solutions. The Certance offering combines a full version of NetVault's 7.1 Workgroup Edition with Certance's CL 400 and CLL 3200 LTO Ultrium 2 internal, desktop and rackmount tape and autoloader solutions. NetVault 7.1 Workgroup Edition runs on Windows, Unix and Linux, supports up to five clients, and provides up to 100GB of D2D2T functionality. ...BakBone Software profile, ...Certance profile

Hopkinton, MA - December 10, 2003 - EMC Corporation announced today that it expects to complete the acquisition of Documentum, Inc. on December 18th subject to the approval of Documentum shareholders at the Documentum shareholder meeting on that date, and the satisfaction of other customary closing conditions. Based upon the consolidation of Documentum's results from the closing date and current market conditions, EMC now expects fourth-quarter total revenues to be in the range between $1.8 billion and $1.825 billion. ...EMC profile

Redwood City, CA, December 9, 2003 - In a recently published report by Dell'Oro Group, sales of SAN Fibre Channel Switches and HBAs grew 3% Q/Q in 3Q03 to $446M. Although revenue grew slowly, port volume was up 9% quarter by quarter. Lower-function, lower-priced Fixed Switches (also commonly referred to as Fabric Switches) were notably strong with ports growing 8% Q/Q.

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Data Recovery
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When Megabyte's storage got broken, he knew how to fix it as good as new.

Nibble: Tape Backup Trends

Tape backup is one of the oldest product segments in the storage market so it's interesting to see how this market changed. The tape drive market had shrunk 8% in revenue in 2002 according to Freeman Reports, and there was little sign in company reports during 2003 that the tape market was going to recover.

STORAGEsearch believes that there is a new barrier to revenue growth in the tape backup market. Disk to disk backup which started out as a niche technology evangelized by Nexsan Technologies just a couple of years before gained a lot of new converts in 2003 - including many tape library companies. The writing was on the wall. The declining cost of hard drives, the massive expansion in corporate data, and the growth of internet backup and offsite replication technologies like iSCSI together meant that the traditional advantage of tape - that you could walk out of the building carrying the backup - was no longer true for most companies.

So if tape backup no longer offered convenient off-site data security for most users - it would have to find a new role. I believe that new role is at the entry level, in very small installations - and at the other end of the scale in systems on a Petabyte scale - where tape libraries have been proven, and cautious users will resist the unknown risks and management factors in disk to disk backup.

The fate of StoneFly Networks, the pioneer in very large capacity disk to disk systems, will be scrutinized carefully by many to see if this technology really is a viable alternative to tape libraries.

...from the article Chewing over 2003

Texas Memory Systems
Texas Memory Systems, Inc., founded in 1978, manufactures the RAM-SAN family of solid state disks for storage networks:- "the World's Fastest Storage".
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What is Data Recovery? - article by  Disklabs
What is Data Recovery? - article by Disklabs

The first time you try any new technology service it can be a bit daunting. Who do you choose? What if it goes wrong? The pressure really turns up when you are in the situation of having lost your data due to a backup failure, hardware fault, operator error or physical disaster. That's usually the first time you look at the data recovery market. and it's when you're in a high state of anxiety and can't take the risk of anything else going wrong. This article is a simple guide to how the data recovery industry works and how it can help you in this frightening situation. the article,...Disklabs profile, Data Recovery, backup software, Hard disk drives
Brocade, the dominant manufacturer in this segment, grew while the remaining manufacturers declined Q/Q. Dell'Oro Group attributes Brocade's share gains in 3Q to the success of the marketing programs they began rolling out in mid-2Q03.

Dell'Oro Group's SAN Report provides in-depth information on market shares, manufacturer revenues, units and or ports shipped, and average selling prices by technology segment: SAN Switches and HBAs. To purchase this report, contact Julie Learmond-Criqui at 650-622-9400 ext. 223 or via email at ...Dell'Oro Group profile
FC Switches Revenue 3Q03 ($275 million total)
Market Leaders - source Dell'Oro Group
rank vendor Q/Q growth
1 Brocade 3%
2 McDATA 7%
3 Cisco Systems 59%
4 QLogic -11%

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif. - December 9, 2003 - Seagate Technology announced it has shipped more than 1.5 million Serial ATA hard drives - more than twice the number of its nearest competitor, according to analysts - confirming its Barracuda SATA drive family as the most popular and widely-adopted SATA disc drive in the world. Seagate SATA drives have been adopted by all the top ten global OEMs. Seagate still offers the only native SATA hard drive technology on the market, with no PATA-to-SATA translator bridge chip that can reduce performance or limit native features. Only Seagate's native SATA architecture is capable of supporting native command queuing and staggered spin-up, both critical features to new entry-server and network bulk storage applications. And as the leading developer of SATA technology, Seagate is well positioned to deploy next-generation SATA II features.

"Seagate has shipped more than twice as many SATA units as the nearest competitor, and is today's leader in desktop SATA technology and customer adoption. Seagate is still the only hard drive maker shipping native SATA technology and is well-positioned with those who are implementing SATA," said Dave Reinsel, IDC research manager. "Seagate's continued investment in research and development helps the Company to solidify and grow its market share." ...Seagate Technology profile

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - December 9, 2003 - SANRAD Inc. announced today that it has earned the Designed for Windows Logo qualification for its V-Switch 3000 product. SANRAD received the designation after passing the rigorous testing program recently announced for iSCSI hardware targets. Completing this testing helps ensure the V-Switch 3000 is interoperable with the Microsoft Windows platform. The Designed for Windows logo qualification program ensures optimal reliability and interoperability with Microsoft Windows products.

iSCSI V-Switches introduce all-in-one iSCSI storage networking for full availability and seamless management of stored information across standard Ethernet networks, affording a complete storage continuity solution, that is easy to deploy, with excellent price/performance. SANRAD iSCSI V-Switches combine a truly interoperable, multiple-port iSCSI gateway with comprehensive storage Services for full block based data access, network volume management, storage continuity and traffic optimization, delivering a new dimension in the availability of vital business information using IP SANs. ...SANRAD profile

Boise, Idaho - December 8, 2003 - Micron Technology, Inc. says it is now leading volume production of DDR2 memory components. Micron is the first and only memory supplier to ship DDR2 components in all densities, including 256Mb, 512Mb, and 1Gb. These components provide the foundation for Micron's line of registered and unbuffered DIMM modules ranging in densities from 128MB to 4GB. Micron led the development of DDR2 through JEDEC device and module standards work, early product introductions, platform design and demonstration, and validation in customers' systems. ...Micron Technology profile

PALO ALTO, Calif. - December 8, 2003 - VMware, Inc. today announced that VMware ESX Server has successfully completed comprehensive interoperability testing with the industry's leading SAN vendors. ESX Server has been qualified for EMC, Fujitsu Siemens Computers, Hitachi Data Systems, HP, IBM and Network Appliance storage systems.

"Virtualization technologies have emerged as a critical component of the enterprise data center stack that drive utilization, higher availability and lower management costs," said Michael Mullany, vice president of marketing at VMware. "Comprehensive SAN support from VMware and its storage partners is yet another step in ensuring that customers can reap the benefits of server and storage virtualization while preserving and leveraging their existing IT investments." ...VMware profile

INFOSECURITY, NEW YORK, NY - December 8, 2003 - Decru, Inc. today announced that it has begun shipping Decru DataFort T520, an enterprise-class security appliance that provides encryption, authentication and logging capabilities for tape backup environments. With the DataFort T520, Decru adds new options to its tape security product line that already includes DataFort FC520, the first security appliance to support both Fibre Channel storage networks and tape backup. The addition of the DataFort T520 extends Decru's leadership with the only platform that can transparently secure storage across the entire enterprise - including NAS, DAS, SAN, and tape environments.

"Our customers realize the value of securing their data assets, whether those assets are customer records, credit card information, health records, or source code," said Kevin Brown, vice president of marketing. "Enterprises are increasingly concerned about sensitive cleartext data leaving their facilities every day on tape, and DataFort provides them with a simple and obvious solution to this problem." ...Decru profile

SAN JOSE, Calif. - December 8, 2003 - Maranti Networks today announced availability of the Maranti CoreSTOR product line, consisting of the Maranti CoreSTOR 2000 (16 port) and CoreSTOR 3000 (128 Port) Adaptive Storage Services Platforms, CoreSTOR Storage Services suite and Maranti STORIAN Manager. As the industry's first fully integrated, network storage services controller, the Maranti CoreSTOR system enables rapid deployment of heterogeneous storage infrastructures, delivering centrally managed, high-performance storage services from any storage device to any server in the network. Maranti's CoreSTOR system manages service levels based on the business value of the data, significantly increasing application availability while reducing total cost of ownership.

Based on a patent-pending, fully distributed in-line, cut-through processing architecture; Maranti CoreSTOR platforms deliver low-latency, high-speed I/O performance through each of the port-based storage processing engines. Maranti's innovations provide the industry's most scalable, high-performance storage services solution, delivering mirroring and replication across heterogeneous arrays. By processing storage services at each port in the data path, Maranti's CoreSTOR architecture eliminates performance bottlenecks and provides over 6 million virtualized IOPS across a fully configured CoreSTOR 3000 chassis. ...Maranti Networks profile

SANTA ANA, Calif. - December 8, 2003 - SimpleTech, Inc today announced the introduction of Bonzai USB 2.0 Upgradeable Flash Drive. Consumers can simply plug Bonzai into any USB port to access, transfer and store files. Bonzai eliminates the capacity constraints of floppy disks and the time-consuming task of burning data onto a CD. Bonzai USB 2.0 Upgradeable Flash Drives offer a transfer rate of up to 480Mbps. Bonzai is available in capacities of 64MB, 128MB, 256MB and 512MB with either an SD or MMC Flash card. For the first time, Bonzai is also available without a SD or MMC Flash card for customers who want to use their own Flash cards or plan to purchase Flash cards separately. Measuring just 70mm x 33mm x 12.7mm, Bonzai can easily be carried in a pocket, purse or briefcase. Bonzai is also mass storage compliant and hot- swappable. The drives do not require an external power source. MSRP ranges from $53.99 to $319.99. MSRP for the card reader model is $19.99.

"Bonzai USB 2.0 Upgradeable Flash Drives deliver a convenient, high- capacity solution for sharing data between computers, such as between a home and office computer," said Ken Roberts, director of product marketing for SimpleTech. "The powerful, portable Bonzai plugs directly into any PC or Macintosh computer that supports USB, offering users plug-and-play cross- platform flexibility for file sharing and storage." ...SimpleTech profile

MILPITAS, Calif. - December 8, 2003 - LSI Logic Corporation today introduced its second-generation, single-chip DVD recorder system processor based on the company's successful and field-proven DoMiNo architecture. The DiMeNsion 8602 device is in mass production and immediately available to consumer electronic manufacturers seeking to deliver cutting-edge DVD recorders while reducing overall system costs.

"LSI Logic has been a leader in this new and rapidly growing market since its inception, with its previous generations of processors already designed into numerous DVD recorder models," said In-Stat/MDR Senior Analyst Michelle Abraham. "The success story continues with the second-generation, single-chip DVD recorder processor that provides manufacturers additional opportunities to increase market share. With the DVD recorder total available market expected to grow to 9 million units in 2004, manufacturers need to be ready today with full-featured, cost-effective solutions." ...LSI Logic profile

Santa Clara, CA - December 8, 2003 - CATC today announced it has moved its worldwide headquarters to 3385 Scott Boulevard, Santa Clara, CA 95054. This new location will significantly increase the total office space in order to support future growth of the company. The move from CATC's previous headquarters, which were also located in Santa Clara, California, is effective today. All telephone and fax numbers will remain the same.

"We are continuing to grow, even in these difficult economic times. This growth, coupled with long-term attractive lease terms, makes it possible to improve the functionality and size of our facility with only a minimal change in total cost," said Carmine J. Napolitano, president of CATC. "Our new location will support our planned expansion for the foreseeable future." ...CATC profile

ORANGE COUNTY, Calif., and SAN JOSE, Calif. - December 8, 2003 - Twin Paradox Corp. and Cypress Semiconductor Corp. today announced a unique new CompactFlash USB host adapter card that enables mobile professionals to connect multiple USB devices such as USB mini Flash hard drives, full-size USB keyboards, and USB printers to their PDA. The device is designed for a new generation of PDAs with PC-type operating systems, called Pocket PCs. Leveraging EZ-OTG USB embedded host technology from Cypress Semiconductor, Twin Paradox's SolarExpress PDA is the industry's first fully integrated CompactFlash USB host adapter card to provide two ports of low- and full-speed USB connectivity to Pocket PCs. It's also the industry's most affordable PDA USB adapter, priced at just $89.00 (MSRP).

SolarExpress PDA uses the PocketPC's existing CF card slot to offer fully integrated USB connectivity without compromising the PDA's compact form factor. It is designed for use in PocketPCs with Windows Mobile 2003 (Pocket PC 2003) installed. The device can be operated with an included AC adapter that supplies 5V of power at 500 mA to each USB host port. Without the adapter, it delivers 5V at 100 mA to each port.

The SolarExpress PDA solution includes the CompactFlash USB host adapter card, AC adapter, USB host extension cable, software drivers, installation guide and a three-year warranty. The product will be available for purchase starting in February 2004. ...Cypress Semiconductor profile, ...Twin Paradox

Washington DC - December 8, 2003 - At the 2003 IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting taking place in Washington DC this week Infineon is highlighting its R&D activities with several technical presentations. The papers present recent developments on DRAMs, organic semiconductors and memories, biochemical sensors and innovative processes, and identify key technologies for "Ambient Intelligence" applications.

One paper from Infineon is called "Organic Materials for High-Density Non-Volatile Memory Applications". Numerous organic and inorganic materials have been proposed for non-volatile memory applications. At IEDM, Infineon describes cell concepts and requirements for non-volatile memories on the base of novel organic materials. Memory cells built in this technology already demonstrate promising reliability data. For the first time, retention data of more than a year are shown for an organic memory material exhibiting conductance switching. Further investigations show the potential for scaling the material down to feature sizes of below 20nm. This organic material is an attractive candidate as storage material for use in non-volatile memories. ...Infineon Technologies profile

COSTA MESA, Calif. - December 8, 2003 - Emulex Corporation today announced that Hitachi Data Systems has selected Emulex's mid-range LP982 2Gb/s Fibre Channel PCI-X HBA as the connectivity solution for Hitachi Thunder 9500 V Series storage systems in Windows and Linux operating environments.

"Hitachi Data Systems selection of the LP982 as the connectivity solution for its midrange offering validates Emulex's commitment to supplying cost-efficient solutions across all segments of the SAN market," said Mike Smith, Executive Vice President, Worldwide Marketing for Emulex. ...Emulex profile

Editor's comments:- it's Monday morning, my brain was working slowly and I nearly reworded the headline for this to "HDS Selects Emulex HBAs for Storage Thunder Boxes". Naming products can be tricky see this article about the problems.

FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla. - December 8, 2003 - DataCore Software Corporation today announced that it is working with IIJ Technology, Inc. to enhance IIJ-Tech's storage outsourcing services based on the DataCore SANsymphony open storage network platform. The new system utilizes DataCore's industry-pioneering storage management software to create a multi-vendor, consolidated, and efficient storage environment that enables improved company flexibility and scalability. The large-scale multi-vendor storage system is the first 20-terabyte storage system in Japan and is unprecedented in its leverage of technology, size and cost-efficiency. By lowering costs and improving management capabilities, IIJ-Tech is able to offer customers a multiplicity of enhanced services at prices reduced by nearly 20% compared to previous versions....DataCore Software profile

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