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SSD &storage news - May 2009, week 4

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Vembu Aims at US Online Backup Market

Editor:- May 28, 2009 - Vembu Technologies today announced the appointment of Randy J. Whitehead as VP of Strategic Business Development.

Reporting to Vembu's President, Lakshmanan Narayan, Randy will primarily be responsible for growing Vembu's business in the US and Canada, with a focus on channel partnerships.

"Our StoreGrid software solution powers the online backup services business of more than 1,250 service providers worldwide, and more than 850 of these service providers are based in North America," said Sekar Vembu, CEO of Vembu Technologies. "Randy's deep experience in operations and sales, coupled with his years of experience in the online backup market, will help to further catalyze our rapid growth in the service provider market."

Prior to Vembu, Randy was co-founder and COO of Arsenal Digital Solutions. Randy has more than 20 years experience in outsourcing solutions and operations, system integration and business development. He was also at StorageTek, where he was responsible for the industry's first implementation of a storage utility solution and the structuring of large outsourcing/utility deals, as well as the operation and delivery of managed storage services. He has also held senior positions with IBM, BT, Data General and AT&T. Storage People

Sun Responds to User Needs for More SSD Capacity

Editor:- May 27, 2009 - Sun Microsystems announced today it has improved its hybrid rackmount storage systems to support an additional 600GB of flash SSD cache (compared to the current 64GB internal limit) for enhanced application performance.

The Sun Storage 7310 is available today and starts at a price of $40,165.

Editor's comments:- terabyte SSDs become commercially available in 2002 - so Sun's initial product offering last November - which supported a mere 36GB per 4U rack - was a sure sign that the company either didn't know what it was doing - or was being overly cautious.

There are plenty of rackmount SSD vendors in the market - and soon there will be hundreds more. There's wide diversity in product architectures (open versus proprietary) and applications experience in this part of the SSD market (ranging from months in the case of Sun - to more than a decade for companies like Solid Data Systems and Texas Memory Systems).

If you are thinking of buying an SSD from Sun - timing the purchase is a something to think about. In recent years Sun used to steeply discount towards the end of its quarter. I'm not sure how being part of Oracle will affect that. See also:- Hybrid Storage Drives

CoreVault Advises Disaster Recovery Planning for Tornado States

Editor:- May 27, 2009 - as the Tornado season approaches CoreVault is advising DR planning with a 5 point check list.

1) - Develop a written disaster recovery plan that identifies systems and assets critical to business continuity;

2) - Establish a disaster recovery team with assignments and training that leverages employee strengths in order to address the difficult and stressful task of rebuilding operations after a disaster;

3) - Identify a physical recovery location to restore business operations should the organization's physical location become unusable;

4) - Update and test disaster recovery plan processes on a regular basis like performing recovery drills to assure reinstatement of both physical and digital assets. In addition, testing the functionality of IT systems is also critical.

5) - Protect business database, email and all important Electronically Stored Information off-site at a trusted managed backup and recovery provider's information vault.

CoreVault warns that the US experiences more tornadoes each year than any other country in the world. In 2008 alone, there were 1,691 confirmed tornadoes reported. They cost roughly $2 billion in damages and 125 lives lost each year. According to a classic book on Disaster Recovery Planning companies that experience a computer outage for more than 10 days will never fully recover financially.

OEMs Race to Design Their Own SSDs

Editor:- May 27, 2009 - disclosed today that search volume for SSD SoCs (systems on a chip and controllers) has overtaken 1" SSDs (includes miniature SSD modules) this month for the first time.

Guess that confirms my sneaking suspicion that a lot of oems want to design their own SSDs.

PhotoFast Announces Faster 1.8" Notebook SSDs PhotoFast Announces Faster 1.8" Notebook SSDs
Editor:- May 27, 2009 - PhotoFast launched its G-Monster 1.8" SATA SSD with internal 64MB DRAM cache and upto 128GB capacity.

It supports R/W speeds upto 230MB/s and 160MB/s respectively. The company says - what's important in this type of notebook product is not just sequential R/W throughput for large blocks - but also write performance for small random blocks. It claims its 12MB/s (for 4KB blocks) is best in class.

WEDC Launches Rugged Miniature SSD

Editor:- May 26, 2009 - today White Electronic Designs introduced a surface mount miniature PATA SLC SSD (22mm x 27mm PBGA) with 1, 2 and 4GB densities for use in high reliability embedded applications such as aircraft, communications and missiles.

"These products were engineered specifically for the defense market, with features designed to ensure data reliability in mission critical rugged and mobile systems. As a natural extension of our MCP and SiP technologies, these devices bring big features in a miniaturized package," stated Mark Downey, Director of Defense Technology. "This is really just the beginning of more to come from us in the storage area. We are listening to what our defense customers want from a solid state storage provider and plan to deliver on those requirements with commitment and focus." Military & Rugged Storage, 1.0" SSDs

Rambus Unveils Technologies for Next Generation Fast RAMs
Editor:- May 26, 2009 - Rambus today unveiled a set of innovations that can advance computing main memory beyond current DDR3 data rate limits to 3,200Mbps.

Through this collection of licensable innovations, designers can achieve higher memory data rates, higher effective throughput, better power efficiency and the increased capacity necessary for future computing applications. storage chips

AGIGA Tech Samples High Density Non Volatile RAM Chips

Editor:- May 26, 2009 - AGIGA Tech started sampling its new AGIGARAM non-volatile system ( technology which delivers densities between 4 megabytes (32 megabits) and 2 gigabytes (16 gigabits) and peak transfer rates equivalent to DRAMs.

"Today's memory technologies all have a problem. DRAM is volatile, flash is slow, SRAM with batteries is unreliable, and alternative technologies are too costly to use in large densities," said Jim Handy, Director of Objective Analysis. "Products like AgigA Tech's that combine the best attributes of DRAM and NAND are likely to meet with broad acceptance."

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