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LWG Consulting

LWG Consulting specializes in computer forensics, digital investigations, data recovery and disaster recovery solutions. Our Forensic and Litigation Technology practice excels in the preservation, collection, processing, analysis, and production of digital evidence for trial. By utilizing cutting edge, court defensible software and seasoned industry experts, LWG is able to provide computer forensics investigation services suited to address the unique goals and needs of every case. LWG Consulting's dual expertise in computer technology and law gives them a strong advantage in the courtroom when it comes to witness testimony. LWG has numerous offices in the US and can travel to meet your case requirements.

  • editor's comments:- LWG's web site says they are an employee owned company whose roots go back to 1975 - although the first time I heard about them (via email) was March 29, 2011.

    My excuse for not knowing before? Storage is a big market and my focus is the top 1,000 companies which are leading us to the new storage frontier - which nowadays is pointing more and more towards a totally solid state future in data centers - although it might be 2020 before we arrive at that point.

    The first thing I do when looking at a new (to me) company's web site is to search for what they say about SSDs. After that I just try to find anything which has some enduring educational or informational value.

    Having recently published what I hope will become a future classic article - on the subject of SSD power down management - I was interested to see LWG's educational article Identifying the Source of a Power Surge - which discusses differences in the damage to data storage systems caused by natural and artificial causes such as lightning surges, power grid switching faults and equipment failures.

    And they have also published a case study about an insurance claim for data loss claimed to be due to a power surge which they detected had been aggravated by someone having opened and scratched the hard drive media.

    This starts to read like Sherlock Holmes partnering with a data recovery version of Doctor Watson.

    I've asked LWG if they have any words of wisdom for our readers re flash storage forensics. I'll add it to these notes when I hear more.
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