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storage news - 2006, January week 2

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Megabyte's selection of storage news

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Recovering Data from Drowned / Flooded Hard Drives
How will the hard drive market fare... in a solid state storage world?
industrial mSATA SSD
industrial grade mSATA SSDs
from Cactus Technologies
Cornice & Fujitsu Work on 1.8" Hard Drive

LONGMONT, CO - January 13, 2006 - Cornice Inc. today announced the launch of a strategic development project with Fujitsu Limited.

This joint development will focus on a new line of consumer electronic focused hard drives to fulfill the growing audio/video portable storage market. The development goal is to start mass production of a 1.8-inch product by mid-2007. Included in this partnership is a specific IP sharing arrangement required for the project.

The jointly developed HDD product line will serve fast-growing consumer electronics markets such as portable music players, video players, and ultra-portable notebooks with small but extremely high capacity storage. The combination of Fujitsu's long-time expertise in developing 2.5-inch HDDs and Cornice's innovation and experience in developing compact hard drives for consumer electronics devices is expected to provide the fastest time to market for a new high-quality product set. This line, which will use multi-platter perpendicular recording technology, will feature Cornice's durability, ruggedness, and low- power consumption.

"The 1.8-inch CE market is a very fast growing segment and we see tremendous growth opportunities within it," said Camillo Martino, Cornice's president and CEO. "Rarely are the skillsets of two companies so well aligned - Cornice has served the consumer electronics market since its beginning and has a product offering uniquely suited to portable electronics; and Fujitsu is a world leader in high quality hard disk drives for the computer world." ...Cornice profile, ...Fujitsu profile, Hard disk drives

AmeriVault Acquires Capitalbackup

Waltham, MA - January 12, 2006 -AmeriVault Corp. today announced they have acquired Capitalbackup, a service provider specializing in data protection and disaster recovery services. Effective today,

AmeriVault will purchase the company, which includes over 200 customers, an office with employees in Schenectady and a state-of-the-art data center in Albany, New York that will increase AmeriVault's market share.

Capitalbackup customers will enjoy continued servicing from their existing representatives, access to a larger technology team, a broader suite of products and services at their disposal and a network of world-class data centers for more options and greater flexibility. Key personnel from Capitalbackup will be joining the AmeriVault staff, including President & CEO Don Casey who will stay on board throughout the transition. ...AmeriVault profile , online backup and storage

Editor's notes:- in January 2005 AmeriVault acquired Certified Backup.

Agilent Names Chip Test Spinoff

PALO ALTO, Calif. - January 12, 2006 - Agilent Technologies Inc. today announced it has selected a name for its upcoming semiconductor test spin-off company.

The new name, Verigy, will be used when the new company separates from Agilent, which is expected to occur near mid-2006. The name is built from the Latin prefix "veri-" ("true, genuine"), which is the root of "verification" ("to prove the truth of, substantiate") and so ties the name to the test business. The "-gy" suffix comes from the combining form "-logy," meaning the name of sciences or bodies of knowledge, as in biology and geology. Verigy describes a company dealing with the true nature of things. The sound of the name connotes energy. ...Agilent profile, Storage Testers & Analyzers, article:- Marketing Nomenclature, and the Naming of Names

Editor's comments:- choosing names beginning with "ver" is not very original. In the storage market we've already had - Verbatim, Verio, Verisys, Verity Systems and Veritas. Mind you, wasn't very original either.

IBM, Sony, Toshiba Extend Semiconductor Alliance

TOKYO, JAPAN & ARMONK, NY - January 12, 2006 - IBM, Sony and Toshiba today announced they have begun a new 5 year phase of their joint technology development alliance.

As part of this broad semiconductor research and development alliance, the companies will work together on fundamental research related to advanced process technologies at 32 nanometers and beyond. The agreement will help enable them more rapidly investigate, identify and commercialize new technologies for consumer and other applications. ...IBM profile, ...Sony profile, ...Toshiba profile, storage chips

Intel Storage Community is formed

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - January 12, 2006 - Intel Corp today announced the founding of the Intel Storage Community bringing together more than 40 leading storage companies which share the common vision of meeting the demand for affordable, reliable and easy-to-manage storage solutions based on Intel building-blocks.

"The Intel Storage Community is a constantly expanding resource that will help enable manufacturers, platform integrators and storage professionals to accelerate the deployment of high-performance, cost-effective storage solutions," said Mike Wall, general manager, Intel Storage Group Marketing. ...Intel profile

Editor's comments:-
in earlier decades Intel led the way in PC related technologies, but in recent years it has lost its place as a "leader" in the processor market and seems to be looking for a new role. The need for a storage branding consortium which supports a single company's processor chips is not at all clear to me. Does this mean that other storage ORGs will be founded to support the Linux market? or the SPARC market?

The storage market, which was worth over $150 billion in revenue in 2005 will soon overtake the PC market as the biggest segment within the computer industry. Vendors will legitimately use any marketing tricks or strategies to get a slice of that pie - but has long believed that the future of storage will be operating system and processor independent. Consistent with that view we regard the fragmentation of storage into architectural ghettos as a bad idea and not in the long term interests of most users.

AMCC's RAID Controller Enters MAC Market

SAN FRANCISCO - January 11, 2006 - AMCC today announced its entrance into the Macintosh storage market with RAID technology for Apple's high-end PowerMac G5 Quad workstation.

AMCC brings the Macintosh market many years of experience in developing high performance RAID controller systems for the Linux and Windows environments. Its new Sidecar external RAID solution leverages the company's award-winning 3ware StorSwitch architecture, which integrates custom-designed firmware, hardware and management software optimized for high bandwidth applications and solves the problem of how to provide terabytes of highly reliable storage expansion to individual G5 workstations.

At this week's Macworld conference, AMCC will provide a sneak peek at the technology, due for release in the second quarter of 2006.

"The Macintosh storage market has been largely ignored by the major storage players," said Greg Schulz, founder and storage consultant at StorageIO. "AMCC's entry into the Macintosh storage market will be welcomed by Mac users who require enterprise like functionality with greater storage performance and capacity for applications such as digital video capture, post-production and graphics." ...AMCC profile, RAID systems

LSI Logic Announces New SAS/SATA Chips

MILPITAS, Calif. - January 11, 2006 - LSI Logic Corp today announced that it is shipping production units of the LSI 3Gb/s Serial Attached SCSI 36-port and 28-port expanders.

As the only company in the industry offering both SAS expanders and controllers, LSI allows OEM customers to realize reduced test costs and faster time to market with solutions featuring interoperable expanders and controllers. Key product features include zoning for storage partitioning applications, and initiator functionality such as self-discovery and self-configuration. The products leverage an ARM processor for enclosure management and extended SAS functions. ...LSI Logic profile, SAS, storage chips

Sony Launches SATA AIT Tape Drives

SAN JOSE, Calif - January 11, 2006 - Sony is one of the first tape drive manufacturers to offer a range of tape drives that support the SATA interface.

Sony's new SATA AIT Turbo drives offer a range of capacity and performance options.

AIT-2 Turbo drives (MSRP $1,070) feature an 80GB native storage capacity (208GB using 2.6:1 compression) and a 12MB/second sustained native transfer rate. AIT-2 Turbo drives also offer WORM capability, allowing small to mid-size companies to easily deploy best practices to assist them in their compliance efforts.

AIT-1 Turbo (MSRP $650) delivers a 40GB native storage capacity (104GB compressed) with a 6MB/second sustained native transfer rate.

"The introduction of SATA AIT Turbo drives demonstrates our commitment to remaining at the forefront of the tape industry and providing our customers with solutions that are flexible, cost effective, and offer true value across applications," said Alan Sund, general manager for tape storage solutions in Sony Electronics' Component and Business Solutions Division. "SATA AIT Turbo drives are a key component in enabling and driving the industry's efforts to achieve a true SATA-based disk-to-disk-to-tape (D2D2T) architecture. Uniting disk and tape, along with the capabilities of SATA, is a great boon for budget-constrained, performance-starved storage administrators who know that tape storage coupled with hard disk drives in D2D2T configurations provides the best attributes of disk, with the economy and scalability of tape." ...Sony profile, Storage Media

Hitachi Celebrates 10 Years Hard Disk Making in China

SHENZHEN, China - January 10, 2006 - Hitachi Global Storage Technologies today announced that its joint venture, Shenzhen Hailiang Storage Products (HSPC) Co., Ltd. entered its 10th year of manufacturing and shipping head gimbal assemblies to Hitachi GST hard disk drive plants with total annual shipment of 125 million in 2005.

The head gimbal assembly is a core component of hard disk drives, comprised of a magnetic recording head and small suspension arm that holds the head in position above or beneath the surface of a disk. A highly complex technology, HGAs are produced and packaged in specially designed clean rooms that provide a dust-free environment with constant temperature and relative humidity. With some 3,750 employees and a total investment of $179 million by the end of 2005, HSPC has grown at a significant pace in terms of production capability, output volume and company scale since its founding in 1995. The facility has exceeded a cumulative shipment figure of 685 million HGA units in the past decade. ...Hitachi profile , Hard disk drives

Avoiding - Oh My God! - the Backup Killed Kenny

PALO ALTO, Calif. - January 10, 2006 - Atempo today announced that South Park Studios has chosen and deployed Atempo's Time Navigator as its data protection solution.

South Park Studios is the creator of the Emmy award winning South Park animated comedy show South Park started to look for a new backup infrastructure after the show's 8th season when its aging DLT 7000 tape library proved insufficient to hold saved versions of every frame of every show in the original wire frame format. Therefore, South Park went looking for as solution that could interface with its new LTO2 tape library and its three Apple XServe RAIDs configured into a SAN using Apple XSAN.

The XServe RAIDs house all of South Park's production data. Apple recommended that South Park evaluate Atempo's high performance backup and restore solution, Time Navigator. South Park chose Atempo's Time Navigator because of its 'out-of-the-box' Apple support, extensive platforms and applications support, ability to perform incremental backups that support the South Park's tight schedules and rapid-fire show changes, right up to broadcast time. South Park is also planning to enhance its backup architecture by deploying its backup server on a recently purchased Apple XServe.
news image - South Park - copyright  1999 - 2004 Comedy Partners LLC
South Park's production process is unique among animators. South Park produces all its content in-house, where over 30 artists work right up until deadline, making frequent changes. Other similar shows often produce shows a full 6 to 9 months in advance of the show airing; by contrast, South Park shows are produced typically within 6 days, though the record has been a 2½ day turnaround. South Park backs up every 4 hours, in contrast to the single backup per day performed prior to Atempo. This means South Park, in the event of disaster, would only lose 4 hours of changes to the show's content, rather than a full day's work - which would destroy the tight production schedule that leads up to the weekly broadcast of South Park. ...Atempo profile, ...South Park

SiliconSystems Names Vice President of Operations

ALISO VIEJO, Calif. - January 10, 2005 - SiliconSystems, Inc. today announced that Edward Meek has joined the company as vp of operations.

In this position, Meek heads SiliconSystems' global operations, contract manufacturing operations, supply-chain management, capacity planning, production control and logistics. Meek joins SiliconSystems with more than 25 years of storage industry experience. Most recently he was senior director of worldwide planning and procurement at SanDisk. Prior to that, he held operations and global supply chain management positions at Lexar Media, Maxtor, Exabyte and Shugart Corporation.

"Ed is an excellent addition to our senior management team because of his global perspective and extensive knowledge from a successful career working for industry leaders such as SanDisk and Lexar as they experienced unprecedented growth," said Michael Hajeck, CEO for SiliconSystems. "We are pleased to welcome Ed at this time of tremendous growth for SiliconSystems, and are confident that his expertise will strengthen our position as the industry leader for storage technology in the enterprise system OEM market." ...SiliconSystems profile, Storage People, Animals in Storage

ADIC Adds Media Integrity Analysis to Libraries

REDMOND, Wash - January 10, 2006 - ADIC today announced upgrades to its Scalar i2000 intelligent tape library designed to increase backup performance, reliability, and manageability in enterprise environments.

The upgrades include both hardware functionality and new management options within the library's integra management software. The new Scalar i2000 release will include optional media integrity analysis software that allows users to track alert trends in media and drives. The reports present the record for any tape that has been in the library, and they let users cross-index that information with the history of individual drives to make it easy to proactively identify and resolve media-related issues. The new tool makes the Scalar i2000 the first library to integrate the ability to store, download, and analyze the pattern of alert events that are associated with specific pieces of media.

The new release of the Scalar i2000 also doubles the number of tape drives it can support in a single library configuration from 48 to 96. ...ADIC profile, Tape Libraries

Editor's comments:-
market research from many sources shows that recovering data from tape backups is often unreliable. Tapes can become unreadable, even if the data was correctly written to them in the first place. The arcane art of managing tapes for optimum recovery has been the subject of previous articles. A good analogy is cars. If you drive your car every day it's more likely to start on a cold damp morning. Similarly if you test data restores regularly and exercise all the media - they are more likely to work for you.

RELDATA Expands Service Support in the US

Parsippany, New Jersey - January 10, 2006 - Reldata Inc today announced it has expanded its partnership with Anacomp, Inc .

In May 2005, Anacomp began providing field service support to Reldata's European customers. Reldata has decided to expand this partnership to the U.S.A. because of the high level of professionalism and customer service excellence its European clients are receiving. The partnership provides 24-by-7 help-desk support, call tracking services, RMA processing, on-site service, and specifies minimum service response times.

"Anacomp has proven world class support capabilities in providing technical call center support as well as on-site hardware warranty maintenance and repair services for our unified IP SAN/NAS Storage Gateway solutions," said Boris Anderer, president and CEO of Reldata Inc.. "We feel confident that together with Anacomp we can meet the demanding maintenance support requirements of our growing U.S. and European enterprise client base." ...RELDATA profile, ...Anacomp profile Storage Services

World's First Notebooks Using SSDs

San Diego, Calif. - January 10, 2006 - BiTMICRO Networks, Inc. today announced at the West 2006 show in San Diego, California the completion of product certification of NextCom LLC's mobile servers and workstations with BiTMICRO's E-Disk flash solid-state disks.

NextCom provides next-generation mobile servers and workstations for power users. Its products are manufactured for advanced computing professionals working in intense and hostile conditions that require extreme processing capabilities. NextCom devices are routinely deployed in industries such as military, aerospace, test and measurement, gaming, development, graphics development, telecommunications, embedded computing, and emergency first response.

Laura Cooper, NextCom's Director of Marketing said, "It is always an advantage when two industry leaders partner to deliver top-of-the-line equipment. Our complementary capabilities boost performance and overall reliability..." ...BiTMICRO profile, ...NextCom profile, Exhibitors at West 2006

Editor's comments:-
this is the first time that SSDs have been qualified by a notebook manufacturer. Although NextCom's SPARC and Solaris/Linux/Windows notebooks are at the very high end of the performance spectrum our SSD market penetration model predicts that the mainstream high performance notebook SSD market will be worth billions of dollars in revenue.

LeftHand's iSCSI Tested with Microsoft's ESRP

BOULDER, Colo. - January 9, 2006 - LeftHand Networks today announced it has completed the tests required to participate in Microsoft's Exchange Solution Reviewed Program (ESRP) for storage.

LeftHand was the first iSCSI vendor to complete the tests required for program participation.

LeftHand's SAN/iQ runs on the HP ProLiant DL380 creating "storage modules," which are then aggregated together into a pool of storage managed from a single intuitive GUI. The solution tested for ESRP included a backup to disk option. Three ProLiant DL380s servers with 15K 72GB SCSI drives were used for production data, and one ProLiant DL 380 server with 10K SCSI drives was used for backup data. All the data is protected with LeftHand's patented SAN/iQ Network RAID technology. The configuration would support a site with 3,500 Microsoft Exchange Server users. ...LeftHand Networks profile

WEDC Introduces 512MB DDR SDRAM

Phoenix, AZ - January 9, 2006 - White Electronic Designs Corp today announces the availability of its 512MB DDR2 SDRAM Registered, w/PLL.
SSD ad - click for more info
The device is a 2x32Mx72 DDR2 SDRAM high density module. The 512MB module consists of eighteen 32Mx8 bit with 4 banks DDR2 Synchronous DRAMs in Fine Ball Grid Array packages, mounted on a 240-pin DIMM FR4 substrate (JEDEC Standard).

The high performance module uses synchronous design which allows precise cycle control with the use of system clock. It offers gold edge contacts, is dual rank and includes multiple internal device banks for concurrent operation.
storage news - new high performance DDR2 SDRAM from WEDC
WEDC's new 512MB SDRAM features fast data transfer rates: PC2-6400, PC2-5300, PC2-4200 and PC2-3200 (consult factory for availability of PC2-6400), on-die termination and Phase-lock Loop. The device provides programmable CAS# latency 3, 4, 5 and 6 serial presence detect with EEPROM and differential data strobe for transmitting and receiving data.

The 512MB DDR SDRAM (WV3HG232M72EER-D6) is priced at $53.00 each in volumes of 1,000 pieces with a lead-time of 6-8 weeks. ...White Electronic Designs profile, RAM's Pageviews Grew 61%

Editor: - January 9, 2006 - STORAGEsearch reports on readers' changing interests in December.

The top 3 subjects viewed by readers (out of 70 storage categories on our home page) were:-
  1. Solid state disks
  2. Hard disk drives
  3. NAS
The new article on solid state disk market penetration and applications - Why are Most Analysts Wrong About Solid State Disks? - shot into the top 10 most popular articles.

The top 3 company profiles (out of more than 1,000 listed storage companies) were:-
  1. PNY Technologies
  2. M-Systems
  3. Freecom Technologies
In the the 4th quarter (Q405) , pageviews grew 61%, and readership grew 28% compared to the year ago period. For more information and full rankings see Market research

Idealstor Encrpyts Removable Disk Backups

Gaithersburg, MD - January 9, 2006 - Idealstor has announced that Ibac 3.0, a new version of its data protection software, is now available to customers.

Ibac 3.0 is unique in that it is the only solution that provides backup encryption onto removable disks, offering a faster and more reliable alternative than current solutions on the market that encrypt tape backup media.

"Stories of tapes going missing with critical data continue to come out in the news so we are proud to be the first to offer data encryption for backups stored on removable disk media," noted Ben Ginster, Channel Marketing Manager for Idealstor.

When recovering from a server failure Idealstor's Quick System Recovery disk contains a bare bones version of Windows Server 2003 that starts the system, and then uses Ibac to restore data in a short period of time. The result is both a lower total downtime as well as a lower cost. ...Idealstor profile, Disk to disk backup, RAID systems, Storage Security

4Gb Fibre Channel for Mac OS X

ALISO VIEJO, Calif - January 9, 2006 - QLogic today introduced the first 4Gb Fibre Channel HBAs that support Mac OS X.

"Anticipating the availability of Mac OS X servers with 4Gb host bus adapters, storage administrators are already deploying SANbox 4Gb switches," said Roger Klein, vice president of product marketing, QLogic. "QLogic 4Gb SANblade HBAs are now available to form storage networks with maximum performance for high bandwidth applications like video post production." ...QLogic profile, Fibre-channel adapters

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