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Vienna, Virginia - July 13, 2006 - Softek today announced enhanced functionality and scalability for its distance data migration software that enables faster and more convenient migrations over TCP/IP within Unix and Linux environments. New features include Restartable Full Refresh, which enables existing migrations to re-start from the point of broken network connection. The Restartable Full Refresh feature provides storage administrators considerable time savings, especially if a broken link condition occurs near the middle or end of a large data migration. In addition, TDMF IP now allows migration of disk volumes up to four times larger than previously supported volume sizes. ...Softek profile

Editor's comments:- migration is a pivotal part of any long term strategy related to data storage reliability. Simplifying the process will become a fast growing business.

Minneapolis, MN - July 12, 2006 - Network Instruments announced today the release of its GigaStor-WAN probe appliance. Offering upto 8 TB capacity the GigaStor product family can now write to a SAN to store and collect vast amounts of data. Pricing for the GigaStor-WAN begins at $16,995 for a 2 TB configuration. Pricing for the GigaStor with write-to-SAN capability is available for $35,000.

"Our customers were searching for a tool that could monitor WAN links in both real time and back in time," said Douglas Smith, president and co-founder of Network Instruments. "The GigaStor-WAN allows administrators to do both. Data can be reviewed in real time without stopping the continuous capture capability. And unlike competitive analysis offerings, the data is collected and analyzed on the GigaStor itself. For example, if you have a problem at a remote site, you don't have to compound that problem further by dragging unnecessary data across your WAN." ...Network Instruments profile, Storage Analyzers

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - July 12, 2006 - Intel Corp today announced a new storage server hardware platform (priced under $3,000) that can be customized for SMBs. The SSR212CC, based on Intel's Xeon processor, supports up to 12 SATA hard drives in a 2U chassis supplied by Xyratex. This storage system supports hardware-based RAID levels 0, 1, 5, 10 and 50. Operating system support includes:- Microsoft Windows Storage Server 2003 as well as Red Hat Enterprise Linux. ...Intel profile

Geneva - July 12,2006 - STMicroelectronics today announced a new family of Address-Data Multiplexed Input/Output NOR Flash memory solutions. The AD MUX I/O architecture introduces pin sharing between data and addresses, reducing the number of pins required by the memory chip and consequently adding cost savings for the microprocessor system. The additional savings will provide cellular phone manufacturers with a considerable competitive advantage, especially for mobile applications for which cost is an essential element. The AD MUX I/O architecture allows either an increase of data bus width (with no pin count increase) or a reduction in pin count (without loss of performance). Samples are available now, with volume production planned for Q3 2006. ...STMicroelectronics profile, Flash Storage, storage chips

Editor's comments:- I first came across the concept of multiplexed address / data busses nearly 30 years ago as a young electronics engineer designing products which included Intel's 2nd generation 8 bit microprocessors like the 8085

San Jose, CA - July 11, 2006 - The Storage Visions Conference announces additional corporate and organization sponsors. New corporate sponsors are:- Agere Systems, Hitachi Global Storage Technologies (Silver) and M-Systems (Bronze). New organization and media sponsors are IDEMA, Trusted Computing Group and

Storage Visions 2007 will be held January 6 & 7, 2007 at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas.

Storage Visions also welcomes Globalpress Connection as a media partner who will help sponsors with the editorial media interface. The speaker submission deadline for conference papers is September 15th. ...Storage Visions, PR Agencies, Storage Events

SUNNYVALE , Calif. - July 11, 2006 - Opsware Inc. today announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Creekpath Systems. Opsware will use the acquired technology as the foundation for a new application storage automation solution (expected next year). Under the terms of the agreement, Opsware will pay approximately $10 million in cash, with a maximum potential earnout of an additional $5 million in cash.

"Storage automation represents another opportunity for us to advance our lead in data center automation," said Ben Horowitz, CEO of Opsware. "This acquisition will allow us to deliver the market's first application storage automation solution and provides us with the final of the three fundamental components required for comprehensive data center automation: servers, networks and storage." ...CreekPath Systems profile, ...Opsware profile, SAN software

Fountain Valley, CA - July 11, 2006 - StorCase Technology today announced the release of a new InfoStation 5-Bay SATA desktop model with support for both PC and Macintosh systems. The 5-Bay InfoStation integrates a SATA port multiplier that greatly simplifies cable management by allowing a single cable connection for up to five SATA devices. The versatile enclosure is capable of using all five bays for RAID levels 0, 1, 10 and JBOD, and uniquely supports twice the SATA specified external cable length. This complete, turnkey solution incorporates a 64-Bit PCI-X 133MHz HBA and includes a shielded 2-meter cable with standard eSATA external connectors. The new enclosure is PC and Mac OS-compatible; support for Linux is anticipated in the near future. For added flexibility a 3U rackmount kit is also available. ...StorCase profile, Storage Boxes, RAID systems, Storage Cables

ISLANDIA, N.Y. - July 11, 2006 - CA announced today the acquisition of XOsoft, Inc. CA plans to integrate XOsoft's products with BrightStor ARCserve Backup to deliver a complete solution for protecting and recovering critical applications. Using XOsoft's patented technology, CA also will develop a next-generation information protection platform to unify and simplify recovery operations. Details of the transaction were not disclosed. ...CA profile, ...XOsoft profile, Backup Software, Acquired storage companies

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. - July 10, 2006 - IDC has published a report called - Storage Technology Futures to 2015: Flash, Disk Drive, Holographic, and New Technology Roadmaps and Applications Revealed. It compares and contrasts several non-volatile memory technologies likely to be commercialized through 2015, including magnetic, optical, semiconductor and other future technologies. Despite challenges from competing storage technologies, IDC expects hard disk drives will continue to lead in density and price through 2015.

The report (price $7,500) provides a primer for each non-volatile memory technology and discusses pros and cons, as well as obstacles to overcome for further scaling or successful commercialization. Roadmaps related to the timing for commercialization as well as projections for density, price per gigabyte, and likely applications are given providing the ability to compare and contrast several storage technologies through 2015. ...IDC profile, Market research

MILPITAS, CA - July 10, 2006 - Seagate Technology has combined RAID controllers from Adaptec with its own Cheetah 15K 146GB disk drives to deliver SAS evaluation kit to system builders and resellers. Adaptec's 4800SAS and 4805SAS 8-port PCI-X and PCI Express controllers support both SATA and SAS disk drives to provide performance and pricing flexibility. ...Adaptec profile, ...Seagate profile, Storage Training, RAID controllers

Hopkinton, Mass - July 10, 2006 - EMC Corp today announced preliminary results for the second quarter of 2006. Total consolidated revenue for the second quarter was approximately $2.575 billion, an increase of approximately 10% over the second quarter of last year, but lower than EMC's previously announced second quarter revenue expectations of at least $2.66 billion.

Joe Tucci, EMC Chairman, President and CEO, said, "We received more customer orders than we anticipated very late in June for our new EMC Symmetrix DMX-3 systems, and fewer than anticipated customer orders for our prior-generation Symmetrix DMX-2 systems, and we therefore did not have the right inventory mix to fulfill demand as we closed the quarter." ...EMC profile, RAID systems

...Later:- a story in describes how the fickle stock market reacted to this news and marked down other storage stocks.

OAKDALE, Minn. - July 10, 2006 - Imation Corp is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its founding. The company "born of 3M innovation," set out in July 1996 as one of the largest technology spin-offs in the pre-dotcom era. Now entering its second decade, Imation has become a worldwide leader in removable data storage. Imation is the only company in the world solely focused on the development, manufacture, and supply of removable data storage products that span the four pillars of magnetic, optical, flash, and removable hard disk storage, having divested its non-data storage businesses along the way. Since 2001, when the company became more focused on removable data storage media, revenue growth has averaged 9.5% compounded annually. ...Imation profile

Oslo, Norway - July 10, 2006 - Tandberg Data ASA today announced the StorageLibrary T128 which is scalable from 28TB to 102.4TB. The product offers up to 128 slots for tapes up to 6 SCSI or Fibre Channel LTO3 tape drives. It will be available from July 28, throughout Tandberg Data's qualified reseller partner base. The system can be upgraded by a customer to add capacity using additional rackmount modules in about 30 minutes. ...Tandberg Data profile, Tape Libraries

GAITHERSBURG, MD - July 10, 2006 - Idealstor announced today the release of Ibac 4.0 CDP, which now includes Continuous Data Protection capabilities for Windows servers. Ibac 4.0 allows users to continuously backup systems on a byte level and is unique in its ability to do so using removable hard drives.

Ibac 4.0 separates backup and continuous backup into individual modules, offering users increased flexibility for data protection. For example, the software enables end users to assign continuous backups to servers containing the most critical data, while allowing the remaining servers to run on scheduled basis, if desired. In addition, Ibac 4.0 allows users to continuously backup open files and databases like Exchange and SQL without the use of expensive remote agents.

Unlike other pseudo CDP products which just replicate data giving you only the most recent version of a file, Ibac 4.0 can restore data to any point in time using the change logs to create unlimited point in time snapshots. This technology gives users the ability to restore systems to the state in which they existed just prior to an outage, or data corruption. ...Idealstor profile, Backup Software, Disk to disk backup

Editor:- July 7, 2006 - UK distributor JPY is running a survey to see whether there's a significant difference in the backup behavior of Windows, Mac or Linux users. The survey is aimed at readers in the UK. Responders to the survey will be entered into a draw to win an iPod of their choice. JPY Managing Director, John Yardley commented, "We suspect that not all operating systems are treated the same way when data is backed up or archived. This survey should help us understand better the habits and attitudes of people using different platforms." ...take part in the survey, ...JPY profile

Editor's footnote:- This is a quiet week for real news because of the July 4th Holidays. I'm inviting any US backup software vendor to let me know of a similar survey (or results) - which we might mention here in the early part of next week.

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The Trusted Computing Group has been working with storage manufacturers and other industry trade bodies to create a standard model and framework for extending security into the storage drive - using extensions of the SCSI and ATA command sets - and by extending the features originally designed for internal error logging. Although at an early stage, readers may be interested in reading and commenting (to TCG) on the draft document - which is published here as part of their market liaison exercise. the article, ...Trusted Computing Group profile, Storage Security, disk sanitizers
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