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Storage news - 2008, July week 3

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Asempra Recovers Microsoft Apps in Seconds

Santa Clara, Calif. - July 21, 2008 - Asempra Technologies today unveiled the latest version of its Business Continuity Server - which can recover Microsoft applications and data in seconds.

Asempra's BCS ensures that mid-market companies that are becoming increasingly reliant on immediate access to Windows-based applications and data can avoid costly and disruptive downtime or data loss if an outage occurs. Asempra claims it is the only offering that allows users to send and receive emails or process SQL transactions while the complete data set is being recovered in the background. Asempra's BCS Version 2.7 is immediately available with prices starting at $19,500. ...Asempra profile, Backup Software

SSDs will be Hot Topic at SNIA Symposium

Editor:- July 18, 2008 - the SSD market will get 4 days of intensive discussion next week at SNIA's Summer Symposium in San Jose.

Representatives from many leading SSD oems will discuss topics ranging from the value proposition of SSDs, SSD Testing, and the possible benefits of SSD focused storage ORGs - such as the SSD Alliance.

More info about the speakers and topics to be discussed on these links:- IBM, Robin Harris (StorageMojo), HP, Samsung, JEDEC, International Microsystems, Fusion-io.

See also:- Storage Events, ...SNIA profile

PMC-Sierra Reports 34% Revenue Growth

SANTA CLARA, Calif - July 17, 2008 - PMC-Sierra, Inc. today reported results for the 2nd quarter ended June 29, 2008.

Net revenues were $139.8 million, an increase of 34% compared with the 2nd quarter of 2007 and 12% higher than the $125 million in the 1st quarter of 2008. ...PMC-Sierra profile, the Fastest Growing Storage Companies

Samsung and Sun Collaborate on Higher Endurance flash SSDs

SEOUL, South Korea - July 16, 2008 - Samsung revealed it has been collaborating with Sun Microsystems to develop an SLC NAND flash memory device for use in SSDs that offers much higher endurance levels (5x) than are typically guaranteed on the market today.

"We have been working with Sun to develop this new 8Gb server-grade SLC flash memory, which will give IT managers the best in high-density, high-endurance memory design with markedly less energy consumption than we see today," said Jim Elliott, VP, memory marketing, Samsung Semiconductor, Inc. "'Endurance up, power down' is going to be the mantra of IT innovators at enterprises everywhere, and server grade SLC flash is ideally situated to deliver on that equation."

"Sun sees incredible upside to using server grade SLC NAND flash to accelerate customers' applications, and we plan to incorporate this technology into our line of servers and storage," said Michael Cornwell, lead technologist for flash memory, Sun Microsystems. "Flash SSDs of this quality and performance when included in our systems... with Solaris ZFS will revolutionize the hardware marketplace."

According to IDC, global demand for enterprise SSDs is expected to rise to 2.24 million units in 2012. ...Samsung profile, ...Sun Microsystems profile, SSD Myths and Legends - "write endurance"

Editor's comments:-
many flash manufacturers (including Samsung) have routinely been delivering memory with endurance levels an order of magnitude higher than stated in their chip datasheets. But there wasn't a big enough market value attached to the precise endurance spec - as long as it exceeded a minimum figure. Many industrial flash SSD oems have been doing their own testing and qualification on incoming chips which is how they have been able to quote much better endurance figures for their SSDs.

As the market for flash SSDs gets bigger - it's economic for high volume memory makers to invest the engineering effort to requalify part of their production for the higher endurance demands of the server market. That might need a few process tweaks - but it's mostly going to involve more batch testing to monitor the endurance part of the spec. Within a high endurance SSD - you don't need every block to meet the highest spec. SSD oems design in a small percentage of spare storage blocks which are called into play during the product's lifetime - when bad blocks are discovered.

In the short term "server grade" flash will add to the babble of storage marketing jargon. In the medium to long term I predict ALL SLC flash storage will deliver the "higher" endurance specs. It's what SSD customers want. It's easy to deliver, and it's another way of differentiating pricing between SLC and MLC.

Toshiba Promises New 2.5" Hard Drives

IRVINE, Calif - July 15, 2008 - Toshiba announced details of 2 new 2.5" SATA hard drives aimed at the notebook market which will ship in September.

The MK4058GSX Series spins at 5,400 RPM, has 2 platters and offers upto 400GB capacity.

The MKxx54GSY Series spins at 7,200 RPM, and offers from 80GB to 320GB using 1 to 2 platters. ...Toshiba profile, Hard disk drives, 2.5" SSDs

Editor's comments:-
Toshiba says its MK4058GSX incorporates acoustic techniques that make it nearly inaudible during seek operations to suit video and audio playback products.

As someone who can hear the squirrels in my garden drop an acorn on the grass (when I'm inside the house) and the owner of a very noisy Philips Streamium wireless sound system I'm not convinced by so called "quiet" hard disk claims.

I've removed the sound cards (or turned the speakers off) in all the PCs I've had since they started making spurious bleeps over 10 years ago.

I mute the ads when I watch tv too. That makes it really hard to guess what they are trying to sell. Try it yourself and see if you agree.

Advanced Media Raises 2.5" SATA MLC flash SSD Price / Performance

Diamond Bar, Calif - July 15, 2008 - Advanced Media, Inc. said it will ship a new faster, competitively priced range of 2.5" SATA MLC flash SSDs later this month.

The Ridata Ultra-S Plus Series has a read speed upto 128MB/s, and write speed upto 80MB/s. In low volume the prices as follows:- 32GB - $168, 64GB - $294, 128GB - $537. ...Advanced Media profile, 2.5" SSDs

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