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Team Group

Team Group Inc. is a manufacturer and wholesaler of computer components, established in Taipei, Taiwan in 1994. We manufacture and sell high quality memory modules with wafer chips made by Samsung, Infineon, Micron, Hynix, Mosel and Nanya. In addition to the modules, we also manufacture flash memory cards, and USB flash drives incorporating fashionable design and excellent quality. The company is recognized as one of the leading memory product manufacturers in Taiwan. Team Group covers many business regions all over the world, and has four logistic distribution centers: Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the USA. We are also planning to establish more logistic centers in other regions. Our company in the USA, Team Research Inc. was founded back in 1990 in Milpitas (Silicon Valley), California, USA. Our goal is to become one of the leading providers for memories, flash cards, and pen drives in Asia in the near future.

see also:- Team Group's SSD page

  • editor's comments:- March 2011 - among other things - Team Group provides flash SSDs in these form factors - 1.8" SSDs and 2.5" SSDs
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