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Storage news - 2003, February week 3

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Burlington, Ma. and Haarlem, The Netherlands - February 20, 2003 - Bus-Tech and DAX Archiving Solutions today announced a co-marketing agreement that will result in solutions that will provide for storage of mainframe tape data sets on CD/DVDs. The new solution will provide a long-term storage media for data with long data retention requirements. Mainframe shops could also employ the offering as a self-contained VTS system, replete with HSM software and removable media. The solution will support IBM mainframes with z/OS, MVS and VSE operating systems.

The Mainframe Appliance for Storage (MAS) operates as a tape sub-system on IBM's System/390 or zSeries mainframes. The MAS connects directly to System/390 through one or two ESCON attachments and emulates up to 32 IBM tape drives. Applications running under z/OS, OS/390 or VSE can attach to one of these drives and use it as they would a real tape drive. But instead of creating or reading real tape cartridges the MAS stores application tape files on to the smartDAX device via NFS. The smartDAX unit is a NAS Head device with scalable disk cache. The processor in the smartDAX unit controls the NFS mount point, runs the Hierarchical Storage Management software and controls the CD or DVD jukebox. The smartDAX solution is available in a number of models and is capable of an infinite scalable archive that can grow to multiple Terabytes or even Petabytes of data.

The different smartDAX models can hold anywhere from 100 to 700 media and support CD-R, DVD-R and DVD-RAM. One system can grow up to 6.6Terabyte using double-sided media. Installation is a breeze, as it is a true appliance and just needs to be plugged in and booted up. The systems support the creation of automatic duplicates of the media for off-site archiving and media can be taken off-line while they continue to be tracked. Data safety and integrity over time, without costly data refreshing maintenance, is guaranteed by using SEC compliant WORM optical media. ...Bus-Tech profile, ...DAX Archiving Solutions profile

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. - February 20, 2003 - According to IDC, the number of professional developers worldwide will increase to 13.3 million by 2006 from 7.8 million in 2001. While North America remained the region with the most developers worldwide in 2001, IDC forecasts that will change in 2005 when Asia/Pacific will become the region with the most developers. Growth is expected to be much stronger in Asia/Pacific than in North America over the next five years, particularly in the world's largest countries, China and India.

"The growth in the number of worldwide developers has been affected dramatically by the economic downturn and actually caused a decline in the number of employed professional developers in North America from 2000 to 2001", says Stephen Hendrick, Group Vice President for IDC's Application Development and Deployment research. "This comes as no surprise since the economic downturn has resulted in extensive layoffs among IT workers."

In 2001 Asia/Pacific overtook Western Europe for the number 2 position with 1.7 million developers. The remaining three regions - Eastern Europe, the Middle East/Africa, and Latin America - accounted for a combined 1.8 million developers, or 23.4% of the total.

In terms of individual languages being used by developers in North America, C/C++ (as well as the newer Microsoft language, C#) still dominates with 29% of the total. Java continues to gain ground, surpassing Visual Basic to become the second most popular individual language with 18.1% of the total. ...IDC profile

Walnut Creek, Calif. - February 20, 2003 - EVault Inc. today announced the availability of EVault InfoStage™ database backup plug-ins for Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle. The new application agent plug-ins build upon EVault's already broad operating system support and extends the ability of EVault InfoStage to provide automated, disk-to-disk data protection and recovery to now include these leading business applications.

"The new EVault InfoStage plug-ins demonstrate our commitment to broaden our application support to provide critical data protection and recovery capabilities for the most business-critical processes," said EVault CEO Alston Noah. "Uninterrupted availability to both SQL Server and Oracle data gives our customers the peace of mind to concentrate on their core competencies as they operate in difficult business conditions."

The EVault InfoStage Plug-In for Oracle is an add-on module to the overall EVault InfoStage software suite. The plug-ins are suited for organizations requiring enterprise-class Oracle database protection and recovery but designed for easy installation and administration to accommodate the limited IT resources of small- and mid-tier businesses. Using EVault InfoStage Plug-In for Oracle, database administrators can also easily set up and implement Oracle backup and restore policies without necessarily incurring the expense of added hardware infrastructure.

Similarly, the EVault InfoStage Plug-In for Microsoft SQL Server is also an add-on module. It provides enhanced, online application protection and recovery for mid-tier organizations with increased needs to protect and quickly recover their business-critical databases. Administrators using EVault InfoStage Plug-In for Microsoft SQL Server can conduct online backups while production databases remain operational and available to users.

The plug-ins, priced at $750 and sold individually, are available directly from EVault or through its network of authorized resellers. ...EVault profile

Bristol, UK - February 20, 2003 - Eurologic Systems is delighted to announce major upgrade to its Elantra iCS2100 IP-SAN storage appliance which fully adheres to the recently ratified IP-based storage protocol. The iCS2100 is the first dedicated iSCSI appliance to support the recent standard. The new revision of the iCS2100 boasts wire-speed performance and the offers totally flexible storage management, with disk aggregation and virtualization as well as more authentication and security management features.

The IETF ratified the IP-based storage protocol on February 12th. This ratification marks a milestone in establishing IP-SAN as a completed standard, giving users greater confidence in a technology that can offer them the advantages of networked storage with the ease of use and cost advantages of IP technology. The Elantra iCS2100 has been shipping for six months and has received very positive feedback from customers and analysts. ...Eurologic Systems profile

SANTA CLARA, Calif. and WAYNE, PA.- February 20, 2003 - Sun Microsystems, Inc., and SunGard Availability Services today announced a joint agreement to market SunGard's industry-leading information availability services, including disaster recovery and high availability services. As part of a strategic alliance, Sun and SunGard will work together to create and sell new business continuity packaging for small, medium, and large customers, as well as high availability packages targeted for large-scale business critical environments. The first to achieve SunTone certification for its disaster recovery service offerings, SunGard Availability Services running on Sun systems offers enhanced capabilities to help reduce exposure to lost information; help reduce overall business risks and help ensure that revenue streams stay intact. Through the combined strengths of the two companies, customers can realize maximum availability of services and minimize interruption to their business-critical information systems. ...SunGard profile, ...Sun Microsystems profile

PRINCETON, NJ - February 20, 2003 - Princeton Softech today named David Kanof, Vice President of Product Integration. This organizational move positions Kanof to strengthen Princeton Softech's technology leadership as provider of integrated application-specific archiving software for database intensive applications like Amdocs ClarifyCRM™ and PeopleSoft®.

"One of our key initiatives has been to develop strategic partnerships with enterprise software and storage vendors to capitalize on the market demand for active archiving technology," said Lisa Cash, CEO of Princeton Softech. "Kanof's appointment will enable Princeton Softech to accelerate development of application-specific, out-of-the-box solutions and expand relationships with storage vendors to solidify our leadership position in the active archiving market."

As Director of Software Development for the last six years, Kanof managed the design and development of Princeton Softech's industry leading database archiving and application testing tools for the open systems environment. ...Princeton Softech profile

SAN FRANCISCO - February 20, 2003 - Sony Electronics is now shipping production units of its first-generation SAIT drives and media to tape library automation OEMs.
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Procom Enhances Operating System for Its DataFORCE CD/DVD Network Appliances

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Diligent Appoints VP of Business Development

Arkeia announces Mac OS X Support

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Toshiba and Iomega Team up to Offer Mobile PC Users a ``Set-and-Forget'' Data Back-Up Solution

Spectra Logic Ships AIT Worm Tape Libraries

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earlier news (archive)
Hard Disk Duplicators - click for expanded image
Hard disk duplicators
Spellabyte's disk duplicating process worked OK, but he wondered if in future, he should color code the barrels to avoid getting them mixed up.
PC Backups in the Real World - by NewTech Infosystems (NTI)

Everyone gives lip service to PC backup protection.

Every year, hundreds of millions of dollars in time, effort and valuable data is lost -- often forever. Backup isn't a sign of weakness. It's a sign of being smart and safe, rather than sorry. For example:

  • Last year the IRS lost over 2,300 notebook computers
  • Last year laptop thefts were up over 50%, and it's getting worse instead of better
  • Less than 5% of home computers are backed up, meaning family records, digital photos, family videos are in danger of being lost ... forever.
  • Less than 30% of business PCs are backed up...
  • A PC HD can cost $100+/- to replace when it crashes. The OS, apps, settings can take up to 8 hours to reload. The data? Forget it
  • Every day, over 100 viruses are unleashed on the Internet and protection software only protects AFTER the virus is found, isolated and neutralized - that takes precious hours. In the meantime your system is vulnerable to harmful or harmless data destruction
  • Most data is lost because of the OOPPSS factor

NTI's new Backup NOW! deluxe software is a complete, very easy-to-use and very versatile backup AND disaster recovery software product. It runs on all Win OS-based systems and it lets you protect data on almost any media - HD, CD, DVD, MO, Zip, memory card ... you name it.

...NTI profile

ICS is the leader in hard drive duplication with headquarters in California, USA and offices in Georgia, USA and Brussels, Europe.
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With the ability to store up to 1.3 terabytes (TB) of compressed data (500 gigabytes native) on a half-inch tape cartridge, SAIT-1 is staking its claim as the industry's highest capacity tape drive and the first available product to break the 1TB capacity barrier. The enterprise-class drive also features a sustained transfer rate of up to 78 megabytes (MB) per second (30 MB/sec native) for efficient data recording and fast data recovery.
news image Sony
Sony expects that its OEM partners and Sony's internal business units will offer automated SAIT-1 solutions for sale beginning this spring. Leading tape library manufacturers, such as ADIC, Qualstar and Spectra Logic, have expressed their interest to support the integration of SAIT drives and media into half-inch tape automation solutions. Later this year, Sony is also expected to introduce an SAIT version of its PetaSite® tape library system. ...Sony profile

Dresden - February 20, 2003 - Infineon Technologies and Saifun Semiconductors today announced the founding of Infineon Technologies Flash GmbH & Co. KG, marking a significant expansion of their flash memory business. Infineon is currently the third largest provider of memory chips for personal computers, PDAs, servers, and graphics cards ('DRAMs'). The formation of Infineon Technologies Flash GmbH & Co. KG, paves the way for Infineon and Saifun to also address the burgeoning market for flash memory. In future, the joint venture activity will enable Infineon to integrate DRAM and flash expertise in new and innovative product generations. Infineon Flash stems from the Ingentix joint venture set up in 2001 by Infineon and the Israeli company Saifun. Infineon holds 70% of the joint venture.

"Thanks to our well-proven 200-mm process technology, we are ideally equipped for the production of flash memory in Dresden. Infineon Flash intends to exploit Infineon's outstanding manufacturing cost position in order to establish itself in the market for flash memory products," said Dr. Harald Eggers, responsible for the memory business at Infineon, on the occasion of announcing Infineon Flash. "The DRAM products of Infineon and the flash products of the joint venture will be produced with the same equipment. We are now starting to set up a development centre for further products. It is planned to create around 40 new jobs in the near future in Dresden."

Market researchers are predicting the worldwide market for flash memory of just under Euro 8 billion in 2002 will grow by an annual rate of 10 percent up to 2006. Volume production of the first data flash memories is scheduled to start in the second half of 2003 in Dresden. ...Infineon Technologies profile, ...Saifun Semiconductors profile

STAMFORD, Conn - February 19, 2003 - META Group, Inc. today announced the availability of its newest METAspectrum marketing evaluation for the enterprise SAN-attached storage market. The SAN-attached storage market is defined by servers accessing disk storage resources via channel-based networks that principally use the Fibre Channel protocol. Fibre Channel will remain the dominant SAN architecture in data center deployments through 2006/07 according to META Group.

Decisions regarding selection and purchase of enterprise SAN storage solutions are largely made by senior-level IT executives and CIOs - more than 70% of CIOs provide final approval for such decisions. This attention is due largely to the importance of storage infrastructure and the fact that storage constitutes 12%-15% of the total IT budget.

"As vendors keep on introducing new products and capabilities, IT organizations must balance their evaluation of strategic storage partners and technology considerations," says Phil Goodwin, program director with META Group's Server Infrastructure Strategies service. "We advise clients to consolidate their strategic storage vendors to one or two platforms to simplify operations, reduce training, and improve organizational agility. An enterprise shortlist would normally be made up of leaders and challengers, but other products can be considered on a best-of-breed basis for a particular application." Among other things the analysis found:
  • The enterprise SAN-attached storage market is highly competitive and will undergo significant changes during the next 24 months. Most innovation will occur in management software, whereas hardware is maturing more rapidly. Vendors will attempt to deliver policy-based storage management that will be tightly integrated, which will be homogeneous initially. META Group does not expect robust heterogeneous management capabilities before 2005/06.
  • IT organizations should focus nearly as much attention on the company providing the product and ongoing support (presence) as they do on technology evaluation (performance).
...Meta Group profile

COSTA MESA, Calif. - February 19, 2003 - Emulex Corporation today announced that its LightPulse 2Gb/s LP9002L HBA has successfully completed extensive testing in theLSI Logic Storage Systems Certified Compatible Program and supports Windows NT and Windows 2000 across all LSI Logic Storage Systems' technology solutions. This certification assures interoperability between LSI Logic's storage systems and the Emulex LP9002L host bus adapter, assuring rapid and reliable deployment of interoperable SAN solutions.

"Emulex continues to deliver high-performance HBAs that offer the industry-leading features and reliability our customers demand," said Joel McGill, alliances manager for LSI Logic Storage Systems. "We look forward to continuing our close working relationship with Emulex, and are confident its family of Fibre Channel HBAs will help enable us to continue providing superior functionality to our partners and customers." ...Emulex profile, ...LSI Logic Storage Systems profile

Santa Clara, Calif. - February 18, 2003 - CATC today announced the availability of SATracer/Trainer version 2.0, the industry's first fully integrated system offering traffic generation with both host and device emulation and expert protocol analysis. CATC's SATracer/Trainer system is the most cost effective solution available today for end-to-end Serial ATA test and analysis.

CATC's SATracer/Trainer 2.0 enables engineers to transmit and record both host and device side Serial ATA traffic with a single system. It is a complete performance analysis platform that serves a dual function - generating reliable and repeatable traffic and, at the same time, unobtrusively monitoring the bus, recording and analyzing selected traffic. The system can be configured to perform analysis, traffic generation, or both functions concurrently. The SATracer/Trainer can furthermore, be used to perform overnight stress testing of Serial ATA devices and systems. It can also validate protocol compliance, reliability and fault handling by injecting code violations, CRC, scrambling and protocol errors.
"We developed the SATracer/Trainer in response to a market need for a single system that is small, easily portable and available at an attractive price point," said Michael Micheletti, senior product marketing Manager for CATC. "This system can emulate host or device and transmit valid as well as invalid traffic. This exchange is then recorded and displayed by the CATC Trace, our expert analysis software." news image - CATC
The CATC SATracer/Trainer 2.0 is part of CATC's Universal Protocol Analyzer System. Existing SATracer customers can upgrade their analyzers by adding the SATrainer module to their UPAS 2500H system. SATracer/Trainer leverages the intuitive and powerful CATC Trace expert analysis software, which utilizes a proprietary Windows-based User Interface, and displays communications traffic in searchable, easy-to-use, color-coded fields with detailed traffic and error summary reports. CATC is accepting orders for the SATracer/Trainer v2.0 for delivery beginning in March 2003. ...CATC profile

MILPITAS, Calif. - February 18, 2003 - LSI Logic Corporation today announced it has begun shipping production samples of the market's first quad-channel PCI-X SCSI RAID storage adapters with Ultra320 SCSI performance. Designed for enterprise-class computing platforms, LSI Logic's new family of Ultra320 SCSI RAID products with PCI-X support are targeted at the critical need for high-bandwidth server and storage environments. With support for two internal SCSI connectors offering fault tolerant OS and data storage and four external connectors for additional data storage requirements, the MegaRAID® SCSI 320-4X provides the industry's most feature-rich RAID solution. The 320-4X is optimized to meet the superior system performance available in PCI-X based server platforms with extensive external storage requirements. The dual-channel MegaRAID SCSI 320-2X, with two internal and two external SCSI connectors, will offer mid-range servers and performance workstations a highly flexible, half-size PCI-X form factor RAID solution for environments requiring maximum bandwidth, performance and data protection. ...LSI Logic profile

NEW ORLEANS, LA - February 18, 2003 - IBM today is broadening its line of storage solutions for medium-sized companies with new enterprise-class products, including a new high-end version of its midrange disk and the next generation midrange tape storage. IBM is also adding software support and switches to deliver a complete storage network solution.Highlights of today's announcement include:
  • TotalStorage FAStT 900 - new midrange disk storage offering high-end capabilities with up to 120% performance improvements over previous models.
  • TotalStorage Linear Tape-Open Ultrium 2 drive - next generation LTO tape systems offering the fastest LTO tape drive performance currently available, more than doubling the capacity and speed of the previous models for archiving and disaster recovery. 17% faster than LTO 2 drives from Hewlett-Packard.
  • IBM Tivoli Storage Manager - support FAStT 900 and Ultrium 2 tape drives including support for all IBM tape libraries that currently support IBM Ultrium 2 tape drives.
  • Availability of the Cisco MDS 9216 and 9509 from IBM and IBM Business Partners in the United States for enterprise-class storage networks.
IBM Business Partners are an important sales channel for these new products. More than 50% of IBM storage sales move through IBM Business Partners. ...IBM profile

Hoboken, NJ - February 18, 2003 - NSI® Software today launched a Business Continuity Program to educate organizations about the low TCO of data protection and high availability systems. As part of this program, NSI Software and Microsoft will host a series of educational events focused on leveraging replication technology and Microsoft's Windows Powered NAS devices for business continuity.

Organizations of all sizes are challenged with assessing business continuity requirements and developing viable, affordable and manageable solutions. NSI Software's Business Continuity Program strikes at the heart of these challenges by providing free educational seminars and white papers, access to certified business continuity experts and best-of-breed technologies. NSI Software's Double-Take" replication product combined with a Windows Powered NAS device provides a cost-effective, easy-to-manage and reliable disaster recovery and high-availability solution for companies seeking 24x7 business operations. NSI Software's Double-Take® is emerging as the de facto replication standard for Windows Powered NAS environments.

The program will begin in February with a joint Webinar on ensuring Business Continuity using Microsoft Windows platforms and data replication technology. The program also includes NSI and Microsoft's joint participation at industry events and speaking engagements and NSI's participation in a 10-city road show with Microsoft and HP.

"Customers are continuously challenged with finding cost-effective, and scalable solutions to protect data," said Zane Adam, director of product management and marketing, of the Enterprise Storage Division at Microsoft Corp. "NSI's Double-Take product coupled with Windows Powered NAS makes a compelling solution for business continuity at a low TCO." ...Webinar info, ...NSI Software profile

IRVINE, Calif. - February 18, 2003 - Procom Technology today announced it has enhanced the operating system for its popular DataFORCE line of CD/DVD-ROM network appliances. With the improved operating system (4.1), DataFORCE appliances can now burn CDs, perform remote caching, and create writable partitions.

The new CD burning function enables a CD to be recorded over the network, allowing a CD-Recordable drive to be shared by multiple users – similar to the network printer concept. Additionally, it provides snapshot burning, creating a virtual copy of the CD image on the hard drive for enhanced data protection. Remote caching enables CDs and DVDs to be cached from any workstation on the network, rather than having to place the disk locally in the DataFORCE server. The writable partition function lets users create and manage a partition for their individual data – to make custom CDs or for use as a writable temporary directory.

DataFORCE network appliances promote collaboration by connecting all users on the network and allowing them to organize, protect and share files previously scattered throughout the organization on individual CDs, DVDs and hard drives. Combining Procom's enterprise-strength hardware with advanced embedded software, DataFORCE appliances speed cross-platform access and file sharing of up to 600 CDs or 50 DVDs. The new 4.1 operating system is now standard on all new DataFORCE units and is also available to the installed base as an upgrade, priced at only $299. ...Procom Technology profile

IDF, SAN JOSE, Calif. - February 18, 2003 - Silicon Image, Inc. today announced the SiI™ 3512™ low pin-count PCI to 2-port Serial ATA controller, the follow-on to its highly successful predecessor. Featuring a smaller 14x14 mm package ideal for space-constrained applications, the SiI 3512 is the smallest discrete Serial ATA host controller on the market. In addition, its smaller footprint packs increased Serial ATA drive performance required for enterprise-class applications, such as first-party DMA commands for Native Command Queuing.

"Silicon Image leads the market for Serial ATA host controllers with more than 1 million ports shipped to date," stated Parviz Khodi, vice president of marketing for Silicon Image. "Building upon the success of its predecessor, the SiI 3512 host controller sets a new performance standard for the market."

The SiI 3512 runs on Silicon Image's SATARaid software drivers, which support Software RAID 0 (striping) and RAID 1 (mirroring) functions. With SATARaid Windows Accelerator, the SiI 3512 provides a significant performance advantage when measured on the Ziff Davis Winbench 99 Business Disk Winmark, a standard storage application benchmark. In this test, the SiI 3512 controller scored more than 60 percent higher than comparable discrete PCI-to-Serial ATA controllers on the same system.

The SiI 3512 is packaged as a 128-pin, 14x14 mm TQFP that can easily fit into microATX-, mini-ATX- and flexATX-sized motherboards. Priced at $6.50 in 10K quantities, the SiI 3512 is currently sampling with production scheduled for mid-Q2 2003. ...Silicon Image profile

Santa Clara, Calif. - February 18, 2003 - Macrovision Corporation today announced that the new release of FLEXlm® Version 9.0 supports the Intel® Itanium® 2 processor. The de facto standard in electronic licensing, FLEXlm 9.0 offers an enterprise-class, flexible, and proven electronic licensing solution for developers of data-intensive, business-critical software applications. General availability for FLEXlm 9.0 is scheduled for March 31, 2003. ...Macrovision profile

Framingham, Mass. - February 18, 2003 – Diligent Technologies Corporation today announced the appointment of Bill Keefe as Vice President of Business Development. In this role, Keefe will be responsible for leading and expanding the Company's global partner and alliance programs, as well as driving revenue through the development of business and investment opportunities.

"Bill's proven track record of developing key business relationships within the storage industry will be a vital asset to our Company and will help strengthen our foothold in the marketplace," said Doron Kempel, CEO of Diligent Technologies. "We are thrilled that he has decided to join our team."

Keefe joins Diligent with more than 15 years of experience in Fortune 100 and emerging market environments. Prior to joining the Company, he was General Manager of EMC's Media Solutions Group where he led the development and launch of EMC solutions and products and forged key global alliances in the media, entertainment and technology sectors. During his tenure at EMC, he also served as Director, Media and Telco Solutions & Offerings. Previously, Keefe was VP of Marketing & Business Development at Digital Bitcasting Corporation, VP of International Marketing & Sales at Prodigy Internet and Director of Strategic Planning at CIGNA Retirement & Investment Services.

"Diligent is well poised to become a major player in the storage software arena," said Keefe. "I am excited to be working with such an experienced and driven management team, and look forward to taking the Company to the next level." ...Diligent Technologies profile

Carlsbad, California - February 18, 2003 - Arkeia Corporation today announced that its Arkeia v5 network backup solution now supports Mac OS X operating systems and offers a plug-in to safeguard Mac MySQL databases. The Arkeia beta version of the Mac OS X client performs backup of all files, including documents and applications, as well as important system files such as the Netinfo database. In addition, users can preserve privilege information and special file system features, like Mac OS resource forks and Finder attributes. The backup solution is compatible with 10.1 and above Mac OS X and Mac OS X server operating systems.

"Thousands of heterogeneous networks around the world include Mac computers within their business," said Phil Roussel, Arkeia CEO. "We're filling a gap in the Mac OS environment for companies which need professional solutions that handle heterogeneous network backup. As one of the leading developers of enterprise software for open source environments, Arkeia is committed to reaffirming its reputation for breaking new ground in solutions for heterogeneous networks".

Additionally, Arkeia is also providing protection for MySQL operating on Mac OS X computers, for both offline and online databases. Arkeia developed this plug-in to enable users to protect information on MySQL's widely used open source database which is pre-installed on Xserve machines. Both the Mac OS X client and MySQL plug-in are available for download. ...Arkeia profile

Poole, UK - February 18, 2003 - BakBone Software, today announced a strategic co-development and marketing agreement with Network Appliance. Through this agreement, BakBone will integrate its NetVault data recovery software with Network Appliance SnapVault software, enabling customers to consolidate their backup infrastructures for greater management ease and flexibility, providing them with a more robust data protection solution. This collaborative solution helps fundamentally shift the way companies protect data in today's enterprise by offering a faster, simpler, standards-based, disk solution for heterogeneous storage and computer environments. BakBone is the first company to provide an integrated management application for SnapVault that is capable of managing the entire disk-to-disk-to-tape backup and restore process. ...BakBone Software profile, ...Network Appliance profile

IRVINE, Calif. – February 18, 2002 – Toshiba's Storage Device Division and Iomega Corp. today announced they will arm mobile professionals with an easy-to-use system for protecting important data. Iomega Automatic Backup software will now be bundled with Toshiba's removable 5GB PC Card hard drive - offering laptop users a "set-and-forget" solution for backing up business/personal files. Toshiba's 1.8-inch removable PC Card drive slides into the Type II slot found on the sides of laptops, PDAs and other digital gear - allowing users to share or save files between devices. With the addition of Iomega's Automatic Backup software, critical data - from business documents to home videos to digital scrapbooks - can now be preserved automatically based on back-up schedules set by the user, or simply on the fly.

"This bundled solution provides users with an additional level of comfort when creating digital files at the office or on the go," said Maciek Brzeski, vice president of marketing at Toshiba SDD. "Today's computer users are constantly working with precious digital productions that can now be backed up and protected automatically."

"The beauty of Iomega Automatic Backup software is its flexible and convenient approach to file protection," said Jet Martin, product general manager of Software Solutions, Iomega. "Combined with Toshiba's portable hard disk drive, the hassles of data protection are removed. Users fall in love with Iomega Automatic Backup software the first time it prevents a data disaster, since it gives them peace of mind that their important files are safe."

With Iomega Automatic Backup software, users can designate a file, folder or entire drive for back-up protection. Users simply set up the process one time, and then as files are changed and saved the software automatically backs up a copy to the Toshiba drive. Toshiba's 5GB PC Card hard disk drive with Iomega Automatic Backup software is available now for $249. ...Iomega profile, ...Toshiba profile

Editor's comments:- sounds nice, but theft is a common risk for data loss in notebooks. So you need a backup method which is not permanently attached to your notebook too.

BOULDER, Colo – February 17, 2002 – Spectra Logic Corporation today announced that it is shipping AIT WORM technology in all of its tape libraries. Now Spectra Logic customers can use a single automated storage system to satisfy electronic document archiving regulations and to conduct their routine data backup and restore operations. This dual mission capability enables customers to reduce the acquisition and administrative costs otherwise required for separate, single-purpose tape and optical systems.

Organizations in the financial services industry and many public companies are required by the SEC to maintain certain electronic records and documents in a format that cannot be altered. "To date this requirement has limited customers to the low capacity and expensive optical storage technologies," said Bill Reed, senior vice president of sales and marketing. "But now, with the introduction of AIT WORM capability the same Spectra Logic tape library can be configured to perform both backup/restore and WORM archiving functions."

Spectra Logic enterprise libraries include a partitioning feature called Shared Library Services (SLS) that allows backup administrators to consolidate several backup operations running on different operating systems, software applications, tape drives, media and interface technologies. SLS enables customers to devote one partition to WORM media to meet SEC regulations and still conduct traditional backup and restore operations on other partitions using the same robotics. ...Spectra Logic profile

LAKE FOREST, Calif. - February 17, 2003 -Western Digital Corp. today announced availability of its external FireWire®/USB 2.0 combo hard drives. This new drive offers users the high performance of FireWire, ideal for digital audio and video with the convenience of USB 2.0, one of the most popular interfaces in the industry. In addition to the versatility of FireWire and USB 2.0 interfaces, Western Digital's FireWire/USB 2.0 combo external hard drives provide both speed and space with a high performance 7,200 RPM Western Digital Caviar hard drive inside and with available capacities of 120 and 200 GB.

The external drives are a convenient solution for backing up an internal hard drive in one location, rather than on multiple CDs or other removable media. Multiple drives can be stacked together and routed through a hub, enabling users to add virtually unlimited storage capability. Manufacturer's suggested retail pricing for Western Digital's FireWire/USB 2.0 combo 120 and 200 GB external hard drives is $299 and $399 respectively. ...Western Digital profile

India - February 17, 2003 - HCL Technologies (HCLT) has started offering iSCSI stack (draft 20) as a reusable component for storage vendors. Storage vendors can gain significant cost and speed-to-market advantages by using this ready-to-use, modular iSCSI stack. This stack has been tested for interoperability with iSCSI implementations of Cisco and others.

A storage vendor has integrated HCLT iSCSI stack with its IP Storage solution. A few other vendors are in talks with HCLT to use it in their IP Storage solutions. HCLT offers two-week FREE evaluation version of stack to the storage vendors. This iSCSI stack is offered by HCLT at a time when iSCSI has been approved by IETF as a proposed standard. Under SAN OPERA suite of services, HCLT offers end-to-end services in storage networking (design, development, testing, and interoperability) and develops reusable components such as iSCSI stack and iSCSI-FCP gateway. ...HCL Technologies profile

Editor's comments:- the draft 20 is the new standard for iSCSI ratified last week. SNIA (Europe) has disclosed to STORAGEsearch unpublished findings from its recent market research.

"On the network topology side 62% claim to be using Fibre Channel for data at present – a surprisingly high figure that outstrips the number who have SANs. Future demand for the topology remains steady. Demand for iSCSI, on the other hand, is set to shoot up from only 4% today to 25% in future. However, a close look at the figures reveals that the majority of those planning to use iSCSI also indicate that they would be using Fibre Channel in future as well. This indicates that most respondents consider the two technologies to be complementary rather than alternatives."

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