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SSD & storage news - 2008, January week 1

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Dot Hill Extends RAID Supply Agreement with HP

CARLSBAD, Calif - January 7, 2008 - Dot Hill Systems Corp. today announced that it has expanded its RAID supply agreement with HP from 1 to 5 years.

The agreements covers RAID storage arrays for the HP StorageWorks 9000 Virtual Library System. Dot Hill believes that the extended agreement has the potential to increase revenue in 2008 and also announced that it expects to report revenue results for the quarter ended December 31, 2007 to be above the guidance issued in November. ...Dot Hill profile, ...HP profile

IDC Says Enterprises Slower to Adopt Online Backup Services

FRAMINGHAM, Mass - January 7, 2008 - IDC estimates revenue for the online backup services market will reach $715 million by 2011, representing a 33.3% compound annual growth between 2006 and 2011.

IDC anticipates that more than 50% of spending in this market will be in North America in earlier years, with other regions gaining share through 2011. Adoption by consumers and small businesses will dominate the market for several years, with slower adoption by medium-sized businesses and enterprises.

"Consumers and small businesses especially are interested in alternative methods of protecting their data, as traditional backup methods fall short regarding efficiency, reliability, and ease-of-use," said Doug Chandler, research director for Storage Services at IDC. "Online backup has become an attractive approach for many customers, with the advent of cheaper broadband access, users' greater comfort level with Web-based services, and the growing business need for a 2nd site for remote data protection purposes." ...IDC profile, Market research

New SoC for Universal Optical Disk Player Designers

Las Vegas, NV - January 7, 2008 - Broadcom Corp today announced a new reference design platform for OEMs developing HD optical disc players.

The BCM 97440 reference design is built around Broadcom's 7440 (currently shipping in players made by Samsung and LG) which is the industry's only single-chip solution that fully supports the requirements of both Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD standards.

With 2 high definition optical disc media player options currently available, consumers are often confused when it comes to choosing one format over the other. The BCM97440 reference design alleviates this industry dilemma by providing media player manufacturers with the design tools capable of meeting the demanding processing requirements of both Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD standards. ...Broadcom profile, optical drives, storage chips

SanDisk Previews 1.8" Notebook SSDs

Las Vegas, NV - January 7, 2008 - SanDisk Corp announced details of a new slimmed-down 1.8" SATA flash SSD that will ship in Q2.

The 5mm thick SSD is aimed at ultralight notebooks and has upto 72GB capacity. It consumes 0.85W in read/write mode and 0.2W when idle. ...SanDisk profile, 1.8" SSDs

Toshiba's New USB Hard Drives

Las Vegas, NV - January 7, 2008 - Toshiba Storage Device Division today announced it will introduce a new range of 1.8" hard disk based storage products with USB interfaces in the Spring.

The pocket-sized units will be available in 60GB, 80GB and 120GB models. Toshiba plans to include encryption and backup software with its 1.8" line to protect data should the hard disk ever be lost or stolen. Toshiba will also be shipping a new 320GB 2.5" USB external hard disk in the next few weeks ($200 approx). ...Toshiba profile

BiTMICRO Reaffirms Highest Capacity 2.5" SSD Plans

Las Vegas, NV - January 7, 2008 - BiTMICRO Networks - today at CES - disclosed more details of its plan to launch an 832GB SATA flash SSD in 2.5" form factor - first announced last November.

The E-Disk Altima E2A3GM will use MLC NAND flash, which doubles the number of bits stored per memory cell compared to SLC. The new SSD is expected to deliver performance similar to today's SLC devices.

"This latest product pre-announcement seeks to establish BiTMICRO's commitment to deliver solid state storage in all market applications," said Rudy Bruce, BiTMICRO's Executive VP for Marketing and Sales. "We are excited to offer E-Disk Altima SATA flash solid state drive as a PC and enterprise storage alternative offering the best-in-class capacity, performance and reliability."

Jeff Janukowicz, Research Manager for SSDs at IDC said "...The PC SSD segment... is expected to rise by 477% annually from 2006 to 2011." ...BiTMICRO profile

Samsung Demos 128GB Notebook SSD at CES

Las Vegas, NV - January 6, 2008 - Samsung said it will demonstrate a new 128GB MLC flash SSD tomorrow at CES 2008.

The new SSD, expected to ship in volume in the first half of 2008, features device/host-initiated power management for an exceptionally low power consumption level of 0.5W in active mode. Samsung's 128GB SSDs will be available in a thin-standard 1.8" version that is 5mm thick, to spur the design of thinner ultra-mobile PCs, in addition to a 2.5" version for standard-sized notebooks. ...Samsung profile

Seagate Announces PipelineHD Hard Drives

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif - January 6, 2008 - Seagate Technology today announced its PipelineHD Series hard disk drives for DVRs.

These new drives are virtually silent a feature that is important in the living room and bedroom environments in which these devices are designed to operate. With shipments beginning in the first half of 2008, the PipelineHD Series hard drive will initially be available in capacities from 320GB up to 1TB. ...Seagate profile

Editor's comments:-
Seagate says its PipelineHD hard drives can operate at drive case temperatures of up to 75° C that means fanless products don't have to compromise silent running with unreliability.

Advanced Media Demos SSD RAID at CES

Las Vegas. NV - January 4, 2008 - Advanced Media, Inc. announced today that during CES it will be demonstrating its 2.5" SATA flash SSD in a RAID configuration that offers 260MB/s Read and 130MB/s Sequential Write speed.

"Ridata SSD now supports multiple drives on a system's main board with an on-board RAID controller" remarked Harvey Liu, Advanced Media President. "It increases storage capacity, but will also jump start performance by multiple times as well!" ...Advanced Media profile

Samsung Launches Coolest Terabyte Hard Drive

SEOUL, South Korea - January 3, 2008 - Samsung announced today its new F1 RAID Class 3.5" SATA hard drive featuring 1TB of capacity.

The 7,200 RPM Spinpoint F1R specs an MTBF of 1.2 million hours and offers enterprise class features such as command completion time limit, and vibration tolerance. It features a 16 or 32MB cache, a SATA interface, 175MB/s maximum media transfer rate, and NCQ. Samsung claims the F1R is the coolest operating 1TB hard drive in its class with an average of 6.7 watts in idle mode and an average of 7.2 watts in random seek mode. It will ship this quarter. ...Samsung profile

NetApp Acquires Onaro

Sunnyvale, Calif - January 3, 2008 -NetApp today announced a definitive merger agreement to acquire Onaro.

"80% of all IT operational issues such as application outages, performance problems, and downtime result from unwitting change" said Tom Georgens, executive VP at NetApp. "Customers tell us they are being asked to commit to almost impossible levels of service to avoid these problems, which drain precious resources... With the addition of Onaro, our ability to provide the underlying modular storage architecture as well as policy-based storage management software will help enterprises commit to escalating service levels..." ...Onaro profile, ...Network Appliance profile

PNY and SanDisk Settle Patent Dispute

MILIPITAS, CA - January 3, 2008 - SanDisk Corp and PNY Technologies today announced they have signed a patent cross-license agreement to settle patent cases filed by SanDisk last year related to removable flash memory products.

Under the terms of the cross-license, PNY will pay SanDisk royalties on flash memory products that were not previously licensed. ...PNY profile, ...SanDisk profile, storage chips

Seagate Joins Removable Disk ORG

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif - January 3, 2008 - Seagate Technology today announced that it has joined the iVDR Consortium as a Board Member company.

At the Consumer Electronics Show next week in Las Vegas Seagate will be demonstrating concept removable hard disc drive cartridge solutions based on iVDR. ...Seagate profile, ...iVDR, Storage Industry Trade Associations, Removable, Mobile Disk Drives

New Reports Predict Trends in Consumer Storage

San Jose, CA - January 2, 2008 - Coughlin Associates will release 2 new reports at the 2008 Storage Visions conference later this week.

These are reports that no flash memory, optical storage or hard disk drive company should be without. They focus on the needs of consumer electronics - the largest potential market for hard disk drives and the largest current market for optical storage and flash memory.

The Consumer Survey on Digital Storage in Consumer Electronics 2008 is a 93 page, 120 figure document summarizing and analyzes the results from a comprehensive survey of 376 US residents.

The Digital Storage in Consumer Electronics 2008 report is a detailed look at major consumer electronics applications for mass storage. This comprehensive 153-page document, authored by Tom Coughlin of Coughlin Associates and Jim Handy of Objective Analysis, has 76 figures and 15 tables.

"By 2013 total content in an average US household could total almost 9TB" said Tom Coughlin. ...Coughlin Associates profile, Market research, Can you trust SSD market data?
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How Big is Your SSD Budget for 2008?
Editor:- January 2, 2008 - Happy New Year to You all.

I've got a question for you. How big is your solid state storage budget in 2008?

I hazard to guess that most of you haven't put anything notionally marked as "SSD spending" in 2008's budget - even if you already have a good idea about what you're going to spend on traditional storage products and services.

I also predict that when the crunch comes - and you find yourself spending surprisingly large amounts of money on SSDs for the first time - these costs will be initially allocated to other cost centers - such as servers or PCs - rather than storage.

It was always thus.

In 1983 for example - over 90% of corporates didn't have a budget for buying IBM PCs. These disruptive tools intitially crept in under the IT department radar - as users found they could do useful jobs like word processing and business analysis quicker, cheaper and more conveniently than using the clunky alternatives then on offer by their IT departments. Similarly RAID systems did not appear in most 1990 corporate IT budgets - but are now everywhere.

In 2007 the SSD industry surprised many by introducing many exciting new technologies and products.

I predict that in 2008 - innovative users will surprise the SSD market by discovering for themselves a new generation of killer applications- enabled by SSDs - which would have been technically impossible - or even nuts to try and achieve using conventional hard disk based technologies. Those SSD sparks will feed back to fan the flames of the market.

Examples might include what I call - enterprise spreadsheet analysis - in which business managers are enabled to model "what if?" scenarios on duplicate sets of their entire customer database - to find gaps in their marketing or test ideas for new products.

Other applications enabled by SSD accleration might include AI enabled real-time upselling offers on ecommerce web sites. These are already feasible for innovative small to medium size companies but are not scalable with today's magnetic disk arrays. Large enterprises can't be nimble with their data because their servers would grind to a halt if you tried these types of tricks.

I'm not going to give you a long list of predicted disruptive SSD technology enabled applications - because they would be wrong - and you're going to see them coming thick and fast from real users on these pages soon enough.

2008 will be the year that users - rewrite the rules on how they mix and match new storage technologies in ways that the original manufacturers of those products - never dreamed about.
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