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storage news - April 2009, week 4

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HP Poaches Storage Chief from EMC
Editor:- April 28, 2009 - HP announced the appointment of David Donatelli to serve as executive VP Enterprise Servers, Storage and Networking (a $19 billion annual revenue business).

HP said Donatelli replaces Scott Stallard, who after 34 years, is retiring from HP.

Editor's comments:- EMC's website used to say nice things about Donatelli (formerly President of EMC Storage Division). You can see his archived biography here. It's apparently being purged as fast as HP's content management software will allow.

A folow up article on says the courts have now got involved due to a non-compete clause.

New Guide for SSD Wannabies

Editor:- April 28, 2009 - published a new article today called - "3 Easy Ways to Enter the SSD Market."

Nowadays it seems like everyone wants to get into the SSD market. This tells you how to do it. the article

SoleraTec Lightens the Load for Searching Streaming Surveillance Camera Storage

Editor:- April 27, 2009 - SoleraTec has incorporated support for the Real Time Streaming Protocol that allows for the direct video feed capture of IP-based video surveillance cameras in version 5.2 of its digital surveillance manager software (SVM).

SoleraTec says its software is unique in its ability to provide a file-based search and retrieval interface that enables the user to actually play video surveillance files without first needing to retrieve original hi-res assets from storage.

When its SVM ingests files, it automatically creates low-resolution proxy files for fast search and view. Once a desired video asset has been selected, clipped, and marked for export, the new, user-configurable "extended export" functionality enables the user to export needed data in a variety of ways, such as FTP, email, and local file systems. Pricing for Phoenix 5.2 starts at $996. See also:- Storage Security, Storage Software

GE Talks About 500GB Opticals

NISKAYUNA, N.Y - April 27, 2009 - GE researchers have successfully demonstrated a micro-holographic storage material that can support 500GB in a standard DVD-size disk.

"GE's breakthrough is a huge step toward bringing our next generation holographic storage technology to the everyday consumer," said Brian Lawrence, who leads GE's Holographic Storage program. "Because GE's micro-holographic discs could essentially be read and played using similar optics to those found in standard Blu-ray players, our technology will pave the way for cost-effective, robust and reliable holographic drives that could be in every home."

Editor's comments:- researchers in the optical storage industry always sound optimistic - like those in the cancer cure research market.

If you extrapolated from all the many times that cancer has been cured in rats - you could reasonable expect that the human race would be cured of this scourge by now. For decades a series of optical storage startups have been promising to deliver drives that match hard drive capacity at lower cost. I've got enough lists on this site already. So I'll spare you that one.

Tandberg's Tape Bust

Editor:- April 27, 2009 - Tandberg Data has filed for bankruptcy and today announced details of its restructuring plan.

There's no surprise here. The current recession has merely brought forward an inevitable event. Although Tandberg had acquired and licensed various disk backup technologies it remained culturally wedded to tape.

I've chronicled the transition of the backup market from tape to hard disk and in some ways it's similar to what's been happening in the hard disk market versus flash SSD space. But the SSD market is more complicated - because whereas slow cheap SSDs replace hard drives, fast expensive SSDs replace server CPUs.

As with hard drives, the highest capacity tape libraries will remain spinning the longest. Nothing stays the same in the storage market for long. Looking ahead at the next 10 years SSDs will replace hard drives in enterprise backup systems too.

But let's get back to today's news from Tandberg Data, whose CEO, Pat Clarke, said - "The operations of the Tandberg Data subsidiaries will continue to operate in this new structure, with a much reduced debt burden. The difficult steps we are taking now will enable us to build a company that can be successful in providing data protection solutions and support to our valued customers, suppliers, and business partners for a long time to come"

Trawling back through gone-away / bust storage companies list (where the score now stands at 490 BTW) a search for "Tandberg" reveals it had previously acquired these companies:- LAND-5, InoStor, Exabyte and Computer Design Group.

Dataram Acquires Micro Memory Bank

Editor:- April 22, 2009 - Dataram announced it has acquired Micro Memory Bank.

MMB maintains a particular niche in legacy memory products by being one of the few companies in the industry that carries and stocks virtually every memory upgrade ever made.

Dataram's President and CEO John Freeman said "David Sheerr (who founded MMB in 1994) is the 3rd executive to join Dataram in the past 12 months who has had previous experience as the president of a company. David's entrepreneurial skills and business success in our industry are valuable additions to our executive team."

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