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SSD & Storage news - August 2010, weeks 1 to 2

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IDEMA launches new initiative

Editor:- August 13, 2010 - IDEMA plans to launch a new grouping called - Storage Technology Alliance.

STA will aim to co-ordinate efforts in university research and development of storage industry roadmaps.

Editor's comments:- all industry ORGs start out with the idea of accelerating the adoption of particular standards - then after industry adoption - they lose focus and become talking shops rather than initiators of change.

When it comes to guidance about the future directions of solid state storage and related architectures - publications like and other SSD market analysts have been more effective at setting agendas for the industry than traditional storage organizations. Standards organizations are needed to co-ordinate implementation detail - but they are too slow to be effective at initiating new architectural trends.

Samsung and Seagate to develop SSD SoCs

Editor:- August 13, 2010 - Samsung and Seagate - recently announced they will jointly develop SSD controller technologies to operate with Samsung's 30nm-class MLC NAND.

The jointly developed controller will be utilized in Seagate's enterprise-class SSDs.

Editor's comments:- despite being a keen advocate for solid state storage since 2005 - Samsung has never had the IP it takes to develop best in breed enterprise SSDs. Seagate, a relative newbie in the SSD market, doesn't have SSD IP either - but it does have hard disk interface experience.

Developing (or acquiring) its own SSD IP has always been desirable for Seagate. The new agreement also helps to explain why the company was not happy to confirm industry reports that its 1st SSD actually used SoCs from SandForce.

Will the 2 companies be able to develop world beating SSD controller technology?

In my long experience of talking to people in companies which do have strong and unique SSD architectures - I have got the impression that a successful enterprise SSD design needs:- unity of purpose, very strong technical leadership, good sense of market direction, and years of fine tuning design iterations.

I don't think that an inter company collaboration like Samsung and Seagate can achieve the NO-COMPROMISE design decisions which are needed to develop world beating enterprise SSD architectures - no matter how talented individuals in the engineering pool may be.

Micron samples SATA 3 SLC SSD

Editor:- August 12, 2010 - Micron Technology today announced it is sampling the RealSSD P300 - a 200GB 2.5" SATA 3 SLC flash SSD with R/W IOPS of 44,000 and 16,000 respectively.

Editor's comments:- Micron's new P300 SSD sounds almost exactly the same as the C300 SSD the company said it was sampling in December 2009. The main differences are:- the newer product has lower R/W IOPS, and is SLC instead of MLC - which is better for most mission critical apps.

Virident signs supercomputing channel partner

Editor:- August 10, 2010 - Virident Systems today announced the signing of a reseller agreement with Appro for Virident's tachIOn drive - a fast PCIe flash SSD.

"As the leading supplier of hardware and software solutions for the High Performance Computing Market, we are very familiar with the I/O bottleneck and the need for solutions that address concurrent, multi-core processor demands while providing maximum storage throughput," said Anthony Kenisky, VP of Sales for Appro. "We are very impressed with the potential of the Virident tachIOn SSD solution to deliver leading, predictable, high-performance IOPS for data intensive workloads. In addition, the expandable capacity and ease of integration into existing environments makes this a very attractive solution for our customers. We are pleased to be working with Virident as a certified solutions partner."

Anobit inside new Hynix SSD

Editor:- August 9, 2010 - Hynix Semiconductor announced it has selected Anobit's SSD controller technology to operate with its own 20nm class NAND Flash chips for use in a new SSD design.

See also:- adaptive R/W flash IP

OCZ will demo 3.5" PCIe SSD

Editor:- August 5, 2010 - At the Flash Memory Summit later this month OCZ says it will demonstrate a new 3.5" SSD with what it calls a High Speed Data Link interface - which is PCIe physically connected via a SAS connector.

See also:- 2.5" PCIe SSDs

animal brands in the SSD market

Editor:- August 4, 2010 - today published a new article - animal brands in the SSD market.

Examples discussed in the article range from cute and cuddly animals through a menagerie of fast rugged and best friend rugged SSDs, a regional curio and some real monsters. This is the 3rd in a 6 part series - Branding Strategies in the SSD Market. the article

EMC has cleared STEC shelfware

Editor:- August 3, 2010 - STEC reported $61 million for the 2nd quarter ended June 30 - a decrease of 29% year on year but significantly up on the previous quarter.

The company indicated that inventory issues at EMC (whose worse than expected SSD sales in 2009 had created a glut of STEC shelfware) had been resolved.

Pliant nabs Dot Hill's VP software engineering

Editor:- August 3, 2010 - Pliant Technology today announced the appointment of Mark Delsman as VP of engineering.

Prior to joining Pliant, Delsman was VP of software engineering for Dot Hill. Before that, he was the senior director of software engineering for NetApp and the CTO and VP of engineering at Adaptec. Additional storage industry experience includes Seagate, Conner Peripherals and Maxtor.

In his new role, Delsman will manage the software, hardware and ASIC development organizations to expand Pliant's position in the enterprise storage market for solid state based technologies. See also:- Storage People

Popular storage searches in July

Editor:- August 2, 2010 - disclosed that overall SSD searches in July 2010 were 20% higher than a year ago.

Pageviews of the SSD Buyers Guide grew 14%.

PCIe SSDs retained their #1 popularity slot for the 11th consecutive month.

3.5" SSDs rebounded in popularity - with pageviews overtaking those of 1.8" SSDs.

The top 30 subjects and articles (out of thousands on this site) are listed on the home page.

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