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storage history - December 2009, week 1

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Symantec Adds SSDs to Storage Migration Classes

Editor:- December 7, 2009 - Symantec announced an upgrade to its Storage Foundation management software which enables it to automatically discover SSDs from leading vendors and optimize data placement on SSD devices transparently.

Editor's comments:- this is a tool within the context of a complex and expensive data migration service - rather than an auto-tuning SSD acceleration tool. You'll still need the SSD Hot Spot Engineer to tell you where to migrate those files to. As we head into 2010 - Year of the SSD Market Bubble - you're going to see the word "SSD" appearing in a lot of press releases from software vendors as a way of making their products sound sexier.

Recalibrating Consumer Assumptions about SSD Data Recovery

Editor:- December 7, 2009 - today published a new update on the theme of - Data Recovery for flash SSDs.

Market research consistently shows that most small businesses and consumers don't do adequate backups. Such users unwittingly offer themselves as prospective future customers for data recovery. This is another area in which the user experience of hard drives is unlike that for SSDs. The SSD you buy today determines whether a future data recovery is economically or technically viable. the article

Digital Video Cameras get 250GB Adapter

Editor:- December 2, 2009 - Maxell announced imminent availability of a new digital video camera adapter ( $1,500) - the iVDR VC102 designed to operate with its Firewire compatible 250GB iVDR EX rugged drive ($289).

Operating off a rechargeable, internal battery, it will operate for up to 90 minutes of nonstop recording.

"Our first-generation iVDR was successful with the Panasonic P2 cameras," said Patricia Byrne, senior marketing manager for Maxell. "Our new iVDR VC102 utilizes technology from CitiDISK (Shining Technology) for its intelligent acquisition, allowing for vastly expanded support of professional video cameras. The iVDR VC102 allows any camera that utilizes the DV, DVCPRO, DVCPRO50, DVCPRO100, DVCPRO HD or HDV formats to record simultaneously to an iVDR drive. Footage can later be off-loaded directly into an assortment of editing programs, such as Final Cut Pro, Edius or Adobe Premiere." iVDR news

Micron Samples SATA 3.0 SSDs

Editor:- December 2, 2009 - Micron announced it is sampling 6Gbps SATA MLC SSDs in 1.8" and 2.5" form factors.

Micron's C300 SSD can achieve a read throughput speed of up to 355MB/s and a write throughput up to 215MB/s.

Editor's comments:- Long anticipated in's flash SSD Roadmap - it was inevitable that we would be seeing 6Gbps SATA SSDs soon, because several companies have already sampled 6Gbps SAS SSDs which use the same physical interface. It was simply a question of when vendors would judge the market conditions right. (Or pre-announce them first.)

85% Growth Not Enough for 2.5" SSDs

Editor:- December 2, 2009 - 2.5" SSD pageviews on increased 85% in November compared to the year ago period.

But that wasn't enough for this subject to regain the #1 slot for "most viewed SSD form factor" by our readers.

The #1 subject was again - PCIe SSDs - which was 3.6x the level of the year ago period. Proof - if it were needed - that once SSD buyers have bought into the idea of application acceleration - they are prepared to cast aside ties to historic interfaces and form factors and look at the best value for money when considering new projects.

And that leads us to a simple rule of thumb for deciding which are the best types of SSDs to look at first.
  • pre-existing application box (server or notebook) - traditional SSD form factors (2.5", 1.8"and 3.5").
When it comes to rackmount SSDs - the market trends

more storage history

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New generations of SSD centric software will shrink the amount of flash needed to replace all enterprise hard drives.
utilization rates, revenue crashes and other consequences of the enterprise SSD software event horizon
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