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Storage news September 2010 - week 4

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iSCSI SSD bargains from StoneFly?

Editor:- September 28, 2010 - if you want to see a good example of how NOT to promote rackmount SSDs - take a close look at this iSCSI SSD blowout sales flyer (pdf) which I saw today in a spam email I got (twice) from StoneFly.

Is $15,000 for an iSCSI rackmount system with 8x 64GB SSDs a good deal?

It's hard to tell...

If you think that the phrase "high performance" tells you all the important stuff you need to know before inquiring about an enterprise SSD - then you may be the kind of customer they are looking for.

In 2 pages of blurb which tells you about their iSCSI credentials, how much electrical power the boxes consume, the fact that the RAID controller is battery backed, etc - not a single digit appears to enlighten you about R/W throughput, IOPS, latency and other stuff which traditionally are regarded as essential characteristics to describe enterprise solid state storage.

It's hard to believe that such a useless document ever got to see the light of day.

On the plus side - if you've ever felt intimidated by the complexity of SSD jargon - you can take heart from the fact that somewhere there are storage marketers who know a lot less than you.

RunCore reduces ProV SSD pricing

Editor:- September 27, 2010 - RunCore today announced price reductions on its ProV 2.5" SATA SSDs - which have SandForce's SF1200 controllers inside.
  • 60GB - $159
  • 120GB - $299
  • 240GB - $529
RunCore's online store still shows the old (higher prices) and may not get updated this side of the National Day public holiday in the PRC - which is why they suggest prosumers order from local online distributors. You can see how SSD pricing has changed over the years in this article - and a review of the ProV here.

Foremay joins SATA 3 SSD club

Editor:- September 27, 2010 -Foremay announced it is shipping SATA 3 versions of its EC188 M-series flash SSDs with R/W speeds upto 450MB/s and 350MB/s respectively.

This includes SSDs with the following form factors:- 2.5" and 3.5".

Editor's comments:- Micron was the 1st SSD maker to sample SATA 3.0 SSDs in December 2009.

less than 0.1% of data recoveries are for SSDs

Editor:- September 27, 2010 - joining in the debate about SSD Data Recovery - Andy Butler Director of UK based ABC Data Recovery told me this.

"We have yet to see what I would call an enterprise class PCIe SSD and I am not in a hurry to buy one at $11,000 just to experiment, if you have contacts willing to provide us with a test scenario it would be a good way to do a whitepaper.

"The 256GB commercial SSD we do recover have wear levelling and need every NAND chip to be read. Of the SSD we do see, most suffer from damage caused by power fluctuations or physical damage and as yet enquiry levels are very low. However we are ready for the increase in demand as more people make the move to SSD.

"The majority of our work is still hard drives, server RAID and about 20% of our capacity is dedicated to memory sticks / flash memory. SSD represented less than 0.1% of our income for 2009 /10.

" Because of the complexity of the work and how time consuming it is, the service is charged at a premium and so does put off many enquiries. Where we suspect just file corruption we just charge for a logical recovery so they are not counted in our statistics as SSD recoveries. Why not do some test calls of the main labs including mine and see how they handle SSD enquiries?"

SSDs accelerate disaster recovery

Editor:- September 24, 2010 - one of the updates to Intel's SSD Bookmarks - published today on - is a case study in which RAID rebuild times for a real-time education server were reduced from 12 hours to 40 minutes, while response times became 25x faster.

The other new suggestion is about how to estimate enterprise flash SSD TCO. the articles

enterprise SSD market accelerated in Q2

Editor:- September 23, 2010 - Forward Insights today reported the market for enterprise SSDs along with PC SSDs experienced rapid growth in the 2nd quarter of 2010.

In contrast, they say netbook SSDs fell and the growth of SSDs in the channel slowed compared to Q1/10.

Editor's comments:- No real surprise there if you've been talking to lots of people in the market. Disillusion with what users are being offered in the notebook SSD market versus what they ideally should expect was discussed in my recent article - why the notebook SSD crystal ball is still murky.

To get a quick snapshot of how Forward Insights see demand for various types of flash storage growing in the next several years see the notes and graphs (pdf) - from their recent talk at last month's Flash Memory Summit.

See also:- SSD market analysts

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iSCSI SSD bargains from StoneFly

RunCore reduces ProV SSD pricing

Foremay joins SATA 3 SSD club

less than 0.1% of data recoveries are for SSDs

Intel's SSD Bookmarks update

enterprise SSD market accelerated in Q2
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