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Megabyte loved reading news stories about the storage market
CAMARILLO, Calif. - August 20, 2004 - Vitesse Semiconductor Corporation today announced the availability of the industry's first chipset specifically designed for next-generation, multirate Fibre Channel and Gigabit Ethernet SFP modules. This SFP chipset sets a new standard in functionality and performance by being the first solution commercially available with rate selection capabilities for 1 Gbps, 2 Gbps, and 4 Gbps. This two-chip solution reduces module chip count when compared with current market solutions and provides enhanced SFP/SFF-8472 compliant digital diagnostic capabilities that are critical for functionality and design flexibility. The chipset includes the VSC7964, a monolithic Laser Driver and Post Amplifier, and the VSC7977, a bandwidth selectable Transimpedance Amplifier.

Although the 8G Fibre Channel standard will not be completed until late 2005 or early 2006, indications are that the SFP form factor will be the module of choice. The power requirement and cost target will be similar to the 4G solution. Vitesse has already measured the VSC7964 performance at 8.5G. Link performance at 850 nm was verified over 180 meters of 50 µm multimode fiber that was compliant to the FC-PI-2 standard. This is a major step in confirming feasibility for the SFP form factor to support higher data rates. ...Vitesse profile, ICs, Fibre-channel adapters, GBICs, SFPs and XFPs

Trumbull, Conn. - August 19, 2004 - CYA Technologies, Inc. today announced that the U.S. Army Accessions Command (USAAC) has implemented CYA HOTBackup in support of their Documentum systems. The United States Army Accessions Command recruits and transforms volunteers into soldiers. It required a robust application to backup data without inhibiting user activity for two Documentum-based applications. In addition, USAAC required a solution that would maintain data integrity of information stored within Documentum and ensure the security of the numerous human resource records stored within Documentum.

Due to the stringent policies concerning disaster recovery and allowable downtime, the USAAC implemented CYA HOTBackup at two key sites of operation.

"CYA HOTBackup allows us to backup the metadata, content and workflow states and maintain the integrity while our customers were accessing their applications," said Kathy Bishop, IT Specialist, USAAC. CYA HOTBackup, enables the USAAC to perform intelligent back ups of critical information without disrupting the activity of their Counselors and Recruiters. ...CYA Technologies profile, Backup Software, Military Storage

BROOMFIELD, Colo., and ALISO VIEJO, Calif. - August 19, 2004 - McDATA Corporation and QLogic Corporation today announced a comprehensive SAN initiative to increase enablement for OEMs, channel partners and SAN administrators that are building global, multi-vendor blade server environments. Powerful functions such as interoperability from core-to-edge, virtual routing, open exchange of management data, zoning, security and partitioning are all part of the SAN initiative. Upon completion, seamless interoperability in native McDATA mode will be available across McDATA's full product suite, including Eclipse, Sphereon and Intrepid-brand switches, and SANbox brand switches from QLogic. QLogic will be the first switch vendor to interoperate with McDATA products in native mode. Based on full compliance with FC-SW standards, customers can now cost-effectively build core-to-edge global storage networks while benefiting from up-to-date hardware and software features and functionality. ...McDATA profile, ...QLogic profile, Fibre channel switches, Fibre-channel adapters

ABINGDON, UK - August 18, 2004 - Oxford Semiconductor's OXAV940 multimedia processor enables high quality audio and video data to be recorded directly onto an in-product hard disk, offers non-linear editing facilities and provides ultra-fast upload and download via integral FireWire 800 and USB2.0 interfaces. Achieving a processing capacity equivalent to more than 24 billion instructions per second, the AV940 handles full MPEG4, MPEG2, MPEG1 and DV encoding and decoding at D1, 704 x 576 resolution. For PC and Mac playback, the chip can also encode in the QuickTime MOV file format.

The AV940's 100MHz IDE interface offers direct connection to a hard disk, optical disk or other ATA/ATAPI storage device. Device drivers enable the storage device to be automatically recognised by a MAC or PC as an external drive over AV940's 800Mbps IEEE 1394b (FireWire 800) and 480Mbps USB2.0 links, enabling ultra fast video data transfer. The chip is also capable of SBP3 isochronous data streaming over FireWire.

Data processing speeds are fast, with MPEG4 encoding achievable at 30 frames per second at 704x480 NTSC resolution and 25 frames per second at PAL 704x576 resolution. ...Oxford Semiconductor profile, Storage ICs, Graphics Adapters for Sun

CHICAGO, Illinois - August 18, 2004 - BiTMICRO Networks today announced at HP World 2004 the successful integration of its E-Disk solid state flash disk drive within Utah State University's enterprise e-mail application. Utah State University maintains a VMS cluster composed of four machines. Used as a central computing resource by administrative and academic users within the university's data network, the cluster is powered by OpenVMS, an advanced operating system that operates on the VAX and Alpha architectures. Data storage is provided by an HP StorageWorks Modular Smart Array 1000, a 2 Gb Fibre Channel to Ultra SCSI storage system for entry-level to midrange SAN applications.

The VMS Cluster is utilized by almost 25,000 users, composed of students, faculty and administrative personnel of Utah State, to access their email accounts. Due to the growing number of online users, users started to notice degradation in response time. Utah State looked around for a solution and decided to install a 3.5" E-Disk SCSI Wide flash disk to the HP MSA1000.

After the installation, users immediately noticed a significant improvement in access time. It plugged in directly just like a regular hard disk drive and was recognized and configured just as easily.

"We looked around for a suitable storage solution and found few that fit into our existing IT infrastructure. Our tests show that the E-Disk offered speeds four times faster than an older RAM disk and about 15 times faster than magnetic disk drives. Speed and cost are our primary concerns, and we're happy to note that BiTMICRO's E-Disk flash drive is a worthwhile investment given its outstanding performance," states Kim Marshall, Director, Network and Computing Services of Utah State. ...BiTMICRO profile, ...HP World 2004, Solid state disks

BURLINGTON, MA - August 18, 2004 - AppIQ, Inc. today announced that David Lunn has joined the company as Director of Sales, Asia Pacific. Lunn, who also serves as the Chairman of the Governing Committee for the SNIA in South Asia, has established AppIQ's regional office in Singapore as part of the company's global expansion strategy to deliver regional sales, marketing, and technical support for its award-winning storage area management technology. A 25-year storage industry veteran, Lunn will leverage his long-term presence in the region to expand AppIQ's Asia Pacific operations and support AppIQ resellers and strategic OEM partners HDS, SGI, and Sun Microsystems. ...AppIQ profile

FREMONT, Calif. - August 17, 2004 - Back-to-school for students at California High School in Whittier will be slightly different this year thanks to technology from M-Systems. Teachers and students alike will be using one of today's fastest growing and most popular consumer electronic gadgets for their daily course work - a USB flash drive.

"California High students have always been eager to learn about and use technology, especially when there is a clear educational focus," said Tony Kuns, principal, California High School, Whittier Union High School District. "One of our goals has been to make sure our students are equipped for real life after high school. We have found that by integrating technology into our curriculum on a daily basis - using PowerPoint to present school projects and learning to navigate the Internet for research projects - our students are engaged and challenged. And when used properly, technology can be a powerful learning tool."

Just like laptops and the Internet, M-Systems' USB flash drive, the DiskOnKey, aims to be a learning enabler that motivates teachers and students to think differently, to create new ways of using the device, and to get them excited about technology. Using the DiskOnKey also provides students with real world experience using a business tool that is typically used by professionals on a daily basis.

One of the most powerful ways the DiskOnKey will impact the teachers and students alike is in the school's Architectural and Engineering Academy. Because there are so many students, so few computers, and not enough storage capacity for the large CAD schematics that students create, the instructor has been limited in what he can assign the students. Come this fall, students enrolled in this course will now each have a 256MB DiskOnKey to store their personal work. ...M-Systems profile, USB storage, Flash Memory

IRVINE, Calif. - August 17, 2004 - I/OMagic Corporation announced today that it will begin shipping its next generation of DVD drives - internal 16X dual format double layer DVD+/-RW+/-R drives - for sale in the North American marketplace in September 2004 with an MSRP of $149.99. I/OMagic's new Internal 16X DVD+/-RW+/-R Dual Format Double Layer Drive consolidates DVD rewritable technology into one unit that offers the ability to read and write popular formats - including DVD+R and DVD+R double layer, DVD+RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW, CD-R and CD-RW - and allows users the freedom to choose the DVD or CD format that is most compatible with their personal computers or home DVD players. In addition, I/OMagic's new 16X Double Layer drive allows storage of up to twice as much data using DVD double layer media - allowing up to 8.5GB of storage. ...I/OMagic profile, CD-RW & DVD-RW

Fremont, CA, US - August 17, 2004 - 3PAR announced today 3PAR Virtual Copy DBA for Linux as its latest solution for maximizing the value of Linux in the datacenter. Using 3PAR Virtual Copy DBA and 3PAR InServ Storage Servers, users can now deploy Linux-based applications more simply, more economically and more reliably. 3PAR Virtual Copy DBA for Linux is available immediately.

Attractive price/performance is propelling rapid Linux growth in the datacenter. Yet users who are unable to manage their Linux environments simply and reliably risk losing the promised efficiencies of Linux deployment. 3PAR not only allows for rapid Oracle recovery on Linux, but also enables simple, on-demand Linux server provisioning.

"Linux is a strategic platform for our rapidly growing business," said Myles Trachtenberg, CTO at Fresh Direct, New York City's leading online grocer. "We were attracted to 3PAR because the InServ Storage Server lets us scale Oracle more simply and because 3PAR Virtual Copy DBA will allow us to recover Oracle quickly and affordably."

With 3PAR Virtual Copy DBA for Linux, users maintain high availability for their Oracle 9i/Linux environment by instantly recovering data after accidental deletions or corruptions. Virtual Copy DBA intelligently takes a non-disruptive and consistent snapshot of an entire Oracle data set. Snapshots from dozens of points in time can be kept online economically, allowing immediate recovery without going to tape and without extended log playback. Based on 3PAR Virtual Copy technology, Virtual Copy DBA snapshots created from Oracle databases require no capacity reservations and consume raw capacity only for changed data.

3PAR moves any Linux deployment closer to a true Utility Computing environment, where applications can be quickly scaled up or down based on demand. Using the InServ Storage Server, customers can centrally store and test a "golden image" set of Linux operating system and application images. Then, based on the application demands at a given time, users can commission an additional Linux host instantly from a Virtual Copy of the appropriate OS/application base image set. Consuming almost no additional capacity, each server's snapshot of the base image set can then be customized if needed. 3PAR takes the challenge and cost out of flexibly scaling and provisioning Linux applications on-demand. ...3PARdata profile, Linux portals

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - August 17, 2004 - Today at the Space & Missile Defense Exhibition Sypris Data Systems, Inc. unveiled its IRIG 106 Chapter 10 compliant Model 800 multi-channel recorder/reproducer product. The Model 800 is a fully integrated recording system capable of acquiring and storing a large amount and variety of digital and analog signals within its small chassis.

The new recorder was designed with the needs of weapons test and evaluations community in mind, but because it is highly-configurable and standards-based, multiple applications extend into aerospace, military and intelligence gathering. The ability to conduct real-time collection and delivery of data is crucial in today's data recording applications. The Model 800 offers read-while-write or loop-back functions for realtime monitoring of the data.

The Model 800 archives to standard computer peripherals and uses a NTFS file format. It also combines multiple streams of different types of data into a standard Chapter 10 packet structure and records that data onto an array of disk drives. After recording, the data is available for reproduction, archiving or network distribution. The recorder features high aggregate bandwidth with up to 18 asynchronous channels per chassis and the ability to synchronize multiple chassis for higher channel counts. The Model 800 also has flexible Input/Output modules to support different data types and signal levels and supports various signal types including: PCM up to 150 Mbps; analog up to 10 MHz; IRIG time A, B, G; and, voice/auxiliary. ...Sypris Data Systems profile, Military storage, Test systems

MELVILLE, N.Y. - August 17, 2004 - FalconStor Software, Inc. today announced its new product family of turnkey, self-contained (software, plus server including integrated disk array) solutions—Network Storage Server (NSS) Appliances, powered by IPStor, the company's flagship product. FalconStor's line of NSS Appliances deliver ready-access data retention and retrieval services via a turnkey appliance, and are cost-effective, scalable, and easy to deploy and manage. More significantly, NSS Appliances address the needs of organizations ranging from small to medium to the enterprise with departmental requirements, seeking intelligent backup and rapid recovery services to optimize business continuity and maximize return on investment.

FalconStor is working with a number of solution integrators to deliver NSS Appliances on a global basis. In the U.S., FalconStor is working with Dynamic Network Factory, ION Computer Systems, and the Storage Server Group. In Europe, FalconStor has established a strategic business relationship with Evesham Technology Limited, and in the Asia/Pacific market, with Westan Pty Ltd in Australia, as well as Systex Corp and Acer, Inc. in Taiwan. NSS Appliances currently offered include a VirtualTape Library Appliance, available with support for either Fibre Channel or IP/iSCSI, and a DiskVault Appliance, available in either a Server Edition or Workstation Edition. FalconStor will continue to develop turnkey storage solutions with partners throughout the world based on market and customer requirements. ...FalconStor Software profile

Editor's comments:- FalconStor's change of business strategy from selling software to marketing systems can be viewed as either very clever or very foolish depending on your perspective. Computer history doesn't record many successful cases of software companies morphing into hardware marketers. The biggest disaster of this type in recent years was when VA Linux Systems started acquiring small NAS and rackmount server oems in 2000 - with the avowed aim of taking on Sun Micro and Network Appliance. A year or so later the company was almost wiped out and its stock dropped 99% in value.

...Later:- on seeing my comments above - I was contacted by FalconStor who want to clarify that they are not making hardware themselves. They are comarketing hardware systems made by their partners. To me it's the same problem. Because when a software vendor starts actively promoting hardware solutions it changes the way that customers perceive that company.

San Jose, CA - August 17, 2004 - Peripheral Concepts announces publication of its market report - Backup and Archiving - A User's Perspective. A population of over 1,000 IT sites with 340 petabytes of disk storage and 782 petabytes of nearline tape storage, was surveyed and questioned on their backup and archiving practices and plans. ATA based systems represented 40% of total disk capacity.

While the average tape to disk capacity ratio is 2.30, it may come as surprise to find out that one third of the sites have less nearline tape storage than disk storage. Only 39% of the disk capacity is used for primary data. This report updates a one-year old study on the same topic, with additional emphasis given this year on market segmentation, disk utilization, and data tiers. Secondary disk plays an increasingly important role in backing up corporate data. The population using disk in backup has grown to 62%, and is forecast to reach 76% penetration by 2005. A much larger share of the backed up data reside on disk. With the increased utilization of disk for backup, there is a growing interest in backing up in file format.

The users rank reliability and integrity at the top of their concerns, followed by performance issues related to backup speed and restore time Snapshot is used by over one third of the sites and is forecast to experience a healthy growth in the next 12 months, particularly in the mid-size IT operations. The volume of data archived nearline has significantly increased since last year, and is expected to grow again in 2005. Though cost is always thought to be the most important factor in archiving, it ranks third in the selection criteria after data retrieve performance and scalability. Charts showing these results and many others are available in the full report.

HSM is only used by a small percentage of the population today, but its utilization will more than double within the next two years, the major growth is foreseen in small and medium businesses Ten industries were targeted in this report: Finance/banking, Health, Manufacturing, Retail Distribution, Government, Education, Consulting, Transportation, Media/Entertainment, and Telecommunications. The survey reveals interesting peculiarities in each industry practices and requirements.

The analysis of this extensive survey which includes over 200 questions, is now available in a report titled "Backup and Archiving A User's Perspective". The report provides statistics on practices, ranks issues and needs, indicates satisfaction ratings, and projects trends and plans. The price of this report is $4,950. ...Peripheral Concepts profile, Market research

MILPITAS, Calif. - August 16, 2004 - Maxtor Corporation today announced that it is shipping its new Maxtor DiamondMax 10 hard drives to OEMs and channel partners around the world. Based on an integrated, single-chip native SATA solution, the new DiamondMax 10 drives feature native command queuing, the company's proprietary dual-processor technology, and a new 16MB buffer to deliver unparalleled speeds compared to traditional 7200 RPM drives in their class. This unique set of features, coupled with Maxtor's latest firmware technology, allows the drive to self-balance system workloads for more efficient hard drive operations, which helps consumers run multiple applications at the same time, such as games and music, without overwhelming their PC systems.

Designed for multimedia PC users, graphic artists, system integrators and white-box builders, the new 7200 RPM DiamondMax 10 drives are offered in capacities of up to 300GB and are ideal for storing high-resolution images, multimedia content, and personal and business information. The drive also provides best-in-class performance for a 7200 RPM SATA drive, giving users quicker access to data and faster system performance, especially for multi-threaded, RAID and streaming A/V applications. . ...Maxtor profile, Hard drives, SATA

CHICAGO, IL - August 16, 2004 - Eight leading technology companies have come together at HP World 2004 to discuss and showcase the benefits of Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) and Serial ATA (SATA) interface technologies. Adaptec, Fujitsu Computer Products of America, Hitachi Global Storage Technologies, HP, Intel, LSI Logic, Maxtor and Seagate are sponsoring the SAS Experience Center (Booth #717) and will demonstrate a number of live SAS and SATA-based product demonstrations throughout the week. HP World 2004 takes place at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL from August 16-20, 2004.

The Serial Storage Experience booth will include four product demonstrations comprised of hard disk drives, controllers and servers from the participating vendors. The exhibits will focus on the performance, flexibility, reliability and scalability benefits of the new serial interfaces. ...LSI Logic profile, SAS, Events

DALLAS, Texas - August 16, 2004 - Tek-Tools, Inc. today announced that its Profiler Rx Suite now provides enhanced file analysis support for Network Appliance storage systems. Tek-Tools' Profiler Rx Suite provides support for operator-friendly, location-independent monitoring and reporting for NetApp storage systems. From any supported Web browser, both operators and administrators can trend volumes and Qtrees; run Snapshot and SnapMirror reports; view Data ONTAP version, cluster, disk, and quota configuration; and monitor performance statistics. Profiler performs file analysis at the storage system, virtual storage system, NFS, and CIFS levels, and performs policy-based file detection and change reporting. Profiler for NetApp includes a number of off-the-shelf reports, saving administrators several hours each month from building reports from scratch. Reports can also be easily customized using a report wizard.

"Management of complex data stores is more important today than ever. Tools such as Tek-Tools' Profiler for NetApp simplifies management of storage systems by providing customizable yet easy-to-use management and forecasting tools that reduce costs and avoid unpleasant surprises," said Patrick Rogers, vice president of Marketing at Network Appliance. "Profiler's administrative and reporting functionality simplifies the overall storage management process for our customers." ...Tek-Tools profile, ...Network Appliance profile, Test systems & software

Bronschhofen, Switzerland - August 16, 2004 - The Swissbit Group has expanded its portfolio of DDR Micro DIMM memory modules with 256 and 512 Mbytes as well as 1 Gbyte. Swissbit is the world's first company to ship 1 Gbyte DDR Micro DIMMs which are targeted at subnotebooks. This development is enabled by the so-called "die-stacking" technology. The individual memory silicon chips are positioned on top of each other on the PCB. The signal paths, however, all have the same length. The chips are furthermore directly attached to the PCB to enable an optimum heat dissipation via the PCB and a better circulation of the air, as well as an excellent signal quality. ...Swissbit profile

Taipei, Taiwan - August 16, 2004 - Systex today announced the launch of its latest range of enterprise-level storage devices: the ES 500 and ES 7500 Virtual Tape Libraries. With the ability to back up to both disk to disk and disk to tape, and supported by a Linux-based OS and IPStor VTL software, the VTL series from ExpreStor is a complete storage solution. Users can benefit from the high speeds of disk, whilst additionally not losing out on the availability of tape.

Combined with the ExpreStor ES 4000 series of disk arrays, the ES 7500 series is scalable up to 32 TB in capacity, offering a true all-in-one solution. The VTL family also works with all major vendors of external disk arrays, ensuring extreme flexibility and the ability to fit in to the existing storage network without disruption. IPStor VTL software complements the impressive and sturdily built hardware, and both the ES 500 and ES 7500 series models support and emulate all major manufacturers tape libraries, drives and cassettes. The ES 500 is able to support up to four concurrent backup/restore sessions and up to fifty virtual tape cartridges emulated, with the ES 7500 series supporting up to fifty concurrent backup/restore sessions and an emulation of up to 640 tape cartridges.

"The ES 7590 is aimed at those users who need to integrate speed and reliability in to their existing storage infrastructure," said Robin Chiang, Assistant Vice President of Systex' Enterprise Storage Division. "Using both IP and Fibre Channel protocols. Integrating the unit in to the storage network is no longer complicated, and adding capacity can now be done without powering down the main unit or affecting the availability of data." ...Systex profile, Disk to disk backup, Tape libraries

Irvine, Ca - August 16, 2004 - Gigaram has announced today the release of their new Sun Licensed memory upgrades for the new Sun Workstations 1100Z and 2100Z. The new 1GB & 2GB memory upgrade kits with chipkill technology will enhance the computing power of Sun's new line of AMD Opteron-based workstations that have been designed to compliment & broaden the Sun workstation portfolio. Soon to be released will be Gigaram's 4GB kit which will allow the 1100Z and 2100Z to reach their maximum memory expansion of 8GB which will deliver ideal computing performance for segments including SW Development, EDA and MCAD/MCAE. ...Gigaram profile, Desktop - SPARC systems

Toronto - August 16, 2004 - Asigra today announced the launch of its Assurance Reseller Program, giving resellers the choice of selling the powerful and innovative Asigra Televaulting software to their customers, or offering storage services as a utility, with revenue based on data being managed. This dual-choice revenue option promises significant growth potential for resellers in the enterprise data storage market as distributed backup and recovery becomes a critical component of regulatory compliance. In addition to offering customers a storage solution through the actual sale and installation of Asigra's product into its clients' infrastructure, Asigra Televaulting software features a Service-Oriented Architecture that is built for utility service provisioning, allowing resellers to offer a recurring revenue service by performing backup and restore operations for their customers, with a capacity-based monthly fee. This service provisioning functionality includes a multi-tier storage billing system, agentless architecture, SLA monitoring and management, storage resource management tools and WAN-optimized compression technology. ...Asigra profile, Backup Software Web based backup

Sunnyvale, Calif. - August 16, 2004 - Network Appliance, Inc. is hosting the first annual NetApp Innovation Awards in 2004 to honor customers who have achieved positive business and/or community results using NetApp solutions, demonstrated creativity and conceptual leadership in storage and/or caching best practices, and embody the NetApp "can do" and "create a model company" spirit. Nominees will vie for awards in the following five categories: Enterprise, Individual, Community Service, Visionary and Innovator of the Year. One winner will be selected in each category by a third-party panel of judges, consisting of distinguished representatives from the storage industry as well as the media and analyst communities. All nominations must be received by midnight PT on Friday, October 1, 2004, to be eligible for consideration. ...Network Appliance profile

Editor's comments:- in the late 1990s when everyone was dotty about dotcoms - Sun Microsytems launched a similar marketing promotion scheme called - Dot-Com Heroes - which rewarded their most interesting customers with online Case Studies showing how clever they were at using Sun's products. Since none of us is imune to flattery - being told that we were smart to buy something which we needed anyway is a clever promotion ploy by vendors.

New York - August 16, 2004 - Between a third and a half of all electronic communications kept in company storage devices are irrelevant to the business and don't need to be there, according to Orchestria. The company has today launched a "Return on Investment" analysis service to help large enterprises to accurately calculate how much it is costing to store irrelevant communications and how much they could save by installing better policy management software to properly determine retention periods and storage destination according to message content.

"Companies have a tendency to store everything, in the fear that not doing so will put them in breach of regulations," said Bo Manning, president and CEO, Orchestria. "What they end up with is a data archive that is crammed to bursting point with communications that are irrelevant to the business and which are simply taking up expensive storage space." ...Orchestria

Editor's comments:- although we all moan about the volume of email - having a big email inbox shows that you are a much loved or important person - so there's also a human factor working here to mitigate against deleting stuff.

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last week's news (archive)

solid state disks
Solid State Disks
Megabyte went through his Michelangelo phase. "Somewhere in that lump of rock is a solid state disk. I've just got to find it."

Nibble:- New Excuses for RAID Vendors to Miss their Revenue Forecasts

It was too late for the flooding this August in Florida (USA) and Cornwall (UK) to be blamed on lower than expected disk storage array sales at HP, but sales and marketing people are ingenious at stretching the verité.

To support those in need of better excuses we've invented some more plausible reasons why RAID / NAS / SAN disk storage vendors may find their forecasts for increasing revenue don't actually happen this year even if the economy continues growing and the demand for storage continues growing.

If you're working in sales and looking for a good excuse to miss your target, or if you're managing a storage budget and looking for a good reason to cap it, these ideas might come in useful.

New RAID algorithms mean that less storage is wasted.

In a recent article on RAIDn technology it was shown that "A 9 disk RAIDn system can be configured to offer 50% more disk drive capacity than a RAID 5 and better data survivability - upto 3 drive failures without data loss."

It doesn't have to be RAIDn. There are a lot of new algorithms around. But the bottom line - is that less of the disks in your storage arrays need to be wasted to provide data protection than in the past. As these new RAIDxyz systems get deployed in the real world - that's going to have a big impact on hardware revenue for those selling boxes of disks with a fancy interface.

Software tools reduce the amount of email that is stored.

A recent news story we ran from Orchestria said "Between a third and a half of all electronic communications kept in company storage devices are irrelevant to the business and don't need to be there". They claim their automated tools can help organizations reduce upto half their email storage whilst still sticking to regulatory standards and keeping what they need to run their business. This is different to heirarchical storage management systems which simply remove the problem of infrequently used data to somewhere else.

Better network storage admin means storage is better utilised.

As storage administrators become better educated in the tricks of their trade, and as a bigger proportion of the storage they manage is networked - and as storage virtualisation trickles down to medium sized companies - there are going to be less islands of isolated underused storage hanging around. That means less of a rush to buy new disk storage every time something new happens in the company.

According to a survey of 1,000 major IT sites carried out by Peripheral Concepts and published in August 2004 - "HSM is only used by a small percentage of the population today, but its utilization will more than double within the next two years." That mostly means shifting data off disk storage and onto tape and optical media. But its also means compressing infrequently used data too.

Before you ask - what about disk to disk backup?

Isn't that going to increase demand for RAID systems. Yes - but that's already been built into the overall RAID market growth forecasts along with everything else.

Adding it all up?

I think it's realistic to expect that the combination of these factors could reduce the need for new raw disk storage capacity by 25% or more. It will be a permanent change - and eventually it will be built into everyone's new plans. But we're starting to see the creep of these new paradigms hitting the market this year - at a time when most people's plans are based on more of the same old stuff they had before.

The result could be a dent in revenue across the whole RAID related storage market. Or maybe it will be blamed on not advertising in STORAGEsearch?

the Top 10 Company Profiles - July 2004

The top 10 most popular companies (out of more than 1,000 storage companies listed on STORAGEsearch) visited by our readers last month were as follows... Figures in brackets (n) indicate rank the month before.
  1. Ingrasys Technology (1)
  2. Silicon Image (10)
  3. M-Systems (2)
  4. Texas Memory Systems (3)
  5. Dell Computer (4)
  6. VERITAS Software (7)
  7. DataCore Software (194)
  8. Curtis (5)
  9. SMART Modular Technologies (21)
  10. LSI Logic (12)
The new entries to the top 10 list this month were:- DataCore Software, LSI Logic and SMART Modular Technologies.

The companies which dropped out of the top 10 list this month were:- Adaptec, BakBone Software and Intelligent Computer Solutions.
Comax Technology
Comax Technology is a worldwide professional manufacturer for computer cables, connectors and accessories.

low cost 2U, 4U and tower workgroup and enterprise RAID from Data Storage Depot
2U, 4U, tower, SCSI or Fibre-channel RAID
from Data Storage Depot

external Ultra 160 SCSI disks at about 1/3 the price you expect
external SCSI disks for Sun, HP-UX, Linux...
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