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Storage news - 2004, March week 3

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GEAR Releases New DVD Recording SDK
JUPITER, FL - March 18, 2004 - GEAR Software today announced the general release of GEAR.wrks Toolkit v3.50 for DVD/CD Recording.

The new toolkit introduces GEAR's advanced API architecture that emphasizes modularity and ease of integration. GEAR.wrks Toolkit v3.50 includes several breakthrough additional features including an enhanced interface, multi-threading and burning DVD video streams.

"GEAR.wrks v3.50 represents GEAR's best work to date," Plummer said. "It builds on over 15 years of optical recording software development experience at GEAR Software's Netherlands and Florida locations. With GEAR's ability to provide customized features, including optimized static link libraries to reduce the toolkit's already small footprint, GEAR is are more and more working closely with developers in the online content distribution space. Of course, GEAR's mainstay is with the community of software development companies that create multimedia, data storage, and consumer enthusiast products." ...GEAR Software profile

Network Appliance Supports SAP NetWeaver '04

Sunnyvale, Calif. - March 18, 2004 - Network Appliance, Inc. today announced its support for SAP NetWeaver '04, SAP's integration and application platform.

NetApp provides a fully integrated backup, restore, and disaster recovery storage infrastructure for SAP NetWeaver and mySAP Business Suite. ...Network Appliance profile

BiTMICRO Unveils 16TB Solid State SAN Accelerator

Hannover, Germany - March 18, 2004 - BiTMICRO Networks unveiled publicly today, at CeBIT, the E-DiskSAN SZF the highest capacity solid state flash-based SAN solution available in the market today.

Available in a 48U cabinet consuming less than 5,000 watts, the E-DiskSAN SZF boasts a maximum capacity of 16.5 TB. The E-DiskSAN SZF is a true enterprise-class solid state storage solution, conforms to open standards, and is interoperable with most major operating systems and fibre channel switches. In addition to its incredibly fast 16GB per second data transfer time and 2.5 million IOPS, the E-DiskSAN SZF offers an impressive reliability specification of 400,000 hours MTBF. The reliability rating of the E-DiskSAN SZF is based on testing in a 7x24x365 100% duty cycle enterprise-class workload environment.

The E-DiskSAN SZF is designed to provide higher performance with the highest levels of reliability for radar/sonar applications, digital signal processing, CAD and simulations, medical imaging, video editing, real-time sensor processing, homeland security applications, i.e., facial recognition, medical imaging, and other business intelligence applications. It comes with complete hardware redundancy, remote software management worldwide, and optional advanced RAID controller functionality for ease of use.

"As sweeping change continues across the storage industry, BiTMICRO has kept a laser focus on defense and enterprise storage platforms. Today's announcement demonstrates this focus and highlights the industry's broadest and most capable lineup of SAN offerings in the solid state flash disk drive market," comments Rudy Bruce, President of BiTMICRO Networks, Inc. ...BiTMICRO Networks profile

SSDs are #1 with STORAGEsearch Readers

Editor:- March 18, 2004 - the Solid State Disk page - which was the 2nd most popular page on STORAGEsearch during 2003 - has moved up to the #1 slot in the last 90 days.

SSDs are changing the way that servers get designed. SSDs will overtake hard disk drives in storage density sometime during the next 5 years. Currently there's a 2 to 1 difference between the capacity in 3.5" drives. But when you consider that SSDs are typically 100 to 1,000 times faster (measured by IOPS) and they are on a steeply declining semiconductor memory cost curve - you may think it not unlikely that in the long term they will replace the current role fulfilled by hard disk drives, which in turn will replace the role of tape archiving. But the cost difference means that in today's storage market SSDs should be considered primarily as accelerator products - as alternatives to activating more CPUs in big servers. ...SSD page, 10 storage subjects

StorageTek Introduces Native FICON for T9840C Tape

LOUISVILLE, Colo. - March 18, 2004 - StorageTek today announced its advanced 'fast access' T9840C tape drive equipped with a native FICON interface for seamless connectivity and high performance tape storage in MVS environments.

With the addition of the dual port FICON interface to the currently available ESCON and Fibre Channel interfaces, StorageTek continues its history of being the only supplier of native FICON and ESCON enterprise class tape drives for IBM zSeries environments. StorageTek's T9840C features an industry-leading 12-second average data access time, 30 MB/second data throughput for faster backup and restores, and 40 GB/cartridge capacity (uncompressed) - all while maintaining the customer's existing investment in T9840 media.

"The T9840C with native FICON connectivity is the most cost-effective solution for storing critical data and providing rapid data accessibility in z/OS (MVS) environments, effectively bridging the cost and performance gap between tape storage and high-priced disk solutions. We anticipate that many existing T9840 drive customers will move quickly to this new offering to take advantage of the higher speed and capacity with their current T9840 media." said Jon Benson, vice president and general manager, Automated Tape Solutions, StorageTek. ...StorageTek profile

Amherst, NY - March 18, 2004 - ATTO Technology, Inc. announced today the release of version 2.0 of the ATTO FibreBridge software for its Fibre Channel-to-SCSI storage routers.

With this release, the FibreBridge product line has been enhanced with added features that improve reliability, ease of use and overall performance. The company says it will extend of the bridge architecture with 4Gb and 10Gb Fibre Channel and 10 Gb iP products in the near future. ...ATTO Technology profile

CITY OF INDUSTRY, Calif. - March 17, 2004 - Fastora today announced its new line of DAS servers for the enterprise and small-to-medium business markets. The Fastora DAS Series extends the capacity of existing network servers to protect, maximize, and scale with the data needs of any business. The new line is now available in tower or rack form factors. The DAS devices feature a SCSI interface and can utilize Serial ATA (SATA) and SCSI hard drives, supporting RAID 0, 1, 10, 3, 5, 30, 50, 6, and JBOD. The DAS Series also offers hot swappable hard disks, power supply, fan and I/O modules to simplify maintenance and provide the security and reliability of an "always on" back up system. ...Fastora profile

SAN JOSE, Calif. - March 17, 2004 - Quantum Corp. today announced the achievement of a new standard of reliability for single tape drive autoloader products. The Quantum SuperLoader autoloader is the first to reach the impressive milestone of more than two million mean swaps between failure (MSBF) – a standard measurement of reliability among tape automation products. The SuperLoader is the only autoloader available today which can offer SMB customers this level of reliability. In fact, this Quantum benchmark is more than 500,000 MSBF better than the nearest comparable autoloader offering. Quantum's SuperLoader packs more than 6TB (compressed) in a 2U form factor. ...Quantum profile

Geneva - March 17, 2004 - At the Serial ATA (SATA) Plug Fest event in Longmont, Colorado this week, STMicroelectronics demonstrated full interoperability of its SAT310 Physical Layer Interface. The SATA310 is available as a SATA-II-capable intellectual-property hard macro for integration in system-on-chip solutions. In the Plug Fest tests, the interface worked successfully with all SATA-compliant products from other vendors. During the tests the SATA310 physical layer IP was combined with the BK-3720 SATA device controller from Palmchip Corporation, configured in the target application to simulate a typical disk drive. The two companies will combine and co-market their IP to provide disk-drive makers with a proven, cost-effective solution that can be integrated with other functions in SoC devices. The SATA310 IP block is also available separately for integration with IP from other vendors to provide link and transport capabilities.

By reducing cost, the combined ST/Palmchip solution addresses a very broad range of applications, including hard disk drives, optical disk drives, solid-state drives and SATA card adapters. This solution can be used in both host and target applications. An evaluation board, including development parts containing the SATA310 IP is available. ...STMicroelectronics profile

BROOMFIELD, Colo.- March 17, 2004 - McDATA Corporation today announced that StorageTek will make McDATA's Flexport capable Sphereon 4300 Fabric Switch available to its worldwide customers, providing small to large enterprises access to simplified edge connectivity. The Sphereon 4300 is a 4 to 12-port switch that is based on the award-winning Sphereon 4500 platform. The 4300 enables enterprises with new or existing SAN installations to pay for connectivity as they grow with reliable, non-disruptive installation. ...McDATA profile, ...StorageTek profile

MINNEAPOLIS, MN. - March 17, 2004 - CNT has delivered a solution to upgrade remote networking capabilities and lower costs for Lockheed Martin as part of their overall business continuity and disaster recovery solution. The end-to-end solution was delivered as part of CNT's Managed Service offering that included equipment and capability upgrades. As part of the solution, Lockheed Martin migrated to a more cost-effective, IP based mainframe communications network that included a business continuity solution that surpassed its current Service Level Agreements. Deploying the solution as a managed service has also improved Lockheed Martin's IT cost structure. Instead of purchasing equipment, Lockheed Martin now has a monthly service contract with CNT that covers hardware, software, service and support. This "pay as you go" approach eliminates capital costs and increases flexibility. ...CNT profile

PALO ALTO, Calif. and PARIS, France - March 17, 2004 - Atempo, Inc. today announced it has expanded its operations in the United States and established a new North American headquarters in Palo Alto, California. Atempo, a provider of data protection solutions to many Global 1000 and medium-sized firms. More than 1,750 companies have chosen Atempo's flagship Time Navigator product, a highly scalable and feature-rich data protection solution for enterprise IT environments.

Atempo named Hervé Goguely as Executive Vice President of U.S. Operations; Marianne Nole, as Vice President of Sales; Paul Linares, Vice President of U.S. Technical Operations; and Randy Batterson, Director of Strategic Alliances and OEMs. These key leadership hires will be responsible for growing Atempo's market presence in North America.

Hervé Goguely created, led and shaped the Worldwide Services Sales organization at Cisco Systems into a billion-dollar business over a four-year period. Marianne Nole served for three years as Director of North American Sales for BakBone Software, Inc. ...Atempo profile

SAN JOSE, Calif. - March 16, 2004 - Snap Appliance and Symantec Corporation today announced a technology and marketing partnership. The first offering from the two companies is a set of simple, cost-effective, disk-based data protection solutions for customers in North America.

Utilizing V2i (Virtual Volume Imaging) technology, V2i Protector provides real-time, disk-based backup that captures and encapsulates the active state of a server into one easy-to-manage file. The active state includes the computer's operating system, files and personality settings. Once captured with V2i Protector, the OS, applications and data are backed-up onto Snap Server NAS systems and are recoverable to an exact previous state within minutes. Users can easily perform a complete bare metal system restoration, a full system refresh or restore individual files and folders, all without spending hours manually rebuilding data from tape, re-installing operating systems or reconfiguring systems. Operating system volumes, database volumes, applications and data storage are all protected with near zero disruption of ongoing business processes.

For the next 90 days, the Remote Office Disaster Recovery Solution and Branch Office Disaster Recovery Solution will be offered at an estimated retail price of $1,799 and $2,799, respectively....Snap Appliance profile, ...Symantec profile

Taipei - March 16, 2004 - Silicon Integrated Systems Corp. today announced that PQI will be using the SiS150 Flash Disk controller for its latest cutting edge flash memory product, the patented I-200 (Intelligent Stick) The genius of the I-200 is that it can store all types of data, including WAV, MP3 and MPEG files from any device with an USB port. There are no special drivers or software needed, nor any card readers required. Its extremely small size (2.8 mm thick) and weight (3g) make it the ideal companion for portable devices that require extra storage, such as MP3 players and digital cameras, yet the I-200 also functions like a regular Flash Disk for use on PCs, notebooks and PDAs. Furthermore, the I-200 is ideal for small handheld devices where low power consumption is a priority. The I-200 has a 13 MB/s write rate and support a substantial 18 MB/s read rate. ...PQI profile, ...SIS profile

Santa Clara, Calif. and Phoenix, AZ - March 16, 2004 - CATC today announced an integrated training offering with Dashcourses Inc. Together, the companies will deliver open enrollment, hands-on training on InfiniBand, iSCSI, PCI Express, SAS, SATA, SCSI, and USB. The courses will be presented by Dashcourses and are directed at engineers and developers. Classes will be held at CATC's offices in Santa Clara, CA or on-site at customers' facilities worldwide, and generally run two to three days - featuring demos and hands-on lab exercises. The first class will focus on USB architecture and is scheduled to start April 28th. ...CATC profile, ...Dashcourses profile

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. - March 16, 2004 - VERITAS Software Corporation today announced VERITAS Cluster Server 4.0 and VERITAS Volume Replicator 4.0. Together, VERITAS Cluster Server and VERITAS Volume Replicator provide a complete solution for high availability and disaster recovery with protection against application downtime and data loss. VERITAS Cluster Server and VERITAS Volume Replicator integrate with additional market-leading VERITAS products to provide enhanced solutions for data protection and storage management and ensure that data and applications are protected regardless of hardware, software or operating system. VERITAS Cluster Server is available immediately starting at US $2,995. VERITAS Volume Replicator 4.0 is available immediately starting at US $4,495. ...VERITAS profile

Editor:- March 16, 2004 - a new reference article is published on STORAGEsearch today called - Squeak! - Record Breaking Storage. It includes a record of things like the biggest, or smallest or lowest cost storage drives and systems taken from the news archives. It will be updated daily with new features as they appear on this news page. As time goes on - it will also be updated to include speed records - such as the fastest network backup etc. This article was planned some time ago - and it's just a coincidence that it appears on the same day as the news item from Toshiba below. the article

TOKYO - March 16, 2004 - Toshiba Corporation today announced that Guinness World Records has certified its 0.85" hard disk drive as the smallest in the world and will feature it in the 2005 edition, scheduled to be on sale in September 2004. The Guinness World Records Book is one of the world's most popular publications, the book most people reach for when they want to confirm outstanding achievements in all walks of life. Toshiba's 0.85" HDD, announced in January 2004, is the first hard disk drive to deliver multi-gigabyte data storage in a sub-one-inch form factor. ...Toshiba profile

BROOMFIELD - March 16, 2004 - McDATA Corp. announced today that it has expanded its alliance with HP to include two major initiatives: the support of multi-vendor storage fabric interoperability and an independent services contract signed between the two companies. Through this agreement, HP customers can now leverage and grow existing SANs by deploying McDATA directors as part of a multi-vendor core for their existing fabrics. This will allow customers to leverage what they already own, while bringing McDATA's proven director reliability and stability to their existing environments. ...McDATA profile

Boulder County, Colo. - March 16 2004 - CreekPath Systems today announced support of the CNT FC/9000 Fibre Channel/FICON Director product. The CreekPath CNT PAM has detailed knowledge of the operating characteristics of the FC/9000 and manages the interface between the CreekPath Platform and the storage elements. The CreekPath Suite aggregates a powerful array of resources under one management console and provides the functionality of SAN Network Management, SRM, Storage Performance Management, Storage Service Management, Data/Storage Security Management, Backup Operations Management, and Database Operations Management and ties this functionality together with policy, workflow, and automation all in one integrated solution. ...CNT profile, ...CreekPath profile

Reading, UK - March 15, 2004 - C2C Systems and Lextek International have partnered to provide fast and efficient e-mail archiving products to companies worldwide. C2C has incorporated Lextek's Onix search technology into its Archive One product line. Here's how the technology works. Archive One Compliance, an archiving, retention and retrieval management application for Microsoft Exchange, stores and manages large amounts of e-mail text. If you're a financial institution retaining electronic documents for six years to comply with SEC Rule 17a-4, you need an infallible way to archive, manage and retrieve e-mails (sometimes upon request). Lextek's Onix full text indexing and retrieval technology - provides the flexibility and speed to do so in a timely manner with minimal effort. ...C2C Systems profile

VANCOUVER, Wash - March 15, 2004 - CRU-DataPort announced the availability of its first removable hard drive enclosures with built-in data encryption. Encryption DataPorts, available in DES and Triple DES versions, help prevent unauthorized access to sensitive computer data. The new removable drive enclosures completely encrypt all data going to the disk drive, including the file allocation table and virtual memory. They feature a custom-designed, high-speed processor that encrypts data before it reaches the IDE hard drive and requires a unique electronic key - with several customizable key management options - for user authentication and data access. CRU will display its Encryption DataPorts at booth #3735 at the upcoming FOSE trade show.

"DataPort removable drive enclosures have always allowed our customers to easily take their data off-line and now, with the added security of encryption, that data can be secure when you're away from the PC, while the drive is being transported, or even if the entire computer is stolen" said Jon Johnson, director of sales and marketing for CRU-DataPort. ...CRU-DataPort profile

Moscow - March, 15, 2004 - StarForce Technologies launches StarForce ProActive, a hardware-locked activation and licensing management system. StarForce ProActive provides licensing control for a broad range of applications. It enables software publishers to continue to distribute their content on physical media or via the Internet and their website, and allows them to control use of their applications and their licenses sold without requiring a disc to be present in the end users' drive, or a dongle to be connected to the clients' PCs or servers. Additionally, it can be combined with most of our well-proven encryption- and disc-binding solutions. ...StarForce Technologies profile

COSTA MESA, Calif., SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif., HAVANT, UK - March 15, 2004 - Emulex Corporation, Seagate Technology and Xyratex announced today a collaborative effort resulting in the storage industry's first fully functional 4 Gb/s Fibre Channel demonstration. The three companies will display their respective 4 Gb/s products in a fully operational, live working demonstration at this week's CeBit 2004 in Hannover, Germany.

Xyratex's storage enclosure technology, Seagate's latest 4 Gb/s enterprise drives and Emulex's recently-announced InSpeed SOC 422 4 Gb/s embedded storage switches combine to create a unique demonstration that will be ready for OEM testing, integration and deployment later in the year. The joint demonstration will be on display in the Emulex Corporation stand (Hall 1 - 72GA4).

"The storage solution we're demonstrating at CeBit goes well beyond a proof-of-concept," said Malcolm Muggeridge, CTO for Storage Systems Technology at Xyratex. "This demonstration integrates products from three of the industry's 4 Gb/s leaders into a fully integrated storage system." ...Emulex profile, ...Seagate profile, ...Xyratex profile

SUNNYVALE, CALIF. - March 15, 2004 - 3ware, Inc. today introduced its fastest RAID controllers to date. The Escalade 9000 Series of hardware RAID controllers enable a completely new class of SATA RAID storage solutions for high performance computing applications. Shipping to OEMs, VARs, and system integrators worldwide, the new controllers will be available in 12, 8, and 4-port configurations in early Q2, 2004. The new Escalade controllers, based on the company's innovative StorSwitch switched RAID architecture, provide up to 3.6 TB of fault tolerant storage per controller and deliver in excess of 400 Mbytes per second sequential RAID 5 reads1 and over 110 Mbtyes per second RAID 5 sequential writes. ...3ware profile

Dallas, TX - March 15, 2004 - ActionFront Data Recovery Labs today announced it has opened a facility in Dallas, Texas at 14643 Dallas Parkway. This is the 5th lab opened by the company, the others being in Santa Clara (CA), Atlanta (GA), Chicago (IL) and Toronto (Canada). ...ActionFront profile

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - March 15, 2004 - Alliance Semiconductor Corporation today announced the availability of its 36-megabit Synchronous SRAM family. Manufactured using state-of-the-art 0.13-micron copper process technology, Alliance's 36Mb Syncronous SRAMs provide higher densities, lower access latency, and lower power consumption to increase system performance in a variety of applications and end markets including storage systems, wireless infrastructure and networking. Alliance's 36Mb Synchronous SRAM device configurations include 1Mbx32, 1Mbx36, and 2Mbx18 operating at either 3.3-V or 2.5-V. The devices are user configurable to operate in either pipelined mode or in flow-through mode. In pipelined mode, the devices operate with clock rates up to 250MHz and with clock access time less than 2.6 ns. Pricing starts at $55 for 250MHz devices in quantities of 10,000 units. ...Alliance Semiconductor profile

SANTA ANA, Calif. - March 15, 2004 - SimpleTech, Inc. today announced the industry's highest capacity external hard drive - a 400GB SimpleDrive Deluxe with a USB 2.0 & FireWire combination. For added data safety and security, SimpleTech's StorageSync automatic backup software for Windows is included free with the SimpleDrive. The software is easy to use and is completely automatic, enabling fast and easy backup, restoration and synchronization for an entire PC or selected files and folders.

SimpleDrive External Hard Drives include a security lock slot to prevent unauthorized removal of the SimpleDrive, providing the reliability and security that users demand. A security cable can be used to attach the drive to a secure and immovable object, such as a wall or desk. With a newly designed fan-free sleek aluminum case, the drives dissipate heat, providing ultra-quiet and cool operation. MSRP for the 400GB SimpleDrive High-Speed USB 2.0 & FireWire Combo External Hard Drive is $499.99, and $469.99 for the 400GB capacity with USB 2.0-only. ...SimpleTech profile

FRAMINGHAM, Mass., - March 15, 2004 - According to IDC's Worldwide Quarterly Storage Software Tracker, the worldwide storage software market grew 17.7% in the fourth quarter of 2003 when compared to the fourth quarter of 2002, reaching $1.78 billion in total revenue. The full year 2003 storage software results validate the positive trends that started in the third quarter of the year. Overall, revenue grew 8% year-over-year in 2003, injecting almost a half billion dollars of new revenue into the marketplace. Within the overall market, all of the major storage software segments posted double-digit revenue growth in the fourth quarter of 2003. The back-up and archive market grew 17.6% year-over-year while the storage replication software and the storage resource management markets grew 14.7% and 16.2% year-over-year, respectively. For the full year, the storage resource management market posted the strongest revenue growth of 11.3%, followed by the storage replication software market with 9.5% annual growth. ...IDC profile

Duesseldorf, Germany - March 15, 2004 - ALPS Electric Co., Ltd. has announced the development of the SCJB series of connectors and SCJC series of adapters for connecting to miniSD Memory Cards. Cellular phones, digital cameras and other mobile devices are becoming more compact and thinner. In line with this trend, compact memory cards with different specifications have emerged. MiniSD Memory Cards offer the same functionality as SD Memory Cards but at half the size. The SCJC series of adapters offers high strength against twisting, a feature desired in mobile devices, owing to ALPS' proprietary construction that integrates a metal frame into the plastic body. ...ALPS Electric Europa profile

Hopkinton, MA - March 15, 2004 - EMC Corporation extended its storage software lead in the fourth quarter of 2003, according to data released today by IDC. EMC outpaced the total storage software market and extended its #1 position over the next closest provider to lead with 31.7% revenue share. EMC continued to lead two of the three major storage software segments during the quarter, SRM and Storage Replication. In the Backup and Archiving software segment EMC was the revenue growth leader among the three largest vendors and outpaced each of its four closest competitors on an annual growth basis for the fourth quarter. ...EMC profile
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earlier news (archive)
RAID controllers
RAID controller cards on
Megabyte found that building his RAID system from cards and disks involved working at a lower level of integration

Nibble - Winners and Losers from the IT Recession

t the end of a recession - the landscape of leading companies and technologies is never quite the same as it was at the start.

Contrary to what you might think recessions are periods in which innovation thrives. Because users don't have as much money to spend as they did in good times, they are more inclined to look at new technologies which offer cost savings or increase operational efficiency. Now that the recover is in full swing I thought it would be useful to take a look at some of the winners and losers of the 3 year US IT recession in the context of the storage market.

Winner:- disk to disk backup
Loser:- tape

The declining revenue in the tape library market in recent years wasn't just due to the recession. There's been a long term shift away from slow unreliable network tape backup to faster disk to disk backup which is perceived as being more reliable. Comparing the first few months of 2001 with 2003 - the tape libraries page on STORAGEsearch has dropped in popularity by 5 positions. And today disk to disk backup (which wasn't even a separate category in 2001) is now seen by 12% more readers than the tape library page.

Winners:- iSCSI, NAS and IPSAN
Loser:- FC SAN

Although SAN is still one of the top 10 subjects on STORAGEsearch (#9), it is less popular than NAS (#4) or iSCSI (#5). Back in Q1 2001, the positions were reversed with SAN being more popular than NAS. During the recession there was a lot of consolidation in the Fibre-channel adapter cards market with many companies exiting the market, and increased market share going to the top companies. As users expected their ethernet networks to get faster anyway, the idea of networking their storage via IP (instead of installing completely new Fibre channel networks) was an attractive proposition. And when some tape vendors started saying that backup times on iSCSI were nearly as fast as those on FC, the decision not to migrate to SANs became even more compelling. There was no point in doing this if it cost more, involved learning about a new set of technologies and didn't give any worthwhile speedup. Staying with IP also won the "do nothing now" vote. If users waited long enough they would get all the advantages of SAN soon enough on cheaper and more familiar IP networks.

Winners:- solid state disk accelerators
Losers:- server sales

The solid state disks market (#2 subject on STORAGEsearch throughout 2003) is too small at the moment to show up as a blip in server sales, but during the recession many users found that they could halve the number of servers (and associated licenses and sys admin effort) by attaching solid state disk accelerators to their networks and effectively doubling the speed of their applications. In today's high end server systems - the main performance bottleneck is the speed of the storage system. Judicious tweaking in this area can save organisations huge sums of money. The only thing slowing down the wider penetration of this technology is that users and vendors have to have a deep technical knowledge of what the bottlenecks in their applications actually are. SSD acceleration is still some way off being a shrink wrapped plug and play solution, but its popularity (#2 subject with STORAGEsearch readers in 2003) indicates that a lot of people are looking at this technology. And when it gets simpler to use, it could have devastating affects on server CPU sales.

Winners:- Serial Attached Drives (SATA, USB, Firewire)
Losers:- Parallel Attached Drives (PATA, SCSI)

As manufacturers worked to increase the speed of hard disk interfaces, while reducing cost, serially attached storage became the dominant focus of their new product development efforts.

Throughout most of 2003 Serial ATA (SATA) was the #1 most popular page viewed on STORAGEsearch. During the recession, older serial disk connection technologies like USB and FireWire got mid life kickers in the shape of faster (but backwards compatible) respecifications. And the writing is on the wall for parallel SCSI, although the better late than never development of Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) shows a migration path for that technology too.

Winners:- data recovery services?

One of the more obvious changes in user behavior during a recession is that systems are not replaced with the same frequency as they were in better times. So the average age of disk drives deployed in PCs and servers becomes a year or so older. Also users are less likely to invest in buying new backup systems. As systems get older and start to approach the wear out part of their bath tub curve users can expect to see a greater incidence of disk and tape system failures which require the special skills of data recovery services. That change hasn't shown up yet in our reader statistics, but I would expect to see it later this year.

ActionFront Data Recovery
ActionFront Data Recovery Labs recovers lost information from downed or inaccessible computers and backups and corrupted or deleted file sets.
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