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SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. - December 7, 2005 - A variety of new content delivery options for the home are creating tumultuous times for the movie industry, reports In-Stat. While standard-definition DVD sales are still going well, that market is likely nearing its peak, the high-tech market research firm says. What's more, it's unclear how alternative delivery systems will impact the changing home entertainment landscape and DVD sales. A recent report by In-Stat found the following:
  • By 2009, In-Stat forecasts a worldwide retail value of US$50 Billion for annual sales of Hollywood video content sold at retail.
  • By 2009, 41% of US TV Households will be watching movies on HDTV displays.
  • DVD players that support HDMI deliver High Definition quality today, so next-generation High Definition optical products will need to provide "something more".
  • The intense media interest in next-generation optical disc formats is selling lots of magazines, but will not have much impact on the Hollywood "packaged goods" business until late in the decade.
"The migration to next-generation High Definition optical disc formats is not going smoothly," says Gerry Kaufhold, In-Stat analyst. "The PC industry is chomping at the bit to provide downloaded movies that might compete with DVD sales, and Pay-TV services want to add movies to their Video-On-Demand services, to their new disk-drive-equipped set top boxes, and to their emerging HDTV services." ...In-Stat profile, CD-RW & DVD-RW

Malta - December 7, 2005 - Uniblue Systems today announced the release of the complete and unlimited retail version WinBackup 1.86 for free download. WinBackup 1.86 is one of the fastest backup and recovery management solutions available to home users and small businesses and boasts encryption algorithms that guarantee data security, integrity and accuracy of restores. Termed "exceptionally simple to use" by PC World, WinBackup 1.86 has a wide variety of features and allows backup to and restores from hard drives, tapes, Zip or Jazz drives, portable drives such as USB and FireWire, network drives, CDs and DVDs. ...Uniblue Systems profile, Backup Software

Editor's comments:- the press release mentions various reviews. Here's one.

SAN FRANCISCO - December 7, 2005 - SANRAD Inc today announced the general availability of its iSCSI-based Global Data Replication and Recovery solution. It's a turnkey hardware-software package combining the iSCSI V-Switch and the company's embedded StoragePro software. Data is replicated between any primary site to one or more secondary sites over standard copper or optical IP networks. Both one-to-one and many-to-one replication operations are supported, allowing organizations with multiple satellite offices to replicate data to a central data center.

"The ability to quickly recover from a man-made or natural disaster is of primary concern for many organizations looking to safeguard their business critical information," said Zophar Santé, SANRAD VP of Market Development. "But quite often IT executives have found themselves unable to implement a comprehensive solution due to the cost and complexity of traditional DR solutions. Our solution enables companies to utilize IP SANs to deploy cost-effective remote replication for complete data protection and site recovery." ...SANRAD profile, iSCSI

Orange, Calif. - December 7, 2005 - Apace Systems Corp and Fujitsu Computer Products of America, Inc. announced that they are offering an end-to-end 10GbE connectivity solution for multi-platform video editing and post-production workgroups. A complete 10GbE work flow demonstrating Apace Systems, Fujitsu and 10GbE NIC partners will be on display this week at DV Expo West 2005 in Los Angeles..

"Shared and low latency video access, editing, archive and real-time playback of uncompressed High Definition video is an issue for post-production market, forcing the user to consider video editing tasks only in the confines of individual workstations with dedicated SCSI or Fibre Channel storage, hampering collaborative editing," said Jeanclaude Toma, Apace systems Executive Vice President. "We at Apace believe that the solution is not dedicated storage or still limited and proprietary SAN connectivity, but to scale up the GigE LAN to 10GbE connectivity and offer a 10X access of end-to-end high performance connectivity for all video centric applications."

Video editors can use Apace's network storage systems with up to 14TB per chassis of RAID protected SATA HDD based storage and 10GbE connectivity, for push/pull and real-time playback of content via the 10GbE fabric for uncompressed HD streams including 2K and up to 4K resolutions with a distance up to 10km radius. In addition to post-production workflows film and image scanning solutions can make use of the immense storage and network throughput offered through this solution. ...Apace Systems profile, ...Fujitsu profile, Storage Events, InfiniBand

SUNNYVALE, Calif. - December 7, 2005 - M-Systems today announced DOC H3 - its next generation DiskOnChip architecture - aimed at memory-hungry devices such as multimedia mobile handsets, digital music players, GPS devices, portable media players and car infotainment systems. DOC H3 features an advanced controller with Execute in Place (XIP) boot capabilities and a built-in version of M-Systems' patented TrueFFS flash management software running internally as firmware from within the device. The result is a plug-and-play storage device, which practically eliminates the inherent difficulties of raw NAND media integration, providing a standard, self-contained storage solution, requiring virtually zero software support. Engineering samples of DOC H3 will be available in the first quarter of 2006, with availability for mass production planned for the second quarter. It will be available in densities of 128M to 2G in 9x12 and 12x18 FBGA packages. ...M-Systems profile, storage chips

MILPITAS, Calif. - December 7, 2005 - Maxtor Corporation and Adaptec Inc. have collaborated to help simplify deployment of new Serial Attached SCSI technology for system builders and resellers through extensive compatibility testing and the distribution of a special SAS evaluation kit to a select group of integrators worldwide. Included in the kit are Maxtor Atlas SAS hard disk drives with the Adaptec Serial Attached SCSI RAID 4800SAS and 4805SAS controllers and the Adaptec Storage Enclosure 335SAS. As a result, several resellers, including Rackable Systems, ZT Group and Colfax, have begun actively qualifying the products with workstations and servers in order to deliver next generation storage solutions to their customers.

According to Colfax International CEO Guatam Shah, "Any time you get something new in technology, it's like someone's given you a piece of Swiss chocolate and told you it's better than regular chocolate. Is SAS really better or is the industry just telling us it is? In this case, SAS delivers by offering the enterprise performance and reliability of SCSI with the capacity and price point of SATA. The combination of Maxtor and Adaptec SAS technology beat our expectations in performance, reliability and ease of deployment. We're excited to start selling next generation SAS solutions." ...Adaptec profile, ...Maxtor profile, Serial Attached SCSI

Budapest, Hungary - December 7, 2005 - SaveAs has introduced EagleEyeOS Professional which helps companies prevent data theft, corruption or misuse from within their own organisations. EagleEyeOS Professional ensures business data can only be read, copied or modified by users with authorised access rights. EagleEyeOS Professional also helps companies enforce their internal data management policies. Access to external devices such as floppy, CD or DVD drives, infrared, USB or other communication interfaces is also controlled via rules. Yearly licences cost between 9,99 and 49,99 Euros. ...SaveAs profile, Storage Security, Storage Software

REDMOND, Wash. - December 6, 2005 - Microsoft Corp. today announced the release to manufacturing of Windows Server 2003 R2. It provides new storage management tools to help customers understand and address storage utilization, monitor and control disk space usage with directory quotas, prohibit selected file types on servers, and easily configure and provision iSCSI or Fibre Channel SANs.

Windows Storage Server 2003 R2, based on Windows Server 2003 R2, was also released to manufacturing today. The product is a dedicated file and print server with new features including single instance storage, full text search and built-in document collaboration with Windows SharePoint Services. In the first half of 2006, oems including Dell, HP, Iomega, LeftHand Networks and Tacit Networks will deliver NAS products with Windows Storage Server 2003 R2.

SPEC released a new NFS performance benchmark of 22,416 operations per second for Windows Storage Server 2003 R2 Enterprise Edition running on a four-way HP ProLiant Storage Server. This demonstrates that HP hardware solutions with Windows Storage Server 2003 R2 will deliver better NFS performance than more costly proprietary NAS solutions for specialized applications, such as CAD. ...Microsoft profile, SAN & NAS software

Ronkonkoma, NY- December 6, 2005 - Peer Software, Inc. announces the release of Peer-ISR Server Edition, a disaster recovery solution that simplifies server uptime through a one-step recovery from server failure. The software provides ongoing and transparent protection by creating live "point in time" snapshots of live server environments on an ad-hoc or scheduled basis.. Additionally, Peer-ISR Server Edition provides a "data anchoring" feature that allows you to keep server data locked down no matter which server environment snapshot you select to boot from. Peer-ISR Server Edition runs under Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP Home or Professional. Peer-ISR is listed at $449 per copy (per server). The Workstation version is available for $49 per copy, requiring a minimum purchase of five copies. ...Peer Software profile

TOKYO, JAPAN - December 6, 2005 - FalconStor Software, Inc. today announced that SOFTBANK IDC Corp. and Triangle Spirit have teamed to launch a disaster recovery services center in Japan. Utilizing their collective resources, the organizations will provide a cost effective solution for the SMB segment. The FalconStor PrimeVault model provides customers with instant contingency planning - each customer is equipped with either FalconStor DiskSafe or FileSafe software for their local machines to drive fast backup to an appliance pre-loaded with FalconStor iSCSI storage software (also provided as part of the service) at their site. Data is then remotely replicated by the iSCSI appliance to the SOFTBANK IDC and Triangle Spirit facility, without any impact to the business' production environment. The DR facility provides a solution where the customer does not need to be concerned with the tediousness of backup operations, and can recover its data far more easily and smoothly compared to a traditional DR system.

"Japan, especially Tokyo and Yokohama, is thought to be the high risk area in terms of disaster, at 7.1 times worse than Los Angeles, and 7.7 times worse than Osaka and Kobe," said Toru Hirai, CEO of Triangle Spirit. "FalconStor's IPStor solution provides a perfect and timely method to address the market for disaster recovery, especially with the recent Japanese government announcements of a business continuity guideline and its metropolitan area plan for government and financial institutions in case of large earthquakes." ...FalconStor profile, Storage VARs in Japan, online backup

Editor:- December 5, 2005 - Quantum has, at last, woken up to the security threats faced by users of tape backup media, and today announced plans to do something about it. ...Well that's not exactly how they put it. Their own words can be seen by clicking the link above and lower down (in the next paragraph). Throughout 2005 STORAGEsearch's readers have been entertained and concerned by the many stories about tape security lapses which have been sent to the press by vendors of disk to disk backup and storage security products. You can't blame tape companies for not anticipating the needs of their customers. The further ahead they look - the less of a future they see for their products.

Quantum... "Quantum's initial security offerings (in Q1 2006) will include DLTSage Tape Security, a unique solution designed to prevent unauthorized access to data on tape cartridges that will be particularly valuable in protecting tapes that must be transported offsite. At no additional cost to customers, this feature will be provided in the company's newest DLT tape drives and supported in its tape automation systems. DLTSage Tape Security will also serve as a complement to other elements of Quantum's security framework, including a new strategic partnership with Decru and native encryption on Quantum's DLT tape drives." ...Quantum profile, Tape drives

Editor:- December 5, 2005 - is a new service which helps users dispose of used tape. This is from their press release on PRWEB today... When a company undergoes a major equipment overhaul they may be faced with an enormous amount of data that they need to destroy. This may include any of hundreds of types of magnetic data tape, optical disks, Magnetic storage devices and so forth. To comply with Sarbanes Oxley Act the company must fully document and record the path of this data. Webuyusedtape offers a full range of media destruction services, from on-site degaussing of magnetic storage media to physical destruction of drives and tapes. We can provide any of these services on your site or at our secure facility, and provide any documents that you will require to track the path of your data. If you choose to undertake these tasks within your own IT departments, Webuyusedtape can provide you with equipment, for sale or lease. Equipment such as tape drives, degaussers, data encoders, and destruction equipment., Disk & Tape Sanitizers, Storage Services

Editor:- December 5, 2005 - today revealed that the Product Category of the Year in 2005, ranked according to reader pageviews was once again Solid State Disks. The top 5 subjects viewed by readers in 2005 were:-
  1. Solid state disks
  2. NAS
  3. Hard disk drives
  4. USB storage
  5. Backup software
In previous years, the "subjects of the year" were as follows:- Unlike some other publications' awards which are based on the subjective opinions of a small number of people, the subject award is based on analyzing the pages actually visited by over 636,000 unique readers who visited the web site in the first 48 weeks of 2005.

"Buyer behavior doesn't take place in a vacuum" said Zsolt Kerekes, editor STORAGEsearch. "Organizations can typically start researching if a new technology may be right for them upto several years in advance of allocating budgets to them. In the 14 years that we've published focused IT directories - high reader interest in emerging technologies has always been followed by widespread take-up." storage history, SPARC History, article:- Looking Back and Looking Forward 7 Years in Storage

SAN JOSE, CA - December 5, 2005 - Catalyst Enterprises, Inc. today announced the acquisition of Ancot Corporation. Ancot was founded in 1987 to provide SCSI test and analysis equipment and was the first company to ship a Fibre Channel analyzer (1994). Ancot products serve technology developers worldwide in the commercial and aerospace sectors, including major PC developers, manufacturers of network and storage products, and system integrators. Ancot's latest leading-edge products include a 4Gbs Fibre Channel analyzer, tester, error injector, and bit error rate tester.

"We've experienced rapid growth and a leadership status with our SAS and SATA protocol test and analysis tools, and with the addition of the Ancot Fibre Channel, SCSI, and networking products, we look forward to an immediate broadening of our storage market footprint," stated Nader Saleh, Catalyst president. "With this acquisition, we add not just complementary technologies and market share, but a synergistic blending of management, sales, support, and engineering teams that will add tremendous value to our collective customer base." ...Ancot profile, ...Catalyst Enterprises profile, Acquired storage companies, Storage Testers & Analyzers

FRAMINGHAM, Mass - December 2, 2005 - According to IDC factory revenue in the external disk storage systems market grew a record 12.5% year over year to $3.9 billion in the third quarter of 2005. The total worldwide disk storage systems market also grew at a record year-over-year rate of 13.3% to $5.7 billion in the third quarter of 2005.

"This is the third consecutive quarter that disk storage systems revenue growth has outpaced that of the server market," said Brad Nisbet, program manager in IDC's Storage Systems program. "However, internal storage growth has exceeded external growth in three of the last four quarters, as organizations explore new technologies that increase the flexibility of storage configurations."

EMC maintained its lead in the external disk storage systems market with 20.3%, followed by HP and IBM with 19.1% and 12.9% revenue share, respectively. Hitachi improved its share position to end the quarter in a virtual tie with Dell for the fourth position with 8.3% revenue share versus 8.4% for Dell. Network Disk Storage Systems

In the NAS market, which grew 7.5% year over year, EMC maintained its 40% revenue share, followed by Network Appliance with 35.1% share. The iSCSI market doubled again with 105% revenue growth year over year. Network Appliance continues to lead the market with 35.1% share, followed by EMC with 24.0% share. HP made the strongest share gain, increasing its iSCSI SAN revenue share from nearly zero to almost 10% in the third quarter from a year ago. ...IDC profile

Editor:- December 2, 2005 - Jean-Jacques MALEVAL, Publisher-Editor of the 20 year old established STORAGENEWSLETTER has put a free copy of the 16 page monthly newsletter online so you can read it. It includes an interesting interview with $200 million funded Pillar Data Systems. I think it's a great idea to let readers sample the publication with just one click....

Published for the last 20 years, STORAGENEWSLETTER, the international monthly news report on the worldwide storage industry, is entirely devoted to the worldwide hardware and software storage industry. Published, in Europe, it also offers a rare focus on the European market.

Don't waste time navigating for hours on the Web, when you can receive, in a concise and synthesized format, a steady digest of all important news on the storage industry with incisive and pertinent analysis from a veteran of the storage press. It contains all printed news. No ads. To subscribe (one year, 12 issues, Euros 335 or $394). the magazine (pdf), Storage portals

Megabyte again - I love that bit about - not wasting hours on the web.

MILPITAS, Calif. - December 1, 2005 - Maxtor and LSI Logic have teamed to drive Serial Attached SCSI adoption by resellers and solution providers. For a limited time, resellers can also take advantage of a special offer from Maxtor and LSI Logic featuring two Maxtor Atlas SAS hard drives and one LSI Logic SAS PCI-X HBA kit at a special price ($150 rebate). This bundle is available through select distributors throughout North America and Europe. ...LSI Logic profile, ...Maxtor profile, Serial Attached SCSI

SUNNYVALE, Calif - December 1, 2005 - Omneon Video Networks today announced plans to establish new offices in Moscow. By establishing a physical presence in Russia, Omneon is set to build on the increasing volume of sales in that region and to provide a high level of pre- and post-sale support to the company's customers, integrators, and application developers. Omneon's Reiner Frenken, manager for Central and Eastern Europe, the Russian Federation, and Eurasia, will oversee localized operations for the rapidly growing Russian broadcast market.

"We have seen a definite acceleration in Russian sales over the past year, largely because the country's broadcast market is increasingly looking to tapeless operations, one of the primary operational benefits made possible through implementation of our Spectrum media server system," said Greg Hoskin, Omneon VP of EMEA sales. ...Omneon Video Networks profile

IRVINE, Calif. - December 1, 2005 - iStor Networks announced today the general availability of their flagship iSCSI storage solution called GigaStorATX. The GigaStorATX achieves 860MB/sec bandwidth. Models in the range have 4 or 8 GbE ports, and 8 or 16 SATA drives. iStor Networks, iSCSI

Editor: - December 1, 2005 - STORAGEsearch reports on readers' changing interests in November.

The top 3 subjects viewed by readers (out of 70 storage categories on our home page) were:-

(1) - Hard disk drives, (2) - Solid state disks, and (3) - NAS.

The #1 article viewed by readers was - Squeak! - the 10 biggest storage companies in 2008?.

The #1 company profile (out of more than 1,000 listed storage companies) was M-Systems.

Pageviews grew 45% compared to the year ago period. Readership grew by 27% compared to the year ago period. For more information and full rankings see Market research

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Has Infiniband Established Itself in the Market? - article by Engenio

This article looks at the state of the Infiniband market at the end of 2005.

After 5 years stirring in the emerging market cauldron the Infiniband market hasn't turned out to be the popular flavor which was originally anticipated. But it's finally starting to get served up in some important markets.

An Infiniband port now costs half as much as a fibre-channel port and delivers many times the performance rate. According to the author, Infiniband is now ready to take its place on the mainstream technology menu. the article , ...Engenio profile, InfiniBand
Memtech Panther, 2.5" low profile SATA flash disk
2.5" low profile SATA
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from Memtech
Squeak! - Why are Most Analysts Wrong About Solid State Disks?
read the article - Why are Most Analysts  Wrong About Solid State Disks?
Most analysts and editors of other computer publications don't really understand the solid state disk market. They show their ignorance and naivete by prefacing every discussion of SSDs with a superficial analysis which compares the cost per byte of storage between flash and hard disk drives. That's the wrong answer to the wrong question. And it's far removed from why the SSD market is racing to become a multi billion dollar market seemingly in blithe ignorance of the cost per byte proposition.

This article tells you what's important to users and the main applications in which SSDs are already being used and new applications where they will be used in the next 3 years. the article, Solid State Disks
article:-  Flash Memory vs. Hard Disk Drives - Which Will Win? - by Semico Research
Flash Memory vs. Hard Disk Drives - Which Will Win? - article by Semico Research

There's a confusing picture in many consumer products like phones, cameras and music players in which one day it seems that the storage function is done by flash and next day another company announces they're doing the same thing with miniature hard disks.

Is there any sense to this seemingly random choice?

This article uses pricing trends, technology trends and unique market analysis insights to show that users and oems may be able to reliably predict which storage devices will be most cost effective depending where you are on the future history curve. the article, Hard disk drives, Flash Memory, Market research, Solid state disks
worlds fastest 3.5 inch solid state disk from Curtis
world's fastest 3.5" solid state disk
from Curtis
read the article by ICS - Sanitization Methods
Sanitization Methods for Cleaning Up Hard Disk Drives - article by Intelligent Computer Solutions

Removing the data on old unwanted disk drives has become a concern for all users. Earlier this year Pointsec found that they were able to read 7 out of 10 hard-drives bought over the Internet at auctions such as eBay, for less than the cost of a McDonald's meal, all of which had "supposedly" been "wiped-clean" or "re-formatted".

This article reviews the various methods available to sanitize hard disks along with the advantages and disadvantages in each the article, ...Intelligent Computer Solutions profile, disk sanitizers
article:-  Virtual Tape: Can You Afford to Ignore It?
Virtual Tape: Can You Afford to Ignore It? - article by MaXXan Systems

Network connected disk to disk backup systems for the enterprise have come a long way since the first pioneering products started to appear in the pages of in the late 1990s.

Some of the growing sophistication in the market can be seen by the way that the marketing terminology has morphed from the early D2d (let's kill tape backup), via D2D2T (let's be friends with tape / peaceful coexistence) to the current VTL (Virtual Tape Library - let's just see if they notice that it's more reliable and works faster - and don't tell them that there isn't a tape in the box) type of approaches.

But if you think that speed, reliability and cost are the only things you need to know about the "virtual" versus "real" tape library argument - take a look at this comprehensive article from MaXXan Systems which shows there are a lot more benefits than that. the article, ...MaXXan profile, Disk to disk backup
click to read article by SiliconSystems
Increasing Flash Solid State Disk Reliability - article by SiliconSystems

Solid state disks, based on flash technology, have greatly improved in performance in recent years and now compete head to head with RAM based accelerator systems. Flash also has significant advatanges in servers compared to RAM SSDs due to low power consumption.

But if you think that all solid state disks which use flash are equally reliable and enduring then think again.

That's a bit like saying that a Mercedes 300SL sports coupe is as tough as a Tiger tank because both were made in Germany and both are built out of metal. But as Oddball (Donald Sutherland) says in the movie Kelly's Heroes "I ain't messing with no Tigers."

This article by SiliconSystems, shows how their patented architecture cleverly manages the wear out mechanisms inherent in all flash media to deliver a disk lifetime that is about 4 times greater than of other enterprise flash products and upto 100 times greater than intrinsic flash memory. the article, ...SiliconSystems profile, Solid state disks
WipeMASSter Disk Sanitizers erazes 9 disks to Dod standards at hardware speed
WipeMASSter Hard Disk Sanitizers
from Intelligent Computer Solutions
article by
War of the Disks: Hard Disk Drives vs. Flash Solid State Disks - article by BiTMICRO

BiTMICRO is the #1 best recognised brand of SSDs (source SSD Survey) and they have published a lot of articles to help customers understand the benefits of their products. When I first saw the submission for this article I was pleased to see that it quoted extracts from and linked to several other articles that I myself had written or edited - so that gave me a warm glow.

After years of analyzing this market SSD vendors and analysts are starting to see some clear patterns emerging. Although opinions still differ on some subjects, and vendors are prone to pitch their own solutions as best, this article is a useful synthesis of current industry thinking by one of the leading flash SSD module manufacturers. the article, ...BiTMICRO Networks profile, Solid State Disks, Hard disk drives

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