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Samsung Ships Highest Density DDR3.................................................
Seoul, Korea - March 19, 2009 - Samsung Electronics announced today that it has just made the initial shipment of the world's 1st and smallest high-density memory modules based on 2Gb, 50nm-class DDR3.

Samsung is shipping 18 configurations of its new DDR3-based modules, which are designed for servers. They include a 16GB RIMM and an 8GB RDIMM.

Editor's comments:- although Samsung's press release talks about how much RAM you can get in a server (192GB for a 2-socket CPU server system) the new products will also advance the density and lower the cost of high end multi-terabyte RAM SSDs.

IDEMA Names Sun's Flash Guru to Lead SSD Standards

Editor:- March 18, 2009 - IDEMA today announced that Michael Cornwell will lead its standards program for HDDs and SSDs.

Cornwell, the Lead Technologist for Flash at Sun Microsystems since 2007, has a long history in storage technologies and collaboration between manufacturers and customers. He spent 5 years with Quantum in various engineering and design roles. In 2002 he moved to Apple, where he was a lead storage architect on that company's iPod digital content player. See also:- Storage ORGs, Storage People

MemoRight Shoots for MIL-STD-810F SSD Market
Shenzhen, China - March 18, 2009 - MemoRight says it will ship new industrial grade 2.5" flash SSDs in May.

The new MemoRight rSSD is designed to operate from -40 to 85 degrees C and the company says its testing processes satisfy MIL-STD-810F. MemoRight expects the military, defense, aviation & astronautics industries to be early adopters and key users of their new SSD.

The rSSD also features MemoRight's "In-Drive" UPS, which ensures 100% data integrity at all times. The capacitor simply flushes the cache upon experiencing any power-off or voltage changes and writes this data to the flash.

The new rSSD performs at 120MB/s read & 120MB/s write speeds, with 0.1ms access time. It will be available in 16GB, 32GB, 64GB & 128GB capacities, with a choice of SATA II or IDE interfaces. Like the MemoRight GT Series eSSD, the new model will be manufactured in a 2.5" form factor, with an optional 3.5" casing. ...Memoright profile

EMC says - it's Leading the SSD Charge - (is it April 1st already?)

Editor:- March 18, 2009 - EMC announced today it has qualified higher capacity 400GB flash SSDs for use in its storage systems.

Barbara Robidoux, EMC VP, Storage Marketing, said, "It is clear that Enterprise Flash drives are revolutionizing the way information is stored and EMC is leading the charge. We are delivering the 2nd generation of this technology as a result of significant investments in research and development, testing and integration, while other vendors struggle to deliver their 1st flash drive offerings at much lower capacities."

Editor's comments:- EMC's implication that they are "leading the charge" to place flash SSDs in enterprise servers apps is absurd. To see which companies did in fact lead the flash SSD charge into servers - take a stroll down memory lane - and look at SSD market history.

And here's another way of looking at EMC's flash SSD market leadership.

EMC has never appeared in the the Top 10 SSD Companies - which has tracked reader search volume on over 1.4 million readers viewing SSD content.

Its highest ranking was #11 - achieved in Q1 2008 - when the company re-entered the SSD market after a 20 year absence. But it wasn't the leading SSD vendor back then either.

Tom's Hardware Inflamed by Solidata's Watts Guzzling SSD

Editor:- March 18, 2009 - a test report published yesterday on Tom's Hardware says it was shocked by the high power consumption of Solidata's 2.5" flash SSDs.

The publication said it was an "insult" to other oems in the SSD market, effectively tarnishing the reputation which hard-disk-form-factor SSDs had established in delivering better performance at lower power consumption than HDDs. ...read the article

SiliconDrives Get Speedups

Editor:- March 17, 2009 - SiliconSystems today announced it will ship a new, faster - 3rd generation - of its SLC SiliconDrives in the 2nd quarter of 2009 - with capacities up to 128GB.

SiliconDrive III products include 2.5" SATA and PATA and 1.8" SATA products that offer read speeds up to 100MB/s and write speeds to 80MB/s.

"The faster speeds and larger capacities of SiliconDrive III will help enable new multimedia data streaming applications such as IPTV, Video on Demand (VOD) and digital video surveillance appliances that require a high level of performance and reliability where failure is not an option" said Gary Drossel, vp of product planning at SiliconSystems.

Editor's comments:- SiliconSystems' SSDs have never been the fastest and I had always assumed this was because of design trade-offs which included more intensive reliability-related processes in the on-board controller while coming in at a low power budget. But in a recent discussion Gary Drossel told me they had some design techniques in the pipeline which would do all those things plus beef up the speed too.

New ExpressCard SSDs Directory

Editor:- March 17, 2009 - StorageSearch.com today published a new directory on the subject of ExpressCard SSDs.

Until now - the list of ExpressCard SSD vendors has been buried in a table in the SSD Guide. It's still a small market. But what really distinguishes the ExpressCard SSD market, is that it's the easiest way for users to perform an SSD upgrade on their own notebooks. ...read the article

Storage Guardian Offers VARs White-Labeled Online Backup

Toronto, Canada - March 17, 2009 - Storage Guardian has just launched a VAR/MSP program so that resellers can offer its enterprise-grade online data backup service to small and midsized businesses.

While there's no shortage of online backup solutions available, many of them are designed for modest amounts of data and do not offer bare-metal restores, backup lifecycle management, and handle >80GB data.

Storage Guardian's solution is compatible with server-based services/apps such as Exchange, Small Business Server, SharePoint Server, and Active Directory. A 30-day no-charge trial is available, and itcan also be white-labeled and sold as a branded solution by resellers.

Editor's comments:-
If banks can fail - then why should you trust ANY online backup provider with your data? - I discuss that in a new article published today - Looking back at the online backup and storage market

IDC Calculates the Cost of Owning Storage

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. - March 16, 2009 - IDC estimates the total annual cost to "manage" the world's installed base of external storage is about 60% of all enterprise storage-related spending, including software, power, cooling, administration personnel, and services.

"As the industry attempts to control IT costs, specifically related to storage, IDC realizes that power and cooling costs are not the only costs associated with external storage," said David Reinsel, group vp for IDC Storage and Semiconductors research. "In fact, in the grand scheme of things, the cost to power and cool external storage pales in comparison with the cost to acquire and manage storage, including the costs for storage software and storage administrators."

While interest around storage efficiency technologies (e.g., deduplication, compression, and thin provisioning) has intensified, impacting power and cooling costs in the longer term, penetration of these technologies is very low. ...IDC profile, storage analysts

Editor's comments:-
in the past 10 years - the relative cost of owning data (compared to buying it) has only improved by 20% - as you can see by comparing IDC's ratios for 2009 - with those published in 1999 - in an article written by Overland Data.

SSD Bookmarks from Texas Memory Systems

Editor:- March 16, 2009 - Texas Memory Systems' President, Woody Hutsell - shares his SSD Bookmarks today on the home page of StorageSearch.com.

Those who know the SSD industry well, mostly think of TMS as a company which makes very fast SSDs for accelerating SAN resident applications. But in the many discussions I've had with Woody Hutsell during the past decade - "reliability" has also been a frequent topic in our conversations.

That's because when you manufacture products which pack more memory chips than anyone else has ever put into a single box - all those "10 to the minus something" numbers which relate physics to semiconductor memory effects - add up to design problems which are far from theoretical. TMS has been engineering solid state storage systems for 30 years. So I was not surprised to see an in depth paper about reliability being one of the articles in this list of bookmarks.

Terry Cunningham Rejoins Seagate

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif. - March 16, 2009 - Seagate today announced that Terry Cunningham will take the helm as senior vp of Consumer Solutions Division (CSD) and i365 effective immediately.

Having served previously as president and COO of Seagate Software, Cunningham returns for a 2nd term with the company to help augment the success of its consumer solutions and business services divisions.

Cunningham comes to Seagate from Coral8, an enterprise event-processing software company, where he served as CEO. Prior to that, Cunningham was president and CEO of InfoGenesis, a maker of consumer-focused, guest experience management software for the hospitality and foodservice industries.

Cunningham originally founded Crystal Decisions, which was purchased by Seagate in 1994, integrated into the company's software division and later became Seagate Software. Cunningham piloted Seagate Software through $350 million worth of acquisitions and helped grow the organization, with 40 offices and 2,000 employees. Cunningham's accomplishments also include serving as president and COO of VERITAS Software, and founding 2 other successful software companies. ...i365 profile, Storage People, Data Recovery

Solid Access Technologies Wins Best of FOSE Award for Storage

Editor:- March 12, 2009 - Solid Access Technologies was named one of just 14 companies to win the Government Computer News Best of FOSE Awards for 2009.

Solid Access was singled out by the editors of GCN for its USSD 200 Model SPO - a 16GB RAM based SSD which costs less than $10,000.

Dolphin Launches PCIe Rackmount SSD

Editor:- March 12, 2009 - Dolphin launched the StorExpress a rackmount SLC flash SSD with upto 960GB capacity.

The PCIe connected SSD has R/W throughput upto 2,700MB/s and 50 microsecond access latency. Dolphin quotes a figure of 270,000 IOPS but the initial datasheet doesn't break out IOPS figures for reads and writes. The StorExpress can be located upto 10m from the host bus using copper cable and 300m with optical fibre.

After SSDs? - Predicting the Storage Market's Next Obsession

Editor:- March 12, 2009 - StorageSearch.com has published a new article - After SSDs... What Next?

It looks beyond the next 3 years of hoopla in the SSD market and predicts what will be the next "big thing" in storage after that. ...read the article, SSD market research & analysts

SSD Bookmarks from SiliconSystems

Editor:- March 12, 2009 - SiliconSystems' VP of Product Planning, Gary Drossel - shares his SSD Bookmarks today on the home page of StorageSearch.com.

Coincidentally SiliconSystems announced today that it has shipped over 4 million SiliconDrives integrated with its SiSMART technology.

STEC Reports 20% Annual Revenue Growth

Editor:- March 12, 2009 - STEC announced that its revenue in 2008 had grown 20% year on year to $227.4 million.

STEC's CEO - Manouch Moshayedi - said "Based on current customer indications and momentum, we believe that revenue from our ZeusIOPS product line - for just the first 6 months of 2009 - will surpass the total of ZeusIOPS revenue ($53 million) achieved during the full-year 2008."

Fusion-io Raises the PCIe SSD Ceiling - Announces ioDrive Duo

Editor:- March 11, 2009 - Fusion-io announced an enhanced version of its ioDrive - called the ioDrive Duo which will ship next month.

Capacity of this PCIe SSD has doubled to 640GB with 1.2TB planned for the 2nd half of 2009. Performance has been enhanced too. The ioDrive Duo can easily sustain 1.5 Gbytes/sec of read bandwidth. Read IOPS performance is 186,000 (4k packet size). Write IOPS reaches 167,000 (4k packet size).

Fusion-io says the performance for multiple ioDrive Duos scales linearly, allowing any enterprise to scale performance to 6Gbytes/s of read bandwidth and over 500,000 read IOPS by using just 4 drives.

Data integrity and reliability have been engineered into the design at many levels providing triple redundancy for a single storage component. These factors include:-
  • Multi-bit error detection and correction
  • Patent-pending Flashback protection, offering chip-level N+1 redundancy and on-board self-healing so that no servicing is required
  • Optional RAID-1 mirroring between two ioMemory modules
StorageSearch.com's SSD market model suggests that the market opportunity for PCIe SSDs (in server acceleration roles) is as large in revenue as the total market for 2.5" SSDs . There are enough competing alternative vendors in the PCIe SSD market today to minimize the risks for end-users and systems integrators - who choose this route for their SSD speedups.

Sun Launches Flash SSD Analyzer Tool to Boost Server Sales and Performance

Editor:- March 11, 2009 -Sun Microsystems launched its new Sun Flash Analyzer - a free Java tool to help users determine how much their (Solaris, Windows and Linux) servers could benefit from SSD acceleration.

The company also launched a try before you buy marketing promotion for its servers which have Sun branded 2.5" SLC flash SSDs pre-integrated. The 32GB SATA SSDs have sequential R/W upto 250MB/s and 170MB/s respectively. Random R/W IOPS are upto 35,000 and 3,300 respectively (4k blocks). Endurance is 3 years - assuming max write speed and 100% write duty cycle.

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