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storage news - January 2010, week 1

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... SSD market history
can you trust SSD market data?
Surviving SSD sudden power loss
Bad block management in flash SSDs
The enterprise flash story... could it have been simplified?
90% of enterprise SSD companies have no good reasons to survive
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New edition - the Top 10 SSD Companies

Editor:- January 7, 2010 - StorageSearch.com today published the 11th quarterly edition of the top 10 SSD oems - ranked by search volume in the 4th quarter of 2009.

This is always one of the most popular articles on our site. I know that many SSD companies themselves are nervous and eager to see how they've fared in this important list which predicts future winners in the market based on the world's leading SSD focus group. I've tried to be more direct with my own analytical comments too - even if it means repeating some things I've already said in other places - because I know that most of you don't have the time to read hundreds of SSD articles. ...read the article

TweakTown Tests RunCore's "SandForce inside" SSD

Editor:- January 7, 2010 - a benchmark review article in TweakTown.com concludes that RunCore's upcoming Pro V 2.5" SSD - which uses SandForce's SF-1500 SoC is the fastest SATA 2 SSD they have tested.

Toshiba Samples 128GB mSATA SSDs

Editor:- January 6, 2010 - Toshiba announced it is sampling 128GB mSATA MLC SSD modules (30mm x 50.95mm x 4.75mm ) aimed at the netbook PC market.

Sequential R/W speeds are 180MB/s and 70MB/s respectively. Weight is 9g.

ioSafe Launches Disaster Proof Backup SSD

Editor:- January 5, 2010 - ioSafe launched the ioSafe Solo SSD - an ultra rugged USB / eSATA external flash SSD with upto 256GB capacity ($1,250) designed to provide data protection against disasters such as fire, flood, and building collapse.

ioSafe offers a "no questions asked" Data Recovery policy to help customers recover from any data disaster including accidental deletion, virus or physical disaster.

"The new ioSafe Solo SSD is the world's most rugged and versatile desktop external hard drive. It can be used alone or in conjunction with any offsite or online backup strategy to add real time, zero data loss, synchronous disaster protection to any data that sits vulnerable," said ioSafe CEO, Robb Moore.

SMART Samples "SandForce inside" SSDs

Editor:- January 5, 2010 - SMART is sampling the XceedIOPS SATA - SLC and "enterprise grade" MLC flash SSDs in 1.8" and 2.5" form factors - based on the SF-1500 processor from SandForce.

Performance is upto 30K IOPS random read/write. SMART uses a combination of write attenuation technologies to attain a 5-year projected lifetime for its 400GB MLC XceedIOPS SATA model ($2,900 oem qty price) in an environment that demands 250MB/s sustained write and a 40% duty cycle.

"The enterprise SSD market appears to be entering a period of impressive growth. Well-positioned to satisfy the requirements of enterprise deployments, we expect our XceedIOPS SATA SSDs will provide low cost, superior performance, low power, and high capacity flexibility," said Alan Gulachenski, SMART's VP and General Manager, Enterprise Solid State Storage.

RunCore Ships 1st PXI Express SSDs

Editor:- January 5, 2010 - RunCore has started shipments of the 1st SSDs aimed at the PXI Express market (a standard which brings PCIe performance and functionality into the robust modular form factor popular in automated instrumentation test systems).

RunCore's 3U CPCIe\PXIe SSD card provides upto 768GB MLC or 384GB SLC capacity and has sustained R/W speeds upto 400MB/s. Available with industrial operating temperature range and MIL-STD-810F processing, the module provides a fast purge rate of 5GB/s.

A-DATA Brightens Up its Website with a Bird

Editor:- January 5, 2010 - A-DATA has decided it will be more successful in the SSD market by adopting a hummingbird in its corporate communications.

(Although not the humming bird shown here below.)
Cock's karaoke image from goblinsearch.com
It calls this rebranding theme - "Fly, Catch, Go!" (I didn't make this up.) Presumably 99% of the marketing budget went into drawing the pictures - which didn't leave much for the text.

Editor's comments:- someone who has mice all over his website does have a view on this. This is just the way to stand out from the crowd - but is not a substitute for real content or ideas.

See also:- Animal Brands and Metaphors in the Storage Market and the (not entirely accurate but amusing) showing the bird.

2.5" SSD Market Fights Back

Editor:- January 4, 2010 - StorageSearch.com disclosed today that the gap in search volume between PCIe SSDs (most popular form factor) and 2.5" SSDs (#2 form factor) narrowed in December 2009 - rather than widened.

The imminent availability of consumer priced 6Gbps SATA SSDs coupled with growing competition in the 2.5" SAS SSD market has boosted the acceleration ceiling in traditional disk form factors. That provides more reasons for customers to look again at the 2.5" form factor. Reader pageviews for PCIe SSDs were nearly 4x higher than a year ago. Solid State Drives - market research & analysts

Storage News January 2010

Editor:- January 4, 2010 - there will be lots of new product announcements this week coming in from CES and Storage Visions.

USB 3 SSDs will open up new markets - offering eSATA type throughput in a simple to use way.

SATA 3 SSDs will raise the performance ceiling for consumer 2.5" SSDs.

In the industrial and server markets - we'll see many SSD market gaps being filled - helped by the growing availability of SSD IP.

And in the NAS market - this could be the year that AoE finally takes its place as a mass market standard - 7 years after its 1st appearance in these news pages.

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New edition - Top 10 SSD Companies

TweakTown Tests RunCore's Pro V SSD

Toshiba Samples 128GB mSATA SSDs

ioSafe Launches Disaster Proof Backup SSD

SMART Samples "SandForce inside" SSDs

RunCore Ships 1st PXI Express SSDs

A-DATA adopts a bird

2.5" SSD Market Fights Back

Storage News January 2010
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