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Redmond, Washington - August 14, 2003 - ADIC today announced sales for the third quarter ended July 31 grew more than 42% over the same period last year to a record total for any quarter of $108.3 million. Net income for the period was $2.6 million, or four cents per fully diluted share, up from a loss of $2.1 million, or three cents per share, in the third quarter of 2002. Operating income increased nearly $7.5 million. Sequentially, sales grew 7.6% over the immediately preceding quarter while net income grew nearly 9%.

"We expected this quarter to be fairly similar to the preceding quarter and by many measures our expectations were exceeded," according to Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Peter van Oppen. "OEM revenues exploded with 79% annual and 18% sequential growth as our products and partners continued to perform very well. Despite significant competition from our OEM partners and order deferrals caused by heightened interest in the introduction of our new Scalar i2000 Tape Library late in the quarter, branded ADIC business continued to hold its own with a one percent sequential decline and 19% annual growth." ...ADIC profile

HP WORLD - August 13, 2003 - VERITAS Software Corporation today announced it is shipping the industry's first cluster file system for Oracle9i Real Application Clusters (RAC) on the HP-UX 11i platform. This new product underscores VERITAS's leadership in non-array based storage management software and its commitment to heterogeneous platform support. With today's announcement, VERITAS extends its leading existing Solaris solution for Oracle9i RAC to the HP platform, including HP-UX 11i and a wide variety of HP servers and industry-standard storage arrays. ...VERITAS Software profile

Santa Clara, Calif. - August 13, 2003 - CATC today announced the release of the CATC FCTracer v1.1, with an extensive set of new features to enhance Fibre Channel analysis. FCTracer is the first Fibre Channel analyzer to allow for long-term recording of trace data to disk to enable capture of intermittent errors. It also supports remote access and automated test capabilities, the ability to cascade multiple FCTracer analyzers, and Tape and Switch Services decodes. This advanced feature set will help system developers, switch manufacturers and storage service providers to accelerate the development, deployment and debug of large Fibre Channel networks.

The FCTracer v1.1 release expands upon the sophisticated triggering, high-level decoding and expert analysis features of CATC's FCTracer. Some of the new functionality includes: Remote Access over TCP/IP Networks, Long-term (Spooled) Recording to external disk, Cascading Multiple Analyzers and Tape and Switch Services Decode.

"We are committed to deliver superior solutions for storage protocol analysis. Our goal is to further enable system level debug of large Fibre Channel installations," said Sri Chandran, senior director of Storage Business for CATC. "These new features allow our customers to capture more data over longer time periods as well as over more channels, enabling them to more easily debug a wider range of Fibre Channel configurations." ...CATC profile

Eden Prairie, MN - August 13, 2003 - I-TECH announced today the introduction of the PowerFrame Storage Test System, a revolutionary new concept in monitoring and analysis for SANs and storage components. The PowerFrame combines I-TECH's industry-leading hardware and software capabilities into a modular analysis system. The PowerFrame is scheduled to support the following storage protocols: 1-, 2-, 4-, and 10-Gbps Fibre Channel, 1.25-Gbps Gigabit Ethernet, and 1.5-, 3-, and 6-Gbps SAS.

The PowerFrame is offered in three models: the PowerFrame 800, a rack-mount model with up to 32 channels of analysis; the PowerFrame 400, a desktop model (rackmount accessories included) with up to 16 channels of analysis; and the PowerFrame 100, a portable model with 4 channels of analysis. Analysis modules are compatible across all three models. ...I-TECH profile

FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla. - August 13, 2003 - DataCore Software today announced it has achieved record-setting results for the Storage Performance Council's SPC-1 Benchmark - the only objective standard for storage performance comparisons. With this accomplishment DataCore bests all the major storage subsystem suppliers with the first affordable configuration to break the 50,000 SPC-1 IOPS barrier, and did so at an end user price below $310,000. To put this in perspective, competitive equipment required to approach these performance numbers generally runs well upwards of $1 million after heavy discounting. In particular, three key SPC-1 benchmark metrics highlight DataCore's breakthroughs:

Price/performance:- At $6.11 per SPC-1 IOPS, DataCore cuts in half the cost of the lowest priced mid-range storage subsystem and comes in at 1/3rd to 1/5th the cost of high-end proprietary arrays.

Performance:- At 50,003.55 SPC-1 IOPS, DataCore's initial SPC submission establishes a new threshold for total I/O throughput with a modest three node configuration.

Disk utilization efficiency:- DataCore needed just one third of the disk drives required by the previous SPC-1 IOPS record holder to obtain the faster results, indicative of how their storage control software fully optimizes the utilization of physical resources.

The figures are all the more astonishing when one considers the collection of inexpensive hardware DataCore pooled together to accomplish the feat. In this benchmark, DataCore SANsymphony software on a network of three off-the-shelf Intel servers running Windows Server 2003 handled the massive load, spreading it across a rack of low-cost industry standard Fibre Channel disk drives. ...DataCore Software profile

BURLINGTON, Mass. - August 13, 2003 - AppIQ today announced that Tom Rose has joined the company as vice president of marketing. Rose, a storage industry veteran credited with helping establish the SRM market category, will be responsible for the company's global marketing programs.

"The storage software market has been waiting for a company that has no hardware agenda or service provider legacy and has standards-based technology capable of supporting complex, multi-vendor storage environments to help enterprises build a true storage utility," said David Lemont, CEO, AppIQ. "Now, with Tom on board, the message will get out that AppIQ has quietly developed the industry's leading technology and that numerous enterprise customers are implemented and realizing benefit. Tom's background in the storage industry and his expertise in branding, launching and marketing software solutions will quickly expand AppIQ's footprint in the SAN management and storage resource management landscape."

Rose has spent 16 years delivering software solutions to the market in a wide variety of marketing management and engineering positions. Prior to joining AppIQ, he served as vice president of marketing at Courion Corporation where he drove the identity management company's worldwide marketing initiatives, including marketing communications, product management and strategic planning. At HighGround Systems, Rose served as vice president of marketing and became a widely-known storage industry spokesperson, positioning HighGround as the premier provider of storage resource management solutions leading to the company's $400 million acquisition by Sun Microsystems in 2001. ...AppI profile

COSTA MESA, Calif.- August 13, 2003 - Emulex Corporation today announced that it will feature a storage networking demonstration at HP World utilizing the newly released LightPulse 2Gb/s Fibre Channel LP10000 PCI-X HBAs and its driver designed for HP's HP-UX 11i v2 operating system, the newest version of the HP-UX 11i for the Itanium architecture. Emulex is exhibiting in booth 655 in the main hall at HP World 2003, Aug. 11-15, 2003 at the Georgia World Congress Arena in Atlanta. ...Emulex profile

Milpitas, Calif.- August 13, 2003 - LSI Logic Storage Systems announced today that LightSand's SAN extension gateway has successfully passed all certified compatible testing. As a result of this testing, LSI Logic Storage Systems partners can now make LightSand gateways available to customers. The combination of the LSI Logic Storage Systems SANtricity Remote Volume Mirror (RVM) software and LightSand SAN extension gateway enables customers to implement high performance disaster recovery solutions over extended distances.

"LSI Logic Storage Systems' certification of our products affirm that LightSand provides a critical capability for organizations that need to implement SAN-to-SAN connectivity beyond the range of a standard Fibre Channel installation," said Philip Black, chief executive officer, LightSand. Through RVM, LSI Logic Storage Systems and LightSand can enable partners and customers to extend single location functionality to remote locations.

"By working with LightSand we can now offer SANtricity RVM solutions that operate over longer distances, giving our partners the ability to securely mirror data at distances outside the expected radius of any potential disaster," said Julie Ryan, manager of alliances, LSI Logic Storage Systems. "The result is a more robust disaster recovery solution. " ...LightSand Communications profile, ...LSI Logic Storage Systems profile

RESTON, VA - August 12, 2003 - iLumin Software Services, Inc. today announced the availability of Assentor Enterprise version 3.2, the industry's most comprehensive message archival and management suite for the enterprise. Assentor Enterprise is a firm-wide solution that provides archiving, compliance, supervision, discovery, litigation support and mailbox management for not only corporate email and instant messages, but also other sources of electronic records including document libraries. iLumin's Assentor Enterprise combines leading-edge content analysis technology with highly scalable archive and management tools that fully support its market-leading email surveillance and archival solution for SEC compliance currently being utilized by over 100 customers today.

A new advanced content analysis engine offers unparalleled accuracy for identifying email violations and offers the flexibility to support the compliance requirements of all groups within the firm. A sophisticated user interface provides a highly productive tool for supervising email communications and instant messaging conversations. With many new features, such as message de-duplication and a split-screen preview, Assentor Enterprise delivers the most powerful compliance tool available while offering the lowest total cost of supervision. ...iLumin profile

SAN DIEGO - August 12, 2003 - St. Bernard Software Inc. today announced a new version of Open File Manager with added support for Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and Novell NetWare 6.5. Open File Manager 9.0 also features a new NetBIOS-free mode, which enables corporations and government agencies to back up open files in a secure NetBIOS-disabled environment. Providing expanded compatibility with enterprise systems, Open File Manager supports all Microsoft and Novell operating systems. In addition, Open File Manager remains the only third party open file tool that integrates with all backup programs, providing a stable and reliable component of an organization's data protection strategy.

Open File Manager 9.0 addresses a key security issue for corporations and government agencies by enabling operation in a NetBIOS-disabled environment. By eliminating the potential data risk inherent with using NetBIOS, this critical functionality enables corporations and government agencies to comply with federal regulations for data management and storage of electronic records, such as DoD 5200.1 and DoD 5015.2.

"The ability to capture open files during the backup process is a must for organizations that are serious about total data protection," said Gary Stowell, vice president of Product Management and Business Development at St. Bernard Software. "Taking systems offline for backup purposes is neither practical nor an option for large, global organizations that require constant uptime, which is why Open File Manager has become a critical element of any enterprise data protection strategy."

To date, more than 300,000 Open File Manager licenses have been sold worldwide. St. Bernard Software has also developed more than 80 Open File Manager backup agents for more than 50 companies, including BakBone, Computer Associates, CommVault, HP, Legato, SyncSort and VERITAS. Open File Manager 9.0 is available immediately in three license levels: Enterprise Server, Server and Workstation. The Enterprise Server license is $995 per server. ...St. Bernard Software profile

MELVILLE, N.Y. - August 12, 2003 - FalconStor Software, Inc. today announced that the company's flagship product, IPStor software, has successfully completed interoperability testing with the Cisco MDS 9000 Family of Multilayer SAN switches, including the newly introduced Cisco MDS 9000 IP Storage Services Module. The interoperability testing measures the compatibility of specified features in a laboratory environment.

"The Cisco MDS 9000, especially the IP Storage Services Module, can take full advantage of IPStor software technology to offer the storage services required by end user customers in their storage infrastructure," said Bernie Wu, FalconStor vice president of business development. "FalconStor's goal is to use SANs for efficient and cost-effective delivery of storage services. This qualification with the Cisco MDS 9000 is in tune with achieving this goal."

The Cisco MDS 9000 IP Storage Services Module provides transparent mapping of SCSI input/output operations between iSCSI and Fibre Channel domains, and delivers both FCIP and iSCSI transport. Solutions from both companies help enterprises more effectively manage large and growing corporate data requirements. When used together, the combined solution offers exceptional efficiencies to storage administrators responsible for the ongoing management and protection of corporate data attached to SANs.

"We are pleased that FalconStor has recognized Cisco's value proposition within the storage switching market, including the multiprotocol capabilities of the Cisco MDS 9000, and has chosen to qualify their IPStor virtualization product with this platform," said Bill Erdman, Director of Storage Technology Alliances within Cisco. ...Cisco Systems profile, ...FalconStor Software profile

FREMONT, Calif. - August 12, 2003 - M-Systems' Smart DiskOnKey platform has again stretched the boundaries of the USB flash drive category by adding bootable functionality. The new easy-to-use application adds to the Smart DiskOnKey platform's growing list of features giving partners the only trusted solution to replace floppies as boot utility or system repair disks. Now users can rely on the renowned capabilities of the DiskOnKey and truly have a legacy free system without carrying external drives.

"The Smart DiskOnKey platform demonstrates the next level of advancement and is synonymous for everything that can be developed for this device," said Blaine Phelps, director of worldwide marketing for M-Systems' DiskOnKey Business Unit. "The new boot feature extends the capability of the device and gives our partners a solution for those seeking a legacy-free bootable device. Through the platform and with new capabilities in development, we think the DiskOnKey is poised to be the only true multi-purpose technology tool capable of impacting multiple markets."

With one click of the mouse and without the need of format disks or CDs the DiskOnKey is boot-enabled. Making the DiskOnKey bootable through the BIOS, the Company implemented open source, general publicly licensed FreeDOS developed by Engineers at M-Systems devised a unique methodology for the computer's motherboard to initiate data transfer once it has recognized the DiskOnKey is plugged into a USB port. All DiskOnKeys carrying the DOK T4 chip are boot capable, which can be easily activated through the specially designed bootability GUI. ...M-Systems profile

BELLEVUE, Wash. - August 12, 2003 - TeraCloud Corporation today announced that its flagship SRM solution, SpaceNet, will support RedHat Linux and expand Novell support to include NetWare v6.0. SpaceNet will help NetWare and Linux users reduce the cost of managing their storage and improve storage efficiency with via SpaceNet's storage policy management, storage infrastructure monitoring and storage reporting capabilities. By enhancing its platform support, TeraCloud delivers value to new customers by enabling more accurate storage assessment and more efficient storage and resource sharing. TeraCloud's SpaceNet delivers a powerful enterprise SRM solution that simplifies the administration and management of distributed and mainframe storage resources across the entire enterprise from a single point of control through a Web-based interface.

"New Linux and NetWare customers who adopt SpaceNet will realize a significant return on their storage inventory management investment almost immediately," said Doug Ebstyne, President and CEO, TeraCloud Corporation. ...TeraCloud profile

Framingham, MA and Santa Clara, CA - August 12, 2003 - GlassHouse Technologies, Inc. today announced the opening of its West Coast regional office in Santa Clara, CA. The Santa Clara office offers a full range of storage services and consulting to existing regional clients in addition to serving as headquarters for GlassHouse's recently-announced Customer Support Services practice, acquired from Auspex in June. The new office is located at 2880 Lakeside Drive, Santa Clara, CA 95050. Sales and Customer Support Services personnel can be reached at 1.408.855.0063.

"We continue to pursue a strategy of conservative, organic growth geared to meet the needs of our clients," said Mark Shirman, CEO and President of GlassHouse. "The Santa Clara office gives GlassHouse a strong local presence to better serve our Western region clients who seek vendor-neutral, independent storage and backup expertise. This office also benefits our Auspex support clients, who look to GlassHouse to continue the exemplary level of customer support they received from Auspex." ...GlassHouse Technologies profile

Sunnyvale, Calif. - August 11, 2003 - Network Appliance, Inc. announced a program through which iSCSI adapter vendors can self-qualify as NetApp-supported solutions in conjunction with NetApp iSCSI storage systems. The program uses an independent third-party company - Finisar - to supervise qualification testing, which is carried out at Finisar's Medusa Labs facility in Austin, Texas. iSCSI adapter vendors whose products complete testing can be marketed as NetApp-supported. The Intel PRO/1000 T IP storage adapter was the first to complete the program, and recently the Adaptec 7211 iSCSI HBA completed the program. Other vendors' iSCSI adapters are currently in the testing process.

"We believe that iSCSI adapters will plug and play just like any other Ethernet components," said Mark Santora, senior vice president of marketing at Network Appliance. "However, since iSCSI is a new technology, customers are looking for assurances that different vendors' products have been thoroughly tested and work together. This program provides that assurance for NetApp customers. In addition, Medusa Labs provides the industry with an independent third-party testing process and facility for iSCSI vendors." ...Network Appliance profile

MILPITAS, Calif. - August 11, 2003 - Adaptec, Inc. today announced qualification of its iSCSI solutions for use with Network Appliance storage systems. Together the Adaptec and NetApp products will be available as IP SANs solutions that reduce the cost and complexity of deploying storage area networks for applications such as e-mail, database and disaster recovery. ...Adaptec profile, ...Network Appliance profile

Santa Clara, Calif. - August 11, 2003 - Zoran Corporation today announced that its acquisition of Oak Technology, Inc. has been approved by both companies' stockholders and will be effective as of 4:01 p.m. eastern time today. Under the terms of the merger agreement, first announced on May 5, 2003, stockholders of Oak will receive 0.2323 of a share of Zoran common stock and $1.78 in cash for each share of Oak common stock they held. After the effective time of the merger, shares of Oak common stock will cease trading on the Nasdaq National Market, and Oak will operate as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zoran. ...Oak Technology profile, ...Zoran

Editor:- August 11, 2003 - a new article on says that the Solid State Disk market could be worth as much as $10 Billion in annual revenue by 2007. That's a bigger market than the NAS market is today. The article includes historic data and the trends which support this view. It's a mistake to think of SSDs as merely storage devices. As server accelerators they're already starting to become a disruptive force changing the way that computer systems are achitected. the article

San Ramon, CA - August 11, 2003 - SBE Inc. today announced the purchase of the operating assets of Antares Microsystems. In addition to its existing portfolio of PCI-based boards supporting Solaris and Linux, the Antares product line brings an arsenal of innovative, next generation solutions currently in final stages of development. This advanced breed of new products leverages Antares' R&D investment in TCP/IP Offload Engine (TOE), Serial Attach SCSI (SAS), and its expertise in failover and encryption. ...Antares Microsystems profile, ...SBE profile

ATLANTA, GA - August 11, 2003 - This week at HP World 2003, Seagate Technology and other technology leaders are teaming with HP to bring Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) technology to the enterprise. Seagate, along with Adaptec, HP and Intel are among those showing key SAS technologies and highlighting their support for SAS development at the event. SAS is the SCSI growth path to greater connectivity, lower cost scalability, and higher throughput performance. The demonstrations can be viewed in the Server Storage Booth #443 area at the Georgia World Congress Center. Seagate will unveil its next-generation enterprise 2.5-inch SAS hard drive for the first time in live, public demonstrations.

"IT Managers are looking for ways to increase the storage capabilities and performance needs for their clients while working within the confines of limited data center space," said Brian Dexheimer, Seagate executive vice president, Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service. "SAS technology will enable the connectivity and bandwidth needed while use of 2.5-inch enterprise-class drives will deliver the performance and reliability mandated by customers to create higher performing enterprise systems in the smallest space possible." ...HP World, ...Seagate Technology profile

ROCHESTER, NY, and BOULDER, CO, - August 11, 2003 – Kodak Service and Support has expanded its service agreement with Spectra Logic Corporation to provide on-site technical support for its U.S. customers. Since 2001, Kodak has supported Spectra Logic SpectraGuard technical engineers with field customer service for Canada, Europe, Latin America and Asia. Now with the inclusion of the U.S. territory, customers worldwide can purchase high density, enterprise-class tape libraries that are backed by Kodak's on-site technical support as well as Spectra Logic's SpectraGuard suite of services – all to guarantee equipment uptime. Kodak Service and Support is continuing to expand its services and support network by providing services not only for Kodak products but also for those of more than 100 different manufacturers.

"Spectra Logic and Kodak have been working together for several years," said Dolores Traxler, vice president of Kodak Service and Support, Commercial Imaging. "We are delighted that Spectra Logic has expanded our relationship to include this exclusive agreement in the US. We are now able offer additional customer services – as a single-source provider – to Spectra Logic's many customers throughout the world, including the United States"

"Kodak is a respected and recognized company with a great deal of expertise in electronics and robotics, both of which are critical in the storage market," said Jen Reyna, Spectra Logic's director of customer support. "Our mission is to continually offer innovation and service to customers. Kodak is a forward-looking, responsive organization dedicated to service excellence, which is in line with our business model." ...Kodak profile, ...Spectra Logic profile

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earlier news (archive)

iSCSI and FCIP on
Terrorbyte liked to test out hot new backup technologies.
Guest Nibble:- ....... by Peripheral Concepts

Disk-Based Backup and Disaster Protection Poised for Major Growth

Fueled by consistent needs for quicker recovery and increased reliability, disk-based solutions will revolutionize traditional backup and disaster protection procedures and policies.

Users can select among several alternatives, ranging from a simple software that emulates tape to complete appliances that offer continuous backup and various levels of replication. IT managers are quite unanimous in recognizing the advantages of disk over tape, but cost is seen as a big deterrent, though not the only one. Many IT managers estimate that reliability and/or performance would prevent them from using ATA drives.

"This only says that vendors have not done a good job educating the user. In spite of this, volumes of ATA drives are soaring, primarily in the large sites, and the potential in the midrange remains untapped," says Farid Neema, president of Peripheral Concepts, Inc.

Data replication is vital for disaster recovery purposes. Until now, enterprises have had to pay a high premium for proprietary storage products from a handful of storage vendors. "Open" solutions are now available. Remote Replication is poised for significant growth. Recent regulations are forcing businesses to archive data and retrieve it quickly. Automatic archiving and content-addressed storage are deemed very important. Enterprises looking to consolidate large, heterogeneous environments have been the first to adopt virtual tape technology. But midrange sites using virtual tape offer great market potential.

With the exception of critical applications which consume only a fraction of an IT operation's storage capacity, the bulk of backup is still very much handled the traditional way with incremental and full backups, with tape being a prevalent media. So, tape is not about to disappear, but library vendors had better be attentive to the new movements if they want to stay in the running.

The new report from Peripheral Concepts, Inc. entitled "Data Protection and Business Continuance - Products and Market Opportunities" is now available. Its conclusions and forecasts are based on very extensive end-user surveys. ...Peripheral Concepts profile

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