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storage news archive - February 2010, week 1

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Why Can't Users find their Perfect Storage Solutions with 1 Click?

Editor:- February 5, 2010 - for those of you who work in sales and marketing I've published a new article this week called - Why Isn't Web Marketing Enterprise Technology Simpler?

Users want to buy enterprise technology stuff.

Vendors want to sell it.

So why can't users just click and find your products? Pay Google some money... and the web marketing's all done. Isn't it? What could be easier. Another easy tick on the career to-do list. Onto the next challenge... You know there's more to it than that. the article

New Name for 20 Year Old Austin Semiconductor

Editor:- February 4, 2010 - Austin Semiconductor recently announced it plans to change its name and (along with some other companies) it will be merged into a new entity and brand to be called Micross Components.

Solaris, SSDs and Sun-Oracle - past failures - the future challenge

Editor:- February 3, 2010 - in a new article today I look ahead to the next 5 years of Oracle, Solaris and SSDs.

I also look back and give you my list of Sun's biggest market successes and failures in the past 20 years. the article

Flash Memory Basics - for enterprise SSD buyers

Editor:- February 3, 2010 - a new article - Flash Memory Basics - posted today by blogger Brad Diggs looks like it could be part of an educational series laying the groundwork for Sun Microsystem's PCIe SSD product family.

I noticed it because it cites one of my own favorite articles - Are MLC SSDs Ever Safe in Enterprise Apps?.

See also:- SSD education, the SSD bookmarks

25nm Flash will Double SSD Capacities in Q2

Editor:- February 1, 2010 - Intel and Micron today announced they are sampling the world's 1st 25nm NAND flash memory.

This gives 8GB MLC (classic 2 bit) flash memory in a stackable TSOP. The new chips will enable higher density SSDs to ship in volume in Q2.

Silicon Motion SSD SoCs - Ready for 20nm

Editor:- February 1, 2010 - Silicon Motion announced that its SSD controller shipments increased over 50% year-on-year - in the most recent quarter and now account for almost 10% of its ($87 million annual) corporate revenue.

The company said - that the vast majority of controllers that are shipping are for 40nm and 30nm NAND flash and they are on track to deliver controllers for 20nm NAND flash that is expected to be available in the 2nd half 2010. In the 4th quarter 2009 the company also began shipping 3-bits per cell MLC controllers.

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Samsung agrees to pay Rambus $900 million
ioSafe's disaster proof backup SSD
InnoDisk enters PCIe SSD Market
In 1982 - SemiDisk Systems (based in Beaverton Oregon) became the first company to ship SSD accelerators for the Intel microprocessor based PC market.
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